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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • That Dish at Gracie’s Café

    by K. Lyn Wurth
    Bootleggers, Betrayal, & Barbecue Paul and Gracie Kohlberg run an auction house café, bootleg elderberry wine, and struggle to keep their farm. Paul’s in trouble too deep to confess, and Gracie will soon deliver a baby who will change their lives. Then Gracie’s bodacious sister Hazel shakes up the town, while fierce competition could close the café. At Gracie’s Café, locals meet for gossip and homestyle cooking, but most of the dirt dished concerns Gracie’s broken family. When all seems lo... more
  • Mr Broccoli

    by Natasha Rose Mills
    Mr Broccoli is the tale of a young boy, Jacob, who is feeling sad and fed up. Through discovering the health benefits of eating his greens, he becomes stronger and more confident. Anti-bullying is also an important theme in the story, to help children learn to respect others and feel more confident in themselves. Mr Broccoli is a character who already has that confidence, and later becomes a role model.
  • The Dark Side of Sunshine

    by Bruce Oliver Newsome
    Would you dumb down to fit in?​​ Simon escapes the ridiculous Riverside University of London by exchanging with its American partner – the University of Sunshine Bayside, only to wake up to the wokest of woke colleges. Virtues are punished as vices, conformity trumps originality, and minds are melded – one falsehood at a time. Being good at his job is his first mistake. In election year, politicians, terrorists, spies, publicists, journalists, and bluffers compete to make an example of him in... more
  • King Robin

    by R. A. Moss
    The beloved rogue of Sherwood Forest triumphs over the ruthless Prince John and takes the throne – only to become a tyrant himself. In a saga spanning a half-century, this action packed, adult rated Medieval thriller vividly explores the seductive undertow of power as it transforms a hero into a despot. Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Little John, King Richard and the legend’s other characters are complex figures alive with raw passions, dark impulses and ribald humor.
  • No Ants Please

    by Heather Hansen
    Benny is an adorable, little ostrich that is tired of eating the same things. He finds himself on an adventure through the wilds of Africa, discovering new animals and what they eat. Will he find a tasty new treat or will he end up biting off more than he can chew?
  • Squishy Sand

    by Charlene McIver
    Leigh and his friends would love to go to the beach. However, Leigh uses a wheelchair and has a fear of falling. He also knows it's difficult getting his wheelchair across the sand, but his friends Cosmo and Tara are determined to find a way to help their friend. After a number of hilarious failed attempts they finally solve the problem and enjoy a great day at the beach. This engaging story also sheds light on the many obstacles children with different needs face in everyday life. Based o... more
  • Stolen America

    by Jonathan Land Evans
    A new, scholarly edition of a nowadays rare 1890 novel by Isobel Henderson Floyd. The story takes place amongst leisured guests at the Princess Hotel in the quiet, idyllic resort of Bermuda during the late 1880s. A romantic Victorian comedy-of-manners with a side order of blackmail and geopolitics, the novel is interesting for its period detail of Bermuda's early tourism days, as well as being a diverting piece of entertainment. Please note, however, that the novel is 130 years old and reflects ... more
  • A Child’s Best Friend

    by Daryl Horton
    An inspiring story about a dog's desire to protect a kid from COVID! In today’s increasingly busy and stressful world, how do we continue to manage our lives and keep our children safe successfully? In this illustrated picture book, a little dog imagines his worst fear of his best friend becoming ill. Now the little dog will do everything in his power to prevent his nightmare from becoming a reality. A Child’s Best Friend is a children’s picture book that explores the heroic nature of some o... more
  • Battlefield Pacific

    by James Rosone
    The communist threat is real… …and the socialists at home are emboldened. Can the President fight a war and a PR battle? The Philippines must not fall. Despite the devastating loss of two aircraft carriers, the U.S. forces make a bold move. Will the Atlantic carrier group be enough? The formidable Chinese drones make this war unlike any fought in human history. The Allies must hold their ground. Can they uncover the Russian and Chinese plans in time? How will India and Indonesi... more
  • Battlefield China

    by James Rosone

    There is only one question…

    …will China use its nukes?

    In this chess match of war, the endgame has arrived.

    Honor is important. The leader of China wants to save face, but at what cost? Despite the best diplomatic efforts, the two sides are miles apart. How serious are they at ending the conflict? Who will blink first?

    India with its nuclear power has taken a stand, and it’s with China.

    ... more

  • The Head of Heights

    by Zack Reed
    Calvin Ingram has just left everything behind, including his home and everything he has ever owned. Yet, in moving across the country without so much as a plan, or an extra set of clothes, he quickly discovers a feeling of freedom in having no emotional or physical ties to his surroundings. In a strange new city, Calvin encounters a handful of colorful characters, from dangerous strangers to kind-hearted souls. However, as he engrains himself deeper into this new life, Calvin begins to realize t... more
  • The Fiddler in the Night

    by Christian Fennell
    Christian Fennell's, The Fiddler in the Night, is a return by the author to the raw, abstract, and visceral landscapes set forth in his critically acclaimed collection of short stories, Torrents of Our Time. In his debut novel, Fennell takes the reader on an orphaned teen's journey through the darker recesses of rural America--horrifying, yet compelling--where he tries to stay one step ahead of a soulless killer. A tragic love story unfolding against a background that is both real and imagine... more
  • Nick's Spaceship Adventure

    by Elliott Smith
    Nick decides what he wants to be when he grows up, and also decides to build a spaceship. After collecting the supplies and drawing the plans, he builds a spaceship in his dreams and goes on a wild, imaginative adventure into space!
  • An Unusual Tale

    by Helen Holder


  • Little Blue and the Kingdom in the Clouds

    by Dr. Kim Grom
    Little Blue and the Kingdom in the Clouds is the second book in the Little Blue series by Dr. Kim Grom. An intriguing fantasy, the story explores the topic of the hereafter in an adventure that a child can safely understand. Dr. Kim holds a Masters in Divinity and has also served as a Grief Share Counselor.