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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Digital Marketing For Restaurants

    by Restaurant Funnel
    Concentrate on daily guest satisfaction knowing you have in place a trackable and predictable Restaurant Sales Funnel with the right digital marketing for restaurants.
  • Mike's Mourners

    by Pat Murray
    Crazily, young Mike sets out on a mission to sleep with a hundred grieving women, unknowingly spurred on by dark events from his childhood. He happily continues on his quest, carefully keeping his activities from his girlfriend, Marie, and her wary family, until he comes across the widow of a local gangster. Although she temporarily throws him off track, he regains his focus with his project taking him as far as Seville and as close as his own doorstep. He knows he will never find lasting love f... more
  • Enlightened

    by Judie Nance
    The story is about a young Egyptian girl named Neriyah who lived on the Nile River with her family. Her love for her father took her to a new and dangerous place. But her courage and bravery brought them home again. Neriyah wants every girl to know that if you stand up for what is right, you will be heard
  • Between Lions and Lambs

    by N.T. McQueen
    Ezekiel Clemens is the world s most notable televangelist. At his side is Gerald Lambough, who serves as his janitor in hiding the sinful secrets of this righteous man. On the day of one of their largest televised meetings, the two encounter a mysterious stranger that rattles their teetering lives and sends them both on a journey of revelation and repentance where dark secrets are revealed, faith is tested, and lives are forever altered. Simple yet complex, N. T. McQueen s Between Lions and Lamb... more
  • Threads: A Depression Era Tale

    by Charlotte Whitney
    It's a boring, hardscrabble life for three sisters growing up on a Michigan farm in the throes of the Great Depression. But when young Nellie, digging for pirate treasure, unearths the tiny hand of a dead baby, rumors begin to fly. Narrated by Nellie and her two older sisters, the story follows the girls as they encounter a patchwork of threatening circumstances and decide to solve the mystery.
  • Silver Moon

    by Jenny Knipfer
    Silver Moon, the third book in the series: By the Light of the Moon, paints a stunning and poignant picture of life on the home front in Webaashi Bay, Ontario, and of three men who are a part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI. Shamed into joining the war, the tide turns for Luis Wilson when he is steered into the depths of espionage. Injured and presumed missing, will he lose his heart to the very woman who presented him with a white feather? Oshki and Jimmy offer a grim pers... more
  • Optics: A Novel About Women and Work and Midlife Muddles

    by Gail Reitenbach
    Nobody prepared Kris Wright and her friends—the G7—for the toughest trial of adulthood: unemployment after age fifty. All her life, Kris assumed that working hard and doing the right thing would ensure a full and satisfying career. When she unexpectedly loses her job, she’s forced to reexamine those assumptions, reinvent herself, and regain control of her identity. In this tightly written coming-of-middle-age novel set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, female friendships and changing family dynamics p... more
  • Inquisitive Gwendolyn

    by Diane Dee Dee Thompson
    Inquisitive Gwendolyn is a delightful story of a precocious Phoebe and her first few days of life. The youngest of five, she has so much to learn while in her busy, full nest. She asks many questions and soon knows why her egg had spots, how bugs taste, why her mom has missing tummy feathers and so much more. Most importantly, she learns that asking questions is a good thing. ​ All illustrations are from original photography and artistically enhanced.
  • Grandman Dean Goes Big Shopping

    by Warren Martin
    Join Pop Pop and his Grandman Dean as they spend the day together and go Big Shopping
  • Sunny Days

    by Jesse Byrd
    When a Natural Disaster visits Martine’s colorful little neighborhood, she thinks of a clever way to help people get back on their feet! In this incredible story, Award-Winning Author Jesse Byrd teams up with Master Illustrator Anastasiia Ku to Create a Picture Book of Laughter, Perspective & Hope.
  • Baby, Bottled

    by William M Grigg
    Married four years without children, Peter and Brooke Grand embark on a strict regimen with a renowned fertility clinic which tells them when and how to do "it." The clinic also tells them when to abstain --for log periods-- and "put it in a bottle." It's difficult, of course, but it becomes near impossible when a group of young, highly active singles rents the house next door and they become odd friends and running mates and too damn close for comfort.
  • Harvard Vagabond Pool Hustler

    by Bobby Dee Ticer
    Different and Serious: It is centuries in the future. John Luck graduates from Harvard. Instead of joining his dads' law firm, he chooses to enter a pool tournament at Summer Lake, Oregon. On his way he wins a super and room for the night at a place in northern Nevada. He was unaware it came with a prostitute. He eats one of her cookies that had been spiced with memory poison. He recovers at Summer Lake where he becomes entangled in the investigation of of a possible extortion threat by means of... more
  • 978-1-892617-26-2

    by David Martin Anderson

    Billy Bartell has languished in a Montana prison cell ten years into a life sentence for a murder committed in 1939 defending wild mustangs. Now, at age 27, he has become a seasoned inmate without hope of parole and no means of protecting feral herds still being ravished by man. Recently, Billy’s warden has awarded the veteran horse whisperer ‘Model Prisoner’ status and bestowed the management of the prison’s fledgling horse rescue program. This first-of-its-kind priso... more

  • Dear Ray: A Love Poem for Raymond Souster

    by Donna Dunlop

    "Dear Ray" is a love poem for the well-known Canadian poet Raymond Souster from Donna Dunlop.  They became close friends during the final decade of his life.  The presence of new love in late life and the approch of death inspired Raymond Souster in his last poems. The realization of this shared love and its loss in death inspired Donna Dunlop's deeply felt and unsentimental poem.

  • The King

    by Karma Love Kid
  • Where the Night Never Ends: A Prohibition Era Novel

    by Annette Oppenlander

    A chance encounter between a penniless young woman in search of her missing brother and a hobo burdened with a big secret takes both on a journey to Chicago’s glamorous yet crime-ridden 1920s, where prostitution, bootlegging, and corruption rule. Separated by fate and reunited by chance, WHERE THE NIGHT NEVER ENDS is an unforgettable tale of courage and perseverance, a tribute to the triumph of hope and love against all odds.

    When feisty and headstrong Samantha B... more