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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Oh! Cosmetic Claims

    by Theresa Callaghan
    Oh! Cosmetic Claims! Step into the captivating world of beauty where dreams take flight and promises shine bright in "Oh! Cosmetic Claims." In this enchanting universe of prose, cosmetic claims twinkle like stars in the night sky, guiding us through the maze of skincare with their captivating light. From anti-aging serums to wrinkle-free creams, cosmetic claims offer solutions beyond our wildest dreams, promising to revitalise and rejuvenate with each application. But beneath their glitter... more
  • Anemone

    by Jim Frazee
    After his failed rescue of his brother Wyatt in a house fire, sixteen-year-old Russell Cobb wakes up from a coma, strangely mistaken for him and thrust into the middle of an arson investigation. Russell’s only hope, before his bandages come off, is to deduce the likeliest suspect in his recent turbulent past or risk being charged with homicide. In view of his brother’s death, he begins to see his family and Wyatt’s enigmatic girlfriend Edie in a darker light, colored by deceit and his own parano... more
  • A Brush With Mortality

    by Caryl Hallberg
    By all outward appearances, she’s just a typical woman going through menopause at the turn of the 21st century. Living in a stale and distant marriage, her grown kids living their own lives, there is a psychological and sexual itch she hasn't felt in years that needs to be scratched. What are the secrets this Executive of a Hospice nonprofit keeps? Even she doesn’t know for sure – Set in the San Francisco Bay Area in the year 2000, her journey explores meaning through death, erotic adventure, m... more
  • No Stranger Christmas

    by mickey mikkelson
    While trying to save Christmas for his financially struggling family, 14-year-old Frankie Lincoln finds the courage to explore his artistry, stand up to gay discrimination, and pursue first love.
  • Pigs Will Fly

    by Sunny D

    This isn't a story about flying pigs. This is a story about wishing for things. A story about me, Kessie. A girl who used to hear. A girl who wants to hear again. A girl who wants to hear her daddy's voice saying, "Hello, Kessie." If only I could find him.  The story of a girl, the smartest girl in her school, now on her way to the Special Needs Class.

  • A Grand Pause: A Novel on May 14, 1945, the USS Randolph, Kamikazes, and the Greatest Air-Sea Rescue

    by Gary Santos
    Based on an incredible true story that took place in the midst of World War II, on May 14, 1945, A Grand Pause follows two American airmen, Ensign John Morris and his gunner Cletis Phegley, after they are stranded on a raft in the middle of the Japanese islands, surrounded by a cutthroat enemy. What follows is a daring rescue mission by the Randolph and her war-weary crew, as they struggle against enemies both physical and psychological to bring their brethren home safely. A story almost lost to... more
  • Somewhere East of Me

    by Sean O'Keefe
    Denver writer Jake Dustin is untethered from indolence when his estranged sister announces South Carolina is exhuming their mother. With no choice but to go, Jake embarks on a cross-country odyssey of uproarious absurdity and self-exploration during the strange days of September 2021. Jake feeds the internet’s insatiable lust for content as the miles rumble by while pondering where he lost his inner child and why he lives in his ex-wife’s basement. Along the way, a rousing cast of characters lik... more
  • Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King

    by Diana Alvarez
    Everyone knows that a rooster's job is to sing and wake up those around him. In this heart-warming story, Ricky the Chickee, who can't carry a rooster tune, struggles because he stutters. For three generations, his family has had an important job. Can he overcome this disability in time to carry on the proud family tradition of waking up the King of Hawaii? This story teaches children the importance of caring, overcoming, bullying, determination, and helping those who do not know how to help ... more
  • A Horse Brought Us Here

    by Dershie McDevitt

    Excitement grows all day Friday in the quiet Wyoming cattle town of Juniper as cheerleaders and football players ready themselves for the biggest football game of the year. When the Homecoming Parade finally winds its way down Main Street, everyone strains to see who’s been chosen Homecoming Queen. They clap delightedly when they spot BJ Bonniface in her pink strapless formal dress sitting high on the back of the big Buick convertible, though no one is surprised. She’s the popular... more

  • What Makes Allessaywriter the Best Expository Essay Writing Service

    by Peter Jhonson

    In the realm of academic writing, expository essays hold a significant place. These essays require a thorough exploration of a topic, backed by credible evidence and a logical flow of ideas. Crafting a compelling expository essay demands not only profound knowledge of the subject matter but also exceptional writing skills. However, with the academic pressure mounting on students, many find it challenging to dedicate sufficient time and effort to produce top-notch expository essays. This is wh... more

  • Five More Minutes Sweet P

    by Miranda Thomas
    Five More Minutes Sweet P is a delightful tale of a little girl's inventive ways to postpone bedtime. From drawing to dancing, and even a playful chase, Sweet P and her mom navigate the all-too-familiar bedtime dance with giggles and games.
  • Grandma's Garden : A Heartfelt Journey of Love and Loss

    by Or Kornhauser
    A touching story that gently guides children through the journey of loss. Join Sam and Abby as they navigate the bittersweet experience of reconnecting with their beloved Grandma Sarah in a magical garden. Through heartfelt conversations and joyful moments, they learn that all emotions are valid and that it's okay to feel sad, happy, and everything in between. This beautifully optimistic illustrated story serves as a valuable tool for parents and children to explore the complexities of gri... more
  • Options and Advice for Locating Affordable Chiropractors Near me.

    by Brandon Meade
    Find "Affordable Chiropractors Near Me. " by learning how to do this. Examine affordable choices for pain management and musculoskeletal care.
  • Pippin's River Rescue

    by Julia Seaborn
    Will Pippin, the poodle, save Rocket, the young dolphin, in time. Dive into an adventure by the river with a brave poodle on a mission to save a friend. "Pippin's River Rescue" concludes with a bonus activity page and invites young readers to interact with the story beyond just reading. Fun, adventure and learning all in one book with a powerful environmental message. Children will love the vivid illustrations. This book, and the series, provides young children with a fun and educational reading... more
  • Mermaid on the Mountainside

    by Sherri Eri
    True love … scales … an enchanted mountain What if you’re a mermaid, banished to the top of a mountain, and only your true love’s kiss can bring you back home to the deep blue sea? But what if you can’t even remember who your true love is, nor he, you?!
  • Never Human

    by C. P. Serret


    Through a schism, the Abyss finds a Maya American boy gazing back.

    Immerse yourself in the captivating and thought-provoking world of Never Human, a groundbreaking novella that explores the blurred lines between humanity and artificial intelligence. Join Ismael, a talented artist and aspiring engineer, as he navigates the complexities of the System and strives to create something truly groundbreaking.

    With vivid storytelling, thought... more