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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • SCHLOCK Featuring Russia Cop

    by David R. Low
    Beginning in the streets of Tokyo and ending in the cosmos, Russia is at the center of SCHLOCK. These four stories center around an eclectic cast of characters in the 2010s - obsessed fanboys, Soviet rock stars, English teachers, expats trying to comprehend the Russian Soul, living sex dolls, Australian pub crawlers, and a genetically engineered law enforcement officer whose sole purpose is to enforce patriotism and Russian Soul in the Russian Federation. SCHLOCK!
  • Heimat

    by Paul Marzell
    Matthias Schmidt left post-WWI Germany in 1929 for America intending to return someday to Neisse, his Heimat, as a successful American citizen. Before leaving Germany, his plan began unraveling in Berlin’s Bahnhof where he saved the life of an American diplomat. His heroism created a friendship with the diplomat and three other German emigrants, with similar dreams, that sustained them through misconceptions of the American dream, the Great Depression, assimilation into American culture, and WW... more
  • The Complete Book of Aspen: A Novel

    by Danna Smith

    DNA sucks at keeping secrets!

    When Aspen’s best friend gives her a DNA test kit, a half teaspoon of spit is all it takes to discover her entire life has been a lie.

    Learning that her beloved late father was not her biological father—and that her mother had deceived her—ignites a wild storm of emotions. Aspen struggles with her identity and the burden of being the gatekeeper of this closely guarded family secret. When her mother refuses to reveal her biological fa... more

  • Four Ladies

    by Hussin Alkheder
    From Middle Eastern storyteller, Hussin Alkheder, comes a collection of short stories influenced by the four major cities he’s lived in: Damascus, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai. These four grand ladies have played important roles in his life journey. In the Four Ladies, we find three stories based in Damascus, the cradle of history: Hand Made Crutches makes us feel the suffering of a mother with four daughters and a disabled son; The Green Bus gives a glimpse of Damascus both before and afte... more
  • Gabe's Christmas Wish

    by Katrina Doucet
    A young boy’s grief and a heartfelt Christmas wish give way to a magical adventure of hope. It’s the first Christmas Eve without his loving parents, and a grief-stricken child named Gabe has a sad heart. Mourning their absence, the despondent boy makes a wish that changes his lonely night into one of adventure. Through a dreamily illustrated text, author Katrina Doucet masterfully weaves a poignant story of hope about dealing with loss. A story of grief and hope conveying that a parent’s lo... more
  • Nothing and Everything: A One-Day Seventh Grade Exposé

    by Kathryn Halberg
    Seventh grade. These students know the lay of the land, but remain susceptible to the whims of each other and everyone else. They dwell in the fuzzy shallows somewhere between childhood and teenage existence. Follow twelve compelling seventh graders on the first day of school and experience their emotions and uncertainty as they hand off the story reins one by one. While rumors of a fight at the nearby high school circulate and grow more audacious with each retelling, you meet each of the mai... more
  • A Different Purpose

    by Stephen D. Senturia

    Martin and Jenny's marriage has been threatened by a sexual indiscretion. They seek reconciliation with the help of a skilled therapist, amid new stresses at their son's school and a sudden tripling of Martin's teaching load. Hovering over and nagging at Martin's consciousness is the question of his mother, who deserted the family when Martin was only 4. Now, he finds, he must search for her. He and Jenny discover that some questions have answers, but there are others for whic... more

  • Cross Purposes

    by Stephen D. Senturia
    Martin Quint and Jenny have moved to Bottlesworth College in Maine, where Martin hopes to find a calmer environment in which to write his long-simmering book on the role of live conversation in education. Jenny, meanwhile, has started a replica-antique business, and the couple argue over money, child care, and travel. A pushy college trustee diverts Martin's attentions with a new project, and an unwelcome relic of Martin's past arrives to push the marriage to a precipice.
  • One Man's Purpose

    by Stephen D. Senturia
    Martin Quint, Professor of Engineering at the Cambridge Technology Institute and world-class researcher, is assigned to mentor the razor-thin tenure case of a female, Hispanic colleague. HIs wife, Jenny, pregnant and anxious, must compete for Martin's attention as the case makes its tortuous way through the system. The case ultimately fails amid upsets and lawsuits, but Jenny and Martin's marriage, while bruised, survives.
  • My Name Is Edward

    by Annmarie Topel
    Unwanted and neglected since birth, Edward struggles to find his way in the world. With the death of the grandmother who was raising him, Edward is left with no one. Eventually, he is forced to take to the streets where he finds that his struggles are more than just surviving. Battling internal demons and unable to trust anyone, the hope he fought to hang onto fades, and he begins to lose his grip. Ann, a high-powered businesswoman with barely enough hours in the day to manage her own busy li... more
  • The Student Panopticon

    by Canisio Mudzimu
    Gift Wagona grows up under debilitating poverty in the People's Republic of Zvevanhu, which is under the tyrannical rule of the Supreme Leader who clings onto power by hook and crook. Gift fortunately gets a bursary until he enrolls at the University of the North where meets Stella who has secrets of her own. Gift is subsequently recruited into the Intelligence Organization where he assumes the name Agent Foxtrot but he goes on not only to date two more women but to also sell state secrets to th... more
  • The Wild Fields

    by Paul D. LeFavor
    Lying at the crossroads of Europe, Ukraine has long struggled to forge an independent path between the West and Russia. So great has been this conflict that a prominent theme in Ukraine’s history is its struggle for freedom from foreign rule. The Wild Fields is a story about a man and his struggle between good and evil and the decisions he must make for his family, and most importantly, his own sanity, in the war ravaged Donbas region of Ukraine.
  • The Caroler

    by Liza Martini
    In a dark basement one July afternoon, a nutcracker awakes in his excelsior crate and is surprised to see two other figurines, Carol and Glory, staring back at him from the opposite end. He’ll have to get used to much more than shared space before long. When toys and dolls with human likeness are animated by an itinerant Grace Light, their stories become intertwined. The story of bacon and sausages, greed and gluttony, curses and a need for redemption is the backstory of The Nutcracker told thr... more
  • Treble Damages

    by David Elkind
    TREBLE DAMAGES SYNOPSIS A leading New York lawyer reaches the top of his career through brilliance and ruthlessness, but his life is ruined because of his fatal flaw. Jack Pressler is considered the top antitrust lawyer in the country. His partners respect and fear him, and make him the firm’s first name partner since the 19th century. Jack’s pitfall is that if anyone crosses him, he reacts with an unmatched fury. He strikes back at anyone who fuels his anger... more
  • Love Me On Purpose: Book 7 in Hetty Series

    by Martha Sears West
    In this tender and humorous love story. Pippa comes home from college to find her childhood friend Val is no longer. a little boy. Pippa feels both confused and thrilled at the change in him. At sixteen, he handles tragedy with wisdom and maturity. If Val declares his love, will it destroy the friendship they treasure?
  • Hope Is A Six Letter Word

    by Kit Derrick
    When Will Stark’s parents died together in a tragic accident, it felt like his whole World had fallen apart. And then the realisation came that the woman he’d thought he would marry was drifting away too. So Will began a journey around the country, visiting and sketching all the places that held special meanings in his past, to try and regain a sense of his own identity and honour the memory of his parents. That’s what he told himself anyway. It wasn’t avoidance, he’d found a worthwhile purpose.... more