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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Shortage of Angels

    by Penny Pickle
    A Shortage of Angels By Penny Pickle A Shortage of Angels is set in 1968 in the rural, God-fearing East Texas enclave of Onward. The town is blessed with a side-winking, stick-chewing, ain’t-saying fifth grader at Mirabeau B. Lamar Elementary named Calvinia Jean Prather. “Cal” lives with her granddaddy “Packy,” who is a mortician, in their combination house and funeral parlor. Packy is tall, truthful, loving, and a master at hem hawing about what really happened to Cal’s mother and father.... more
  • A Dinosaur Came to My Birthday Party

    by Frances Mackay
    A fun way to learn the names of some of the best-loved dinosaurs as well as a few lesser-known ones. The ending is totally unexpected and adds a surprise to the story. An entertaining and educational book for 3-5 year-olds and early years classrooms.
  • Noisy Animal ABC

    by Frances Mackay
    Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a capital and lower case letter and an animal. An entertaining and educational book for 3 to 5 year-olds and early years classrooms.
  • Monster Counting Book 1 to 20

    by Frances Mackay
    This book explores numbers, counting, comparisons, colours, number words and shapes. An entertaining and educational book for 3-5 year-olds and early years classrooms.
  • The Things We Need

    by Antonio Robinson

    "He wasn’t a killer and had no plans of becoming one. This wasn’t a stick-up operation like the bandits from the old American west. Nor was it a smash and grab as jewelry store heist had devolved into. In his mind, this was a take what you need kind of affair that would yield no casualties."

    Present-day Charlotte, North Carolina; a thirty-something black man named Reggie Skinter who works as a carpet cleaner making $12/hr; living in a motel called Competitive ... more

  • Once in a Lifetime

    by Suzanne Mattaboni
    In 1984, punk is rampant. Andy Warhol rules. And 20-year-old art student Jessica is sick of all the excitement going on without her. Hungry for the life she’s convinced is just beyond her fingertips, she sets her sights on an avant-garde study abroad program in London she can’t afford. Meanwhile, hometown boyfriend Drew wants to see other people if he’s not exciting enough to keep her stateside. Jess and her buddies rent a beat-up apartment, trolling new wave clubs and waitressing double shif... more
  • Ten Threads

    by Richard R Becker
    An Idaho farmer who earns a second chance at life finds that the past has a hard time letting him go. A young girl navigates funeral-goers, family, and the unusual circumstances of her grandmother’s death in Pennsylvania. A risk-averse young man must make a bold move after stumbling into a nightmarish government biohazard. An aging alcoholic vigilante is asked to find common ground with a teenager in a secret witness protection program. These and six more short stories continue and intersect ... more
  • Only the Brave

    by Katie Roiger
    Victoria is pretty sure she’s going to have the worst summer in history. It’s bad enough that her agonizing shyness keeps her from making friends her own age, but now that her beloved older brother is deploying to Afghanistan, she’s prepared to spend her vacation alone. That is, until an accident forces her to get a job working at her crabby neighbor’s ice cream stand on the shores of Lake Superior. To her surprise, Mr. Poller’s grouchy company turns out to be the very thing she needed to take a... more
  • Tangled Violets

    by Denise-Marie Martin
    Denise-Marie Martin’s debut novel exposes the greatest longings of the human heart: to belong and be loved. Tangled Violets is the shocking, heartbreaking story of an adoptee’s journey to find her biological family long before the days of the internet or consumer genetic testing made such reunions commonplace. A tale of redemption and the healing power of forgiveness, this novel demonstrates that no matter what we have done or where we have been, no one is outside the mercy of God and the healin... more
  • Alien Connection

    by Alex Houston
    'Alien Connection' is situated several hundred years into the future and is about an electrical engineer, Arthur Barthol, and his adventures after he is recruited to install communications equipment on the first space station, which will act as a meeting ground for humans and aliens from other worlds. The story covers his journey from Earth to the outer reaches of human existence in the solar system. His travels bring him beyond the limits of human experience and understanding while encountering... more
  • Antonia of Venice: Premium Hardcover Edition

    by Ellyn Peirson
    Very few knew Antonia, despite her fame as La Stella di Venezia. In decadent 18th century Venice, she develops from Vivaldi's star pupil into his musical colleague and the pride of Venetian music. After falling in love with Orlando Sagredo - master planner of the Palio - Antonia recognizes the emotional bondage she has never questioned. Antonia of Venice is inhabited by brilliant musicians, avaricious politicians, and ineffectual rulers of the Republic. Through it all, the people and music Ant... more
  • Coming Apart

    by Karen Heenan
    A woman who's lost everything. Her sister, who has everything. And a baby who means everything - to both of them. Ava has always been poor, so she doesn't think the Great Depression will change anything. But when her mother dies and her coal miner husband loses his job, Ava's certainty falters. The last thing she needs is a letter from her estranged sister, asking for the impossible. Claire has everything she could ever want, except the child she promised her husband. When her sister's li... more
  • Secrets In The Mirror

    by Leslie Kain
    Secrets In the Mirror is a literary multigenerational family saga. It is psychological fiction with domestic suspense; although it follows identical mirror twins from age 16 through 27, it is a story for adults, showing the impact of family dysfunction, abuse, crime and mental illness on each generation. Early reviews: •\tSecrets in the Mirror is a compelling story about Narcissistic Personality Disorder mixed with family patterns of abuse and addiction. Gavin, the hero, wants only to save his... more
  • Into the Dust - The Virgin - A Burning Man Story

    by Jack Lyons
    WHAT IS BURNING MAN? A place made sacred by people who need a sacred place. Why are people drawn to Burning Man, and what brings them back again and again? What actually happens at the maligned, misunderstood, an iconic event staged in the middle of a Nevada desert? More importantly, what happens to the people who go? Burning Man is just a hedonistic music festival, a decadent party for burnouts, druggies, and hippies. Or so Diane believes, until an unexpected invitation from her closest ... more
  • In the Shadow of the Apocalypse

    by Dinu Pillat
    In the Shadow of the Apocalypse was completed by Dinu Pillat in 1948 and then submitted for review to other writers and literary critics in 1953. Left unpublished, it became the corpus delicti against its author in the 1960 (in)famous trial against dissident intellectuals (the so-called Noica-Pillat batch:, in Romanian). Pillat was found guilty of "plotting against the social order" and sentenced to 25 years detention and 10 years of ... more
  • Herman: A little story about spreading love

    by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
    When Herman spread things, he noticed that it made people very happy. They smiled and said very happy words. That, Herman decided, was just like spreading love. Spreading love was Herman's purpose. But one day, Stanley, a brand new as-seen-on-tv blender shows up and disrupts Herman's whole world. Herman hardly gets used anymore. He loses his whole purpose in life. A book about learning that we have many purposes in this life. And maybe, our most important purpose of all, is spreading love.