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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Stories for Quarantine

    by Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein
    Barasch Rubinstein takes an unsuspecting reader to hidden corners of the human psyche. Intriguing stories that mirror life, with its flaws and opportunities. At the heart of each story are individuals who struggle to maintain their world, facing unpredictable circumstances. Solitude, intricate sexuality, a spiritual journey—the protagonists examine their world with both skepticism and anticipation.
  • Federal

    by Hotse Langeraar
    FEDERAL tells the story of Steven Vinson, an investment banker who by error obtains shares in the Federal Reverse. Unbeknownst to most, the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of the USA is a private bank whose ownership is undisclosed and unknown. Through his ill-begotten ownership, Steven is invited into the inner circle of those who rule this bank. What he finds out is incendiary and dangerous information--the true nature, and political and financial manipulations perpetrated by those wieldin... more
  • Capuche

    by Hotse Langeraar

    In England, at the dawn of the 1200s, an educated Welsh Noble, Sir Morvran Llywarch, prefers a scholar’s life over knighthood. In his search for knowledge and the mysterious, he embraces the eternal esoteric Cathar teachings and becomes a leader known as Capuche. In this feudal world of brutal suppression, corruption, and hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, the Gnostic ideology of the Cathars stand out as a beacon of hope -- but is a thorn in the eyes of the Church, and witnessing their s... more

  • VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost!

    by William Wilberforce
    When a big bear has doubts he can ever be as fast as his friends, he learns that practice and believing in himself will help him reach his dreams. Young Barry the Bear has a need for speed. What he doesn’t need is friends telling him that he’s too big to be fast and won’t ever be able to win the big race. With some positive guidance from a new monkey friend, Barry learns that anything is possible if he puts his mind to it. Author and illustrator William G. Wilberforce III is a personal he... more
  • Ice Cream with Grandpa: A Loving Story for Kids About Alzheimer’s & Dementia

    by Laura Smetana
    After his beloved grandpa’s health declines and he receives a diagnosis of dementia, a grandson must navigate the changes in their relationship. Through it all, he learns that Grandpa is still Grandpa, and their bond deepens and sweetens through a shared love of ice cream.
  • The Witness Tree

    by Jena M. Steinmetz
    A Labor Day storm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, topples a rare witness tree--a 150-year-old white oak rooted near a famed Civil War battleground. Breanne Walker, a new preservationist at the National Military Park's museum, is roused from her bed to view the remarkable findings below the tree's massive roots--a diary dating back to the Battle of Gettysburg...along with a body in an unmarked grave. Breanne's boss tasks her with authenticating and connecting the two discoveries, but she is given on... more
  • Reputation, An Easy Thing to Lose

    by EM Storm-Smith
    What if Mr. Bennet died in a duel with Wickham after Lydia eloped, just as Mrs. Bennet feared? Would Elizabeth and Darcy still find their happily-ever-after if the Bennet women lost their reputation and their home? If you like Austenesque retellings, such as Death Comes to Pemberley and Unleashing Mr. Darcy, then Reputation, An Easy Thing to Lose will be your cup of tea. Nearly four months ago, Elizabeth Bennet hotly rejected Fitzwilliam Darcy's marriage proposal. Now she wonders if that was ... more
  • Discovery Sophie

    by Karla Rogers
    Sometimes running from your past leads you to discover who you are meant to be
  • Nobody Told Me

    by Karla Rogers
    Molly is a woman who defines herself by her roles as a mother, a wife, a realtor, and a sister. She thought she knew what an empty nest would bring her, was ready for the next chapter, but when it happens sooner than she expected, she finds herself unprepared, unaware of what it truly means for her as a mother, the changes she would have to make in her role as a mother, a wife, and a woman. Walk alongside Molly as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.
  • Welcome to Slacksville

    by K. Peach
    Enjoy fifteen wacky stories about Slacksville, the strangest town you'll ever read about! In Slacksville, food fights are mandatory, school musicals can literally spin out of control, and a mythical creature might just show up at a birthday party. Even their pizza is a little weird. This first book in a silly new series is sure to be enjoyed by readers of books like Wayside School and The Day My Butt Went Psycho; also perfect for family read-alouds that will have everyone giggling.
  • Power Park

    by David Keay
    Ever hear of a twenty-thousand- year -old roller coaster? How about a moth piloting a commercial flight from Washington to Boston? Fake News or Real Deal? Meet: Lance Mantis, business man. He'd like to reinstate Power Amusement Park to its former glory, but will Communication Station replace it instead? Meet: Larry Leverage, U.S. intelligence agent suspected of counter terrorist activity by The Crockett Organization. Meet: Lucy Lava, Martel comic book heroine on a mission to assist wh... more
  • 9781662920400

    by Anita Saxena
    Twelve-year-old Ruby Rani longs to be the next U.S. Figure Skating National Champion like her idols Michelle Kwan and Alyssa Liu. Most ladies that reach this elite level of skating can do triple jumps by the time they are thirteen years old. Ruby Rani turns thirteen in less than a month, and she can’t even land a double axel—a jump she's been failing at for the past seventeen months. If she can’t do a double axel by the end of the summer, her coach won't allow her to compete at the Regional Cham... more
  • SCHLOCK Featuring Russia Cop

    by David R. Low
    Beginning in the streets of Tokyo and ending in the cosmos, Russia is at the center of SCHLOCK. These four stories center around an eclectic cast of characters in the 2010s - obsessed fanboys, Soviet rock stars, English teachers, expats trying to comprehend the Russian Soul, living sex dolls, Australian pub crawlers, and a genetically engineered law enforcement officer whose sole purpose is to enforce patriotism and Russian Soul in the Russian Federation. SCHLOCK!
  • Heimat

    by Paul Marzell
    Matthias Schmidt left post-WWI Germany in 1929 for America intending to return someday to Neisse, his Heimat, as a successful American citizen. Before leaving Germany, his plan began unraveling in Berlin’s Bahnhof where he saved the life of an American diplomat. His heroism created a friendship with the diplomat and three other German emigrants, with similar dreams, that sustained them through misconceptions of the American dream, the Great Depression, assimilation into American culture, and WW... more
  • The Complete Book of Aspen: A Novel

    by Danna Smith

    DNA sucks at keeping secrets!

    When Aspen’s best friend gives her a DNA test kit, a half teaspoon of spit is all it takes to discover her entire life has been a lie.

    Learning that her beloved late father was not her biological father—and that her mother had deceived her—ignites a wild storm of emotions. Aspen struggles with her identity and the burden of being the gatekeeper of this closely guarded family secret. When her mother refuses to reveal her biological fa... more

  • Four Ladies

    by Hussin Alkheder
    From Middle Eastern storyteller, Hussin Alkheder, comes a collection of short stories influenced by the four major cities he’s lived in: Damascus, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai. These four grand ladies have played important roles in his life journey. In the Four Ladies, we find three stories based in Damascus, the cradle of history: Hand Made Crutches makes us feel the suffering of a mother with four daughters and a disabled son; The Green Bus gives a glimpse of Damascus both before and afte... more