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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Big Squash

    by Mark Herder
    All Adrianne wants is her father’s attention. All her father wants is fame and riches. All the mayor wants is votes. And all the people want is jobs. All of them have their hopes pinned on the Big Squash, a 13-foot vegetable that sprouts almost overnight in Adrianne’ s garden. If the Guinness Book of Records declares the Big Squash to be the biggest in the world, the publicity will draw a new fertilizer company to the town, which will brings jobs for the people, votes for the major, and fame and... more
  • The Dog Thief and Other Storeis

    by Laura Koerber
    A collection of stories about the relationships between humans and animals in an area of rural poverty. This book was listed by Kirkus Review as one of the one hundred best indy publications of 2015.
  • An Heirloom Adventure!: A Raucous Romp and Chicken Chase at the County Fairgrounds.

    by Mary-Margaret (anand sahaja) Stratton
    “Short snappy read guaranteed to bring a smile!” Every year, the Ponticello Stockpile & Seed Store and the Crimson Creek Seed Company, both owned by green-living dreamer, George Crimson, put on a celebration of all things non GMO, heirloom, organic, fair trade and planet-friendly, known as “the International Heirloom Faire.” And every year fair manager, Christine, deals with cursing composters, botherable beekepers, and fiddler fraud, while security manager Chucky deals with seed thieves and se... more
  • 6 Dates to Disaster

    by Cynthia T. Toney


    Wendy’s goal is to fly to Alaska. Her family is broke. Will an opportunity to make money be the answer to her prayers—or the road to disaster?

    For her mom’s birthday, Wendy finds an old jewelry box at a flea market—the perfect gift for someone who loves salvaged junk. But inside the box is a cryptic note that appears to have been written recently. Wendy’s curiosity leads her on a search with boyfriend David at her side, eager to h... more

  • Raising the Roof (Girls Know How)

    by Ellen Langas
    Grab a hard hat and join fifth-grade friends Tori, Angie and Kelly as they attempt to outwit a rival group of boys who have taken over their clubhouse. Encouraged by the female head of a major construction company, they accept the challenge to build their own. But stormy weather, differences of opinion and the boys' attempts to undermine their efforts test their friendship. Follow the antics of these spirited girls as they get a first-hand look at a real construction company and learn there is ... more
  • Smart Alex

    by Ellen Langas
    Middle school is a roller coaster ride for Alex Martinez, a 7th grade student destined for detention. She lives in the wrong part of town, wears all the wrong clothes and says all the wrong things, while girls like Emily glide effortlessly to the head of the class. When the girls unexpectedly collide in their school's team effort to with the MATHCOUNTS Competition, sparks fly! A string of lies lands Alex in hot water, wondering how she will ever get herself out. Find out how a special teacher ... more
  • Will Stephanie Get the Story? (Girls Know How)

    by Ellen Langas
    Have you ever thought about being a reporter? Have fun learning about journalism as you read about Stephanie Maxwell, the new girl at school, and her crazy quest to win a spot on the school newspaper club! Will Stephanie ever get an article published? Read how meeting a real newspaper editor gives her the encouragement she needs to follow her dream.
  • Rachel's Search: A Satilla County Novel

    by Oscar Patton

    What does the second coming of the Klan portend for Satilla County? Is it one more sign evil is winning? Setting out to find answers, a northern-born young journalist experiences life in the deep South, the struggle to survive for whites and blacks. Her search turns personal and horrific when her best friend disappears.

    Boston born journalist Rachel Mellon sees the second coming of the Klan in 1915 as more fuel on a fire already burning out of control, not only in Satilla County but aro... more

  • Antebellum Struggles

    by Dickie Erman

    A historical fiction set in and around New Orleans in the 1850's Deep South.  The characters are brought to life in rich detail, exposing the diverse differences between wealthy plantation owners, the slaves they own, and a multitude of other interesting personalities.

  • The Imagination Warriors

    by Marc Romanelli
    A world powered by the gift of imagination opens before us! Have you ever stood before a painting and wished you could step inside, immerse yourself in another world, travel through limitless time and space and surrender to new realities? This is the tale of nine-year-old Philomena who, along with a cast of characters she meets along the way (including a curious tabby cat from Manhattan, a local artist, a friendly llama, and a Renaissance artist) as they escape the bounds of their earthly a... more
  • Shy Ways

    by Susan Griner
    A Japanese-American girl named Sarah Templeton faces racism in a small southern town while also trying to accept her Asian heritage. Her view of her Japanese mother as the reason for all of her problems is challenged when her mother is overcome with memories of the war she lived through. Sarah finally understands the strength her mother had to survive and realizes she must find a way to help her mother wake from the past. Shy Ways is the story of a Japanese-American girl facing racism when her ... more
  • SAM: The Cat Without a Tail

    by Gloria Lintermans

    Sam: The Cat Without A Tail follows the trials of Sam, a young Manx cat with a soft, white puff of a tail. As he discovers that he is indeed different from everyone around him, he learns and helps to teach the importance and beauty of diversity and self-worth.

    Sam: The Cat Without a Tail is a children’s picture book. Sam, the central character, is a Manx cat, and so, sports a soft puff of white fur instead of a tail. This is Sam’s story, his discovery that he is, indeed, dif... more

  • B07G7HNH87

    by S.V. Atla
    In Saudi Arabia, where women’s bodies are deemed the inferior possessions of men, where female sexuality is regulated for the continuation of a sexist regime, an erotic and formidable woman arises from the ashes of patriarchal horror. Despite the spiritual and sexual repression she endures, things become worse when she is conscripted into a marital prison that demands she relinquish her wild individuality. Trapped and suspected of treachery, Mazahl seeks to overcome the oppressors denying her f... more

    by Susan Weisberg
    Meet Chester, an earnest young mouse who decides he has what it takes to follow in his grandfather's pawsteps and become a midshipmouse at the prestigious Naval Mouse Academy. The story follows Chester and his band of rodents- as well as their unsuspecting human counterparts in the Rooms Below the rafters- as they endure the rigors of the legendary Plebe Summer. Hilarious and suspenseful conflict ensues as the mice carry out what they believe to be a renowned boot camp of their own, marching wi... more
  • Navigating by Stars: 24 Very Short Stories of Love & Longing

    by Mark Russell Gelade

    In Mark Russell Gelade’s debut book, Navigating by Stars: 24 Very Short Stories of Love & Longing, we are given a brief glimpse into various stranger’s lives but somehow feel that we know them well.

    Written in first-person narratives that move between both male and female voices, Gelade’s stories center around issues that are timely and relevant: desire, divorce, nostalgia for the past, and consolation, with several of the stories interfa... more

  • The Water President

    by Mary Bleckwehl
    A sassy and rich twelve-year old American girl exchanges pen pal letters with a shy African girl who longs to be in school but spends most days fetching water instead. The exchange of life’s challenges and the bond of friendship between them form the crosshairs of big dreams and strong wills. Parallel transformations of two girls from opposite worlds climax in a riveting story of danger, loss, and finding one’s voice to triumph over adversity.