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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Little Hometown, America


    GOLD Winner in the 2020 Human Relations Indie Book Awards for Contemporary Realistic Fiction

    FINALIST in the SOUTHWEST REGIONAL FICTION category of the 14th Annual National Indie Excellence 2020 Awards (NIEA)


    “Readers of The Catcher in the Rye and similar stories will relish the astute, critical inspection of life that makes Lit... more

  • The Happy Bubble

  • Ride

    by Andrew Lafleche

    From the award winning poet and author of No Diplomacy comes this unsettling debut novel, Ride, by Andrew Lafleche.

    High school is over, an ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and Troy Brinkman is spiralling out of control. Having moved out of his parent’s home, he’s entered a landscape of limitless entropy where everybody drinks copious amounts of alcohol, snorts mountains of cocaine, and once Ecstasy is discovered, swallows as many pills as they can g... more

  • Cousins

    by Marnie Reynolds-Bourque
    Many of our first memories are made with cousins, and if we are lucky, we continue making memories our whole lives with them. This book emphasizes the meaning of family and also exposes kids to geography. Included in this book is a map of the USA for children to see where family lives, and there is also a blank family tree at back of book for family to fill out together. This book can be a heirloom for your children to enjoy many years!
  • The Watering Can

    by Marnie Bourque
    No Mother realizes how fast time flies, until she has an empty nest. This book serves a dual purpose.... Comforting empty nesters and exposing kids to nature.
  • Eisenstein's Monster

    by A. V. Bach
    A novel in montage, Eisenstein’s Monster is a wild romp through the terrains of our consciousness. A Man with terminal cancer in the language centers of his brain meets a young woman he hopes will facilitate an existence beyond the dwindling limits of his body. What follows is a psychedelic odyssey exploring consciousness and identity through language and montage, placing seemingly disparate chapters together to create a stitched-together being and a one-of-a-kind reading experience: The Tibetan... more
  • The Melody of the Mulberries (Big Creek)

    by Laura Bartnick
    This Appalachian Big Creek sequel is set in West Virginia, during the 1920s, where granny witches and spiritualism often show the path for wanderers to take, especially in matters of the heart. Emerald Ashby's younger sister, Coral, determines to visit the family's nemesis, Charlie, now stewing in prison. When Mercy returns to the holler of Big Creek, she comes well-armed to re-enter Ernst's life, but he has already found a new romantic attraction. No matter, Mercy has brought along her own s... more
  • The Cat Who Ate His Tail

    by Jacqueline Simon Gunn

    Have you ever wondered what your pets are thinking?

    Inspired by true events, this heartwarming story is told from the perspective of Sneakers, a curious cat with serious emotional baggage. Neglected and ultimately abandoned by his original owner, he compensates for the trauma by overeating and making droll observations about the crazy love life of his new owner… who also happens to be a psychologist.

    Through paying attention to her work, the loving home she provides and wat... more

  • Waiting for Someone?

    by Stan Davies
    The book is basically an account of the lives of two people from the age of 17, to mature adulthood. The many problems that were overcome. The varied ways in which difficulties of relationships were dealt with and in most cases resolved. The lifestyle of members of the military in the early part of the book, and dealing with major problems of separation over great distances such as Christmas Island, and emigration to Australia. The difficulties of first of all being married with small children a... more
  • I Jonathan, A Charleston Tale of the Rebellion

    by George WB Scott
    I Jonathan is the history of Civil War Charleston told from the viewpoint of a marooned and newly-orphaned young man from Boston. The major events in the book are built around the historic record during the 1860s in Charleston and the Low Country based on nearly a decade of thorough research. It is an eye-witness tale of fires, battles, legal evasion, camaraderie, a daring run through the Union blockade, sanctuary, a conjure-man's craft, and Jonathan at last making peace with himself.
  • Seaview Road

    by Brian McMahon
    After nineteen-year-old Katie Murray witnesses the shocking coverup of a crime that could implicate Eric Clarke, the estranged son of her neighbors, she struggles with how much to divulge. The two families spend their summers in an upscale Cape Cod locale where adults prioritize appearances and, as the opioid crisis wreaks havoc, steer clear of the inhabitants of the blue-collar town next door. Driven by an overpowering urge to protect the downtrodden and infuriated by the complacency of the peo... more
  • The Subtle Disruption: Resetting The Human Consciousness

    by Priscilla P. Pillay
    The Subtle Disruption is a collection of thirty-four prose, poems, parables and additional quotes that are amusingly written. Yet It is designed to creatively reconnect us to our human consciousness that have deliberately been dimmed by the expectations and development of the world we live in. This debut collection also generously presents the reader a gift of five chosen poetical watercolour art pieces (illustrated by Priscilla P.Pillay). The Subtle Disruption is made to be a luxurious dessert ... more
  • Book of Matthew: House of Whispers

    by Catalina DuBois
    Women of color aren't a priority of law enforcement in 1800s Missouri. They aren't even considered human. These social injustices allow a serial killer to run rampant. Sarah, a beautiful black slave, lands in the crosshairs of a monster who murders with impunity. The only one who cares is the master's son. Will Matthew find the strength to rescue this slave girl, even if he lacks the courage to admit he's in love with her?
  • Black Boy, Black Boy

    by Crown Shepherd
  • Her Tale Was Told In Whispers

    by Mutch Katsonga



    "The first time I saw Marcy she was walking alone in the rain."


    A heart-stopping tale of how a seemingly inconsequential encounter changes a young man's life in unimaginable, devastating and far-reaching ways!

    *An immersive, intensely addictive tale with arresting plot twists!


    Amazon Link:


    Goodreads Li... more

  • The Bad Lie

    by Peter Dudley
    Jay had hoped to spend the summer after fifth grade at his dad’s in New York, but instead he’s stuck in boring day care while his mom works and his friends bike around and have fun. Jay’s weekly bright spot is the day care’s golf outings at Fair Elm Country Club on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Although his cool friends make fun of him for being in day care, he likes golfing with Becca, a smart girl on the fringe of the popular group who’s really helping him improve his putting. When his f... more