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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Christmas Voices

    by John Callas
    John Daily’s hard-sighted focus on his success has blinded him to the bigger picture. In spite of all the successful things he has done in business, in spite of all the wealth and prestige he has accumulated for himself, there is a gaping void at the center of his existence. John Daily knows the proverbial price of everything and the value of nothing. He buys the package because of the way it looks, not because of what’s inside. He has a loving wife and picture-book kids, but he’s incapable o... more
  • Sepp Rehab: Restoration

    by helmut s.
    In Rehab & Restoration Sepp is surviving yet another meeting with 'the end of life as he understands it' with the help of his 'Guardian Angel." He works hard but struggles. After several attempts to get a grip on life, he realizes that he has no control and therefore gives up to win. When everything is going Sepp's way, and a good friend needs a favor, Sepp agrees to skipper the 72foot MY-Seefahrt down south to Puerto Vallarta. Coming back Sepp has to start over, and he does.
  • A Long Time Gone

    by Charles Souby
    What happens to an Ivy League grad who’s slated to go to work for his father as a Washington mining lobbyist, only to find his life’s values chipped away by an unrequited love and a growing fascination with spirituality and the environment? Before returning home to greet his father on his deathbed, Jeffrey Woodward hopes to face gnawing fears and figure out what matters in his life by traveling to the Yukon Territory of 1982 with only a backpack, guitar and his thumb. What he discovers on his jo... more
  • Cedric the Bulge

    by Neal Wooten
    Cedric DeBurr is a senior in high school and the smartest in his class. The star of the football team and the math team, he loves literature and poetry, both reading and writing. But he has a noticeable flaw: an incredibly large belly, which earns him the nickname, Cedric the Bulge. This is only whispered in private since any reference to it earns a prompt beating from this teen behemoth. Secretly in love with a cheerleader named Roxy, he finds a way to finally express his feelings by helping th... more
  • The Furies

    by Corey Croft
    The city of Fury is a mother that eats its young. It is a working class melting-pot found at the end of the line on the Quad-City Express. It is a place with where the predators are equal to the number of those preyed upon. Living in the city is tough, and growing up there is even harder. Cava, Luc, and Sally each face their own demons trying to make it through their final year of high school. Surrounded by fiends, thieves, prostitutes, and gangs, the crew must find their own path to overcome... more
  • Mississippi Dreams: Living Life on the Edge: The Street Life to getting to know Christ

    by Dr. Jeremiah Barnett
    How do you deal with adversity in poverty? Jeremiah’s parents sent him to Lexington, MS to live with his grandmother. He went from a life of crime to a life of racism. This book elaborates on a young man from Chicago, IL that lived in a crime infested neighborhood. He was faced with racism, gang violence, and the loss of several love ones. He had to make some drastic life changes to survive the streets of Chicago. Jeremiah found God and peace on his journey to receiving a Doctoral degree. ... more
  • Quite Possibly Without Doubt the Best Story Book in the World Ever, Maybe: (A Bumper Book of Bite-Sized Bedtime Tales)

    by Neil McFarlane
    With a host of animal and human characters, these humorous and imaginative tales feature space-faring puppies, Kung Fu Grasshoppers, time-traveling slugs, undersea bee explorers, Viking goats, boogie woogie monkeys, disco-dancing Romans, and tiddlywinking cockroaches, to name a few.
  • Winter's Child: a novel

    by RJ Hervey

    Set against the colorful backdrop of 15th century Florence, Winter's Child tells the stunning tale of Amadora Trovatelli, a workshop apprentice who, after miraculously escaping from a horrific fire, swears to kill the nobleman who took everything from her.

