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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Argo and Me

    by Chandra Ghosh Ippen and Erich Ippen Jr.
    Argo and Me is a heartwarming story about a puppy and a child who have each had multiple homes and tough times. Together, with the help of family, they figure out what scares them, they learn that they are lovable, and they find safety and home. Families and therapists will find that the book helps start important conversations about times when children may have felt scared, how this may affect them, and ways that grown-ups can help them feel safe and loved. The book may be especially hel... more
  • Screenwriter

    by Rafael Lima
    Living large in Los Angeles a screenwriter chews his way up the Hollywood food chain. Punching out his latest film he begins an involuntary downward spiral into depression and delusion. As he tries to out-run his demons with Xanax and a lap-top, his relentless quest for purity leads him through the soul-less world of the major studios, finally bringing him to a reckoning point where he is forced to acknowledge loss and possibly recover his better instincts.
  • Homo Novus

    by Gerard Cabrera
    It’s Holy Week 1987, and Fr. Linus Fitzgerald has just learned he has AIDS. Orlando Rosario, the Puerto Rican boy he seduced at fourteen, is now a man sitting by his bed, and studying for the priesthood. In alternating chapters, Linus and Orlando reflect on their desires and dreams, secrets and sins, hopes and faith, and the paths that brought them together. As the narrative progresses, each character reflects on their lives and how their histories have become inextricably bound together by thei... more
  • C5/C6 Incomplete: The Life of William Delaroux

    by Karen Schuitema
    This graphic novel is a fictional memoir inspired by a true story. It chronicles the life of William Delaroux and his continuous struggle to make the best of difficult circumstances. The book starts with Bill's memories of being a latchkey kid of a dysfunctional single mother. It then follows him as he joins the U.S. Army at the end of the Vietnam era, finding structure and support for the first time, only for that journey to be interrupted by the onset of schizophrenic hallucinations. He is... more
  • Ripley's Missing Locket

    by Connie Herrick
    Ripley is a tiny, feisty, funny, calico kitty and she’s lost her new shiny locket! Join her unique family and friends – two search and rescue dogs, an upside-down goldfish, twin raccoons, a red-tailed squirrel, 3 baby possums, hummingbirds, butterflies and bees – as they all search for her missing locket. A wonderful book for elementary school readers, filled with vibrant watercolor illustrations and engaging, funny animal adventures. Welcome to Ripley’s Missing Locket, book 2 in the Rip... more
  • The Lapone Sisters

    by Barry Wilker


    In the summer of 1976, three exceptionally different sisters begin walking their individual paths. Schmellda, the eldest daughter, launches into her personal tale of family and self-discovery. Setting out on her own for the first time in her life, she remains a frumpy self-appointed mother hen to her younger sisters. 

    Sorina is her stunning and stuttering middle sibling venturing out slowly in search of her dreams. The youngest, Esmeralda, is an outspoken, non-filtered, sharp-to... more

  • Overturned

    by Annette Raynor
    The year is 2021 and abortion is illegal in the United States when a young unidentified female is found dead from an alleged “termination” in an abandoned tenement. The girl is identified as the daughter of a conservative right wing Senator which sets the opening premise in Overturned. Overturned takes an extremely controversial issue and wraps it in fiction allowing characters to voice their opinions within the safety and confines of the writers imagination. The novel attempts to answer the que... more
  • Don't Poke the Bear

    by Robin D'Amato
    It’s 1995, and three boho friends find themselves caught up in the rough currents of the ever-changing New York City. Navigating demanding careers, difficult boyfriends, and a famously abusive housing market, they live their lives with an enviable nonconformist flair that sets them apart. Life might be easier elsewhere, but for these determined friends, elsewhere is never an option. Don’t Poke the Bear is a Sex and the City for real people. With no fantasy shoe collections, no money for fabul... more
  • Unaka

    by william kauffman
    compilation of short fiction
  • Dear Soccer

    by Matteo Iuzzolino

    Dear Soccer is a beautiful and creatively presented letter that a young boy writes to soccer to express his gratitude for how soccer has benefitted his life. Dear Soccer promotes participation in sports by showing boys and girls who are of various races, and limitations benefiting from playing soccer. These images help kids understand that being different is not a barrier for being active. Dear Soccer also shows how when kids are active in soccer or any activity, they become better people. Th... more

  • HUNTING THE INNOCENTS / 9781778128615

    by Gord Haines
    Secrets are like buried seeds, eventually they germinate and rise-up seeking air and light. As with all living things, some are useful…others are dangerous. For Victor Lochart, a secret buried long ago is determinedly pushing into the light, threatening his marriage, family and career. In short, everything he cares about and has worked hard to protect. And, as he soon learns, secrets beget secrets. A swirling cauldron of lies, betrayal and murder thrusting him into a perilous confrontation with ... more
  • The Expiration of Joey and Megan: A Tony Piza Novel

    by J. F. Pandolfi
    A burned-out divorce lawyer, a loathed ex-friend, and a nun walk into a bar. Okay, not exactly . . . but close! Poor Tony Piza. At 34 years old, a lawyer who’s already burned-out from the emotional toll of handling divorces. As for his personal life, he’s incapable of sustaining a relationship. Why, you ask? Because he can’t get over a young nun he fell in love with when he taught for a year after college. Clearly this guy’s got enough angst in his life. So when a traitorous former frie... more
  • Best Years of your Life

    by Jen Craven
    Married college professors Christine and Joss thought they had it all: jobs they love, a beloved daughter, and most of all, each other—that is, until Joss’s research pulls her further and further away. Lonely and seeking the emotional connection she once shared with her wife, Christine forms a friendship with a student that quickly walks the line of right and wrong. Eighteen-year-old Abbie is an outcast desperate to fit in. When the most popular girl on campus suddenly befriends her, Abbie ca... more
  • Utopia

    by Peter Cowlam
    Utopia follows the fortunes of Zora Murillo, who escapes the clutches of a military junta, and landing in a small English market town buys and renovates the Pleiades, a rundown hotel. The Pleiades is soon transformed into a living cabaret act and hotbed of political activism. Soon the locals want to know the source of Zora’s unfathomable wealth, yet only one of them knows her back story, which is of espionage, the sinister deployment of AI and robotics, and a life-and-death political struggle fo... more
  • All I'm Asking

    by J. Marie Rundquist
    ​O​nline high school teacher Naomi wants to do it all: do everything she can for her students, support her daughter as she struggles with a new school, and help her best friend follow her career dreams. When she fails at all three, she'll rely on a candy-loving book club to help transform her soured family relationships back into sweet ones.
  • Welcome to the Wollops: A Funny Rhyming Read Aloud Alphabet Picture Book

    by Katie and Terry Hudson

    Welcome to the whimsical world of the Wollops in this delightful, rhyming, read-aloud ABC picture book that will make your child giggle with joy at their zany antics as they follow along with your reading.

    Authors Katie and Terry Hudson will have kids and their parents in stitches seeing how Wollops overcome any obstacle in their world of Wollopland.