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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Holy City

    by Meredith Burchfield
    Marin Sims is on the edge of a breakdown. She's 9 months pregnant and her mom is dead. The father of her child is a million miles away and in harm's way AND she's not sure he's the one after all.But her day isn't half as bad as her mom's. Eva hadn't been dead three days but the afterlife was plum wearing her out. While she, the Person, had spent the last three days learning the rules of the Moving Up and the Moving On, the rest of HERs had been sitting on the curb outside the church hashing it o... more
  • Magellan Gps Update

    by Stephen Jones
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  • Rand Mcnally Dock Update

    by Stephen Jones
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    by Stephen Jones
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  • BT Mail

    by Stephen Jones
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    by Stephen Jones
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  • SEO tool centre

    by Arya Murali

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  • Garden's Corner

    by Douglas S. Reed
    Garden’s Corner is a coming-of-age story that captures the imaginative spirit of a “near-crippled” Brooklyn teen who travels south in search of his best friend who vanished without a trace after a violent episode involving the two youths. With a voice that continues to stand the test of time and remains clever, funny and addictive, Little Speedy spins a tale mixed with pain and pleasure. His story is a cry out to all those who care enough to listen, his heartfelt desire to overcome not only p... more
  • Child of Gilead

    by Douglas S. Reed

    Child of Gilead is the story of a young mother and son visited by an old family friend whose arrival brings with it the potential to uncover dark family secrets always intended to stay hidden.

    Sparse and simply told, Child of Gilead, is the BookLife Prize in Fiction Grand Winner for 2020 and author Douglas S. Reed's long-awaited second novel. It is a modern-day parable that seeks to answer the seemingly unanswerable truth, "Do you know me?"

  • Esther Eagle Can't Soar

    by P. G. Shriver

    An enlightening tale of Esther the Zoo Eagle, who wants nothing more than to soar. With a fenced in habitat, it's harder for a young eagle than you would think. Esther is finally able to soar with some help from her father and the zoo staff. With musical phrasing and bold colorful illustrations, this tale is a wonderful message to every child to believe in her dreams.

  • Summer Warrior

    by Regan Walker
    His parentage was noble, of the Norse line of the Kings of Dublin, the royal house of Argyll and the great Ard Ri, High Kings of Ireland. But with the coming of the Norse, his family’s fortunes had fallen miserably and the Gaels despaired of ever being free. When it seemed all hope was gone, Somerled rose to the fore, sweeping across Argyll and the Isles like a fast-moving storm, drawing the disenfranchised to him in great numbers—the Gaels, the Scots, and the Irish who longed for one to lead th... more
  • Friendship Has No Color (Timothy's Lessons In Good Values)

    by Christopher Gordon

    This journey shows the true meaning of, friendship has no color. Max, being the new kid at school, is made fun of because his appearance is different. His friends Emily, Timothy and Billy defend him but unfortunately their efforts fall short in convincing the other kids to play a game of soccer with them. This all changes when ... the Warrior of Good Values appears! Would it be enough support, to convince the other kids that they were wrong? Being uniquely different and embracing each other&#... more

  • Great Spirit of Yosemite: The Story of Chief Tenaya

    by Paul Edmondson

    ” Where can we go that you will not follow us? Where can we make homes that you will not find and burn?”

    During the Mariposa Indian War of 1850/51, the wily, aging Chief Tenaya finds himself embroiled in hostilities with White settlers sweeping through their world at the time of the California Gold Rush. He is catapulted into conflict against the plunder of their land and culture. His story is a tale of family love, tribal lore and spirituality. In Chief Tenaya’s world... more

  • Rigatoni

    by Jeffery F. Dow
    The complete life and times of actress Sarah Bartlett, told humorously and with plenty of vegetables. Her childhood in Iowa, her formative years in Chicago and her successes (including the TV series Broccoli Fudge and Earth to Mom; the movies Carpets of Death, French Fries as Bread and The Science of Squirrels; and the Broadway plays Endeavour: The Musical and Underwear of the Damned) are all included here. But her many triumphs were sometimes overshadowed by self-doubt, the aspirations of ma... more
  • The Ballad of Ricky Risotto

    by Marc Cavella
    Ozark Championship Wrestling is struggling to stay afloat. The only way to turn their fortunes around is to crown a new young champion. But Bruising Brady Lockhart, the current champ, refuses to drop the title. With the biggest show in OCW history a mere two days away, Waylon Pritchards--aka Ricky Risotto--has been given an ultimatum: Convince Brady to drop the title, or lose everything Waylon's worked so hard to build for himself over the past thirty years.
  • God's Best When Things are Worst

    by Davin Bradley
    God's Best When Things are Worst is a book about seeing God's purpose even during a Christian's darkest day. Seven chapters counsel the believer through biblical insight to experience God's kindness through life's trials, tragedies, and challenges. Author and Bible teacher Davin Bradley directs the brokenhearted to seek God's will, no matter the cost, and to rise above the sufferings of this world by clinging desperately to what eternity holds for the faithful. God is not missing from the equat... more