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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Gathering of Broken Mirrors: Memories of New York Survivors

    by Anthony E. Shaw

    “I search for answers to questions that, I suspect, are as old as human time itself.”

    This collection presents memories, from a variety of New Yorkers, in different places and times. These are the lessons of life in the city:

    · Can people whose lives are filled with wicked acts also be loving and kind?

    · Why do only some people suffer cruel and unexplained tragic events?

    · Who will help when someone is slipping blindly into harm?

    ... more

  • A Medicine Dream and Warrior Ghosts

    by Nona Burroughs Babcock
    A Medicine Dream and Warrior Ghosts Fourteen-year-old Blackfeet Native American Johnny Bear Child witnesses his great-grandfather’s death. At his new school, Larry, Skinny, and Chub bully Johnny. He runs away to pursue a medicine dream’s power hoping it will help him defeat them. His great-grandfather’s ghost appears, gives him advice, a feather, and his warrior name. Searchers, Rob Bear Child, and Whiterobe, Johnny’s dog, find Johnny barely alive. Johnny and classmate/neighbor Sarah discov... more
  • Do My Online Exam Now

    by Jones Smith
  • My Brother is an ALIEN

    by Anita Zurbrugg
    What on earth has arrived at Sam’s home? Everything has changed. Sam needs to act fast! Will you join Sam on his mission? My Brother is an Alien is a children’s picture book with a humorous take on the arrival of a baby into a family from a big brother’s perspective. This book carries a heartfelt message to children who are expecting a new arrival into their family and the emotions that can sometimes arise during this change in the family dynamics.
  • The Ancestors' Watch

    by Marta Magellan

    Synopsis: The Ancestors’ Watch/  

    The only way Teri Mello could straighten out her great-aunt’s garbled accounts of their family’s multiracial history would be to go back in time. Too bad that’s impossible. Except that it isn’t. In an incident involving a duck and a dog, Teri, her little sister, Rosie, her great-aunt Nena, and her new friend Mike pass through a portal and end up on their ancestors’ land in Brazil just before the abolishment of sl... more

  • Rocking Chair Moon

    by David Patneaude
    In poetic vignettes narrated from alternating (mostly) points of view, Rocking-Chair Moon chronicles the young lives of Ben and Carly Duran, brother and sister, close in age and rapport. The story is a record of their experiences and thoughts from early elementary school through high school and beyond—high points, low points, and places in between, lighthearted and dramatic, hugely significant or simply noteworthy. The events that happen in their lives, and their reactions to those happenings, a... more
  • THE M & M BOYS

    A tender tale of coming-of-age meets baseball heroes. Who wouldn't want to be in that kid's cleats when two of sports' greatest legends move in next door? In the summer of 1961 a Little League player’s joy of making the All-Star team evaporates when his father, too busy with a girlfriend, misses his triumphant opening game, and his mother spirals into a bed-ridden depression. Then, Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle move next door as they battle to break Babe Ruth's home run record. Based on hi... more
  • Fighting To Breathe, Third Edition

    by Jong Yi
    A gripping story of one nurse's fight against racism in the medical industry, set against the horrific backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A Whiskey Rebel from Moses Coulee

    by Jeffrey Dunn
    A Whiskey Rebel from Moses Coulee is rooted in a basalt-lined, desert coulee in forgotten America. The narrator is Punxie Tawney, a young man searching for sex, love, and the American imagination. The central character is Hamilton Chance, a shoeless freedom seeker, an improvisational drummer, an alcoholic, and a direct descendant of America's Whiskey Rebellion. At the outset Hamilton enlists Jesse in his quest to make tax free spirit whiskey and fulfill his destiny. Along the way two women, a Na... more
  • "Peace, Love & Cockroaches"

    by Laurie Stone
    Successful Manhattan advertising writer, Rose Perry, follows her dream of becoming a newspaper columnist during the early days of the Iraq War. To her shock, money, love, and safety are quickly put on the line.
  • The Fourth Power

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Parnormal Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements
    ​NYT & USAT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow

    In the past, Heather’s used her gift to help her two best friends. The time has come for her besties to return the favor.

    Heather Harrison sees ghosts. It's not something she brags about. In fact, she wished she didn't. Communicating (or not communicating) with the dead only leads to heartache, and for her it led to a divorce. For the... more

  • Third Time's A Charm

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Parnormal Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements
    ​NYT & USAT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow

    Friends don’t let friends séance drunk.

    A new Paranormal Women's Fiction series from NYT & USAT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow!

    Vivien Stone lost the love of her life over twenty years ago. Now that she’s in her forties with a string of meaningless relationships under her belt, she can't help but pine for wh... more

  • Silence in the Wild

    by Dale C. Jellison

    Although twelve-year-old Jake Graham was born deaf and wears a hearing aid, he is just an ordinary boy living in a small New Hampshire town during the mid-1980s. Life hasn’t been the same for Jake since his beloved grandfather passed away. After a rough school year and harassment by bullies, he wishes he could spend his entire summer with his grandfather again. Instead, his parents are sending him to a boys’ camp in Maine.

    Jake arrives at Camp Pawtuckaway feeling nervous and... more

  • A Spell of Rowans

    by Byrd Nash
    With their magical talents twisted by a traumatic past, the Rowan siblings must face the deadly fallout of blackmail, murder, and magic after their mother's death. An emotional page-turner.
  • The Lives of Cat

    by Barbara Jean Ruther
    The day comes when Xander's zealous protection of Cat fails. The hostile leader of the multi-billion dollar drug cartel in Mexico, knowing Xander has a relationship with the Russian President, kidnaps Cat, aggressively demands cleared entrance into Russia, a thriving drug market he plans to take over from Afghanistan.
  • The Chapel St. Perilous

    by Michael Rands
    Believing the universe is sending him secret signs, Marcel Swart puts his meagre savings into a high-leverage investment. Overnight, Marcel becomes a millionaire, but these winnings come at a great cost—such as the demon that seems to be following him, leaving carnage in its wake. In a quest to set himself right with the universe, Marcel travels cross-country, finding himself in a small town in Alabama, rife with political tension surrounding a mysterious cult and a sheriff's election that ma... more