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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Silver River Shadow

    by Jane Thomas
    An adventure reveals the all too real truth of the sustained and deliberate mercury poisoning in the Wabigoon River over fifty years ago that still affects the lives of thousands of Canada’s indigenous people. The story is an eye-opening call to arms and the first in a series where protagonists Bobby and Lizzie will scour the world to find little-known but significant and ongoing disasters.
  • Brightside

    by Bradley Carter
    A BEST-SELLING NOVEL ... Well, not really. Felix is a data entry specialist, and that's about as exciting as it sounds. It's for the love of a coworker, Brittney Masterson, that keeps him pressing on throughout each day. He has every opportunity to ask her out, but he won't, because he's afraid she'll say YES.Felix suffers from a medical condition which prevents him from pursuing a real relationship. When he discovers that his alpha-male boss is trying to win the hand of Brittney, Felix becomes... more
  • Son of a B*tch: a novel

    by Bradley Carter
    Inappropriate. Repuslive. Hilarious. The Kansas City Police Department is under attack by a small group of hackers. These cyber criminals threaten to sell personal information about each officer to the black market, essentially putting lives at stake.Wally Redmond is a sketch artist. He’s an alcoholic. He’s a sex fiend. And he’s given a chance to become a hero. His infatuation for a rookie leads him to situations he would otherwise avoid. But despite his personal issues, he may be the only ho... more
  • The Fifth Daughter of Thorn Ranch

    by Julia Brewer Daily
    Emma Rosales is the heiress of the largest ranch in Texas—The Thorn. All the responsibilities of managing a million acres now fall into her fifth-generation hands. A task Emma could handle with her eyes closed…if The Thorn were any ordinary property. The Thorn is home to many things. Clear, cloudless skies. Miles of desert scrub and craggy mountains. A quiet disrupted only by whispers of the wind. And an ancient web of secrets that won’t let Emma out alive without a fight. The Fifth Dau... more
  • Letters From Liza

    by Johnette DeRose
    Have you ever thought what the world looks like from a dog's point of view? Read Letters From Liza and experience her adventures with her human siblings, Sam and Bea. In one letter they are off to Bald Head Island on vacation and in another they are pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and solving the mystery of the disappearing hibiscus plant. Liza shares her unique perspective as the beloved pet in the family. Their adventures are the same experiences that your child might have, and children enjoy... more
  • Of All Faiths & None

    by Andrew Tweeddale
    In 1910 the architect, Edwin Lutyens, receives a letter from Sir Julius Drewe for the commission of a castle on Dartmoor – Castle Drogo. As the world rushes towards the Great War, Lutyens designs for the wealthy tea baron a castle that is singularly out of step with its time. Over the next seven years the Drewe family and the Lutyens family are drawn to castle where their fates are inseparably linked. The novel provides a vivid portrait of two families on the precipice of a changing world. ... more
  • Briarhill to Brooklyn

    by Jack Bodkin
    Briarhill to Brooklyn is a work of creative nonfiction, in which I tell the story of my Irish family’s journey from Galway on a coffin ship named Cushlamachree. The family—John and Eleanor Bodkin, and seven of their children—began their journey on St. Patrick’s Day, 1848. Their destination was Brooklyn. The main characters in my book are real people—and the locations, events, and timelines are generally historically accurate. Some of the book is fact, but much of the story is fiction. The ... more

    by Andrew Flower
    1869: In his prison cell in The Tombs, Robert Gillian has countless days to reflect upon his story, a journey which began years earlier, the time of the Great Hunger in Ireland. So destitute that burying his young twins in rented coffins was the best he could afford—their bodies re-interred in burlap sacks in the middle of the night—he knew he must take his landlord’s offer: paid passage to America for the rest of his family. Life in New York City was difficult in its own way—for kind and ... more
  • Delusion of the Collar and the Key

    by Alexandria May Ausman
    The victory over her oppressors and bullies cost Psycho dearly. She is the target of her guardian’s sexually sadistic daughter. No one is coming to help the troubled teenager as Psycho’s deepening symptoms of schizophrenia and lack of a support system endanger her. The cruel Julie’s constant manipulations, assaults, lies, and withholding of the necessary medications to control Psycho’s mental illness, lead to the creation of a dangerous delusion. Will anyone believe Psycho’s unbelievable tale be... more
  • Be Kind, Be Forgiving

    Be Kind, Be Forgiving are quirky stories written for quirky people. They live on the page with a certain guileless charm while poking fun and taking simple pleasure in our meanness, pettiness, sensuality, despair, and, sometimes, our niceness. If you like the stories of Diane Williams or David Sedaris, then Be Kind, Be Forgiving is well worth a try.
  • Many Are Invited

    by Dennis Cuesta

    A housewarming party ends in tragedy. . . Steve Galanos, a native Midwesterner, reflects on his time in Northern California during the 1990s, a time when the two-digit year emerged as the Y2K problem, the burgeoning Internet fueled the expansion of the New Economy, the dot-com bubble created unseen prosperity and real estate frenzies. Yet it’s a housewarming party, held in late 1999, that affects him the most.                 ... more

  • Something Decidedly Oddd

    by Lesley A
    SOMETHING DECIDEDLY ODDD is set in the fictional Somerset town of Hegley. It is the story of RUBY’s journey to self-realisation and acceptance. It’s ten years since her husband died when she was seven months pregnant. She thinks she’s moved on and her life is in good order, but as she lurches from choir to yoga, to Zumba and teaching French, to work deadlines and taking her son, BEN, to and from school and Cubs and clubs, she makes sure she doesn’t have a free minute left unaccounted for. No mat... more
  • Papa on the Moon

    by Marco North

    What happens to the dreamers and the hard-luck cases, the washed-up lovers and the wild-eyed children when life gets messy?

    Here is a novel-in-stories with a structure as raw and unexpected as the characters who inhabit it. Paul, the child of an ostracized Jewish pig farmer, searches for meaning in the most unexpected places— from the bottom of the local swimming pool to the galley of a Navy battleship. Along the way, we crack open the private lives of his parents before and after... more

  • The Dreaming Tree

    by Ruby Fink
    Once, there was a little boy and a little girl, who had a tree. But this wasn't any ordinary tree, it was a dreaming tree, where anything was possible.
  • The Tyranny of Desire

    by Morty Shallman

    PUCHY MUSHKIN is a big dreamer and an even bigger loser whose spectacular failure as a human being is exceeded only by the enormity of his penis. Think Seinfeld’s George Costanza without the “shrinkage.” In the depths of his despair, Puchy has an epiphany: could the endless series of screw-ups that define his existence be the result of his overwhelming desire for the success he believes is his birthright? To test his theory and, hopefully, change his fate, Puchy vows to bani... more

  • Splendide Mendax

    by Zephyr Dorsey

    Visualize our world as it was 2019. Now imagine that a nation, say, one of the world's superpowers, in the attempt to protect itself against the next SARS outbreak, accidentally creates a worldwide plague. Imagine also that the plague-causing nation attempts to cover-up its mistake. And then envision the world's elite assisting in that cover-up. Too impossible to imagine?

    It won't be after you read Spendide Mendax by Zephyr Dorsey.