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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Anopheles, and other fables

    by John C. West
    Literary fiction, For readers and aficionados of literary fiction, Anopheles is a compilation of origin fables set in Classical Greece. It explains how certain animals and other things came to be, in the manner of Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories". It may be conceptualized as when Aesop met Kipling.
  • Theological Adventures with Rocco

    by John C. West
    Literary fiction, Rocco, a house painter who seems to question everything, and Earl, an amiable Methodist minister who went through divinity school without questioning much of anything, have a discussion about God. Rocco asks hard questions, but Earl always seems to come up with an answer. Sometimes Earl finds the questions unsettling, and sometimes Rocco finds the answers unsatisfying. Can two men with entirely different perspectives, find common ground?
  • Child of Sonora

    by Joseph VanZutphen
    Synopsis: Child of Sonora begins with the juxtaposition of the lives of two 7-year-old boys in the Sonora Desert. The first boy lives in Scottsdale in 2017, and the second boy lives in the Tohono O’odham Territory in 1848. The history begins during the Mexican-American War, and takes the reader through Indian boarding schools, diseases (i.e., smallpox, cholera, diabetes) and the exploitation of Indian labor, all the result of European occupation. Although each story illustrates the proverbi... more
  • Storms of Malhado

    by Maria Elena Sandovici
    Galveston Island, Texas, September 2008 Katie doesn’t believe in ghosts. And she certainly doesn’t believe the rumors that her family’s home is haunted, despite its tragic history: two young women who lived there in different eras died in hurricanes – one during Hurricane Carla in 1961, one during the Great Storm of 1900, the greatest natural disaster to befall the United States. But that was the past. A fact Katie reminds herself of when she returns to Galveston to await Hurricane Ike with h... more
  • Two Worlds Apart

    by Gail Rose Thompson
    Zahra, a pampered Persian girl, who is sent to the United States for her High School education , becomes enamored with life in America. When circumstances make it necessary for her to return home, her life changes in ways she never imagined possible. Her love of horses leads her down a path to becoming one of the most influential women in Iran.
  • The Bomb Squad

    by Neil Perry Gordon
    At the stroke of midnight, a devastating explosion at Black Tom Island, an armaments depot, rocks New York City awake; and so begins this story of two patriots in World War I, each willing to put his life on the line in order to achieve a glorious victory for his cause. Serving the Fatherland is Dr. Harold Schwartz, administrator of the prestigious Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital and a German spy. Along with his father, a dealer in lethal weapons and a lifelong friend of Kaiser Wilhelm, Schwa... more
  • Northern Hunt (Northern Wolf Series Book 2)

    by Daniel Greene
    Johannes Wolf has made a crucial mistake. He's volunteered for a secret raid, dragging along with him, his unit of misfits. They fall under the command of Colonel Ulric Dahlgren and set out on a quest for redemption and vengeance that will strike at the head of the Southern Cause. Will they become famous for their glorious raid as knights of the North? Or will they become savages? Or even forgotten corpses buried in a shallow grave?
  • Northern Blood (Northern Wolf Series Book 3)

    by Daniel Greene
    An escaped Union prisoner and his platoon are forced to undertake a risky mission to kidnap Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart's wife in an effort to force him into a full-scale battle near Yellow Tavern.
  • The Women of Great Heron Lake

    by Deanna Lynn Sletten
    Two strong women, generations apart, living parallel lives. When Marla Madison’s husband dies, she realizes her life has become very small. Her daughter is grown and Marla has spent the past two decades focused on his friends, his interests, and his home. Feeling lost, she throws herself into fixing up the one-hundred and fifty-year-old family lakeside manor. She soon discovers an old journal in a secret drawer and is instantly intrigued. The handwritten book tells the tale of another Mrs. Ma... more
  • Just Another Girl on the Road

    by S. Kensington
    France 1944: Stranded behind enemy lines, eighteen-year-old Katrinka Badeau escapes German deserters with the help of an undercover Jedburgh operation. Katrinka joins the Jed team, led by Major Willoughby Nye, a man once employed on her father's merchant ship. Her work throws her together with Sergeant Wolfe Farr, the team's tough-talking radio operator. Amid the chaos of war, she and Wolfe begin a passion-tangled love affair. But Katrinka cannot accept Wolfe's plans for the future. And her lo... more
  • Justice in a Bottle

    by Pete Fanning
  • All That Lingers

    by Irene Wittig
    Sometimes the long arm of grief grabs you by the throat. In this novel of loss, courage, and resilience, we experience Vienna’s tumultuous years from Austria’s 1934 civil war, through World War II and postwar occupation, to independence. Three lives intertwine, bringing these extraordinary events to life. Emma fights to come to terms with grief and her country’s betrayal. Sophie seeks to reclaim her lost history, and Friedrich struggles with secrets that will throw all their lives into turm... more
  • Punto

    by Richard G Walker
    ‘Punto’ is a fictional work drawing inspiration from the life story of history’s first horn virtuoso. Punto lived most of his life in the 18th Century, a time when Europe was convulsed by the end of the Thirty Years’ War, the growth of nationalism and the erosion of the aristocratic order, all of which culminated in the French Revolution. Born Jan Vaclav Stich, he is the son of a serf and, despite his lowly status, his remarkable musical talents are discovered and he comes to the attention o... more
  • Blank Check, a Novel: What If You Were Asked to Help Reinvent Public Schools?

    by Aaron Smith
    This story takes place on a fictional U.S. island, but the inspiration that evolves could help reshape public schools in America. After serving his country as an Army Ranger, high school principal Josiah Rollins quits in disgust over the broken educational system he can no longer serve. Little does he know this impulsive act would lead him to an unbelievable opportunity to change everything and serve his country and students in the way he always dreamed. Inspired and funded by a now-billionai... more
  • Toomuch and Toolittle FOOD

    by Jo Schofield
    A little sister and a not so little brother are unhappy but things begin to change when they ask Gran to help make dinner. Toomuch and Toolittle discover that cooking is fun! Too busy to notice, their dog Zog meets a clever little mouse that lives undiscovered in the house and they become friends. Dinner is delicious and the whole family is happy!
  • Spill the Scarlet Rain: A Civil War Novel

    by J. M. Saunders

    Set against the panorama of Gettysburg in the Civil War, J. M. Saunders’s sweeping historical epic is the tale of three young people’s inner and outer conflicts as they confront the mortal divisions in the nation and themselves. Coming of age during cataclysmic national events, seductive scapegrace Simeon, enchanting but vulnerable Genevieve, and pious but lonely Gabriel come to grips with complicity in personal and national error. They confront the sacrifices needed for redemptio... more