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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Vast, Untethered Ocean

    by RD Pires
    Ollie died five years ago, but his lingering ghost makes moving on difficult.   Haunted by his late husband’s spirit, Brooklyn has become increasingly disturbed and teeters on the brink of suicide. But as a last attempt at revitalization, he decides to drive their beloved Ford Ranger to the place where they met, hoping that retracing their life together will somehow free him from Ollie’s ghost.   Along the road, Brooklyn meets the free-spirited Zinnia, feisty Dahlia, and a dreamer named ... more
  • On the Verge

    by Zane Martin
    On The Verge is a single-panel comic book with an anthropomorphic view of the world. Satirical first and foremost, it exposes the irrational and absurdity of human nature when it gets out of hand or goes too far.
  • Reigny days

    by Brittany Baker
    What happens when your mind becomes your worst enemy? Convinced that she will live her best life in college, Reign decides to pack up and leave her small Michigan town for Illinois. Upon freshman year, Reign quickly learns that not everything that glitters is gold. The fight of her life begins now. About the series: The topic of mental health is often taboo in the black community. Often harboring distrust in the medical community, African Americans are less likely to seek help for mental ... more
  • 1500

    by Heather Jane Johnson
    1499. Venice. Beatrice de la Pietà, an orphan, becomes a reluctant demon hunter while trying to survive her first apprenticeship as a cook and maid. Along the way, she receives an unexpected humanistic education from some of the Renaissance's once famous, but now forgotten figures.
  • The Five-Year Plan

    by Christopher Scott Brooks
    Jim’s world is crumbling. His wife has died, his best friend is moving to Italy and his mother is in the hospital. In the midst of a successful career as an orthopedic surgeon at Boston General, Doctor James Langley is faced with the toughest case yet: his own. \tReturning to his hometown of Zanesville, Ohio to care for his mother, he searches through his past for a way forward. Making the hardest decision of his life, he gives up his practice to pursue his true passion. He opens a restaura... more
  • The Vatican Must Go: An American Tale of Government Power and the Glory of Faith

    by D. Grant Fitter
    It's the 1920's, Pancho Villa is gone, and Mexico is settling into a post-revolution form of democratic government. Vatican influence over the psyche of the country remains an enemy and so, power brokers south of the border have written a new constitution to include articles restricting the power of the church over the citizenry and to detach it from Vatican control. Back in the United States, Protestant evangelism is powerfully representative of the American Way, so the possibilities are a we... more
  • The Spell

    by C.V. Shaw

    The Spell is a story about a royal family set in sixteenth-century England, which is torn apart when an archer shoots an arrow at the very young Princess Isabella. King Maurice becomes lost in the forest in his quest to find the mysterious archer despite being advised against it. He enters an enchanted territory where he becomes bewitched by a mysterious old lady and her granddaughter who use potions to keep him captive in their cottage while pretending to offer hospitality. The king’s ... more

  • Fair

    by Ed Seaward
    Eyan, homeless and all but invisible, drifts through the sundrenched streets, parks and boardwalks of Los Angeles, sometimes avoiding, and other times seeking the shadows. A chance encounter with a childhood friend, Marc, leads Eyan to meet ‘the professor’, an erudite and tragic figure who takes Eyan under his wing, reading to him from Milton’s Paradise Lost in the lustrated light of the city at night. But these friendships also drag Eyan into the City of Angels’ Skid Row, the largest homeless ... more
  • In Her Own Footsteps

    by D.J. Richardson
    In the summer of 1859, British and American troops stood at the brink of war over a small island in the Pacific Northwest, each claiming sovereignty over the region in a military standoff that has become known as the “Pig War” of San Juan Island. In the midst of the dispute sat a Hudson’s Bay Company farm, where seventeen year-old Flora Ross, the Métis daughter (Anishinaabe/Scottish) of a prominent company family, nursed a farmworker’s dying wife. The American instigator of the military incursio... more
  • visibility saves lives

    by sijo james
    Online shopping is the best option for people who do not have much time for shopping and are busy in their work.The rapid growth of technology leads to the electronic method of selling goods. The online shopping give the freedom to buy in the early hours or in the late hours. The online shopping have the opportunity to stay at home and shop. Wherever you are, you can buy visibility saves lives without any interference. Convenience, Broad range ... more
  • Diary of a Giraffe. Harry and a Potty

    by Yana S.
    Harry the Giraffe will Teach all the Kids to Go Potty in a Funny and Entertaining Manner! Perfectly Illustrated HD Pictures! Smooth & Easy-to-Understand Story line! A Perfect Gift to Parents of Toddlers and all the Kids ages 3-6!
  • Whitewashed

    by Sandy Berman
    Tommy Stern has never gotten over the suicide of his best friend, Ben Lowe, who in the summer of 1951 is found hanging from a tree in the woods behind their high school in Huntsville, Alabama. A year earlier, Huntsville becomes home to 118 former Nazi scientists and engineers who have been brought to the United States through a secret government-sponsored project called Operation Paperclip to work on the space program. Even past evidence of war crimes does not disqualify these men from entering ... more
  • Secure in God

    by Rita Lulay Malsch
    Guidance by looking at a higher authority.
  • Sorrow

    by Tiffanie DeBartolo
    Dreams abandoned, out of work and uninspired, guitar prodigy Joe Harper is a sensitive, struggling millennial rapidly approaching his mid-30s and haunted by his history of failure. With a promising future in music long forgotten, Joe is resigned to a life of virtual seclusion, listless among his beloved redwood trees. But when he receives word from his long lost love, October, informing him of her upcoming art exhibit, Joe is awash with memories of the past and must ultimately decide if cowardic... more
  • Corona Daze: Eva's time at home during Covid-19

    by Jennifer Angel
    When Eva stays home during the Coronavirus pandemic, she learns about the virus, the importance of good hygiene, and how to process difficult emotions.
  • Swimming Sideways

    by Mary Cresse

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