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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Counting on Christmas

    by Ken White
    Heartbroken when a precious holiday keepsake is stolen and her Christmas-themed business is threatened, a young woman who believes Christmas is the key to happiness learns life-changing lessons about love, family, community, and the true meaning of Christmas when she is visited by the ghosts of loved ones on Christmas Eve.
  • That Happiness Thing: A Hometown Fable

    by Ken White
    What is happiness? That’s what a 10-year-old boy from a small California town wants to know. It’s 1958. Christmas is just around the corner. His family isn’t happy and he doesn’t know why. So he sets out to explore his home town and find out. With a little help from an elderly gentleman and a magical snow globe, he discovers that true happiness isn’t about having the most of everything, but making the most of everything you have. When his journey is finally complete, he learns that That Happines... more
  • Brighter Day

    by Ken White
    As the tumultuous Sixties come to a close, a California college student risks everything he cares about as he traffics with the lunatic fringe of radical politics and culture in his quest to make sense of a government he no longer trusts and a war he no longer believes in.
  • Boken's Crazy Camping Caper!

    by Sara Mastriforte

    After Boken's incredible trip around Spain, it wasn't long before he was off on his next adventure ... camping with his best friend Bounce and their dads. Having never been camping before, Boken is appalled that he will be sleeping outside, rather than curled up on his Mum's squishy tummy. But his thoughts soon turn to a real positive about being in the great outdoors - eating BBQ food, cooked by his BBQ king dad! With his best friend by his side, Boken explores the wonders of the... more


    by Justnere_
    Book one in The Dealer's Series. 'Cause, this is the best deal that I have ever made.' ♤♤♤♤ Her- "I do what I do for the people I love." Blonde hair, blue eyes, an affinity to make Deals. That's one way to describe a Griffin spawn but when it comes down to Peyton Griffin, she breaks the chain. Known for always putting others before herself and carrying around baggage, Peyton must face her demons. Not only the ones that are out to get her but also the ones that are out for her frie... more
  • Death by Society

    by Sierra Elmore
    MEAN GIRLS meets IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY when two teenage girls’ worlds collide when one attempts suicide to avoid toxic popularity.
  • Shadow of the Taj

    by Lara Bernhardt
    When Leslie Matthews travels to India with her husband, she doesn't expect her life to change. But then she meets Raveena, an orphan desperate for help. Haunted by the secrets she harbors, Leslie fights to rescue the girl from a sordid underworld that exploits women and girls. But the men holding Raveena are determined to keep the girl and won’t let a woman get in their way. The police can’t help her. The embassy can’t help her. Her husband refuses to help her. But Leslie won’t stop, no matter ... more
  • Tales of the Romanov Empire

    by Tamar Anolic
    Tales of the Romanov Empire is a novel that examines one of history’s most successful dynasties. The Romanovs were Russia’s absolute monarchs from 1613 until 1917. Yet, beyond the glittering wealth and tragic love story of Nicholas and Alexandra, much of the dynasty remains shrouded in mystery. Tales of The Romanov Empire sheds light on the Romanovs’ unknown figures, from the election of Mikhail Feodorovich, the first Romanov tsar, to the bride shows that were staged to help Tsar Alexei find a w... more
  • Sins of the Tribe

    by Mark A. Salter
    Sins of the Tribe, by author Mark A. Salter, explores the impact of intense tribalism and its resulting dehumanization in a setting that’s popular, wildly flawed, and hiding in plain sight: college football. Wally Hestia is on top of the world when he becomes a member of the Bastille University Tribe football team, a six-time national champion powerhouse with a pristine reputation and a nationwide following. But he’s only on the team as the holder for his mentally deficient brother, Henry, a kic... more
  • Whee!

    by Carol Higgins-Lawrence
    Marie wants to make friends in the park. She's shy, having just moved from Haiti. When she finds the courage to play on the swings, she realizes that she's not the only kid from somewhere else. Marie is able to make new friends and she begins to feel at home. Together, they discover that everyone speaks different languages, but when they're soaring on the swings they all sing, "Whee!". Meet Marie's new friends and you'll learn how to say hello and good-bye in Haitian Creole, Hindi, Spanish, Man... more
  • The Route That Takes You Home (book 1)

    by Melanie Lageschulte

    All she needs is a fresh start. Can she find it in a familiar place? It’s been a rough year for Kate Duncan, both on and off the job. Being a mail carrier puts her in close proximity to her customers, with consequences that can’t always be foreseen. So when a position opens at her hometown post office, she decides to put Chicago in her rearview mirror. What follows is a summer filled with change. Kate and her cat settle into a charming apartment above Eagle River&... more

  • The Jendelliad

    by Corey Brehm
    Jendell is on the brink of civil war after the contentious election of a polarizing candidate. As the country teeters towards destruction, it will be up to its citizens to fight for what they believe in to save their country.
  • Rare Bird Alert

    by Richard Peake
    On a flight to a birding tour in Australia, Margaret Smith develops a friendship with Hammond ("Porky") Frank. On the first part of the tour, they become close friends, although Margaret ("Maggie") becomes suspicious of Porky. On the northern part of the trip, they are joined by a new assistant leader, Jameson Kanger, who begins a scheme with Porky. Left to herself, Maggie spends time with other tour members, especially Patricia Shaper, a young Olympic Women's Trap Skeet champion. Kanger drugs S... more
  • Moon's Black Gold

    by Richard Peake
    Everett "Moon" Lunamin returns from battles in Vietnam determined to gain wealth and social status mining coal during the coal boom of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Moon struggles with his cousin George Landsetter, a reclamation officer, and surface mining competitors whose greed exceeds their ethics. He succeeds and marries his high school sweetheart, whose family accepts him because he is now wealthy. Moon becomes unhappy that his wife Susan enjoys his money but is unhappy with his efforts t... more
  • Patches the Cow Dog

    by Elizabeth I. Acree

    Patches the Cow Dog is based on a true story and tells the tale of a lone lost puppy amidst a herd of cows and how he comes to survive on his own. Mr. B, a cattleman of the area, rides his beloved horse Doubletime on the levee among his cows every day to be sure they are alright. One day, he sees a little white darting thing darting in and out among his cows. Mr. B cannot tell what it is so he tells Doubletime to go after it. Eventually Mr. B determines that it is a little puppy runn... more

  • Los pececitos aventureros

    by Vicki Riske
    Los pececitos aventureros is the Spanish translation of Fishy Tales, which was translated by Sonia Elizabeth Urrutia de Soto. Los pececitos aventureros is a picture book about a colorful school of fish, who love to swim and play in the ocean. While playing their favorite game, Marco Polo, the fish hear cries for help. The concerned fish are off on an adventure to save an Octopus and their ocean from a large trash island. Children are concerned about the environment that they are inheritin... more