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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nadja on Nadja

    by tsipi keller
    The setting for Nadja on Nadja, is New York City—its neighborhoods, its streets, its people—where “humanity, as if spellbound, is approaching the end of the millennium.” Working for a living, Nadja, a girl-woman in her thirties, doesn’t delude herself. Corporations, she knows, are dictatorships comprised of many low-level tyrants; she must either subjugate herself, or suffer the consequences.
  • Monticello: A Borscht Belt Catskills Tale

    by Elliot Udell
    A young girl spending her summer at her grandparents resort in, Catskills goes missing during a hotel magic show mess up. The book is about how her brother and his "nerdy" friends go about trying to find her. The book has underlying themes. It is about the Catskill resort at its heyday right before the famous Woodstock Festival took place. Readers will feel they are on a magic carpet ride back into that ere where there were 600 country hotels and 10,000 bungalows and one million people ... more
  • Lilac in Winter

    by Susan Pogorzelski
    Lilac Sophia Carpenter is sixteen years old. She’s going to be sixteen years old for the rest of her life. Confined to her bed as her health declines, Lilac lives her life in daydreams, imagining her love story to her former best friend, Nathan Emery. But Lilac and Nathan haven’t talked since that fateful night—the night of her sister’s wedding, when her health worsened and his life unraveled and the already-fractured pieces of their friendship became irreparable. With the comfort of her ... more
  • 5th&Hope

    by Nathaniel Sewell
    It has been decades since Bobby last saw his mother. Now, his sister calls, and he knows before she even speaks”"the old woman is finally dead. He’d expected to feel nothing; but death, Bobby knows, has a funny way of surprising you. Now, after all these years, he leaves California’s sunny cliffsides behind and heads back to the blue mountains of Kentucky, where his buried memories lie hidden among the dogwoods. When Bobby’s wife Rebecca first finds his grandfather’s diaries in the dusty room... more
  • Bobby’s Socks

    by Nathaniel Sewell
    It should have been a day to remember: in the meadows beyond the school summer camp, Bobby had his first kiss. But when a slung rock shatters his friend Breck’s front teeth, Bobby must be punished… He’ll spend the rest of his life trying to forget Assistant Principal Diabolus and the terrible things that happened in that lonely cabin. The years pass in a haze. Diabolus haunts Bobby and his friend Willis like a specter, preying on their bodies when backs are turned. By the time he graduates, B... more
  • A Year Inside the Moon

    by Nathaniel Sewell
    At fifty-something, Rob has reached a twilit crossroads. A recent divorcee, he’s fled Houston to settle in St. Petersburg, Florida. Now, peering up at the mockingbird singing in a banyan tree, he wonders whether he could have done things differently. Across the road, The Moon looms. Week after week, as autumn fades into winter into spring, Rob finds himself sat at the cosy bar, watching locals and out-of-towners drift in and out, their spectral lives affording brief glimpses into other worlds... more
  • Recalling Driftwood

    by Christopher M. Bee
    Drunk, drifter and loner, Franklin “Macy” Adams awakes on a beach adjacent to a small resort. Hungover, he decides to break into one of the cottages at the resort in search of more booze. Once he’s inside, the surroundings jar his memories and he feels a sense of Déjà vu, as he recalls being at the resort before. His memories link to a prime recollection in his past that he had long since repressed: His high school English teacher.Now, his thoughts on his first and only love affair forces “Macy”... more
  • Philly & Friends: Who Do I See in the Mirror?

    by Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu

    Who Do I See in the Mirror? is a simple, yet powerful, book written to introduce children to the concept of self-love and acceptance. It explores the various parts of the body, making the idea of self-discovery exciting for children while encouraging them to love each part. It reminds children that they are much more than their physical appearance. This gorgeous, colour-illustrated book concludes with a strong message that it’s what is on the inside that counts. A wonderful finishing to... more

  • Digger's Izy

    by Nancy Weston
    As the population of post-WWII Los Angeles is exploding and overwhelming the pueblo infrastructure, Isabella finds herself caught between her powerless, loving mother, and brilliant father who is tortured by mental illness. As a child, she relies upon her maternal grandmother for encouragement and stability, is enthralled by the family lore and bolstered by the wisdom. But Grandy is ill. It is a tumultuous time for Isabella’s family, Los Angeles, and for the Country. Shortly before the Watts ... more
  • Cora

    by Sharronne McNeil
    Cora grows up fast due to the cruel, unrelenting ways of a harsh mother and excruciating farm life. She gets married due to an unexpected pregnancy and in hopes of a better experience with her husband but sees all her hopes dissipate when things do not turn out as planned. A coming of age story that shows the power of God's mercy and grace to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.
  • The Other Angel

    by Ann Covell
    The Other Angel is a dramatic, startling tale of how four young people from diverse backgrounds, each with their own aspirations and values, become unlikely though firm friends. It is an absorbing story that will attract readers as they get to know the characters, whose disparate lives intertwine before the Civil War splits them up. The Gettysburg battle aftermath brings them back together. It is an exciting story filled with breathtaking scenarios of plots, war and espionage, as well as romance... more
  • Broken Trust

    by George Encizo

    2018 Silver Medal Winner - Florida Authors and Publishers Book Awards

    Eighty-five-year-old Francis Teague hadn't told anyone about his life as a teenager during the 1940s in Monticello, Florida. There were secrets he kept from that time and hadn't revealed them to his parents, his wife, his daughter, and granddaughter for reasons known only to him. But when his granddaughter convinced him to tell her about his teenage years, he revealed things, things that were ... more

  • What Mountains Teach

    by Michael Herrick
    What Mountains Teach is a novel which narrates the midlife crisis of a man learning to love a young woman who grows older. Walt, suffering from a mid-life crisis and burnt out from teaching, decides to do something exciting by hiking the Appalachian Trail after he discovers a romantic journal written by a younger man named Strider. Hiking down from Harper’s Ferry to Springer Mountain, Walt remembers the passages written by Strider who, twenty years earlier, had walked over a thousand miles from ... more

    When Owen Youniacutt is falsely - and ironically - accused of soliciting a prostitute, his wife bars him from their Southern California home. Unsure where to turn, Owen picks the worst option from a list of bad ideas. He flees to his roots, the Lightnin Y cattle ranch in South Dakota, home of old demons, a lost love, and a mountain of unforgiven hurts. Add to those woes a mother suffering a mysterious, possibly fatal disease, and Owen faces losing every good thing in his life. But within the ass... more
  • Future FLOTUS?: (First Lady of the United States)

    by Amy Denson
    President Jackson Cashe is trying to run a newly separated country while attempting to draw back some of the states that separated. He declares an inaugural Festival of Innovation to showcase America's advances in a variety of subjects. The festival culminates in an epic State Dinner in which Jackson breaks up with his model fiancé. Jackson's team puts into motion a reality television show to help him find a new girlfriend and to bolster his already high approval ratings. Haddie Robinson is a r... more
  • Cowboy

    by Bob Holt
    When this cowboy meets a flowerchild, it turns both their worlds upside down. The second son of a hard-as-nails Texas rancher is drafted out of college for the Vietnam war. Assigned to the Pentagon, he observes the great March on Washington protesting the war and questions why his peers are marching outside and he’s inside the walls of the citadel. After his discharge, he enrolls at the University of Connecticut where he hopes to catch up with his generation. There, he meets and falls in love w... more