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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Ambient Light

    by Kate Stout
    Friendships have a funny way of getting under your skin. In Ambient Light seven friends navigate the tricky teenaged years by clinging to each other. But when Sebastian, the center of their universe, splits off from their pack of friends to live an openly gay life in San Francisco, he leaves his friends perplexed and floundering. The youthful magnetism he possessed infects his friends—Adie, Breck, Mary Clay, Tony, Jude and Grady—with his love of music, poetry, social engagement but, most of all,... more
  • Two Dreams & Other Tales

    by Greg Treakle
    Five modern family tales of personal loss, redemption, dreams, betrayal, forgiveness, reconciliation, self-discovery, and faith. A young Texan returns home after fourteen years in exile, seeking redemption and clues to the fate of his missing family … An Atlanta man nervously undergoes a change of career, looking to fulfill his father’s greatest dream … A sixteen-year-old orphan sets out on an ill-fated hunting expedition with the grandfather who has shunned him his whole life … Two brothers ... more

    by Pat M. Moore
    "WELCOME TO HAPPY TOWN" is about compassion, love, and everyday miracles. It urges youngsters to pay closer attention to life's wonderfulness and excitement. The book helps children recognize that thoughts are powerful. They enormously affect our moods and trigger feelings of joy, sadness, courage, fear, jealousy, gratefulness, anger & compassion. More often than not, we can choose our thoughts. Knowing this empowers us. We can learn to move through negative thinking faster and healthier... more
  • The Overlife, A Tale Of Schizophrenia

    by Diana Dirkby
    The novel is the story of a mother and daughter living with paranoid schizophrenia. It studies the effect of this brain disorder on the lives of the protagonists and their families. The novel, though fiction, is based on the authentic experiences of the author, who lives with paranoid schizophrenia, as did her mother.
  • White Picket Fences

    by Kyle Ann Robertson
    White Picket Fences is a heartfelt family drama fueled by an honest story of motherhood, written for those of us caught up in our own self-searching journeys. The one thing Julie Cahill knows because of her transitory upbringing as a military brat is that she never had a hometown. So she has made sure her kids would grow up in one forever home, in a forever neighborhood, with lots of forever friends. Yet her dream of a permanent hometown has her feeling fenced in. Set in the Delaware Bay area, ... more
  • The Adventures of Birpus & Bulbus: The Sour Milk Dragon

    by Michael Albanese & Wynn Everett-Albanese
    In this playful story, Nobby Lob-lolly is a magical village of Tree Wee homes that are nestled within an ancient tree in The Forest of Fine Repute. When young brothers Birpus and Bulbus go exploring in the forest to collect things for dinner, they are chased by a giant purple dragon who spews hot, sour milk from his nostrils. When the brothers flee in fear, it isn’t long before they realize that Duncan the dragon is lonely in the forest and is only looking to make some friends to play with.
  • CONTRAST; a novel

    by Linda Coussement
    Ghost wakes to find that he is, in fact, dead, and has many more questions than answers. Why is he still here? Where else is he supposed to be? How is he supposed to get there? Without a physical body, Ghost can no longer find comfort in the pleasures that helped him get by in life and is forced to search for the truth about his past and his present. He enlists the help of Leora and Xander, the neighbors who now live on the land that once belonged to him. As memories of Ghost’s haunted past ... more
  • THE S.O.U.R.C.E.

    by Suzanna L. Royse
    A group of injured and disabled marine mammals recuperating at Ocean World wants to go home. With an outrageous plan and teamwork, they miraculously escape, only to face a challenging mission with the vital message they must share with the world.
  • The Streamlined Locomotive

    by Stephen Lloyd Auslender
    The main character, Theopolis P. Bezelbottom, is the scion of a wealthy family of old-fashioned robber barons and leaders of industry. Theo just wants to live an indolent, irresponsible existence, doing as little as possible to maintain his common-law wife, children and girlfriends in an easygoing life. He expects to inherit the main part of one of the major railroads of the United States as well as control of Hawgwaller, an entire county in Appalachia, and he is trying to keep his position whil... more
  • Scrapes, Burns, and Twisted Turns

    by Glen Mcmahan
    This clever collection of ten short stories features ordinary people in extraordinary situations. From the first century to current events, these unique tales explore struggle, faith, and surprise endings. With an easygoing tone and a wide range of settings—a home in Oklahoma, a school in California, a tunnel in London, and a path in Jerusalem—readers will enjoy glimpses of history and nostalgia as they sit at the feet of master storyteller Glen McMahan. Sometimes history is determined by the wh... more
  • Penelope's Song

    by Carol J DeMars
    "Whoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world and consequently the world itself," declared Sir Walter Raleigh in 1600. Penelope's Song examines the turbulent seventeenth century when the Dutch clashed with other empires on the open seas for those riches, and colonization of North America's Atlantic coast began in earnest. It was the golden age of the Netherlands, unique in their support for liberty of conscience, what we call freedom of religion. Why then would the v... more
  • 50 Happy Things To Look At When Everything Sucks

    by Jessica Warrick
    Sometimes things suck... But that’s why kittens, gloppy gingerbread houses, favorite mugs, cuttlefish and other disgustingly happy things exist; to comfort us in times of...suckery. So sit back, relax, adjust your eyeballs for a rose-colored overload, and enjoy a slightly less sucky existence.
  • Saffron Markets

    by Veneeta Singha
    The novel is set in a Nepali tea estate where varying notions of enterprise, autonomy and patronage encounter each other through Mani and his staff. A foreign delegation restores the vital role of East-West cooperation where contestation was an overarching norm. The free marketplace of ideas is revisited as a willful necessity.
  • Chosen Mistress

    by Elizabeth Conte
    Book Blurb   A complex tale of two women in early Victorian society exposing the underside of love, sex, and relationships. Charlotte Ashford will do anything for her cousin Lydia. They are practically sisters, growing up together in the heart of Victorian England. They dreamed they would share their lives forever and made girlish promises to always be there for each other. When Charlotte’s path veers to America and Lydia marries the enchanting Nathanial Hammond, their dream of sharing a l... more
  • Dialogues with the Wise Woman

    by Richard Todd Devens
    Scammed by a Las Vegas con artist, pianist George Sistern becomes deeply depressed. He meets Mildred Markowitz, a psychologist and philosopher of genius, and embarks on a journey of growth and transcendence. He discovers the power of self-esteem and self-compassion.
  • The Prophets of Gentilly Terrace

    by Gordon Peter Wilson
    A Multilayered Story of the Tragedy, Triumph, and Peculiarity of New Orleans Amid the infection of urban decay and fatuous political causes, mischief looms in the New Orleans neighborhood of Gentilly Terrace. A newly elected tax assessor, Jerry Sonothanx, is burdened with gambling debts and childcare payments and in desperate need of cash. After receiving a tip that a family-owned Vietnamese grocery store in his district is running an illegal lottery, Jerry sees an opportunity for financial s... more