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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Perfection and Other Illusive Things

    by J Mercer
    What if you woke up one morning looking as perfect as you'd always hoped you'd be? What if you then went after all the things you were too afraid to chase after before? And what if that made everything go wrong, instead of right? Drawn to Hawk and intrigued by his colorful best friend Ivy, Eden thinks maybe she could choose something more than the safe, vanilla life she's always had. Juggling the old and new is more difficult than she imagines though, and one night changes everything. Now she... more
  • The Day the Storm Came: A Ms. Carmen's Classroom Story

    by Carmen Miller
    A storm is coming! Ahmad and his family need to prepare for the storm!! In preparation for the storm, Ahmad and his family write a list. A list is a good way to get organized! A list will help everyone remember what jobs must be finished before the storm comes. They need to hurry because once the storm hits, no one can go outside until the storm has passed and it is safe again! Ahmad is not scared. He knows he will be safe at home with his Mummy and Daddy – even if the rain is POURING, th... more
  • And Then He Shot His Cousin

    by Jeremiah Cobra
    Stacey doesn't trust anyone. And he damn sure doesn't have any family. Just people who call themselves family. People who say they love him. People who would use love as a weapon against him. So when his cousin Justice presents him with what he later discovers to be a life or death proposition, the choice comes simply for Stacey: his own life, his cousin's death. But, death is never simple. Before Stacey can take the life of his cousin, he must wonder if he is truly heartless. Or maybe it is pos... more
  • The Shoe Box

    by Robert M. Moores

    Eight year old Violet Cooper is still dealing with the trauma of the death of her dad four years earlier, stuck in the denial stage of grieving and having trouble moving forward with her life. One day, a shoebox discovered in her attic changes everything. Follow Violet as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime.

  • The Kingdom Of Fiends

    by Jeffrey Walters
    THE KINGDOM OF FIENDs, is a fictional story about the gangs in Central America and the abandonment of members of a missionary youth group in a church located in the Slums of Torocagua in the fictional capital of Tengenalpa in the republic in Central America. The Mission group is witness to an assassination of a young boy by the 18th street gang- a violent group that rules over the kingdom. The missionaries are threatened by the gang and depart for the safety of a Hotel, but four lonely souls –t... more

    by Myra Hargrave McIlvain
    Meredith Haggerty plans for years to escape from her abusive husband if she can make it appear that she died and allow him to collect from large insurance policies. Her chance comes when she survives the fall of the North Tower on 9/11. As the bus propels her toward a new life in Mexico, she invents an identify––Shannon Staples, English teacher––for her seatmate, Father Jacques Richelieu. Although he wears a collar, he doesn’t fit her image of a priest, especially after he says that he’s a phys... more
  • Small White and her Friends

    by Antonina Novarese
    Courage and persistence are vital to rescuing friends in trouble. Little bugs are in danger. Taken away by the river, they only have feeble straw to keep them afloat. Will a frog and a small white butterfly be able to save them? Or will they all be caught by a hungry heron? Read about the animal characters' adventures, and find out.
  • I Saved the World and I'm Only in 4th Grade! Backpack of Doom (Book 2)

    by Hiroshi Sosa-Nakata
    Book 2 Warning: This book contains an epic adventure that places three fourth graders in extreme danger. Hiro, Bryan, and Zahra are officially Senshi Warriors hiding in plain sight as fourth graders. It's up to them and their friends to save the world using their wits, creativity, and an alien-enhanced backpack. But why is Bryan acting so strangely, and why are pickles so important to the human race? Our heroes may not have all the answers, but they do have each other.
  • I Saved the World and I'm Only in 4th Grade! Earth's Greatest Pickle (Book 1)

    by Hiroshi Sosa-Nakata
    This book contains an epic adventure that places three fourth-graders in extreme danger. Hiro, Bryan, and Zahra are best friends who happen to save the world. But what did they discover on the nature trail and why are pickles so important to the future of the human race? Throughout this series you’ll read about epic stories related to friendship, teamwork, empathy, diversity, and self confidence. What more could any kid ask for?
  • Bad Dream

    by Julie Kolb
    Now that Julie's arm has healed from her tree root jumping attempt, she is re-illustrating this picture book about a little boy's bad dream. His Grumpa helps him discover being brave, and that everything is not what it seems.
  • Snowball

    by Julie Kolb
    Aimee heads to her grandparents during summer break, to find they have a new puppy, Snowball. Snowball keeps getting out of the fence. Aimee sets out to help her grandparents find out how that little puppy keeps escaping. Focusing on compassion, curiosity and problem solving, Aimee seeks help from supportive adults to find the answer.
  • The Tortoise and the Fair

    by J.R. LaMar
    Come WOLF and come SLOTH, come SNAIL and BEAR, Come TURTLE and TORTOISE, come RABBIT and HARE, Come creature with glamour, come creature with flair, Shout LOUDLY and PROUDLY Hooray, for the fair!
  • enduring times

    by betty godfrey
    Story of a beautiful life that is shattered when their first born son dies. Life drastically changes as the man she loves rips their life apart.It's a story that keeps you wondering how she had the courage to live it and hold their family together. Jennifer's emotional journey and trust in God will make you wonder, could you Endure what she went through???
  • Reckoner

    by Douglas Rappaport

    Miles Rockefeller is a troubled young man-raised in multiple foster homes-with no patience for the folly of other people, surviving from one moment to the next by numbing himself to oblivion. But when he meets another broken in-patient named Sawyer, his life is permanently altered by a senseless crime that shatters not just their own lives, and their unknowing victim, but everyone else in their path.

  • The Silence Of The Sea: Part Three Of The Cypress Branches Trilogy

    by William E. Thomas
    Harry Williamson, still devastated by the breakup of his relationship, retires from his life at sea. Mary Sullivan, trying desperately to escape her past, starts a new life of learning. Leslie Carrington, angry and lost, returns home harbouring a terrible secret. The Silence Of The Sea is the long-awaited conclusion of the acclaimed Cypress Branches trilogy, a heart-breaking and thought-provoking tale of 20th century morals and values.
  • App Development Canada

    by julia johnson
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