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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Killer and Other Stories

    by Robert Levin
    Stories that run the gamut from the very funny to the darkly serious.
  • The Arctic Quest

    by Minda Gomez
    Let your imagination soar in this exciting illustrated adventure! Rico, Diego, and Araceli Martinez’s road-trip to Mexico just got a lot more exciting, thanks to an incredible gift that turns them into Arctic animals! As they scurry, fly, and lumber through the Arctic, will they work together to complete Don Toño's challenge in time? You will love following the adventures of these spunky bilingual siblings, and will savor their deliciously warm Navidad celebration in Mexico!
  • Sun City, A Hilariously Addictive Story of Rebellion

    by Matthew Minson
    A Heart Warming Recipe for Fun Take one old farmer, a salacious genius chef named Betty Crocker, a former CIA operative turned counterculture warrior, a mob boss in witness protection and a 14-year-old boy and girl who just want to make movies. Add a coven of clog dancing Wiccans, a corrupt corporation, and a pack of feral hogs. Mix in a cache of hyper-engineered government pot seed and bake to perfection in the Texas heat. What do you get? A delectable dish called Sun City, a positively addict... more
  • The Indian and Me

    by Catherine Peebles

    Set during the American Revolution with historical true events and romance. 

  • What Would The Founding Fathers Tell Us Today?

    by Werner Neff
    The United States was founded in the late 18th century, as the first republic based on modern democratic rules. The texts of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights dominated the ruling of the country with separation of powers to legislature, executive, and judiciary. What the Founding Fathers learned from the Greeks and Romans shaped this country. America created the model for modern democracy, which was later copied by countries around the world. Today, we are struggling to maintain the de... more
  • Dear Father

    by Dee Miller
    A promise is a promise…. until it’s not. This is a story about a woman making a promise to herself to find her father, no matter who or where he is. Betty (Betz) Doyle was born in the late 1920s. She is raised as an only child to a single mother. On her mother’s deathbed, she hopes the identity of her birth father will finally be revealed. When it isn’t, her desperate search begins. Betz embarks on her hunt in the small town she grew up in. There has to be someone who knows the facts surroundi... more
  • The Monkey on My Brother's Back

    by Brian Storm
    The Monkey on My Brother's Back is a metaphorical cautionary tale describing what can happen when children don't listen to their parents. Told from the perspective of his younger brother, the story illustrates how Zach defies his parents and winds up getting a monkey stuck on his back! This story can help young children who witness older siblings suffer from substance abuse, offering hope and a better understanding of the issue.
  • The Bookmark/979-8-9859733-0-3/B0B5B74Z9Y

    by Anne Supsic

    The legendary Marquis de Lafayette,

    A forgotten Moravian woman who became his nurse,

    And a bookmark with a secret. . .

    The Bookmark combines a historical love story with a modern-day mystery as the discovery of an eighteenth-century bookmark reveals what really happened between the legendary Frenchman and the Moravian maid.

  • Notes from the Pandemic of 2025

    by Rhys McCarney

    This peek into the future is mostly humorous. Looking back at the Covid19 period, 2019-2022, do you feel relieved that it’s finally fading and normal life is re-emerging? Was that stressful period full of strange and anxiety-ridden events? Do you feel relieved that it’s finally, maybe, over? Well, wait until you see what the next pandemic is like. It makes the period dominated by COVID19 look idyllic. Fortunately, America can find guidance from those elements of society with supre... more

  • They Were Chosen

    by Shola Gbemi
    There are two sides to every story. Jermaine Aseyori maintains a small circle, and is convinced that college is a scam. Kendra Gaskins pushes herself to embody class and poise as she juggles friendships, her mother's expectations, and her own thoughts. Like most twenty-somethings on their predominantly Black campus, both students expect this semester to be like the others— until circumstances beyond their control force them to question their friends, their community, and themselves. They W... more
  • Between there and now, too

    by Gracey George
    Twenty-four stories from nine different authors; something you’re guaranteed to love. At least we did — that’s why they’re in here. Fiction and nonfiction, from writers who will see their work in print for the first time to those who teach college classes on the subject. Includes pieces by Bea Helman, George Goodell, Miranda Mellis, Jared Radke, Kayla Martell Feldman, Jack George, Isabella Greenwood, José Carpio and Marlon Webster Paine.
  • The Man in Cabin Number Five

    by Chrysteen Braun
    When seven 1920 era cabins in Lake Arrowhead, California, are restored to their original vintage charm, the new owner has no idea that the cabins have their own stories to tell. The Guest Book Trilogy, Book One, The Man in Cabin Number Five is about two women; one who is looking towards her future and one who has discovered thirty years after her father died that it was a from murder/suicide and not natural causes.
  • Boys In Exile

    by Richard Duggin
    BOYS IN EXILE is the story of ten pre-adolescent boys housed together for eight weeks in Timber Wolf cabin at Camp Hemlock to “make new friends and learn life-long social skills.” Physically weak and slight in stature, Elliott “Squeaker” Streett brings to camp his fear of bullies and his lack of confidence in his ability to protect himself from harm. Elliott's efforts to win the approval of the toughest boy in Wolf Cabin only result in humiliation and betrayal, until the erosion of his moral com... more
  • Filtered Through Love: The Sovereignty of God in Action

    by Rowland Bugden
    This book explores how God's sovereignty impacted on His relationships with His people in Bible times and continues to do with us today. We see a God who deals with us as a loving God, not as a dictatorial tyrant. The book is based on a series of lectures given at a conference of pastors in the Philippines in November 2018.Each chapter contains two or more questions to stimulate thought or for group discussion. These are based on the subject matter of the chapter in which they appear.
  • Boken - It's All About Me!

    by Sara Mastriforte
    Boken - It´s All About Me! It is what it says on the tin - an introduction to the adventures of Boken the Miniature Schnauzer. Before you can delve into his fun and fabulous adventures, you need to get to grips with who he is, where he lives, what he likes to do, who his amigos are and most importantly, what food he likes. Boken is a fun loving, very cheeky little chap who likes nothing more than having fun, exploring the world and loving those who love him back. Welcome to his introduction to h... more
  • Boken's Fantastic Feast of Food!

    by Sara Mastriforte
    Boken, the lovable Miniature Schnauzer, loves his food almost more than anything else on the planet. He loves to sniff it out, discover new tastes and more than anything else, gobble up anything he can find. His nose is trained to sniff out food so far into the distance that he should be awarded an Olympic gold medal for finding food. Chicken, beef, salmon .... it doesn't matter. If its food, he'll find it, but there's one thing he turns his nose up at - celery! His love of food can find him in ... more