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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon: Poems from my 10-year bender inside heaven's dive bar

    by Randall McNair

    Even if you're on the fence about poetry, having grown to dislike it in school, Randall McNair will bring you over to his side of the fence, the one where the absurd lives. In this debut collection of poems, McNair paints a humorous and vivid picture of what it was like to be a burnout in a world full of over achievers. Although at times raw and explicit, McNair's poetry allows us inside the mind of a very creative, but sad soul, one who's stuck in a career he hates and who, throu... more

  • The Boy King (The Seymour Saga Book 3)

    by Janet Wertman

    Motherless since birth and newly bereft of his father, King Henry VIII, nine-year-old Edward Tudor ascends to the throne of England and quickly learns that he cannot trust anyone, even himself. Edward is at first relieved that his uncle, the new Duke of Somerset, will act on his behalf as Lord Protector, but this consolation evaporates as jealousy spreads through the court. Challengers arise on all sides to wrest control of the child king, and through him, England. While Edward can bring frus... more

  • Thursday April 4th, 1968

    by S. A. Miller
    Thursday, April 4th, 1968 is a fictional story by S. A. Miller about a group of high school students in the fictional town of Harriston who are trying to cope with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. One student in particular, Moses Derrick, a senior track star, is conflicted about running his last race as a high school senior on the same day that Dr. King is laid to rest. Family and friends tell him not to run, but Moses knows that running this race is his last chance to achieve... more
  • Lands of the Living

    by Mary C. Jones
    In a vicious, covert maneuver, the demons deliberately disrupt the natural flow of creation by seizing an innocent life. Their adversaries, the guardian angels of mankind, must now find a missionary willing to serve as the center of gravity for the displaced energy. Detective Andy Walsh, is the one chosen to confront the chaos and restore order. An angelic plan, seeking human justice, will not only mend Andy's damaged heart, but will return all combatants to peace in the Lands of the Living.
  • Return To Tranquility

    by Mary C. Jones
    The rescue was a success, but ten years later, the human participants still languish in doubt. In response, the angels declare a new mission designed specifically to untangle the cords of death. George Duncan, an unlikely hero, is chosen to lead the troops. He is a simple man, but the spiritual realm considers George to have the qualities needed to offer guidance to the lost. He will be the North Star, the compass point on which all will come to for direction, for the souls of the weary must... more
  • Snares of the Nether World

    by Mary C. Jones
    In the human world, Carla Kay Landon is seen as a homeless orphan. in the spiritual realm she is considered to be a quiet light, one who can infiltrate with courage and perform without detection. When a tormented man cries out in prayer for salvation, Carla is the one chosen to rescue him, but first she must be put through a trial of her own. She is more than a child acting on emotions, she is a missionary for the Elite, focused and determined to release the one trapped in a snare.
  • Memoir: The Cathartic Night (Contemplating Temporality to Inevitability)

    by Aman Tiwari
    The protagonist of the story is a middle-aged man, Murk. The story revolves around the protagonist’s existential crisis which is triggered by a sudden life event. The entire plot is divided into three chapters each beginning with a quote summarizing the conceptuality dealt by every chapter. The first chapter is titled, “The Accident” which is the most important chapter covering the major half of the plot. It begins with the protagonist sitting at the backyard of his cabin pouring himself a drink... more
  • A Bend In The River

    by Libby Fischer Hellmann
    In 1968 two young Vietnamese sisters flee to Saigon after their village on the Mekong River is attacked by American forces and burned to the ground. The only survivors of the brutal massacre that killed their family, the sisters struggle to survive but become estranged, separated by sharply different choices and ideologies. Mai ekes out a living as a GI bar girl, but Tam’s anger festers, and she heads into jungle terrain to fight with the Viet Cong. For nearly ten years, neither sister knows if ... more
  • The Science of Defying Gravity

    by L. G. Reed
    THE SCIENCE OF DEFYING GRAVITY by L.G. Reed and published by Keyes Canyon Press. This novel is a genre mashup of STEM based science learning and fictional story. Eleven year old Cassie films her life. She loves movies and dreams of becoming a movie director in space. Step one of her master plan is to go to Space Camp. Her parents planned to send her, but when Dad loses his job, they can’t afford the fee. After learning of a scholarship opportunity Cassie resolves to win on Academic Achieveme... more

    by betty godfrey
    Enduring Times takes place in Carnegie Pennsylvania in the 1900's. Jennifer and her sister were raised by their strict mother who kept them on a tight leash. Jennifer's first act of rebellion was when she applied at the Carnegie Nursing Academy. The second was when she ran off and eloped with Bill Rennie who worked at her fathers bank. When her mother found out she tried to force Jennifer to come home. When she couldn't she screamed "You'll regret the day you married him. For five ... more
  • enduring Times

    by betty godfrey
  • Max in America: Into the Land of Trump

    by Henry Chamberlain
    Maximo is at a crossroads. In his case, the best solution is to cross over the U.S. border in a hot air balloon. This is a madcap freewheeling ride into the dysfunction and mayhem of Trump's America as seen through the personal journey of self-discovery of an eccentric Mexican artist.
  • Wuhan 2020 A Family Vacation Gone Wrong

    by Murtaza Akbar
    The book is all about a family which goes on vacation to Wuhan China on January 13th 2020. It's a story of how the family gets stuck in the Covid epidemic and reach the hospital in a suspected positive carona case and how they free themselves and return back to Germany from where they come from. The journey takes you through emotions, romance, travel. The unique thing about this novel is it that every chapter starts with a quote and ends with a quote.
  • The Eves

    by Grace Sammon
    The Eves is a multi-generational novel portraying lives lived well and lives in transition. Filled with poignancy and humor, The Eves captures the conversations we wish we had had with our parents, if we had taken the opportunity, and the lessons we would want to impart to our children, if they were ready to listen. Told through the voice of the psychologically complex Jessica Barnet, this is her story. As the primary witness in a messy trial she has been torn from the foundation of her existenc... more
  • The Global Reconstruction Project

    by S. W. Cotton
    Many attempts to form a coalition of world governance have failed, but what would happen if one succeeded? This thought-provoking examination, written with the clear intent to present a plausible scenario in which such an ambitious enterprise could actually happen, takes the reader from the germ of an idea to its fullest expression. Events, orchestrated by a cabal of dedicated members, conspire to inaugurate a new world order bent on remaking the global community in their own image. A carefully ... more
  • The Vegan Terrorist

    by Chris Quinn
    Based in Dublin, Ireland, this story is about a young student, Vicky, who seeks to manipulate a young male student, Patrick, into becoming a vegan for a bet. However, Vicky wants more. She wants to use Patrick to hurt her father. Vicky slowly falls in love with Patrick but doesn’t realise his true character. By using her sexuality she pushes Patrick into acts of animal terrorism in the name of veganism. This eventually leads to events that have gone completely out of her control as Patrick's new... more