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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • 978197724723

    by jeremiah haslam
    Buck a dog with a determine will, born and raised on a farm by a God-fearing loving family, in a small mountain town, he must go through impossible heartache and pain. through these events Buck must become who he was meant to be.
  • Revolution

    by David Dorrough
    REVOLUTION is a lighthearted but cynical novel about a bunch of loosely interconnected people living in present-day Southern California, centered around one middle-aged couple, Bill and Yvonne Smede. It blends realistic "slice of life" storytelling with elements of satire, irony and farce. Additional info:
  • Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan

    by Caroline Fernandez
    Discover the magic, adventure, history and science of the Asha and Baz chapter book series. Perfect for fans of Magic Treehouse, Zet Mystery Case, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and more. Asha and Baz have a paper rocket to launch! Whoever builds the rocket that travels the farthest will get to meet astronaut Chris Hadfield. The only problem is Asha and Baz don't know how to power their rocket. Stuck and unsure, the kids brainstorm by drawing a rocket in the sand using a stick. Only this is a very ... more
  • Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie

    by Beverley Reichman
    Beverley Reichman’s book, Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie, is a lovely children’s book about Cindi, the teeniest puppy and only girl in a litter of boys. Find out how this beautiful and charming puppy melts the hearts of her new people family and enjoy learning how she spends her day and gets her way!
  • Kevin is a Smart Cookie

    by Beverley Reichman
    Kevin Is a Smart Cookie by author Beverley Reichman is a heartwarming and enjoyable book about a bright and happy eight-year-old boy who loves baseball, dinosaurs and pizza. Kevin likes school but struggles with reading and writing. Follow Kevin and see how he and his third grade friends discover the magic of tracking and attacking words and meet his favorite dinosaur, Bart, and best friend, Tommy. ‘Kevin is a Smart Cookie’ is an interactive and delightful book that motivates young readers... more
  • Justice and Honor for My Sister The Story of Margie Grey

    by Beverley Reichman
    Justice and Honor for My Sister: The Story of Margie Grey is a heartfelt and painful story, based on true events, of a twin sister's mysterious death in 1945 while serving in the Women's Army Corp (WAC). Margie Grey's tragic death and the controvertible ruling of her cause of her death prompted decades of searching for the truth.
  • Until September

    by Harker Jones
    September comes too soon for a sensitive 18-year-old when he falls in love with another boy in the summer of 1966, setting in motion a series of devastating repercussions that threatens their future.
  • The Khopesh of Ramses

    by Marco Galimberti
    After his father’s death, Maher left the Palace of Ramses II to join the military academy, make a name for himself and prove his worth. Considered inferior to the full-blooded Egyptians, Maher’s desire for greatness is fueled by his love for Princess Samira. Though an insurmountable stigma and ignorance stand in his way. When Maher finds himself the sole survivor of an encounter with a mysterious creature, he is tasked to track down the beast. Though it has been years since he returned home a... more
  • Sweet Little You

    by Joni Halabi
    A mother with a dream of having a child makes her wish come true by having a baby on her own. Tenderly written with beautiful painterly illustrations, Sweet Little You is a loving and unique story about a different path to becoming a family, showing that creating a cherished family doesn’t always involve two parents.
  • Flying Fillies: The Sky's the Limit

    by Christy Hui

    Meet young cowgirl Dawn Springfield, an admirer of the WASP—Women Airforce Service Pilots, or Flying Fillies, as she nicknames them. Her love for horses, her country, and the brave female pilots of WWII instill in her newfound confidence to grapple with growing pains.

    When the revolutionary WASP initiative is about to take off at Avenger Field, Dawn volunteers to help. Her aunt Georgia is one of the first to sign up as the program aims to train... more

  • Protectors of the Light

    by Ivy Gilbert
    Protectors of the Light is a classic fantasy tale with a supernatural twist - charged with protecting positive timelines from corruption and evil, Hannah must deal with foes beyond her comprehension to protect a powerful force for good. Hannah has always considered her life as unremarkable even though she had an experience that few ever have. After receiving a journal sharing the stories of several women before her, she learns that no matter how ordinary a person might feel, life holds a pur... more
  • Birds Dislike This and Dislike That

    by Brandie Grasso
    Our feathered friends up in the sky see everything from their bird's eye. From climate change to deadly litter. This all effects the flying critter. Polluted waters and toxic waste, plastic seas and forests erased. Shrinking wildlands and habitat, that's why Birds Dislike This and Dislike That!
  • The Ones We become

    by Nadine Macaluso

    1924, GENOA, ITALY: Emiliano Fournier has nothing to lose—his life has been determined for him since the day of his birth. When he grows older, he will run his family's bakery till he hands it down to his children. He has always known this. But when his life begins to turn in a different direction, everything begins to change—for the better, or perhaps, for the worst.

    1940, PARIS, FRANCE: Years Later, Aurelie Fournier is living in Paris with her father and br... more

  • Tricky

    by Ron Dakron
    A certain, um, body part runs away from his owner. Wearing a hot-dog toy disguise, he clashes with warrior pigeons, suicidal hummingbirds, and griping squirrels. He is soon imprisoned in Male Re-education Kamp, wars with cynical plums, woos amorous cardiac valves, livers, and cupcakes, joins forces with hyper-testosterone Komodo Dragons, and is shanghaied by a femme pirate crew to help harpoon Mobo, the 90-foot moray eel who is the font of worldwide testosterone. Tricky is a savagely-funny trip ... more
  • I'll Be Seeing You

    by Joanne Kukanza Easley

    A saga spanning five decades, I’ll Be Seeing You, explores one woman’s life, with and without alcohol to numb the pain.

    Young Lauren knows she doesn’t want to be a ranch wife in Palo Pinto County, Texas. After she’s discovered by a modeling scout at the 1940 Fort Worth Stock Show Parade, she moves to Manhattan to begin her glamourous career. A setback ends her dream, and she drifts into alcohol dependence and promiscuity. By twenty-four, she’s been... more

  • Cyber Larceny (Global Cyber Heist)

    by Akintunde M Lawal
    James Robert Nushi, a sleuth at United Kingdom firm, CyberKonsult travels on a one-week visit in the wake of amassive cyber heist on UK internet networks that almost crippled the financial system two months ago. He meets with Debola Wright, the Public Relations Officer, of a Lagos based cybersecurity firm. Wright buys a fake luxury Smartphone at the Lagos Computer village. But the seller said he had bought the counterfeited item from an online platform.This led Wright and Nushi into a startling... more