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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 978-1957148465

    by Kent Zimmerman
    My handbook for reflection and recollection to tune my soul for amusement and pleasure. Favorite quote: MUSAEUS "Song is to mortals of all things the sweetest" as per Aristotle in "On Poetry and Music" as translated by S.H. Butcher: Bobbs Merrill Company Inc. Publishers (Library of Liberal Arts: Oscar Piest, Founder) I have fond memories of my mother reading poetry to me at night snug in my bed: ONE HUNDRED AND ONE FAMOUS POEMS and growing up in a little Iowa burg with my puckish friends, to ... more
  • The Sun Still Shines on a Dog's Ass

    by Alan Good
    Here are nine new stories by Alan Good, author of The War on Xmas. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, occasionally a little of both, the stories in The Sun Still Shines on a Dog's Ass never seem to go where they're supposed to. Each story presents its own cast of weirdos and screwups for whom nothing ever seems to work out right except for those rare occasions when it does. People will toss around the word satire, as if that's a word with any real meaning, but despite all the absurdity and humor in... more
  • Pauper Auction

    by Mary Kronenwetter
    A gorgeous and meticulously-researched historical fiction examining a young woman’s struggle to escape unexpected poverty and find autonomy and purpose in early New England. Mankind are always seeking after happiness in some way or another. ~ Leavitt’s Farmer’s Almanac, 1805 The fall from beloved wife of the town blacksmith to widowed pauper was swift. Margery Turner sits in the Thorneboro, New Hampshire Meetinghouse on the second Tuesday of March, 1805. She and the other indigent town re... more
  • Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles and Lots and Lots of Noodles

    by Steven Joseph
    Out of a world where crankiness reigns and cars run on sauerkraut, comes an invention that changes everything: the SnoodleMobile, the brainchild of Herbie Snoodleman. Now cars are powered by noodles, and the delicious aroma produced fills everyone with happiness. One person, though, does not enjoy the clear sky and clean air: Sour Croodleman, the creator of the once-popular Kraut Mobile. And when he seeks revenge on Herbie Snoodleman, something terrible happens. (After all, anything is poss... more
  • Growing Feathers

    by Michelle DeMarco
    Growing Feathers is a beautifully illustrated picture book that inspires kids to reach for their dreams. This is a story about one quiet boy who navigates a bland world. Then something amazing begins happening. Feathers of all colors drift downward. He collects them and strings them together on a stick. As he skateboards through his Brooklyn neighborhood he holds them high over his world begins to light up and he sees everything in a new way. It’s a story to revel in our diversity and see how ou... more
  • Delphic Oracle, U.S.A.

    by Steven Mayfield
    It is 1925 when a love affair between enchantress Maggie Westinghouse and con man July Pennybaker upends the small town of Miagrammesto Station, tumbles it about, and sets it back down as Delphic Oracle, Nebraska. Will their love fulfill its destiny? The narrator of this wry, entertaining novel, Father Peter Goodfellow, weaves back and forth in time to answer that question. Along the way, he introduces the Goodfellows, the Penrods, and the Thorntons—families whose members include a perpetual run... more
  • Dark Blue Waves

    by Kimberly Sullivan
    When you wake up in Bath, England two hundred years in the past, how far can a love of Jane Austen get you? For a student of nineteenth-century English literature, time travel should be a dream come true. Suffering an accident while on a Jane Austen seminar in Bath, Janet regains consciousness in her own room—back in Regency England. While desperately attempting to make sense of her dilemma, Janet treads a thin line between trying to blend into her new world and not being unmasked as the impo... more
  • Glory Days

    by Showandah Terrill
    Before the Grammys, the Emmys, and the Academy Awards, before being rated as one of the top concert pianists in the world, before the happy marriage and the eclectic collection of children, there was another Peter Aarons III, the young man who returned home from Vietnam and stepped into the shadow of his powerful father, Peter Aarons. The real one. The White Lion of Hollywood. This was the young man who decided to hire a black housekeeper and her Mexican husband. This was the young man tryin... more
  • Boo's Shoes - Learn To Tie Shoelaces

