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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • My Name on a Grain of Rice

    by Richard Voigt

    Harry Travers walks away from the manicured future his disintegrating, moneyed family had envisioned for him so that he could feel the rush of making something out of nothing. That something would be himself. 

    After quitting his job with a software startup, Harry stumbles into working on a construction site - a dangerous environment in which he has no natural instincts.  As he becomes blinded by the flash of his own intensity, he exposes others to tragedy.  He also become... more

  • Scambait

    by Ryan R. Campbell
    When corporate do-little Eric Amundsen's supposedly long-deceased father contacts him through his spam folder, his on-the-job scambaiting shenanigans become increasingly careless, jeopardizing his personal life and his livelihood. As his problems pile up, the eternally skeptical Eric must choose between turning to a stranger on the internet to get his life back on track or embracing utter destitution.
  • Strike the Waters

    by Ben Bishop
    War reporter Chris Fitzgerald is recalled from overseas to cover the assassination of the mayor of San Francisco. He and his photographer, Luis Alvarez, fly into the city, following the action from the Tenderloin to Russian Hill as they try to locate the leader of the militia group responsible for the killing. When the partners are separated, they must work with their editor—and Chris’s former fiancée—Mallory, to try to locate one another amidst the fog of war. Luis is ultimately killed, leaving... more
  • The Importance of Sons

    by Keira Morgan

    Can Anne make a home for herself in her enemy’s divided court?

    In 1491, France conquers Brittany. To make peace, fifteen-year-old Duchess Anne must marry the young French king. Only her pride sustains her when she arrives in France, defeated, friendless, and homesick. Her principal duty as queen is to provide an heir.

    All France rejoices when Charles-Orland is born—except one woman. Countess Louise d’Angoulême resents the tiny, beguiling Queen Anne from the... more

  • Summer Lightning

    by Roberta Silman
    Belle and Isaac meet by chance at Lindbergh’s historic flight from Roosevelt Field in 1927 and thus begins the story of a family trying to find its place in tumultuous mid-20th century America. Set in Europe, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, England and the Berkshires, the story spans multi-generations. Although the bonds between family members are strong, there is also a yearning for something more. Belle and Isaac and their daughters, Sophy and Vivie negotiate the Depression, WWII, McCart... more
  • Marlon and the Scary Something

    by Dan Bailes


    “Marlon and the Scary Something” is a cozy cat adventure in a chapter book for kids.

    On a lovely spring day, Marlon is enjoying his morning jaunt when he stumbles upon a creature he’s never seen before. In a panic, Marlon is caught in a full-on fear-freeze. He scurries home to hide under the tan couch in the living room, his favorite hiding place. 

    Meanwhile, the creature (a dog named Kukka, with a fondness for sticks) finds Marlon’... more

  • Marlon Finds A Way

    by Dan Bailes
    The first book, Marlon Finds A Way, is a cozy cat adventure about Marlon's attempts to make friends with a sweet sparrow named Silky. Not surprisingly, he tries one approach after the other to no avail. His frustration leads to anger and, with the help of Momma Cat, he learns some strategies he can use to help tame his temper. After some silliness and misadventures, he finally finds a way to gain Silky's trust and they become friends. The book uses humor and Marlon's quirky antics to explore the... more
  • Emmalene A Tiger's Tale

    by Dan Bailes
    Add one lovable tiger, two spunky kids plus a bunch of grumpy grownups and what do you get? A rollicking animal adventure about friendship, self-reliance and how the best of plans can bring whacky results. It's a fun-filled feline fantasy! Perfect for kids 6-9 and anyone who loves tigers and a great story. Get your copy today. Emmalene will thank you!
  • The Adventures of TBUG & Sasquatch

    by Floyd Wray
    The Adventures of TBUG & Sasquatch is a reader for young students. Designed for use by home and public educators, the book contains text-based narrative: printed words grouped according to sentence and paragraph, then sorted into short chapters. QR-Codes provide a technical addition to the book. The small, speckled box at the top of each chapter links a Smart phone or tablet to a visualized audiobook, thereby upscaling the reader to “SMART-narrative. The goal of the book is to create a multi... more
  • Crosswalk Wally

    by Dave Shea
    CROSSWALK WALLY is a picture book for children ages 4 to 8 that tells the story of a crosswalk sign silhouette that gets separated from his bright yellow sign and uses other street signs, of all kinds, to guide him to where he can safely cross the street and finally return to his post. Core values: pedestrian safety, asking for help, responsibility, and perseverance.
  • Border Site Summer: Tales from the Super-Secret Army Security Agency

    by Jeremiah Davis

    Detachment K was a Cold War listening post on a Bavarian mountain. Life there was a mix of M*A*S*H, Animal House, and Catch-22. Its close-knit young men were reluctant soldiers and misfits with little supervision whose misadventures would strain the credulity of today's troops. A curtain of secrecy shielded the outpost and its men from the "real" Army. Learn how they worked, partied, loved, and coped with loneliness.

  • Love Chibis ABC Alphabet Bakery

    by Joqlie Publishing, LLC

    Learning the alphabet has never been sweeter! Introduce your child to the ABCs with Love Chibis® ABC Alphabet Bakery. Featuring delicious ingredients, fun characters, and scrumptious desserts for each letter of the alphabet, this unique easy reader is perfect for children ages 2-6. With colorful illustrations and engaging stories, your child will love this book while they learn!

  • Easy 8-The Big Event

    by Carrolyn Foster
    The competition is tough in the roughest sport on dirt. The bulls are ready for smoke-blowing, snot-slinging, and tail-slapping action. The Native American bulls will be showing their dancing skills as they perform a special dance. There's lots of action, attitude, humor, and of course dirt. Athlete against athlete. Who will last the eight second ride?
  • My Very Punny Dad

    by Ryan Milligan
    My Very Punny Dad is a story for parents with an appreciation of word play and kids who are starting to understand all the silly ways in which language can be used. While a young girl goes about her day, her father wants to keep the laughs coming with his constant puns and “dad jokes”. But just like snacking on cheese, can there be too much of a gouda thing? Humor through rhythm and rhyme from author Ryan Milligan, combined with heartfelt illustrations by Justin Castaneda make for a reading expe... more
  • The Scandinavian Aggressors

    by Rowdy Geirsson

    An offbeat odyssey into the freezing heart of the modern Northlands, The Scandinavian Aggressors chronicles Rowdy Geirsson's tireless quest to uncover the secret history of the early 21st century's resurgence of authentic viking activity known as the Modern Viking Movement.

    Along the way he meets modern viking luminaries such as Trond "Troll-Breath" Trondsen, who successfully raided a historic monastery's gift shop in England; Björn Svensson, who habi... more

  • That's Ridiculous, Said Nicholas

    by Cheryl Taragin
    “That’s Ridiculous, Said Nicholas” is a picture book for children ages 3 to 8. Nicholas Jon Paul Martin William Annabelle Tydings is an energetic young daredevil who walks to the beat of his own drum. He wants to be treated like a sensible child, but people often tell him things he knows cannot be true like don't make faces, your face will freeze like that, or you broke this mirror, it will bring seven years of bad luck. Then he always said, “That's ridiculous,” and moved on. With the help of hi... more