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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Face of God

    by Brian Ray Brewer

    Winner of the 2023 Next Generation Indie Award for General Fiction:

    The Face of God is the story of a commercially successful but dissipated pop artist who rediscovers himself and his art through a contract to sculpt the face of God. This story of redemption winds through the New York art scene and high society, through the poor, mean streets of Salvador, Bahia and through the muddied waters of the Rio Xingu in the lower Amazon.

  • The Crazy Old Maid

    by Colleen McCarthy-Evans
    From the first page in the story: "In the little town of Singletary, everyone agrees about one thing: No house needs more than ONE of ANYTHING in it. With one lamp, families huddle around a good book at night. With one book, neighbors share. With one cooking pot, meals are simple! With one ball, everyone is included in the game." Get to know the colorful characters, beautifully illustrated, in this quirky make-believe village, and see how while they get a lot of things right, they still ha... more
  • You Go To My Head

    by Rick Sanford
    ‘You Go To My Head’ is a new collection of short stories. It includes ‘The Sudden Flight Of Mr. Banks’, ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘A Night At The Opera’. Also included are ‘Jack Be Nimble’, ‘Straight, No Chaser’ and ‘How Greene Was My Valerie’. The six stories vary in length from flash fiction to novelette. These six stories are based on and closely follow the plots laid out in six song lyrics written between 1980 and 2001. In each story, the characters, their activities and the situations they fin... more
  • Snurkey; A Turkey's Wish

    by Irma Lima
    Celebrate winter with Turkey, a lovable and happy creature who wishes to become a snowman. Brought to life through this engaging tale from Irma Lima and amusing illustrations by Vidya Vasudevan, Turkey tries to make his wish come true. In asking his friends for help, Turkey experiences some disappointments and realizations but soon learns about true friendships, finally understanding that it is most important to be happy with who you are.
  • A Deadly Gilded Free Fall

    by Cecelia Tichi
    Toxic medicine, a fanatic Chicago detective, and a fatal plunge down a steep staircase embroil Val and Roddy DeVere in a dangerous quest for facts in 1899. Roddy’s fledgling business teeters as his partner begs him to free him from a detective’s “witch hunt.” The question: was the partner’s wife’s fatal free fall an accident? Or was it murder?
  • Born to be Naughty

    by Hina Nauman

    How naughty can one kid be? Did you ever put lizards in the food to end some boring adult party or did you ever wear a secret ink ring to mess with kids who annoy you, did you ever have this motto : If someone gives you pee to drink, simply give them a potty to eat. Imagine a kid like this. And then imagine a kid like this makes her naughtiness double with a perfect addition of a best friend forever in her life. If you have imagined all this, then it's time to meet Hanna from th... more

  • Colors of Life: A brief journey through the intricacies of life situations

    by LEEMON R
    Colors of Life is a collection of short stories highlighting the journey of different individuals through strange life situations and the repercussions. It further accentuates that your roadblocks are the actual solutions for discovering various shades in our life to understand the essence of our sojourns. The short stories highlight that toiling is a prerequisite to press forward in life at a faster pace. The collection has presented various perceptions through examples.
  • 978197724723

    by jeremiah haslam
    Buck a dog with a determine will, born and raised on a farm by a God-fearing loving family, in a small mountain town, he must go through impossible heartache and pain. through these events Buck must become who he was meant to be.
  • Revolution

    by David Dorrough
    REVOLUTION is a lighthearted but cynical novel about a bunch of loosely interconnected people living in present-day Southern California, centered around one middle-aged couple, Bill and Yvonne Smede. It blends realistic "slice of life" storytelling with elements of satire, irony and farce. Additional info:
  • Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan

    by Caroline Fernandez
    Discover the magic, adventure, history and science of the Asha and Baz chapter book series. Perfect for fans of Magic Treehouse, Zet Mystery Case, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and more. Asha and Baz have a paper rocket to launch! Whoever builds the rocket that travels the farthest will get to meet astronaut Chris Hadfield. The only problem is Asha and Baz don't know how to power their rocket. Stuck and unsure, the kids brainstorm by drawing a rocket in the sand using a stick. Only this is a very ... more
  • Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie

    by Beverley Reichman
    Beverley Reichman’s book, Cindi the Teenie Chiweenie, is a lovely children’s book about Cindi, the teeniest puppy and only girl in a litter of boys. Find out how this beautiful and charming puppy melts the hearts of her new people family and enjoy learning how she spends her day and gets her way!
  • Kevin is a Smart Cookie

    by Beverley Reichman
    Kevin Is a Smart Cookie by author Beverley Reichman is a heartwarming and enjoyable book about a bright and happy eight-year-old boy who loves baseball, dinosaurs and pizza. Kevin likes school but struggles with reading and writing. Follow Kevin and see how he and his third grade friends discover the magic of tracking and attacking words and meet his favorite dinosaur, Bart, and best friend, Tommy. ‘Kevin is a Smart Cookie’ is an interactive and delightful book that motivates young readers... more
  • Justice and Honor for My Sister The Story of Margie Grey

    by Beverley Reichman
    Justice and Honor for My Sister: The Story of Margie Grey is a heartfelt and painful story, based on true events, of a twin sister's mysterious death in 1945 while serving in the Women's Army Corp (WAC). Margie Grey's tragic death and the controvertible ruling of her cause of her death prompted decades of searching for the truth.
  • Until September

    by Harker Jones
    September comes too soon for a sensitive 18-year-old when he falls in love with another boy in the summer of 1966, setting in motion a series of devastating repercussions that threatens their future.
  • The Khopesh of Ramses

    by Marco Galimberti
    After his father’s death, Maher left the Palace of Ramses II to join the military academy, make a name for himself and prove his worth. Considered inferior to the full-blooded Egyptians, Maher’s desire for greatness is fueled by his love for Princess Samira. Though an insurmountable stigma and ignorance stand in his way. When Maher finds himself the sole survivor of an encounter with a mysterious creature, he is tasked to track down the beast. Though it has been years since he returned home a... more