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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Ascenders Return To Grace Book 1

    by Monty Clayton Ritchings
    Mankind is in a flux. We are evolving, but not in pace with the needs of the Universe. As we move deeper into the cusp of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, mankind needs to evolve more deeply and more quickly on all levels. Introducing a new species of human being, Homo Integratis. They look and act just like Homo Sapiens except their male and female aspects are complete, have different personalities and can express physically as they choose. The trick is for them to learn to cooperate an... more
  • The Things We Bring To The Table

    by Rod Palmer
    Lucretia became the Cinderella of Charleston’s elite by marrying the charming Russ Rutledge, but Cree’s blue-collar upbringing wouldn’t let her bask in a life of ease. She heads a reputable nonprofit that facilitates lucrative connections for Russ. Now as her marriage begins to unravel Cree mourns the life that could’ve been had she followed her passion, instead of spending so much energy proving her worth in the marriage. Teetering along depression, suddenly she finds herself staring down a Pan... more
  • Lyle's Christmas

    by Kimberly Vincent- Hampton
    Join Lyle, the mouse, in his adventure on Christmas Eve as he prepares to fall into a Christmas slumber. Lyle experiences the magic of the Christmas holiday while impatiently waiting for Santa Claus. Little does Lyle known that he will get to meet Santa Claus in the light of the fireplace. May the Magic of Christmas remain in our hearts and the twinkles remain ageless. This story is inspired by the curiosity, adventure, and innocence of my five children, who will forever be my little children w... more
  • Paris in Ruins: A Novel of Passion and the French Resistance

    by D. Manning Richards
    Intent on enjoying life in spite of the German occupation of Paris during WWII, a spirited French woman lives an elite cultural life with an aristocrat German colonel. When her charismatic first love seduces her to spy for the Resistance, she risks her life while choosing between the two men. The story is based on true events in their actual settings and inspired by public figures who courageously fought the battle to save Paris from ruin, following Hitler’s order to destroy the city.
  • The Apocalypse Diary

    by Megan Tromposch
    The year is 2236. Global warming, war and disease have left Earth a barely habitable shell of its former self and the last surviving humans live indoors in complexes designed to protect them from the outside world. Zoey and Blythe have spent their entire lives indoors; they will live and die inside these walls. The government has done this all to keep them safe and ensure the survival of the human race. Or have they? When Zoey discovers that the situation is far worse than they have been led to ... more
  • Son of a Madman

    by Daniel B. Martin
    A compelling and reflective novel that explores the varied conceptions of purpose and the meaning of life that occur within different generations. Son of a Madman addresses whether one’s life is best lived by adhering to traditional societal values; or if one’s life is better lived as a unique creation of the individual? Lost in an endless maze of trying to keep up with yesterday, Ivan’s journey begins with two feet in the world of traditional values and career development. Isolated, alone, a... more
  • Let's Let Go: The Raindrop's Journey

    by Mark Linden O'Meara

    Teach Your Child About Teamwork, Trusting and Letting Go

    Captivated by a rainbow appearing high in the sky, a raindrop desires to find how rainbows are created.  With its own idea of how to achieve its goal, the raindrop eagerly begins a journey on it own.  Struggling ensues, while its friends happily swim by advising the raindrop that there is a better way!

    Should the raindrop abandon its belief that it knows the way?  Should it trust its friends?&... more

  • Where did the Sun Go? a Bedtime Story

    by Benjamin VanDyke
    Every moment can be a teaching moment with your little one! "Where did the Sun Go? A bedtime story" is full of teaching without waiting to be asked a question. This bedtime book follows a day in the adventurous life of a little girl whose curiosity grows with each new page. Join in on the learning and ask questions about her father's teachings about the world around them. From sunrise to sunset and from near to far, the Sun plays a huge part in our lives. Learn about the Sun while enjoying... more
  • Kill The Dog

    by Alex Storm
    Travis Tanner was on the management track at Whataburger in Houston. He gave that up to become a film maker in LA. Ever since he made that sacrifice, things haven’t gone to plan. The only ray of light in this bleak, merciless town is Rachel. When Travis is with Rachel, the future feels possible. He can dream again. He matters. But he can’t be with Rachel. She has a conniving hell hound named Mr. Underwear who hates Travis and seems intent on getting rid of him. To spare her dog, Rachel has put t... more
  • My Papa My Prince

    by Keegan Brown

    In My Papa My Prince, a quartet of hardworking princesses await a waltz from their hardworking Papa princes, when one little girl’s dance hopes hit a roadblock.

  • In a Small, Quiet Village (Where Nothing Much Ever Happens)

    by Ian Anthony Hollis
    In a small unaffected village outside of the city, the townsfolk of a close-knit community rarely leave and they even more rarely have any visitors. So when a young man named Adam arrives, the village is feverish in welcoming the newcomer. It’s not long before the tranquility of the halcyon settlement is disturbed with off-kilter ordeals, setting into motion a series of events affecting each dweller. With In a Small, Quiet Village, author Ian A. Hollis brings a slice of life story with intri... more
  • Across the Sahara

    by Jo Emoyon
    Nosa, a young man from an indigent background, has aspirations to succeed in life. For him, leaving Nigeria is one of the ways to achieve that success. Still, he is resolutely against travelling by land to Europe, a common route for many and Leo’s proposal for overcoming their respective challenges. Leo is Nosa’s best friend and Nosa tries to convince him against embarking on such a perilous journey. However, events conspire to force him into joining Leo and others on the journey. Thus begins a... more
  • 2165 Hillside

    by Tobias Maxwell
    Reeling from personal tragedy, Sally Gardner and her parents try to move on with their lives in their new home at 2165 Hillside Road in New Rochelle, NY. The future doesn’t seem so bright as simply doable until a ghost and questionable porn, a cult and the Y2K millennium bug that consumed everyone back in 1999, along with the unmistakable hue of Mormon entanglements become a haunting mystery that must be solved. When Zelda, with her own connection to Hillside, joins forces with their friendly l... more
  • The Adventures of Clive & Sydney, the Dancing Armadillos: Nanushka Is Missing!

    by Mallory J. Stevens

    When Nanushka the cat didn’t show up for Saturday’s show,
    Clive and Sydney knew something was wrong. 

    “Nanushka is missing!” they cried. “Where could she be?!” What could they do?
    Lovable, dancing armadillos Clive and Sydney, who star with Nanushka at the Pine Tree Forest Theater, end up going on quite an exciting adventure searching for their friend Nanushka. Do the clues provided by Marsha the f... more

  • Finding Jane

    by Elizabeth Conte
    Jane was just like any twenty-nine-year-old woman, or so she thought. A business trip from the crowded streets of Los Angeles to the countryside of England was supposed to be a reprieve for Jane Reynolds. She needed a break from…well, from everything: crowded commutes, endless days of work, and mostly, being alone. All Jane wanted was to stop crying from a broken heart and move on. But her first night out in the bustling streets of London, and encounter with a young man who looks eerily simil... more
  • Rupture State

    by Matthew Bartkowski
    Rupture State was born from a simple observation of the blatant divisiveness we find pervading our society today. From its fictional setting it endeavors to then reflect back the implications of this antagonism. Along the way it tackles the intersecting themes of individuality versus community, and security versus fragility. Though the events it chronicles occur in the future, Rupture State is not science fiction as that genre has come to be known. It uses the progression of time as a mechani... more