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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Angelic Verse

    by Pierre Charleston
  • The Guinevere's Tale Trilogy

    by Nicole Evelina
    Guinevere is remembered for her role as King Arthur’s wife and for her adulterous affair with Lancelot. But there is so much more to her story… Priestess. Queen. Warrior. Experience the world of King Arthur through Guinevere’s eyes as she matures from a young priestess who never dreamed of becoming queen to the stalwart defender of a nation and a mistress whose sin would go down in history. Throughout it all, Guinevere she faces threats from both foreign powers and within her own court that l... more
  • Pippin No Lickin'

    by Layne Ihde
    Pippin the cat wouldn't take a bath or lick himself. Because he wouldn't all kinds of silly (and stinky!) things get stuck in his fur. Will his parents and classmates convince him he needs to take a bath? Find out in this hilarious book with some simple life lessons and gorgeous illustrations.
  • Innamorata (in love)

    by Contessa DeMarco
    Innamorata (in love) highlights valuable life lessons learned by a limited, unworldly young girl, as we follow her journey to a more enriched life. We share her relationships and how they propelled her to keep going forward, as well as channeling their outcomes to a progressive road of personal and professional success. The consummate example of turning the bitterness of hardships in life into the sweetness of realizing your dreams, Innamorata is a story of emotional struggle, heartbreak, emp... more
  • Color My Mini Fruits

    by Toto Imprints
    You Bet I Do! I Know How To Say My Fruits In Indonesian! Color My Mini Fruits is an inspiring way of learning with fun for kids to express themselves more confidently at home, at school, after school, summer camps and everyday social events. Color My Mini Series, hopes to instill confidence and eager participation in young kids without the limitations. Each kid through creative expressions can enjoy quality time and easy association while coloring with fun!
  • Dylan

    by D.L. Gardner
    The family calls Dylan “slow" and his abusive mother claims he’s wicked. He might not think fast. He takes awhile to form the words he wants, but Dylan has magic. He can spin marbles from oyster shells, and whip up Chicken Alfredo by tapping his thumbs together. Dylan hopes to be a famous chef someday and put his magic to good use. Unfortunately the only one to appreciate his supernatural abilities is his loving uncle and caretaker, a disabled Vietnam veteran. When Uncle Jim dies, Dylan is thrus... more
  • In The Shadow of War

    by Patrick M. Garry
  • 978-1-63152-543-8

    by Diana Altman
    Set in an era when unwed mothers were shamed into relinquishing babies, We Never Told is a slice of America when the Hollywood lifestyle was at its height. It's an era that haunts us today because those babies did not disappear; they grew up and went searching. Sonya is determined to unearth her glamorous mother's secret, but when she finally does she discovers that her mother was hiding something much worse than those around her could have imagined.
  • Cross-Ties

    by Carolyn Bowen
  • polymer engineering product manufacturing

    by Pranav Lal
    People have been contact with atleast one polymer containing product from small thing from water bottles and gadgets of tires. Polymer is mainly described by synthetic plastics.In modern technology of polymer engineering product manufacturing the high performance plastics are developed into special forms that are useful in our daily life. One of the good characters that makes polymers more effective is its flexibility, stability and durability. High strength... more
  • network cabling company in dubai

    by John Mathew
    We know that business relies on efficient communication systems for networks and telephony.The structured cabling is a complete system of cabling with associated hardware that provide comprehensive communications.Business network communication does not exist with cabling.Cables in the network are like veins throughout the body.Cabling system is the heart of the IT infrastructure and core of your business.Cables connect the devices in the network that provide efficient and seamless communication... more
  • Into the Unknown

    by Christopher DePietro
    Micah dreams of someday being a famous explorer who discovers hidden treasure all around the world. But there’s one major problem: he’s afraid of the Unknown. 
One day he discovers a mysterious door that reads “Treasure Inside!” He reluctantly opens the door and is whisked away to a strange new land. Once there, he learns of a lost treasure that is his and his alone — but first, he must make his way through the Unknown. Join Micah as he travels into the Unknown and learns that what you f... more
  • Scherzo

    by Tom Chorneau
    Benny’s wife of twenty-five years leaves him for a 2009 Harley Fat Bob and a quest for something more. Benny, a simple shopkeeper, is all that he will ever be and he resigns himself to go the distance alone. But this is Drytown, a place tucked and magically folded into the Sierra foothills. Here the miner’s code still resonates and the curse of the Mother Lode still swirls. And when an ancestor’s long forgotten will threatens the town, Benny has no choice but to comply with its demand. He must... more
  • I'm Lost!

    by Jerry Gold

    A short (27 page) story about a ten year old boy lost in a big city and what happens to him. It's written in English, Spanish and French.


  • Shirleen and the Shoes

    by LaKesa Cox
    Since Shirleen's daddy died in the war, her mother has taken on a new job at Mr. Connie's Shoe Shop. Shirleen is excited to be joining her mother at her new job where she can see all the machines Mr. Connie uses to make old shoes look like new. What Shirleen doesn't realize is that she's going to learn a lot more when she decides to walk in other people's shoes. From a nurse to a construction worker, Shirleen tries to fill some big shoes but not before realizing those shoes tell the stories of... more
  • If I Remember Him

    by Louis Flint Ceci
    After the town of Croy, Oklahoma, is almost completely destroyed by a tornado, its leading citizen, Lerner Alquist, vows to build a library as a memorial to his wife, who was lost in the storm. It takes seventeen years, but in 1952 the project is finally nearing completion. As a crowning ornament, Alquist commissions a sculpture for the entrance. But his own racism and the town's racial, religious, and sexual fault lines threaten to undermine the one symbol that might unite them all. Passions, p... more