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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Coral Bay

    by Debbie Cox

    Dressed to kill and ready to land her dream job in the coastal town of Coral Bay, Faith Hemingway is beyond excited. 

    Thirty-six years old, divorced and stuck in a career she is no longer passionate about, Faith is ready to make some changes to her life.  Having vacationed in Coral Bay as a child, Faith never imagined that someday she might actually live and work in this tropical paradise.  She envisions moving into a charming seaside cottage, taking long... more

  • The Hidden Room


    Could you survive in a cave...for a whole year? That’s the challenge facing fourteen-year-old Jacob. Set in Ukraine during the final months of World War II, THE HIDDEN ROOM is based on the true story of a Jewish family who escapes the Nazi terror by taking refuge in a remote cave. Jacob adjusts to the hardships of living underground and the dangers of night-time adventures outside. Food is scarce. Darkness, bone-chilling cold, and the fear of being captured are constant. But a surprisin... more

  • The Contest and Other Stories (Color Interior)

    by Kate Robinson
    Inspired by the works of international artists, this award-winning Young Adult - New Adult collection contains nineteen spellbinding magical realist, paranormal, slipstream, alternate history, and fabulist tales connected by a novella: Peter John Rizzo, a 1960 graduate of Yale University’s journalism program, inherits a floundering art magazine from his uncle, John Rizzo, with the provision that he must increase the circulation or forfeit all assets to creditors. Peter Rizzo, Pete’s fathe... more
  • The Porcelain Vase

    by Gordon Duff
    This story is told through the lens of a grandmother who retells the origins of an ancient porcelain vase through the lives of Afonso and a pottery family from Funchal, Madeira. The entire story is related during the grandmother's daily walks with her school-aged granddaughter in a city park that they have nicknamed Story Park. With the city park as the novel's backdrop and her grandmother's storytelling as the soundtrack, the granddaughter reflects on life and its impenetrable mysteries: fro... more
  • Thrown to the Wind

    by Amanda M. Cetas

    Based on a true story.

    In October 1660, Etienne Gayneau rushes through the cobblestone streets of La Rochelle, France, to meet his cousin at the harbor. A ship carrying King Louis XIV's elite musketeers is docking. He dreams of becoming one himself, but has no idea that their arrival will force his Huguenot family to flee in the dead of night. His cousin has offered him a safe haven. Now he must choose - stay and pursue his dream or leave and face an uncertain desti... more

  • People of the Sun

    by Jan Kelly
    People of the Sun follows Guy Thornton's adventure-packed horseback journey across Arizona's Mogollon Rim to claim his young son, Trick, who he's never met., at a school near Prescott. The life and stories of Trick's Yavapai mother interweave with the present-time narrative of Trick's rebellion, and recounts how Star, a Sedona-based life coach and healer, helps Guy reconcile with a suddenly altered future.
  • Lyrical Voices

    by Lakella L. Taylor and Frankie L. Fipps
    This book is filled with a collection of poems and lyrics about pain, spirituality, love and life's joys. When you are down you can flip to one of the poems or lyrics on spirituality. Most of the lyrics and poems are based upon feelings and emotions we have experienced when going through different situations in our lives. Lyrical Voices speaks to the inner man and ministers to the heart. It is a great book for those who enjoy poetry themes of various genres.
  • Midwestern Pulp: A Love Letter to Lake Erie

    by Mic Fox
    The framework and functionality of the modern [male] millennial appears to be based entirely upon narrative. There is no better example of this than in the cumbersome, non-coastal interior of the United States, where without the cultural distractions of a coastal city or the cultural heritage that comes with living somewhere that seasons its food, a Midwesterner can act and react to life's simple variables as they come and go. This pace of living creates a divide where one either submits to the ... more
  • Bag O' Goodies

    by Jolly Walker Bittick
    Bag O' Goodies is a collection of short stories and poems, some based on true events, that showcase an array of topics and themes. These pages contain tales of where late nights go wrong, scary neighbors prove their scariness, motorcycles rule, and deep arguments hit deeper topics while in the line of duty. This proverbial bag has quite a scent. Poems are included for added aroma!
  • Be A Food Allergy Helper!

    by Lisa Woodruff, RDN
    Rebel and Sam are two kids that like to eat ice cream, play at the park, read books, and watch baseball games. But when their younger brother Luca has an allergic reaction to peanuts, their family must learn what foods he can eat and how to help keep him safe. Food allergies affect the entire family, even siblings without food allergies. This book will help siblings without food allergies understand their experience as part of a food allergy family and learn how to embrace their role as Food All... more
  • The Plagues of Pharaoh ISBN 978-1-64719-554-0

    by David Shaw
    The Plagues of Pharaoh is a clever and thought-provoking retelling of the story of Passover. Witness the plagues and the tragic results through the eyes of Hannu, a high-ranking minister of Egypt, who watches this seeming war of wills between Pharoah and Moses. As each plague plunges his nation deeper into disaster, Hannu realizes that the arrogant god-king of Egypt cannot help his people against the God of Moses and is led to desperate acts of courage, faith and humility.
  • The Last Supper According to Martha and Mary

    by Tina Beattie
    This intriguing book offers a fictional account of the Last Supper as narrated by sisters Martha and Mary. Lyrical, dramatic, strongly rooted in time and place, it imagines what it was like to be among the anarchic group of followers gathered around Jesus on the night before his death. Outside, Jerusalem broods in darkness, but what passions, hopes and fears swirl among the friends gathered in an upper room, as tensions rise and a terrible sense of foreboding creeps through them?
  • Elly Uncomposed

    by Valerie Niemerg
    Rehearsal pianist Elizabeth Kirtenpepper loves her cramped, corner studio and the cool, unseen depths of the orchestra pit. But when she's mysteriously transported into a real-life 18th-century opera—The Marriage of Figaro—Elizabeth finds herself in a very different kind of pit: the scullery of the ruthless and domineering Count Almaviva. Stuffed into a corset and forced to wear impractical shoes, Elizabeth meets Figaro, Susanna, and the whole cast of memorable characters. But no one is stick... more

    by Jessica Wendi Abel
    THE LITTLE BLUE ROCKET SHIP: A STORY ABOUT POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION is told by a boy who sees changes in his mom after she has a baby. As the boy explores his own feelings and questions, he is reassured by his mom’s continued love for him. Blending together fiction storytelling with supportive communication strategies, THE LITTLE BLUE ROCKET SHIP encourages open dialogue about postpartum depression between family members. Postpartum depression “affects up to one in seven women” (March of Dime... more
  • An Instrument for Florenda

    by Tomeko Brown

    As a kid what have you ever dreamed of? Was it playing a sport, trying out for cheerleading, winning the spelling bee, or playing an instrument? Well, Florenda had always wanted to play an instrument. Growing up in Louisiana she was accustomed to the sounds of music. So, she was no stranger to hearing a good tune. Her instrument of choice had always been the clarinet.  Now, her break was finally here. As of the new school year, the school would have a band class. New friends, a new teach... more

  • The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show

    Rugged action. Daring stunts. Spectacular showmanship! Rowdy Randy is back, and this time instead of aggravating all the creatures in her path, she’s rounding them up to put on her very own Wild West Show. Now critters from every rock, den, and tree are lining up to audition. And what a show it is! From rope stunts to high jumps, and aerial tricks to climbing competitions, this cowgirl’s show has got it all. But there is one unwanted character lurking in the shadows who is ready to take c... more