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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sacrificial Lions

    by David Simons
    Sacrificial Lions Synopsis Sacrificial Lions is volume one in a proposed six-volume narrative of the American Civil War, which uses unique characters to explore the diverse motives and actions of the participants in an environment of political and military conflict and intrigue. Unlike the usual entries in this genre, it pretends no moral equivalency between the fight for and against slavery. Here the focus is on the Union cause where most of the literature has been obsessed with the ... more
  • The Royal Pup Pack: Party at the Palace

    by David Seow
    There’s a joint party at the Palace for Prince Louis’ first birthday and to welcome Baby Sussex into the fold. And the pup pack: Lupo, Guy, Oz and Jack are in a regal tizzy. What do they get the tots? Bones? Flea collars? Fur brushes? A chance encounter with a stray dog spurs the pups into inviting a host of hungry, homeless hounds to the celebrations. Will that be the perfect present or a recipe for a royal pawtastrophe?
  • The Frog with a Frown

    by Todd G. Sorrell
    In this touching tale, a sad and lonely frog is reminded by a wise dragonfly that even the most simple, intrinsic qualities we have make us special and unique. We are all reminded to shed our former negative thoughts and trade them for the treasures within
  • AftertheFall

    by Christina Acosta
    Synopsis: Chloe Bliss, a recently retired academic and classicist, prefers to live a quiet life, gardening, walking her dog, and reading fiction, which is her “safe haven.” Editing scholarly journals, she works part time from her comfortable home, content to do so. When drawn into the mystery of her friend and colleague’s death, she begins (reluctantly) probing an implicit charge of plagiarism as well as trying to save his legacy of the Friday Chamber Music Society. His faulty step and fatal fal... more
  • When Dog Pals Fly across America

    by Rob Kortus

    In this colorful picture book, three intelligent dog pals (Sophie the Border Collie, Sulley the Chocolate Lab Mix, and Wallace the Border Collie) embark on a flight in their personal helicopter across America with stopovers in every state visiting cool and sometimes unique places! Sophie, Sulley, and Wallace skillfully impart education, while conveying the love of flight and making new and interesting friends along their journey. The crew discusses American geography ... more

  • Treed

    by Virginia Arthur

    Eco-political friction of the most passionate and hilarious kind.

    A consequence of getting older is current experiences inevitably get threaded to memories as Maybelline Emmons learns when she embarks on what she thinks will be a simple road trip to find a tree. She finds something so confounding, painful, yet transformational, none of which she signed on for, her evenings drinking Pinot, watching her hummingbirds...this was always enough. This passionate yet comic story revolves around... more

  • Phat('s) Chance for Buddha in Houston: (Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation)

    by Virginia Arthur

    How many Buddhist monks fit into a 1970 Buick Electra 225 convertible?


    It's 1990 and just another typical summer day in Mapletown, Indiana until Uncle Phat, The Reptile (or Uncle Mike, as he used to be called), wanders into the garage and gives his puberty-stricken 15 year old nephew, Galen Calcoun, only about an hour to pack. The four of them, a squinting Uncle Phat, his beloved Ruby--a 1970 ruby red white-top convertible Buick Electra 225, Galen, and "the three b... more

  • Birdbrain: Go Ahead. Love Your Planet. Just Not Too Much

    by Virginia Arthur

    Comedic-drama eco-fiction set in the 1970's/early '80's, at the dawn of America's environmental consciousness. Pretty Ellowyn Kelsey is a redneck girl living the pretty redneck life in rural Michigan. This includes waiting for her roofer husband to come around...Her self-imposed lobotomy ends when she shows up at the wrong time for a church picnic, meeting a bunch of birders instead. Watching a mating pair of bluebirds lovingly tending to one another causes something in her to... more

  • Whizzy Willow's First Day at School

    by Billie Rayatt
    Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School: Leaf the iPad Alone! New Book Gets Kids Reading, Learning & Laughing Uncontreelably! Whizzy Willow’s First Day at School’ is a charming and beautiful book for young children, teaching them about everyone’s unique qualities, tree names, their times tables and even sentence starters – all through a story inspired by trees. From Whizzy Willow himself to Mr. Oak, the book’s unique cast of characters will have young readers laughing, learning and always looking... more
  • Where the Heart Lives (A Bella the Brave Chapter Book)

    by Laura Iodice
    WHAT’S A LOST DOG TO DO? Bella, a scrawny seven-pound pup, roams the streets down south just trying to survive. She’s lost, she’s hungry and she’s scared! After wandering far from her puppy mill, she begins the journey of a lifetime. First, though, she has to pass THREE tests. Can she do it? PARKVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL, A DANGER ZONE? Jenna Mancini also faces tests. The high stakes kind! And what’s worse, her middle school is turning into a danger zone! There’s Elijah Johnson’s hacking cough... more
  • The Release

    by Edward Arruns Mulhorn
    The river is life. It gives life and it takes away. It courses through the heart of the valley, nourishing the earth and sustaining the creatures around it. Polson lives for the river. But he takes it for granted, and betrays the trust of those closest to him. He’s pursued by tormentors and by his own demons, and abandons the world that he knows. As the river dries up in the heat of the summer, Polson looks for a way to return, sensing that only within the river can he ever hope for redemp... more
  • Mirrors of Life

    by Neal Owens
    An African-American woman guides her children to avoid the pitfalls of their hardship environment and leap over the systematic roadblocks that confine many to juvenile delinquency. This true-to-life tale of faith and perseverance leads to intrigue when her spiritually inclined and ambitious son, Derrick, attempts to build a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices set by the powers that be.
  • North Pole Patrol

    by J.C. Deelstra
    What would you do to take Christmas away from someone who doesn’t deserve it? Kyle Sterling has this sort of problem, because of the school bully Dirk Donovan. Kyle’s adventure begins when he tries to stop Dirk's Christmas and accidentally gets delivered to the North Pole. There he strikes a deal with Santa and the Head Elves to take away Dirk’s gifts at the price of spending two weeks helping out at the North Pole. What would you do to give Christmas to someone who deserves it, but may not ... more
  • Another Kind of Laughter: Selected Poems | 1969 - 2019

    by John Field
    This collection of selected poems spans fifty years in the life of soul-searcher John Field, who offers readers snapshots from his 1940s Iowa boyhood, flashbacks from a nine-month stay at the Beat Hotel in Paris, hallucinatory memories of Chicago parties and meditations from his wine country garden. Wry, bittersweet and misleadingly simple, Field's thoughtful vignettes of love and misadventure are both accessible and inspiring.
  • 77th and Broadway: A Decade in a World of Crime

    by Richard Wills
    What if a small-time hustler finds his dream job, getting paid to keep crooks in business? That’s exactly what happens in 77th and Broadway: A Decade in a World of Crime when Richie Smooth is hired to help a struggling LA bail bondsman, who breaks all the rules, salvage his failing business. This crime noir pulp fiction is set in the mid 70’s through the mid 80’s in South Central Los Angeles prior to the advent of crack cocaine. The book interweaves 25 true-event crime stories into one roller co... more
  • Drawing Down the Moon: Book One of James Island Trilogy

    by Shawn Keller Cooper
    Betrayal, lost babies, and terrifying nightmares follow Jade Montgomery to James Island, North Carolina. Damaged and devastated by her third miscarriage and deteriorating marriage, she drives to the strip of sand north of Wilmington to end her life. Jade survives her suicide attempt and is befriended by Agnes, a mysterious older woman, who uses her own devastation and mystical Wiccan wisdom to help her discover motherhood doesn’t define womanhood. While still reeling from her breakdown, a forgot... more