    With nothing but her harp, Amadora dives headfirst into the charged political landscape of Florence. Caught with the Medici on one side, the Salviati on the other, and the constant reminder that higher powers are in contr... more

  • ALL BECAUSE OF HER : A poignant love story and an intense thriller.: ( THE FULL STORY (Contains Books 1 and 2 together)

    by Gretta Curran Browne
    Spanning two generations, moving back and forth from London to America, a story that will knock your emotional socks off! This is a real page-turner" - IRISH NEWS PROLOGUE - 1940 - PARIS Book 1 & 2 -- From the summer of 1963, infused with the glorious music and various world events of the period, to the summer of 1995 - an unforgettable story of the true and unrelenting love of a young couple, darkened at its edges by the determination of one unique woman who always must have her way. ... more
  • Metaphysical Island: Dimensional Detective Manny Levels Investigates Reality

    by Tony Giovia
    A hard-boiled dimensional detective, a Princess and a robot embark on a curious adventure in search of Reality and The Meaning of Life. Manny Levels knew trouble when he saw it, and he saw it when Princess Tierra De Arcana sashayed into his Dimensional Thinking Detective Agency. Drawn by her beauty, he took the job when she asked him to find answers to two questions: "What is Reality? And what is my place in it?" The investigation forces Manny, Tierra and their robot guide Lowenbee Hold to solve... more
  • Sunshine Through the Rain

    by C.A. Collins
    Sunshine through the Rain follows Christie Ann Cook, a cynical, wise-beyond-her-years, truth-telling young girl who is coming of age in the Deep South during the civil rights movement, women’s rights, and Roe v. Wade. Christie narrates her story mixing equal measures of drama and humor. She is trying to determine who she is in a home where her mother’s main goal is to turn her into a Southern belle while her father tries to turn her into the boy he always wanted. Guided by Ernestine, the family’... more
  • Firstborn: A Novel of Leonardo da Vinci

    by J.A. Burton
    In 15th century Tuscany, Leonardo da Vinci is a boy snared by the past and caught between two families. His first taste of a father’s authority comes when he is seized from his mother and taken to Vinci by a stranger, a man named Ser Piero, his father. Leonardo tries to run away only to realize he must accept the conditions set forth by the man who has the power to decide his fate. An unexpected day arrives when Leonardo must choose between his parents: He can return to live with his beloved mo... more
  • A Bucket of Whitewash

    by David J. Diamond
    This story takes place in 1963 in Mississippi before legal segregation in the South was ended with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The characters are fictional, but the attitudes and actions of the whites in Mississippi at that time are not a fiction.The story centers on Angie Pennington, a black research assistant to Professor Craig Harris of the University of Chicago. Angie has romantic designs on her white boss and when she is rebuffed she returns to her home in Mississippi after an absence of ... more
  • Nowhere to Go: Christian Orphan Brothers Struggle to Stay Together

    by R. J. Miller
    A "The Boxcar Children" meets "The Great Brain" novel. Jake and Jimmy Landon find themselves orphaned and don’t want to be separated in the foster care system. Jimmy, a 15-year-old genius decides to take matters into his own hands and keep what’s left of their family together. The story is told through the eyes of ten-year-old Jake. They’re careful to keep their secret, but how long can they pretend to have a non-existent mother? Or worse, will “Uncle” Jed find out where they live? ... more
  • The Trial of St. John. Was the Gospel of John Responsible for the Holocaust? You Decide.

    by David J. Diamond
    The 12 year old daughter of a history professor is sexually assaulted on Good Friday because she is Jewish and the boys want revenge for the Jews killing Jesus. The professor is horrified by what happened to his daughter and his determined to find the source of anti-Semitism. His research leads him to the Gospel of John where John denounces the Jews as children of the Devil. An extreme Christian organization learns about the professor's book which is about to be published. They take extreme ... more
  • The Never Ending Life

    by Anum Abdullah
    The Never Ending Life is an exploration of the twist between the brutal realities of life along with the fictitious happy ever afters that we all long for. A real story about all the different ingredients that when mixed together create the unique blend which is what we call…life. Each chapter in this book is one that we go through at the different stages and stops in our journey. Each chapter in our lives adds to our story and contributes towards the individual we turn into. Each story explor... more