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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mausdrachen - Curse of The Laxness

    by Thea Kvamme

    Mausdrachen is part mouse and part dragon - he has beautiful pink sparkly wings, whiskers, soft gray fur, a long tail, and the biggest heart of anyone. He loves his best friend Hannah, who he has been with since he was very young. He keeps Hannah and her friends safe and helps them through any danger that comes their way. When the fear of Alzheimer’s Disease sets in with Hannah’s grandmother, Mausdrachen is there to help in any way he can! Mausdrachen is the kindest, most gentle a... more

  • A London Carol

    by Tiziano Brignoli
    If there is a form of literature that belongs to London, that is, of course, the romanticism of poetry. Its narrow cobblestone alleys seem to preserve secrets of bygone eras; the silence you can hear walking alone along the Thames can become the most daring chant of this city, and finally the chant of your existence. Tiziano Brignoli, in this autobiographical Christmas novella, freely inspired by his first trip to the English capital, tells moods, emotions and human perceptions that this city ca... more
  • Wild Mindfulness

    by Laura Larson
    This picture book is meant to teach, guide and allow children (and adults!) to experience mindful moments through guided imagery and breathing techniques as they follow along a young girl and her adventures camping and exploring in the wild. As mindfulness is the intentional practice of experiencing the here and now without letting our thoughts or feelings interrupt, this book allows children to be fully immersed in the moment while bringing an awareness and calm to their body while they listen... more
  • Dasha Saves the Day: At the Park [Book One]

    by Marja Perren

    Click. Click. Flash! What did Dasha see? 

    When photography loving Dasha Flash unexpectedly sees something not quite right in her camera lens, it’s up to her to save the day! Will Dasha be brave enough to do what’s right? Find out if this super-girl can use her powers of kindness and empathy to make the world a better place in Dasha Saves the Day: At the Park!

    Dasha Saves the Day: At the Park empowers children of all ages to harness the ... more

  • Noah's New Phone: A Story about Using Technology for Good

    by Dina Alexander
    Noah has just received a smartphone for his birthday. Follow him as he discovers how it feels to be on the giving and receiving end of some not-so-friendly behavior online. See what choices he makes when he learns about the awesome power he holds in his hands. And learn about the ripples of change you can make with technology in your home, your school, your community, and the whole world.
  • SuperMcSplodoBombtasticMgee: A Fourth of July Story

    by Nick Stockland
    Independence Day is just around the corner. For one eight-year-old boy, his own set of fireworks is all he wants to make this 4th of July the absolute best. Denied by his father, but determined as ever, he embarks on his own epic quest to acquire the most spectacular firework rocket in town: the SuperMcSplodobombtasticMgee.
  • A Christmas Story

    by Nick Stockland
    The elves are retired, the reindeer are gone. In today’s world of hyper stylized toys and the newest gadgets, Santa has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas – until he meets Timmy, a young boy who may not get a Christmas at all this year. Santa is determined to restore the Timmy’s Christmas, and together they resolve to return the Christmas spirit to the world.
  • B07BVZZJ5H

    by Nick Pirog
    A Dog's Purpose meets The Art of Racing in the Rain in this heart-warming, often hilarious, often outrageous, journey of Hugo (a dog who dies and comes back as a cat), Cassie (an aging rescue dog coming to terms with her own mortality), and Jerry (a once popular sci-fi writer in the midst of a cataclysmic mid-life crisis). Hugo was a dog. He died. Now he's a kitten. As Hugo adjusts to his new body (not just a cat--a baby cat!), his new home (San Francisco), his new outside (Where are the moun... more
  • Big Brother, Little Sister

    by Elena Southworth

    BBLS. Big Brother, Little Sister. Sometimes, siblings are two peas in a pod. Other times, your sibling may be your nemesis. Written by a kid for kids, BBLS is a lighthearted and hilarious take on sibling rivalry.

    In Las Vegas lives overly responsible seventeen-year-old Matthew Harper. With his paralyzing fear of dogs, end-of-year school dance debacle, and his little sister Aaliyah constantly sabotaging his plans, Matthew’s life is always chaotic.

    Eight-year-old Aaliyah is no... more

  • Easy Move KW

    by Easy Move Kw
    Making a local relocation is the process like every other. Keep in mind that there is no difference if you are moving across the street or to another part in your current place of living. You still have to cope with a huge number of belongings, how are you going to pack them, transport, will you need extra space, and many other things. In order to avoid any kind of unpleasant situations, hiring Kuwait movers is definitely an option you should consider. Still, it is a necessary thing to find move... more
  • The Knucklehead & Other Stories

    by Lance Ealey
    A collection of four short stories and one novella, "The Angelic Escapement," which concerns the search for Galileo's prototype time machine.
  • The Cat That Changed America

    by Tony Lee Moral
    P22 was born in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains outside Los Angeles. But after his brother is killed, he is forced out of the mountains by an older male, and heads east to stake out a new territory of his own. Along the way, he makes friends as well as enemies and has to cross two dangerous freeways, the 405 and 101. He passes through the City of Stars at night, and strolls down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, all the while trying to avoid those bothersome humans. After more adventures, he reac... more
  • Those That Glow Gold

    by Michelle Matteson
    All things considered, Chrysta York has a good life. She goes to a good school, enjoys making music, and has the love and support of at least one friend. But Jozef York, her father, keeps her under lock and key, and his controlling behavior starts to become more than she can bear. Then she meets Tommy Monroe, a young man who helps her gain the freedom she has only dreamed of. But as they become closer, her father only tightens his hold on her even more. To her amazement, Chrysta starts causing t... more
  • The Adventures of Charlie Marley: Midnight's Moment In Time

    by Andrew Luria
    Charlie Marley changed sports history as we know it. If it weren’t for him, Babe Ruth never would have called his shot and Mary Lou Retton never would have won gold. Plus, Michael Jordan probably wouldn’t be considered “the Michael Jordan” of anything. The Adventures of Charlie Marley: Midnight’s Moment in Time stars this twelve-year-old in an exciting and intergalactic adventure through time, written by Andrew Luria. Charlie and his classmate Emma meet an eccentric inventor, and former b... more
  • Fantastical Cat Adventures

    by Nina Neefe
    Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking or dreaming? Let your child's imagination soar and dream of adventure as they follow along with two hilarious cats, Simon & Mulan, in their fantastical secret escapades. Told through 32 pages of rhyming story and humorous, magical fantasy photography, children ages 4-12 will giggle at the fun-filled journey through a cat's mind as they parachute jump, skateboard, swim with sharks and more!​
  • Mulan's Big Adventure

    by Nina Neefe
    Cuteness, wonder, suspense and a happy ending. The true story of little white kitty, Mulan (and bff Simon), invites children to discover what happens when big adventures sometimes lead to losing your way. Told with sweet words and real life photos, Mulan’s journey is written to bring out the tender and caring side of the little ones we adore. ​For children ages 4-10, enjoy 32 follow-along pages of exploration and adventure.