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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • UnMasked

    by Julie Cadman
    What if your parents shared a huge family secret and told your daughter, “Don’t tell your mom!” Would you confront the elephant in the room or do nothing? As the world battles a raging pandemic, three generations of women face a challenge that will forever change their dynamic and family legacy. Jen is overwhelmed as she’s sandwiched between the daily needs of her family and expectations of her parents. Her sixteen-year-old daughter Kylie is trapped at home, missing her friends and her lacro... more
  • Nemesis of the Great

    by Cinzi Lavin
    In this sequel to The Taciturn Sky, Bryce Parnell is forced to reconsider his position as a member of the elite class once he discovers who is actually running things from above. Set in the twilight of America’s genteel aristocracy, he comes to terms with the fact that he and his kind are an endangered species, about to be overtaken by the rise of the newly rich and their limitless money and power. An unintentional spiritual odyssey, an unexpected friendship, and a heartbreaking family tragedy a... more
  • The Taciturn Sky

    by Cinzi Lavin
    An inheritance changes Bryce Parnell’s world in ways he never imagined. As a traitor to his class, he struggles to find his place somewhere between his Old Money upbringing and the uncultivated world he has come to know. Dividing his time between Larchmont, New York and Norfolk, Connecticut, he inexpertly navigates romantic relationships and interacts uneasily with wealthy friends and family, all the while hoping to outrun a reality of which he is becoming increasingly aware: that he is witnessi... more
  • Dying To End It

    by Joey Sanchez
    When Frank’s wife of many years is killed in a car accident and he is left badly injured, he quickly grows tired of life. No longer wishing to be a burden on his daughters who are missing out on their own lives by having to care for him, he hatches a plan. Heading off out onto the mean streets of New York, the city he grew up in, Frank decides that he will find a way to end his life there without resorting to the sin of taking it himself. However, his plans are thrown into confusion when h... more
  • Bridging Between

    by L T Bailey
    Come along for the journey of seven individuals, one chosen from each continent, when they receive a vision and words. Who were these chosen individuals, why were they chosen and what would become of their interaction with the vision and words? The individuals will experience a transformational time of the Earth for betterment of humankind, the animal kingdom, the plant life, and Mother Earth herself. They will travel to a destination where they will meet to learn and experience through each oth... more
  • Hold Your Breath...Breathe

    by Todd Michael Gent
    Bracky Kinsloe graduated in 1967 from Jiba High School, a small Texas town. To get out of the hay fields, he ends up in the medical field-all this while his brother and others are in Vietnam on the battlefield. With the help of many different characters, Bracky uses his sense of humor to get through loss, changing emotions, and basically growing up in the sixties. It doesn't take long for him to lose the green behind his ears.
  • The Day Ain't Over Yet: A CF Dad's Journal

    by Todd Michael Gent

    In February 1992 Todd and Coby Gent went to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, so Coby could be evaluated for, and hopefully have, a double-lung transplant. Transplants were a new way to prolong the lives of cystic fibrosis patients, and this major surgery was Coby's only hope for living beyond his twelve years.

    Todd, Coby's dad, kept a journal from day one of the Gent family's journey from borrowed lungs to new life. The journals include other patients from all o... more

  • My Gingerbread Shakespeare

    by Cyrus Cassells
    A sometimes startling puzzle-portrait of a beloved African American poet and playwright, with the full mystical design revealed only in the final pages, My Gingerbread Shakespeare, allows the reader to marvel at the trailblazing legacy, the “move-along” life of fictional Harlem Renaissance writer, Maceo Hartnell Mitchell. It features his first love, Ker-Xavier LaRiviere (Kid LaRiv), a Lincoln Brigade volunteer, a sergeant and section leader in the Spanish Civil War; Ilya Natanovich Varonovsky, a... more
  • The Evil Inclination, a novel

    by Daniel Victor
    Lev Livitski, devoted son and upright young man, walks the path of Jewish observance without giving it a second thought. But one day in college, Lev encounters Angela Pizatto, a dark-haired knockout, and suddenly, what used to mean everything to him is no longer enough. Angela pulls Lev from a prudish existence into a passionate romance that must remain a secret because she is Catholic and he is Jewish. As the young lovers gallivant throughout Brooklyn, and as their devotion to each other build... more
  • The Lost Girl: A Neverland Story

    by Allison Spooner
    Can Neverland save Peter Pan's descendant? Angela, the great-granddaughter of Peter Pan, is dying. Doctors have given up hope, but her mother, raised on tales of a magical land of eternal youth, is not done fighting. In a desperate attempt to save her thirteen-year-old daughter, she sends a reluctant Angela off toward the second star to the right and straight on till morning. But Neverland is not the idyllic paradise Angela imagined. The landscape has lost its luster. The Lost Boys ar... more
  • The Misadventures of an Imperfect Woman

    by Bela Gary

    A spiritual journey that reminds us that within the tapestry of life, we are all woven together by threads of divine possibility and infinite magic.

    She looks for him in every man she meets, but no one can compare to her former love. Just as she begins to accept that she will spend the rest of her life alone, she receives life-changing news. She devises a plan and sets out on an unexpected quest for the "perfect man.”

    Simultaneously heartbreaking and humorous, ... more

  • The Birth of Agent Big Butt: Butt of Steel, Heart of Gold (The Agent Big Butt Series Book 1)

    by Amy Winfield
    When the Flatbottoms rushed to the hospital on the night of their baby's birth, they never expected the apple to fall so far from the tree. Their newborn's enormous butt is as hard as steel and packed with an array of explosive farts that can defeat any adversary. His superpowers have also attracted the attention of a crazed, evil doctor, who relentlessly seeks to discover the secret behind his ultra-powerful butt. With a wild doctor pursuing him, this walking, talking newborn - known as Agen... more
  • Bull & Bear Race at the Big Board

    by Craig A. Robinson
    Bull and Bear Race at the Big Board is a children's picture book featuring the two main Wall Street Characters, Bull and Bear. The story follows Bull & Bears race at the stock exchange as they make baskets of stocks go up and down. Readers are glued to their seats as they wait for the closing bell to see whose favorite color signifies won the race. Will it be Bull or Bear?
  • Best of Timothy Gager: Poems, Essays, and Stories

    by Timothy Gager
    350 pages of poems, fictions, essays, novel exerpts, ranging from 2002-2033 with over 150 pages of new material
  • Mushroom Cloud: Book I of the First Strike Series

    by Thomas Joseph Yeggy
    Caleb Young ,chief Science Officer for the CIA must falsify National intelligence estimates to forestall a First Strike by the US military during the Early years of the Cold War. It becomes increasingly difficult when the US creates intercontinental bombers like the B-36.
  • The Path to God's Promise

    by Ahuva Batya Scharff
    One of the last things Elinor Simentov wants is to be a prophet of God, but God has other plans. A Jewish woman of no particular renown, Elinor is asked by God to give a warning to all who will listen. Will she serve as a prophet, sacrificing her goals for herself, self-image, and reputation in order to do something that may be completely useless? God’s message is simple. Humankind must radically change course or face extinction. To give warning, God uses prophecy to urge humans to change... more