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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Lazy Eye Lotus

    by Brittany Bacinski

    "Lazy Eye Lotus is a little bit like an Eat Pray Love on acid, written with candor and humor, in which a young adult heals from rock bottom using an unorthodox path."-Elle Nash, Author of Animals Eat Each Other


    "This beautifully interesting story starts with a bang, ends with a bang, and keeps you captivated through everything in between. Lazy Eye Lotus feels like so many people I've known and been. It's incredibly relatable while leaving plenty of ro... more

  • The Supposed So: A Fictional Memoir In Five Parts

    by Michael Timothy McGuire
    The book you are holding is the fleshed out version of five novellas Michael Timothy McGuire first began writing in 2011. The Will and The Won’t, A Way To Go Sideways, The Way It Is (And The Way It Never Will Be), Oh Yes or, Pink Lady, and Mason, follow characters and situations derived from real life events, including those that Michael may or may not have imagined, and generally speaking, not many of which ever actually existed or occurred. Even so, The Supposed So is brimming with truth, and ... more
  • Ada and the Helpers

    by Travis D. Peterson
    Ada is a dancing, deaf fox with cochlear implants who loves to help others. On her way to dance in a talent show one day, she meets three other creatures who are each facing a physical challenge of their own. She decides to help each of her new friends to see past their challenges and discover their natural, God-given strengths. But can they help her in return? Ada’s a bit nervous about the talent show! Will she be able to hear the music clearly? Will everyone laugh at her? Pick up a co... more

    by Anne E Neuberger

    Written as historical fiction, this is a true story about a girl whose family made an unusual choice in 1945: to work in two of the incarceration centers where thousands of Japanese-Americans were imprisoned during World War II. Helen was twelve years old when she spent a year at Camp Amache in Colorado and Tule Lake Segregation Center in California. An ‘outsider on the inside,’ she made friends with kids who had been living behind barbed wire fences, under the scrutiny of ar... more

  • Maddie's Saturday to Remember

    by Karen Jonice Bricker
    Maddie cannot imagine a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with her grandpa. They meet a colorful cast of characters in her hometown: a street musician, a fruit seller, and a pizza chef are all part of this adorable adventure. When Maddie meets the mysterious Lydia, who allows her a sneak peek into the creative and fun behind- the-scenes world of window dressing, she is truly inspired! This whimsey adventure through the pages will spark excitement for children of all ages. A surpris... more
  • I'm Pink! So What?

    by EH Hong
    Gemma is just like any other little dolphin. She likes to do tricks, play with her friends, and hang out with her mom and dad. Gemma, however, is a little different from other dolphins. Gemma was born pink. When it is time to go to school, Gemma is afraid that no one will like her for being pink. What will happen?
  • Break the Cycle

    by Ros B
    Kayleigh, a woman of faith, shares her journey of heart break through a difficult marriage and a painful divorce. She meets and falls in love with a married man who proceeds to divorce his wife and marry her. She believed his lies and allowed him to manipulate her into a long-term relationship. She learns quickly that what goes around comes back around. Just as he cheated with her, he cheats on her. She was the mistress, then the wife, now she’s the ex-wife, too. Her faith in God and her renewed... more
  • Girl in a Cage: A Novel

    by Sandra J. Schumm
    But for a novelist and a ghost, Anita might be one of the hundreds of migrant children still separated from her family after crossing the border. GIRL IN A CAGE is a novel of hope for our time about journeys—replete with danger and confinement—to find personal freedom. After a novelist moves to Kansas in 2018, she is visited by a ghost who wants her to rescue a young Mexican immigrant girl he saw with a brutish man; all the while, the girl's deported mother awaits any word of her daughter. Five ... more
  • The Underers

    by Justin Christopher

    A quaint and likeable journey of a young girl named Journee Blake who discovers a clan of supernatural beings, called Underers 101 steps beneath her bed. Her growing friendship with these beings helps her to grow and become more accepted in her outside world.

  • Freakout Island

    by Justin Christopher
    Five children are tricked into visiting a wonderfully magical island, which quickly becomes a hilarious and unexpected disaster. One small boy can save the day, if only he didn't have a gigantic bubble blowing out of his butt!
  • The Father's Tree

    by Crystal Jencks
    The tale of the Garden of Eden is one of the most well-known and universally loved stories of all time, and Dr. Elise Harper and her team believe there’s more than a little truth to it. To prove the science books wrong and religious lore right, they trek into the Caucasus mountain ranges, amidst a world ravaged with war and apocalyptic tragedy. But shortly into the expedition, events pivot dangerously. Nature and hidden supernatural forces interrupt their mission, and the team’s motivation trans... more
  • Law Firm Confidential

    by Pear Yonsei
    Studious Paige Turner has all the necessary qualifications to succeed. But in this corporate world of innuendos and obscured language, lines become quickly blurred. Words like “teamwork” and “team player” make or break careers.
  • Sergeant Arson

    by Sam Cottle

    The year is nineteen ninety-six. It's Frank Arson's forty-seventh birthday, he feels he wants to finally give up his years of corrupt dealings on the streets of Swindon, and head off somewhere hot and sunny for his retirement. He's found a new love; the mysterious Charisse. The only question is whether or not Arson can stitch-up his boss, evade his criminal connections, and leave Swindon with Charisse forever before his birthday's over.

  • Love On Someone Different Than You

    by S. Renée Mack

    Love is an action verb! When was the last time you sought out the opportunity to show love, to someone, who was different than you? What makes us different also makes us special and unique. It is common to see a difference in someone and not embrace it. Worse, hurting ones feelings, teasing or bullying because we misunderstand the greatness in being different. Or the extreme hating and distancing yourself and encouraging others to do the same from the one who is different.

  • Little Mona Meets A Pup

    by S. Renée Mack

    A chilly, rainy day brings an unexpected surprise. An adventurous little Mona heads out to splash in puddles when she meets a lost little Dottie. Misfortune for one turns into a long-lasting friendship. Little Mona Meets A Pup is a story of compassion and love.

    Little Mona Meets A Pup is also a sing-a-long book.

  • BugHouse: Book One (Book Trade)

    by Steve Lafler
    Tenor saxophone maestro Jimmy Watts leads his talented band of bugs from the swing era into the uncharted maelstrom of Bebop. As he and his band mates claw their way to the top of the jazz world, they must fight the temptation to be consumed by addiction to a substance known as "Bug Juice.” Inspired by the postwar explosion of Bohemian cultural stylings from artists as diverse as jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and Beat avatar William Burroughs, cartoonist Steve Lafler delivers his indigo-tinged mas... more