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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • STONE DOG: Tales of the Eternal Dog, V. 1

    by Alec Rowell
    Dogs chose humans, just as people chose dogs. Neither species would be what they are if this bond had failed. This is the story of Jack the dog. The first "Jack"--Bites Back, a young brown-and-silver dog of 70,000 years ago--fights to survive in the harsh world of S.E. Asia after the eruption of the Lake Toba mega-volcano radically changed the world’s environment. Bites Back seldom starts trouble, but he never quits when it comes his way. As he rises to leadership, one difficult decision... more
  • 9781954804425

    by Bentley Turner
    This unique collection contains stories about young people who deal with intolerant teachers, fickle girlfriends, unusual pets, and the deaths of loved ones. Other stories concern adults who confront loneliness, mental illness, rejection, and even murder. "The Prize Winners and Other Stories" has something for everyone.
  • 9781954804425

    by Bentley Turner
    This unique collection contains stories about young people who deal with intolerant teachers, fickle girlfriends, unusual pets, and the deaths of loved ones. Other stories concern adults who confront loneliness, mental illness, rejection, and even murder. The Prize Winners and Other Stories has something for everyone.
  • As I Love

    by Coleen Everglades Lewis
    As I Love is a lyrical picture book about loving oneself and others for our uniqueness. It puts an exclamation mark on friendship and self-love. Friends come in many colors. as you play, share and love, "the sun paints a rainbow in the sky." As I love encourages kids to blend with others who are different. By blending, you become "a more colorful me."
  • The Ringo Effect

    by E. O. Elliott

    For thirty-five years, as her adoring husband builds a successful business empire, Dahlia Ringo lives the well-appointed life of a proud and pampered wife. She wears designer fashions, enjoys lavish vacations and entertains in comfort and sophistication while raising their three children in one of Chicago’s most exclusive neighborhoods. But when her husband dies suddenly, ugly secrets are revealed. Secrets that can destroy the life that Dahlia has so carefully created for herself and he... more

  • When We Think of Mama

    by Coleen Everglades Lewis
    When We Think of Mama is a lyrical picture book about the special love children have for their mothers. It is a celebration of the unique qualities each mother has, and the special ingredients each mother uses to color our world and make it our home. What comes to mind when you think of your amazing mother? Does her hair remind you of sunrays as warm as honeycomb? Does her soft skin look like golden petals dipped in gold? Follow some amazing kids as they delve into the lives of their mother, ... more
  • Granted

    by Kathryn Holzman
    It is 1760 and Lucy’s father, a New Englander, has been granted land in Nova Scotia seized from the Acadians. Meuse, an adolescent Mi’kmaw whose father was killed by British forces, learns the new settlers have been promised a bounty for Indian scalps. Seeking revenge, he kidnaps Lucy’s father. In the aftermath of the kidnapping, the colonists form a search party, and a band of rangers burn down the tribe’s summer camp. Only Meuse, in hiding with his captive, survives. But Lucy knows the boy ... more
  • Sadie's Saga: Sadie and the Big Guy

    by Gail Sye
    Sadie is a sassy, funny cat telling her tale as she stays with a bachelor in his home while her humans are on vacation. Her curiosity steers her into all kinds of predicaments as she bonds with him and his family. It is a light and fluffy short story, full of love, and a fun read for all ages.

    by Gail Sye
    Sadie, a funny, sassy cat, stays with a bachelor while her humans are on vacation. She is delightfully opinionated when it comes to her experience. An enjoyable read for all ages.
  • Best You

    by Keith Yocum
    Phillip leads a mundane life in a small New England seaside town when he discovers the body of a woman floating near his boat. Phillip’s simple world is suddenly thrown into chaos as he adapts to this astonishing discovery. Underneath his passive demeanor emerges a passionate and thrilling lover he didn’t know existed. Like the tides, Phillip finds that a relationship is a never-ending circle.
  • Return to Canyon Creek

    by John Layne
    In the third installment of the international award-winning series by John Layne comes a story that reunites the justice-seeking duo of Luxton Danner and Wes Payne for their toughest test yet. A ruthless land baron with visions of turning a quiet settlement into a raucous boomtown besieges the peaceful town of Canyon Creek. Gilford Knox set his sights on devouring every inch of land in and near Canyon Creek, employing threats and violent tactics to force out vulnerable ranchers, farmers, and ... more
  • The Nativity of Bloodshed

    by Moshe Levin

    The book contain three stories of: Amico, Italian friar, born in Gallipoli, southern Italy who visited the holy land and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem at the end of the 16th century, Giles, a British surveyor, who served as an officer in the Gallipoli campaign arrives after the great war to Palestine during the British Mandate at the early 20th century, and the sniper, an Israeli soldier in his first combat mission in 2002. Each one of the characters believe he knows its purpose and... more

  • Finger Paintin’

    by Terry Jackson
    A board book for preschoolers learning colors and items associated with colors.
  • King Froderick at War: Tales of Basschundia, Volume II

    by Brian Paul Cross

    In this second installment of Tales of Basschundia, King Froderick confronts a dire threat to the crown. A "pony" invader sits upon the Cushy Throne. The royal chalice has been violated. The invader's drool is everywhere. Shall ten centuries of glorious Basschundian rule end here?

  • King Froderick of Basschundia: Tales of Basschundia, Vol. I

    by Brian Paul Cross

    Meet King Froderick, son Roderick, son of Oderick, son of Derick, son of Erick, son of Rick, reigning monarch of Basschundia. Froderick and his royal retainers--court jester Huxley, personal steward Luna, and executioner Tiny Kitten--are waiting to receive you. But mind your manners. Froderick is a stickler for proper court etiquette. You may now approach and kiss the paw.

  • Songs by Honeybird

    by Peter McDade
    Atlanta couple Ben and Nina plan to move in together, but their relationship unravels when Ben dismisses Nina’s surprising claim that her dog can talk. Songs by Honeybird follows the pair as they move on without each other. Doctoral candidate Ben dives into research on the tragic story of Honeybird, the South’s first integrated rock band, while spiritual savant Nina searches for the elusive truth about her father’s death.