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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gauge Black: Hell's Revenge

    by Mark Justice
    The Civil War has ended. Gauge Black, a Union soldier, is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and is sent to prison in Hell, Arizona Territory, where he spends three years enduring unimaginable and sadistic conditions. Upon his release, he sets on a grim course of violent and hate-fueled revenge against those who sent him to Hell.
  • The Travels of ibn Thomas

    by James Hutson-Wiley
    The adventures of a man torn between religious and political loyalties, and embroiled in international conflict and intrigue, The Travels of ibn Thomas, the second book in the series that began with The Sugar Merchant, is a gripping story of one man’s life, and a fascinating glimpse into the tumultuous twelfth century’s commercial and scientific revolution when the three Abrahamic faiths meet in both cooperation and deadly conflict. Thoma, son of Thomas Woodward, born in Egypt but raised in Eng... more
  • The Kneelees and The Standees

    by Roy Adorjan
    Separately, the Kneelees and the Standees have come to a crossroad... But, where will the road chosen take them? Will the road taken be of equal ground? And which way will the whispering wind blow? In a story for the ages, in a tale for the next generation, The Kneelees and the Standees face a change in the world; gasping for the breath of a nation. This is a story rooted in the basic, fundamental message of freedom and equality. It is an age old tale told about being different, yet still the sa... more
  • When Courage Comes

    by Paul M. Fleming


    It’s 1943 in Huntsville, Texas. Stephan, a German army conscript, is imprisoned in one of the first POW camps hastily built in America. The hostile community fiercely opposes enemy prisoners on American soil, but Stephan’s greatest threat lurks inside the camp – where Nazis demand his loyalty to a cause he despises. Does he ignore his conscience or... more

  • Short Stay Apartments

    by FOX Corporate Housing LLC
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  • Ballet Orphans

    by Terez Mertes Rose
    It's 1990, and New York soloist April Manning is trying to rebalance her world in the aftermath of her parents’ deaths. An offer to join the struggling West Coast Ballet Theatre as a principal dancer seems like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start—a new life in San Francisco, an exciting step up in her career, and the hope of a redefined sense of family. But the other dancers are wary, clannish and tight-lipped, particularly about an incident that hastened the departure of their beloved art... more
  • The Brass Starling

    by Isaac Peterson
    The Brass Starling focuses on a Jewish family in 1910 who have had to flee Eastern Europe to New York City. The main character, 16-year-old Talia, uncovers proof of an ancient evil (only named in Jewish mythology) asserting its influence over corporate bosses: the Amalek. The book is filled with turn-of-the-century technology and magic set against the historical backdrop of the labor movement.
  • One Little Wish

    by Kelly Kas
    After a wish gone awry, 8-year-old Simon receives a magical ball that won't stop growing larger. He realizes what his new ball is capable of and that wishes really do come true.
  • Airport Taxi In Tunbridge Wells

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  • When the Time Is Right

    by Kim Cano
    As veterinarian Michelle Catalano helps other people's ailing animals earn their angel wings, she tries not to think about the empty cat perch in her own home. Or the empty side of her bed, grown cold since her boyfriend left town. Then a pet psychic's uncannily accurate reading leaves Michelle with more questions than the answers she thought were set in stone. And warnings so dark, she wishes she still had her cat at her side to cuddle the fear away. When a brutal murder devastates Michel... more
  • Love's Labour's Won: The Secret Life of William Shakespeare

    by William Gray

    This imaginative, cradle-to-the-grave, fictional autobiography of the world's most admired playwright dramatizes the surprisingly tumultuous life of William Shakespeare, from his colorful childhood in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, through his precarious adult years as a recusant player and playwright in London, and his final, scandal-plagued years back in Stratford. The novel seamlessly integrates many of Shakespeare's poems and play excerpts to create a compell... more

  • Flying Change

    by GG Collins
    Molly dreams of becoming an Olympic equestrian. When she lands a job at a local stable against her father’s wishes, she is excited and hopes dad will acquiesce. The owner of Reintree Stables exchanges her work for riding lessons and she believes she is on her way. But life has a habit of throwing challenges in front of us. Molly is no exception. Two frightening incidents occur and Molly comes to believe she is a coward. If she can’t overcome this notion, her riding career is over. What she doesn... more
  • Without Notice

    by GG Collins
    Blended families are okay until it affects Courtney’s family. It’s bad enough her father moves the family to a new city after her mother is killed, but then they meet his girlfriend Silky. Courtney resists in the only way a thirteen-year-old can; being unkind even when she doesn’t want to be. But a new friendship with a troubled but adventurous girl allows Courtney to try new experiences, until one of these lands them in trouble. Courtney will have to depend on Silky for help.
  • Bougainvillea

    by John Deupree
    The Bougainvillea is not what it seems. This novella explores our acceptance of other dimensions and places of existence. At once a literary, mystical and metaphorical journey, Bougainvillea delves into mysterious realms and takes the reader into uncharted territory.
  • Cheese? Yes, Please!

    by D.A. Jennings

    Kip, the mischievous mouse is back still causing chaos. Friends are not always easy to find. if you're lucky, you may come upon someone special and different. Kip learns what it means to be a friend in my new illustrated book. While searching for something to eat, he meets a lonely girl and together their imaginations soar, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Joy A Modern Fable

    by Alisha Berger Gorder
    An unforgettable debut novel that thoughtfully captures the hopes and dreams of American families. Five loosely connected characters navigate love, parenting, rejection, loss, community and reinvention in this deeply moving and optimistic story. Joy A Modern Fable is contemporary American fiction at its finest. It will restore your faith in the goodness of others and solidify the notion that for all of us, the best is yet to come.