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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Casualties and Survivors

    by Len Joy
    Colin, a wealthy, unhappy businessman waits for his wife at Windows on the World and dreams about the only woman he ever loved. (Casualties). Clancy flirts with the young woman who swims laps with him as his stroke-damaged wife waits for him at her nursing home. (Freestyle) A father grieves for his firemen son who died on 9-11. (Without a Trace) Missy has too much drink, falls out of her truck and gets run over by it. Twice. (Happy Hour) A man tries to come to terms with his unloving, dy... more
  • A Midlife Holiday

    by Cary J Hansson
    Helen Winters worries the walls are closing in. With her children grown and her husband literally climbing Mt. Everest on her fiftieth birthday, she regrets not taking the more daring paths she dreamed about in her youth. So when a well-meaning gift reveals a depressing image of her future, she takes a leap of faith and jets off to Cyprus for a vacation with her two lifelong friends. Basking in the glorious sunshine and crystal-blue waters while enjoying the attention of handsome European men... more
  • Bound by Honor

    by Regan Walker
    The friendship that changed the destiny of a nation… In the waning years of the thirteenth century, two young noblemen form a bond that forever changes their destiny and that of Scotland’s. Their shared pledge of honor would endure for a lifetime to secure power in the Isles for Angus Og Macdonald and a crown for Robert Bruce. This is the story of their friendship, their times and the battle that secured their future. Standing beside them would be two women from Ireland, Áine O’Cahan, the ... more
  • The Lucky Hermit Crab and Her Swirly New Shell

    by Janice S. C. Petrie
    When the lucky hermit crab outgrows her favorite, swirly new shell, will she be willing to let go and find a newer, bigger one that will keep her safe and comfortable? Come along on this rhyming hermit crab adventure.
  • 978-1-7366757-0-0

    by Tamara Keith
    Highly-relatable and packed with giggles, “Claire and the Eager Speaker” imagines what would happen if a seemingly harmless smart speaker delivered anything a kid could ask for.
  • Mrs. Potts Finds Thanksgiving

    by Alice K. Boatwright

    In this new holiday classic, inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, the miserly Martha Potts is reminded that there's more to life than work and money after chance encounters with a homeless woman and a stray cat, who comes to stay. Between Thanksgiving eve and Thanksgiving Day, events unfold that lead her to rediscover the importance of connection and the true meaning of the holiday: giving and gratitude. A perfect holiday season gift. Best enjoyed when read aloud with famil... more

  • Halloween Is Not Over

    by Susan Glass
    All kids know that Halloween is too short. This is the story of a kid who decided to right that wrong. For a whole year he and his new goofy bat friend turn holidays and special days into Halloweens complete with trick-or-treating, annoying nearly everyone in the process. When his friends turn his lonely birthday party into a surprise and the best Halloween yet, he learns that it is better to give than receive. This book teaches the months of the year and holidays along with a lesson about shari... more
  • A Marijuana Man

    by Steve Kravetz
    A coming of age story. The year is 1966 and young Max Gold is off to freshman year of college, but before it starts, Max and buddy Rodger have a blow out weekend in Austin. It is in Austin his older cousin turn the two on to cannabis, the event would shape Max's life for the next eighteen years, and beyond. Those eighteen years were also the coming of age story of a USA going through it's own maturing growth. Protestors come out in mass to protest a war in Viet Nam, A demand for women rights, ... more
  • Where's Itsy Bitsy Spider?

    by Chuck Whelon
    Itsy Bitsy Spider, Miss Muffet, Humpty Dumpty, Puss-in-Boots, and a whole cast of merry Mother Goose characters enter a talent contest and embark on a world tour, from London's West End to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. A dozen detailed double-page search-and-find scenes with countless things to count and spot. Complete with solutions and bonus items to find.
  • Brutal Beasts

    by Craig Buchner
    There are places you always call home, their smells rotting or warm or sweet, their bruises just deep enough to forgive until you touch them. There are places you leave that will forever contain you or cling to you or cry out for you. Where the difference between love and disgust is no more distinguishable than the point at which you stop trying to forget. Craig Buchner's Brutal Beasts is a trip to these homes. It opens the door and finds us at the edge of a falls weighing the jump, of a bedr... more
  • A Bully-Bad Day

    by Diana Kizlauskas

    How bad can a bad day get? Bully-bad!

     A young boy and his dog do battle with a band of comical animal bullies who have invaded their house. There’s a rude hippo in the bathtub, a boorish bear in the den, a boastful zebra in the closet — bullies everywhere! When a rowdy lion brings the mayhem to a fur-raising climax, the two buddies resort to hiding in the attic. What can these two unlikely heroes possibly do? Follow their struggle to ... more

  • Tommy Tikka - Save Our Soil: Illustrated, Easy to read children's book with a message for ages 7 and up

    by Shalini Singh
    Its Tommy Tikka's birthday and he  wakes up to find that his Mama has got him a baby coconut sapling as a gift. He is so excited and immediately plants it in the soil. He even gives it a cute name, CocoBaba! But soon the skies get dark and heavy rains threatens to wash away the soil holding the little sapling.  Will Tommy Tikka be able to save the soil in time? Will he be able to save CocoBaba? Find out in the first book of this series 'Tommy Tikka - Save Our Soil' Note : Tommy Tikka - Save O... more
  • Taken Away

    by Russ Thompson

    HIGH-INTEREST NOVEL FOR RELUCTANT TEEN READERS. Miles Pruitt has been struggling in high school. When his dad is sent to prison, things get worse. Miles quits studying, receives low grades, and gets kicked off the basketball team. How will he pick himself up and move forward? Lexile measure 390L.

  • B0B4PSC1NF

    by K. Amore Gillis
    A child has a hard time seeing her own worth and believes she is not good at anything! Thinking about all the talents her friends and family possess, will she able to realize that everyone has something special that makes them shine? Even her? Read this book to your child to teach self-worth and self-love, while reassuring them that they are special and perfect the way they are!
  • It's Alive!

    by Julian David Stone
    In the summer of 1931, life was good for Junior Laemmle. Only twenty-three years old, he was the head of all movie production for Universal Pictures, and the studio was flourishing. So much so, he was being promoted to VP. What’s more, his father, Carl, and the studio’s founder, was returning to California for the first time in years to personally present the honor. Or so Junior thought. But instead of being grateful for transforming and catapulting the out-of-date studio into the future, Car... more
  • The House on Liberty Street

    by Frances Rivetti