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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sayville Tales

    by Lawrence Jay Switzer

    Like their medieval predecessors who so memorably journeyed together to Canterbury, a motley group of railroad passengers agree to pass their time immersed in the busywork of storytelling. As the restored Paumanok Express makes its way towards Sayville and beyond, the strangers and ghosts on board create a crazy quilt of fictions, the strangest of which might be the story of the quilt-making itself. Among the tales: ---- The appointed racketeers of the Warren Commission square off against a l... more

  • Bittersweet Harvest: The Weight of the Plow (O'Shaughnessy Chronicles)

    by Harold William Thorpe
    The second book from author Harold William Thorpe continues the story of Will and Mary O’Shaughnessy of Iowa County, Wisconsin. Will has left behind Ashley Springs, and his car dealership, and moved his family to a dairy farm in the hills of southwestern Wisconsin. Now, as the Great Depression gives way to World War II, his daughters are growing up. Neighbors are driving gasoline tractors, but he’s still plowing with horses and milking by hand. Will is living his dream. But challenges bear... more
  • Giddyap Tin Lizzie (The O'Shaughnessy Chronicles)

    by Harold William Thorpe
    When a sibling unexpectedly inherits his grandfather’s dairy farm, Will O’Shaughnessy turns to selling Fords in rural, pre-World War I southwestern Wisconsin. But over the next two decades, even as his automobile business booms and he raises a family with his true love, Mary, Will yearns to return to farming. Meanwhile, the small town of Ashley Springs weathers the war, the booming 20s, prohibition and the Great Depression. There’s family drama in devastating illness and an estranged, alcoholic ... more
  • 52 for 52

    by Adam Drake
    The premise was simple: one story a week for the entirety of 2018. No matter the state or quality of the story, it had to be published by midnight on Saturday. Thus, 52 stories were conceived, written, and edited throughout the year. Enjoy a collection of mass-produced stories that run the gamut from absurdly sarcastic to deeply personal.
  • Faith Alone (The Sola Series Book 2)

    by Ruth E. Meyer
    It’s no fun having a new stepfather. Faith Williams’ mom and stepdad are nosy, restrictive, and most of all embarrassing. The changing family dynamic is hard enough, but when Faith is faced with a decision that will change the course of her future, all her family issues are shoved aside. Each member of the household will have to rely on their faith in God if their strained relationships are going to knit them closer together rather than tear their family apart.
  • Timepiece

    by Barbara Avon
    Matthew Winters is in trouble. Everything he's worked so hard to achieve, is gone. One snowy Christmas Eve in 1932, he's offered a second chance. He meets Henry, the proprietor of a thrift store. It isn't your typical thrift store. The wares Henry purveys are magical. He returns home to confess everything to his beautiful wife, Anna. He convinces her that they can start anew, and use the timepiece Henry gives him to travel through time. "Don't ever let it stop ticking," Henry warns. In this myst... more
  • Little Jack Thomson's Magnificent Brain

    by Kelley Donner
    Jack Thomson, a gifted little boy who dreams of flying rockets to Neptune and building trains between planets, is unaware that he has a magnificent brain. He thinks he is stupid and slow because he can’t read and write like everyone else. After one awful day at school, Jack’s mother comforts him by telling him some inspiring stories of history’s greatest minds and how many of them overcame learning disabilities. As Jack listens, his spirits lift as he recognizes that someday he, too, can do som... more
  • Ball! Ball! Ball!

    by Kelley Donner
    Tom, a young autistic boy, is fascinated with all things round and enthusiastically points out any object he can find that looks like a ball. From peas to balloons, Tom learns that “balls” can be smooth, squishy, pop, and even have different temperatures. A delightfully uplifting sensory story, Ball! Ball! ball! shows that even love can come in the shape of a ball.
  • The Ballad of Uncle Morgan

    by Debra S Carlisle Smith
    Fasten your life jacket! Looking for adventure, Jesse, Annie, and their dogs, Zena & Joey take their boat up the beautiful Muskegon river. Suddenly, the boat bumps an underwater log. The dogs are launched from the boat into deep water. Frightened, they swim to shore, where they spook sleeping deer. Frantically, Zena and Joey chase after the deer, deep into the forest. Jesse and Annie are distraught. Lots of wild animals live in the forest. How will they find Zena and Joey before something... more
  • Juju: Life on the East Side

    by Tamario Pettigrew
    Thirteen-year-old JuJu reluctantly moves into a shack with his mother and siblings on The East Side of, Buffalo, NY. JuJu is thoughtful, wants to be a writer, and worries about who he'll have to become in the ghetto. Though smart, JuJu is taken in by new friends who see theft and violence as a way of life. JuJu finds himself thrust into a reality of extreme poverty. A reality in which he doesn't fit. After a family tragedy, JuJu is newly determined to define his life for himself.
  • The Shooting of Dan McGrew

    by Deran Wright
    The good times at the Malamute Saloon are interrupted when a mysterious stranger drops in for a drink, and takes a turn at the piano... with deadly consequences.
  • The Unseen Blossom

    by Zlaikha Y Samad & L'mere Younossi
    Two searching souls embark on a mystical journey and create a magical love story from the dusty roads of Kabul to enchanted gardens that reveal the realities of life. To find the unseen fig blossom and give rise to everlasting happiness, they must delve within themselves to find the true meaning of selflessness and the essence of good deeds.
  • Georgia Pine

    by Jacqueline Cioffa

    THE VAST LANDSCAPE continues with GEORGIA PINE and the return to the Cove, a mystic beach, legacy, and granddaughter’s refuge. It follows the complicated and powerful bonds of love, loss, strength, human relationships, and family. A powerful, emotional read in which the main character, Georgia Pine must embrace maturity. Fans of the poignant, soul-stirring first novel will not be able to put this exciting sequel down.​

  • The Winterkeeper

    by Anna Schmidt
    Montana, Winter, 1933— At fourteen MILLIE CHASE is orphaned, and unless she does something drastic, she’s going to end up living with her stepfather in a town that is a far cry from the life in Chicago she’d once known. She sets out to find her mother’s friend, GINNY BAKER, who she believes lives in nearby Yellowstone National Park. But when it’s Ginny’s husband, NATE, she encounters, Millie has doubts. Still Nate seems the lesser of two bad options. NATE BAKER has built his life around his l... more
  • Rise of the Maquis

    by Charles.G Fournel

    With Europe in turmoil due to the tyrannical reign of Germany a small group of brave resistance soldiers fight from the inside to save France from being taken over completely. Together this ragtag group of individuals, including an English SOE, band together to form an alliance, this band of brothers is a family thrown together through necessity. Hiding in plain sight they form a bond that no one, not even Hitler can break. They even have the support of Pablo Picasso, but will it be enough to... more

  • If This Then That: Stories of Unintended Consequences (Print)

    by siobhan harrison
    Millennial #snowflakes clash with #baby-boomers: Nineteen tales of human connection and disconnection that collide and subvert the half-crazed romantic contemporary, the not so distant rosy past, our dodgy looking promised cyberpunk utopia and our post-apocalyptic dystopian future. Provocative, wistful, melancholic, nightmarish and darkly funny satire, these episodes…must surely play out logically. Or not. How far will these characters go for love, understanding or survival? To Sainsbury’s, the... more