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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • An Evening In Wonderland. A Brief Story of Maths, Physics & The Universe

    by Jacqueline Koay
    You know Alice Liddell. You probably read about her in Through The Looking Glass or Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. Well, she has now resurfaced in Oxford, at the university, as a first year postgraduate in theoretical physics. Time does play tricks, and nowhere more so than Oxford, where the bloody bells wouldn't stop bonging. Alice has two problems. One: she knew more physics than her professor. Two: she is madly in love with him and he is married with three children! (to a dumb woman... more
  • The Sweetness of Her Self

    by Mark Herder

    "The Sweetness of Her Self" recasts the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice set against the backdrop of the 1980s Hollywood punk scene. 
    Johnny O., singer for an up-and-coming punk band, first notices Anne Jennings during one of the band’s gigs. He quickly becomes intoxicated with this otherworldly woman, her eyes the color of absinthe. Who is she? What is she? No matter: she quickly becomes his lover and his muse, their love creating its own myth, a defen... more

  • Toni's Smile

    by Jeff Stilwell
    On inauguration night, the President tragically dies, leaving Toni Madison, his chosen Veep, as the first Blatina President of the United States. For three years, she has faithfully protected his legacy. As the fourth spring dawns, however, she is troubled by the ineluctable thought that she is letting the People down. She could do better. Her decision to seek election in her own right triggers a series of events that challenge her to stand by her principles – infuriating Congressional betray... more
  • Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales

    by Ayn Cates Sullivan
    Heroines of Avalon includes a round table of inspiring women, including well-known Welsh deities and almost forgotten Arthurian female Grail Knights and landscape Goddesses. In this collection of British myths and legends, each heroine re-tells her story, often freeing herself from centuries of misunderstanding. These feisty women are inspiring role models. The book also includes practices that can help the reader journey to the deity and integrate the heroine’s life affirming qualities. This is... more
  • Monkey Stuff

    by Rebecca Bielawski
    A monkey thief was lurking and... some naughtiness was being planned. Learn to count the numbers 1 to 10 with a cheeky little monkey.
  • Frozen Butterflies

    by Simona Grossi
    Susan Blanc—loner, insomniac, and LA-based professor of psychology—meets Nick, a blogger, at a nightclub she discovers on a sleepless night. Nick seems to be “consumed by something, someone, or himself" and, upon their second meeting, takes her to his apartment. While browsing through Nick’s books, Susan comes across a worn notebook with a light blue cover. Nick explains that it’s a journal he found on a bus and that something about it compelled him to keep it and attempt to return it to its ... more
  • Finding Love

    by Judith Keim
    As Regan Sullivan continues to work with her sisters, Sheena and Darcy, to meet their Uncle Gavin’s challenge to make the Salty Key Inn a success, she wonders why she can never find the man of her dreams. Her sisters are happily settled with men they love. Why can’t she do the same? When she’s involved in a motorcycle accident with Brian Harwood, Regan learns to think differently about both her appearance and herself. And as she deals with her injuries and helps Brian recover from the accident s... more
  • Finding My Way

    by Judith Keim
    Darcy Sullivan and her two sisters continue to work hard at the Salty Key Inn, the small, Florida hotel they unexpectedly inherited. In order to inherit the rest of Uncle Gavin’s sizeable estate, they must meet his challenge to open the neglected hotel by the end of the year. Darcy figures once they meet the challenge, she’ll take off, travel the world, and maybe, just maybe, begin writing the world’s best novel. When she meets Nick Howard, an older man who is a reporter for the local newspaper ... more
  • Finding Me

    by Judith Keim
    Sheena Sullivan Morelli and her sisters, Darcy and Regan, receive the unexpected news that their Uncle Gavin Sullivan, the black sheep of the family, has left them a hotel on the Gulf coast of Florida. The gift comes with a twist. They must live together for one year at the hotel and prepare the hotel to receive guests within a year. Sheena, eager to escape her role of unappreciated wife and mother, can’t wait for the opportunity to find herself. Dreams of sitting on the beach sipping margaritas... more
  • Beethoven’s String Quartet Opus 74 ‘The Harp’

    by Janet White
    The story traces the history of Beethoven’s Opus 74 String Quartet from its composition in besieged Vienna in 1809 through its concealment in Poland during World War Two, to the present day where it is held hostage in the Jagiellonian Library in Kraków, Poland until adequate war reparations are paid by Germany. Gunther Erdogan, second violinist of the London String Quartet, is pressured by a secret agent of the German government to steal Beethoven’s manuscript from the library during a European... more
  • Irritations from the Colorground of Drawplay

    by Justin Letourneau
    A humorous take on life, people, animals, and everything.
  • Mahabharata: Retold and Illustrated

    by Dr.Ilango Sivaraman
    This story is known to almost every Indian - It is a story of treachery and war between two families closely related to each other. It is believed - this is not a story but it actually happened - in 3100 BC ,that is about 5000 years ago. The story portrays many unique characters -of a particular family of five brothers - The eldest, Yudhisthira (who never tells lies under any circumstances)- Bhima - Strongest of all men, Arjuna-The best in archery . Draupadi- A young princess, by force of cir... more
  • Allie and Gator: A Story About a Girl and Her Gator

    by Geneva Bowers
    Allie and Gator are best friends! Allie is inventive and bright. Gator is lively and rambunctious. They love to explore and play and collect berries around the riverside. One day, Allie plants a berry bush and Gator was curious... Allie & Gator is a story about the beauty of exploration and patience. Written and illustrated by Geneva B, an illustrator with an eye for fantasy elements and diverse characters.
  • A Time to Wean

    by marlene susan
    Follow favorite animals as they grow, discover new things, nurse less and wean. All with the comfort and reassurance that love and hugs from mama never change.
  • Illusions of Happiness

    by Sincere Jones
    Anquan, a man in his twenties, decides to separate from his wife Janessa after two years of marriage. His reason for doing so is simple, he isn’t happy. Can you blame him? It wasn’t what he envisioned for his life. Anquan begins to test the dating market in search for what he believes is an ideal mate: a younger more attractive woman. Children are grounds for automatic disqualification. Armed with his two chauvinistic and womanizer friends he begins his quest, but quickly discovers that finding ... more