    by Sybrina Durant
    No Laces! That’s what Boo, the bunny, always says. He doesn’t want to learn to tie them. He has plenty of shoes for every occasion and none of them have laces or strings. So, what’s the point of learning to tie? His friend, Farah Fox, convinces him that it’s a skill he can use. . . and one that might make him happier, too. This book is meant to be a parent-child activity. Youngsters can read Boo’s story and their parents can help with the how-to-tie instruction pages. A fun shoelace-themed “I... more
  • Some Kind of Comfort

    by Gary Clark
    Aspiring singer-songwriter Charley is a smart, intuitive and talented sixteen-year-old. But she has thought tangles, that’s what she calls them. She thinks she has them under control, but when they get in the way once too often, her hopes of going to music college are threatened and she becomes increasingly overwhelmed. Balanced on the edge, she is thrown into a tailspin when friends shut her out of her social circle and she is sexually assaulted. Her anxiety spirals into dangerous self-harm.... more
  • Whitney Wins Everything: A Tiny Ninja Book

    by Sasha Graham
    Whitney is an athlete, a competitor, a powerhouse. Whitney loves to win and knows that everybody loves a winner. But when she isn't invited to a classmate's birthday party because she'll, "win all the games," Whitney is hurt and confused. Now, Whitney wonders if her Tiny Ninja might be right, could there actually be more than one way to win?
  • Clouds Float South

    by Paul A. Broome
    CLOUDS FLOAT SOUTH is a volume of ten linked stories that chronicle the span of thirty years in the world of the Smith family, four children and their mother. Alan Smith, the third born child, narrates each story. The initial story, told by seven year old Alan, centers on the untimely death of the family patriarch in the mid-fifties, and the final story takes place in the early seventies, when Alan is twenty-three years old. The volume as a whole depicts various triumphs and failures of a mid-tw... more
  • Aldek's Bestiary

    by Romuald Roman

    “Let me serve others by giving a brief respite from routine thoughts. I lack the material wealth to build a hospital or library, but if my animal stories make you relax and chuckle instead of worrying about problems, then I have succeeded far beyond Jeff Bezos, for he has only his billions, but I have a new friend.” —from the Preface

    Here you’ll find the humorous plot twists and unusual characters of great fiction, but these tales touch on deeper truths abou... more

  • Commendable Delusions

    by A. T. French

    From A.T. French comes a mesmerizing debut collection of short fiction: ten fantastically imaginative, exhilarating, heartfelt stories. Light but profound, these are tales that set the mind aflame.

    “Commendable Delusions is one of those hidden gems... In only ten pieces, it does what the best of stories do: it at once imparts wisdom, inspires the mind, and entertains with a sense of playful joy.” — I... more

  • My Name is Mary Magdalene

    by JC Miller
    Strategically set against the white walls of a psych ward, this contemporary fiction orchestrates a written tapestry chronicling the fragile state of a woman pushed to the edge of insanity. Involuntarily admitted and forgotten under the abusive care of a mental asylum, Mary Magdalene, controlled by an endless routine of over-stimulating antipsychotic drugs and a desire to forget her past, loses sight of herself. That is until a hidden gem resurfaces, compelling her to unscramble the memories... more
  • Lotharingia - Charlemagne's Heir

    by Lara Byrne

    A.D. 1062. The Holy Roman Emperor is dead, and his underage son, snatched from his mother, is a puppet in the hands of regents. The fate of the empire lies in the hands of three women. Surprisingly, the Church takes their side, but Rome’s support has a price. Countess Matilde refuses to be a pawn in the marriage game. Is she the child of Charlemagne’s prophecy?

    'Stunningly researched.'
    'A classic.'

    The youths of Matilda of Tuscany and Henry of ... more