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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Sex Decision

    by Ellen Piano
    What happens after Janine, 17, says "no" to Hal, a popular high school athlete? Why did Hal suddenly turn from a fun, respectful guy into a sexually-demanding male? Janine's decision about Hal's demands haunt her while as editor of her high school online newspaper she interviews pregnant teens. What the girls tell her leads to the shocking truth about Hal and his new demand of her. She finally learns why she cared so much for him and why he demanded sex from her. Can she dare risk romance ... more
  • Road to Antietam

    by Tom E. Hicklin
    Road to Antietam is the story of two brothers, Daniel and Christopher Galloway, from Norwalk, OH, who join the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at the beginning of the Civil War. Daniel, the older brother, is studious and responsible and wants recognition and advancement. Christopher, the younger brother, is more carefree and is looking for fun and adventure. Like the rest of the country, both expect an easy victory with lots of glory. They quickly find themselves caught up in a drawn-out, increa... more
  • The Blue Brotherhood

    by Yokairy Tavarez
    Evalyne Vitelli is an up-and-coming New York ADA. Benjamin Pacey is the well-decorated New York City Police Detective who has fled to Albany to escape her memory. Unbeknownst to them, a botched silencing job opens the door to the exposure of a drug-ring and countless murders hidden in the heart of New York's law enforcement hierarchy. When she is framed for a murder she didn't commit, Evalyne and Pacey's lives collide after three years apart in an explosive and charged tale that uncovers exactly... more
  • Project: FEMME

    by Yokairy Tavarez
    The year is 2016 and President Paul R. Yenmor has just begun his second term in the White House. Secretly backed by North Korean forces, he implements a nationwide plan that includes the dismantling of all branches of government. With unquestionable impunity, he then systematically wipes out half of the population and finalizes the destruction of the United States. With no American military left to intervene, his new militia spans the continental U.S., taking children from their homes and roundi... more
  • Travel for STOICs: Empowering the Solo Traveler Who is Obsessive, Introverted, and Compulsive

    by Eva Rome
    For an obsessive-compulsive (O-C for short), the idea of traveling is usually nothing more than that, an idea. An O-C actually doing the traveling is a terrifying prospect; we are far too circumscribed and self-regulated to accomplish the planning, get on the planes, find our accommodations at our destinations, and actually enjoy the process. Fold in introversion, and you’ve got a crippling combination. Solo travel? Forget it. Travel for STOICs is both a travel book and a survival manual, but... more
  • Triplicity

    by J Mercer
    One week on an Alaskan cruise, three teens, and an endless trail of lies. Enter a series of thefts on board and they all fall under scrutiny. Though Navy acts a proper preacher’s daughter, she did end up with someone else’s purse in her hands, and Jesse knows way more than he should about what’s gone missing. Isaiah, however, is the one with motive—enough money and he could get back to his ranch. Each holds a piece of the truth, but exposing the thief could damn them all. They must navigate t... more
  • The Mind

    by Gloria Foster
  • Soldier On

    by Vanessa Rasanen
    He’s fighting for his country. She’s praying for his safety. When tragedy strikes, can their marriage and faith survive? Charlie and Meg Winters are no strangers to the military life and the challenges it brings. But when an IED rips through his convoy killing his friends, the loss proves almost too much to bear. Meg finds her trust in Christ wavering, and secrets she’s been keeping for years drive a wedge between her and her husband. What if everything Meg believes is a lie? What if... more

    by The Sparkler Princess
    Baby Bee is excited to take pictures at the zoo with his new camera. While on his adventure, he quickly discovers he's quite different than all the animals living there. Zebras have big stripes. He has little stripes. Lions have a big roar. He has a little buzz. Is there any animal at the zoo that is like Baby Bee? In the end Baby Bee discovers who he likes most of all.

    by The Sparkler Princess
    Baby Bee wants a friend to to play with. He travels all over the farm looking for someone to play with, but all the farm animals are way too busy! Sometimes finding a friend to play with takes a lot of heart and determination. Never give up on finding a friend. Baby Bee finally finds a friend to play with in the end, but he might have to wait to play another day.
  • Reindolphins - A Christmas Tale

    by Kevin J. Brougher
    The reindeer have fallen ill. An elf suggests trying other animals. Santa sends out a letter to the animals of the nations and gets a great response. Testing is not going too well until the elf says to try the dolphins. The dolphins save the day...uh...night!
  • Anything's Possible. Anything Goes! (Imagination)

    by The Sparkler Princess
    March along with these curious ant characters as they learn the magical power of their thoughts, words and actions. Every page turn brings a playful surprise that will spark the imagination of every child's mind and heart. Join Sparky, the read ant as he looks for clues to what friendly animal is on the next p[age: a flying pig, a tricky monkey, a smelly skunk and more!
  • Mulidego: Memoirs of a Black Sicilian

    by Ty B. Moore
    Cris Armstrong has seen the atrocities of the world for as long as he can remember. With his innocence lost at such an early age growing up in the slums of Chicago's Black Belt, he is reminded of life's harshness daily. Learning to pickpocket at eight, coping with his mother's murder, and burying his first-born behind a whorehouse are all things he endures before his eighteenth birthday. With this chaos compounded by the arrival of his estranged father, the head of a Sicilian crime family ... more
  • Bffs (Best Friends Forever): The First in the Alex's Dreams Trilogy

    by Alexander Rutherford
    A novel of a romantically dramatic nature based on sequences of "coming of age" events in the lives of a group of teenagers dealing with general, social events beckoning all young people venturing into the varied and complicated stages of adulthood.
  • The Cryptid Carnival

    by Rosalie Bardo
    The Cryptid Carnival is an enchanting Children's Picture book about an adventurous boy with a curious spirit as he journeys through a carnival of mythical creatures. He is led throughout the carnival by a friendly guide, and kindly introduced to the monsters celebrating during the International Night of Cryptids. They are thinkers, creators, a magical sort! Within this delightful tale of exploration and friendship, has the young boy found the scary monsters he so eagerly sought? Appearance... more