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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • An Unpresentable Glory

    by Eleanor Gustafson
    A noted gardener from snobbish Westchester County in New York, finds a stranger, obviously ill, sprawled near her delphiniums. She takes him into her house and cares for him an entire week and only later learns who he really is. An investigative reporter uncovers the secret week, and both Linda and her guest become a spectacle in the eyes of the world.
  • 978-1-939550-74-3

    by Stephanie Enser
    What does the parrotfish have to do with our white sandy beaches? Ride the waves with Pepper on a fun-filled day of underwater adventure and learn what makes the miraculous parrotfish a special part of our planet. Discovering Pepper's Great Animal Trait might surprise you! Pepper The Parrotfish is the first in the Great Animal Trait children's book series. Each adventure filled story features a lovable character who reveals a unique animal fact. Our stories educate while encouraging child... more
  • The Relic

    by Holly Harbin
    In the ancient hills of Appalachia, a young woman's obsession with a family relic entangles her in the mysterious history of a tainted bloodline. When her investigation forces her to acknowledge the horrors of the past, she must do whatever it takes to protect those she loves from an enduring malevolence that imperils the future.
  • The Kid's Last American Adventure

    by Dale Hueppchen
    Learning he has less than a year to live, Adam (aka the Kid) enlists writer friend Noah to accompany him on a farewell tour of the States. As they motor along, Noah—the story’s narrator—works on a novelistic tribute to his pal, incorporating stories from Adam’s adventurous, well-traveled past. Despite his illness, the Kid is full of life, energizing the journey with inventive games and wide-ranging discussions on art and literature, movies and music, sports and science, American history and anci... more
  • My BIG Book of Beginnings!

    by Carmel Stoesz

    Who is it there, lying deep in your heart? Is it a song? Or a lion? Or perhaps a buzzing bee?

    With what language does that who within you speak?

    My Big Book of Beginnings! is a fun and whimsical journey into the nature of our divine essence, our capacity for infinite imagination. It explores the treasures that lie inside us to unlock the beauty and joys around us!

    This book is guaranteed to awaken the youngest and oldest of us... more

  • The Prince's Armor - A Peanut Allergy Awareness Story

    by Koel M. Upadhyay

    When Little Prince finds out he suffers from a peanut allergy, he is confused and afraid. But he does not give up. He decides to actively look for solutions.

    • Will he be able to find any answers?
    • Will he still be able to do all the things he loves?
    • Will he be able to keep himself safe?

    Join Little Prince on his journey of awareness and understanding, in this first book in the trilogy series! Find out if Little Prince emerges str... more

  • Scars of My Guardian Angel

    by Russell L. Martin
  • Dis' Taste

    by Caven Tootell
    Set in pre-WWI Congo Free State, the story follows two Belgian Colonial officers, Philippe and Augustine and the latter’s wife, Clementine. The violent environment creates a surreal world where each person attempts to forge a new life for themselves, but eventually descend into an ever darkening world of lost dreams, disillusionment and hatred. At the start, Philippe is brutally and savagely maimed in an attack. The aftermath causes him to deal with an ever increasing post-traumatic shock, whi... more
  • Kitchen Canary

    by Joanne C. Parsons
    It's 1868, and Katie O'Neil and Moira Murphy immigrate to Boston from Ireland to work as domestics (Kitchen Canaries) for the Brennan family. They become entangled in the secrets and lies of the family and suffer violation and humiliation at the hands of their employer. They hide their guilt and shame even from one another, until they have no choice but to help save each other. In four short years they experience the cruelties of their employer, rejection, fear, love, and redemption.
  • Weather Boy: A Story of D-Day

    by Steve McCoy-Thompson

    For the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Weather Boy: A Story of D-Day captures ten-year-old boy Frankie Brown, who stumbles in a gift for seeing weather in the future. When the Allied Forces discover this unique talent, they fly his mom and sister to England to join his paratrooper father who is preparing for the mission. There, Frankie meets Winston Churchill, General Eisenhower and a misfit cast of spies and scientists who must prepare for a battle that will turn the tide of World War I... more

  • The Adventures of Star and Friends: Learning Shapes

    by Sabina Nogic

    Meet Star. She has friends that are different shapes. The friends try to figure out where to play together. They come up with some silly ideas! Star and friends learn about shapes along the way. Join the friends to see what adventures they go on and what they discover.

  • When Nothing Matters

    by amy krakow
  • A Promise Given

    by Michelle Cox
    This third book in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series provides a delightful romp through the English countryside and back. Anxious to be married, Henrietta and Clive push forward with their wedding plans despite their family differences, made worse now by Oldrich Exley’s attempts to control the Von Harmons. When the long-awaited wedding day arrives, there is more unfolding than just Clive and Henrietta’s vows of love. Stanley and Elsie’s relationship is sorely tested by the presence of... more
  • A Marriage of Attachment: a sequel to A Contrary Wind

    by Lona Manning
    A Marriage of Attachment continues the story of Fanny Price as she struggles to build her own life after leaving her rich uncle’s home. Fanny teaches sewing to poor working-class girls in London, while trying to forget her first love, Edmund Bertram, who is trapped in a disastrous marriage with Mary Crawford. Together with her brother John and her friend, the writer William Gibson, she discovers a plot that threatens someone at the highest levels of government. Meanwhile, Fanny’s brother William... more
  • The Pasta Family (Goes to Marinara Beach)

    by Alex Rodgers
    When The Pasta Family heads to Marinara Beach for a day of fun in the sun, you know that excitement is right around the corner! But when the family dog (Ziti) wanders off of his leash, the family goes in search of their favorite pet. Join The Pasta Family on their latest beach adventure, catch a wave at the annual surfing competition, and help find Ziti in a surprise ending!
  • Bertie Needs a House

    by Robert Baines
    This story is about a beaver, but no ordinary beaver. He has a special skill but he can't remember what it is. Bertie takes on an adventure through the forest - one of confidence and self discovery. He visits his friends one by one in an effort to find the right place to live before the snows of winter arrive. Where will he go? Who will he see? Can they help? Will he take their advice or will he forge a path of his own? Find out inside this charming, fully illustrated rhyming tale for kindergart... more