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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Nadine

    by Sabrena Montora Robinson

    The story of Nadine takes you on an emotionally rich rollercoaster. A horrific marriage sends Nadine in a fight or flight situation that finally ends her hidden secrets. A spontaneous reaction changes the course of her journey forever.
    Forced to enter a different world by the results of her action, Nadine struggles with the demons from her past, until a glimmer of hope for a different future, comes in the form of Linfred Carter, an attorney who is determined to help her ... more

  • Arequipa

    by TC Kennedy
  • The Mrs. Tabor

    by Kimberly Burns
    Every age has its iconic blonde bombshell. In the 1880's it's Baby Doe, America's original gold digger. At a time when genteel ladies starved to death, Baby Doe seeks her fortune the best way she knows how - marrying a rich man. She joins the Colorado silver bonanza , smashing social dictates and battling tabloid journalists along the way. The Mrs. Tabor is a fictionalized telling of the of her true, scandalous story.
  • Out of Anywhere

    by Andrea Nourse
    Having lived as a nomad for most of her life, Shay Lane is desperate to find a place to call home. Yet, she follows in her estranged mother’s wandering footsteps and bounces from town to town, never settling down, because it’s the only way she knows. That is until her car dies outside Wishing, Missouri, and she finds herself stranded in a small town filled with nosy neighbors and too many questions. Shay is eager to leave as soon as she can but when random gifts start appearing, her curiosity... more

    by Jan M. Walton
    Is a man the sum of what comes his way, or does he make his own way and shape what comes? It is 1930 in a hardscrabble western Pennsylvania town where for over 100 years life has revolved around the rough labor of mining and burning of coal to make the “coke” feeding the Pittsburg steel mills. Dan, the oldest of seven children growing up on River Avenue, is the quiet peacekeeper in his family, close to his mother, staying out of the way of his domineering father. Their father prides himself ... more
  • Sitting on Top of the World

    by Cheryl King
    She knows the risks. Train-hopping is dangerous. Railroad bulls are deadly. But fourteen-year-old June Baker has no other choice. It’s 1933, and the Great Depression is spreading misery throughout the country. If June doesn’t find work, her family could lose their farm – and they’ve already lost too much. Journey with June in this debut by Cheryl King, a coming-of-age tale about family, friendship, love, loss, and hope.
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  • The Postwoman and Other Stories

    The Postwoman and Other Stories is a collection of eight delightful and happy tales. Each story has a unique theme that will bring wonder and joy into the hearts of Children. The author has deliberately used terms like the Post Woman and Crafts Woman to make young girls more open to these professions. The writer firmly believes that Children's books should stand for gender equality, while simultaneously kindling joy and tranquility. Although this is primarily intended for Children, it will also... more
  • That Kid From California

    by L.F. Nielsen
    Based on Some Adventures of the Author In the Summer of '78... I really do wonder how I let Leon talk me into doing this kind of nonsense. — C'mon, Vinny. It'll be fun, he said. Right, that I'm not so sure about. But here I am, kneeling in the shadow of a concrete snowshed, waiting for an eastbound freight we're 'catching'... Spanning two different years, three seasons, and five states in North America, this coming-of-age road adventure follows young Vinny, as his mother urges him to ... more
  • Through the Eyes of Blue

    by Catherine Matsalla
    Ellie and Blue have been running their entire lives. An internationally recognized ultraendurance athlete, Ellie has competed in the world's most difficult races, with her faithful canine companion, Blue, never far from her side. Beyond running, they've navigated life's most daunting challenges. But locked behind Blue's soulful eyes is a secret—a secret that will change their lives forever. A timeless story exploring the depths of love, loyalty, and perseverance between Ellie and her dog, Bl... more
  • The Blacksmith

    by James P. Barber

    Carl, a German immigrant, comes of age in the early years of the 20th century. While Carl develops his talents as a blacksmith, his expertise is weighed against alcoholism. Looming over his weakness for drink is the Nazi Duquense Spy Ring targeting Carl to obtain plans for a secret project under development for the impending war. Embroiled in a situation which makes him appear to be a Nazi spy, Carl is placed in grave danger while his past comes flashing back to him.

  • Las Palomitas: The Little Doves

    by Laura Valenti
    An out-of-place American is discovering that a fishing hamlet in El Salvador just might be his own slice of paradise. But, the simplicity and beauty of village life is just one thread of a beautifully woven story of a people, a place, and a time in Las Palomitas: The Little Doves by Laura S. Valenti [October 5, 2021, 2Nimble]. The complicated machinations of government and high society in Central America in 1980 provide an intricate backdrop for this story inspired by true events both in the au... more
  • Mindfulness and Me

    by Tiffany Thompson
    Mindfulness and Me is a story about grief, loss, resilience, and finding gratitude. Katora is an elementary student who has experienced some difficult situations in her life. After losing her mother and stepdad to COVID19, she struggles but finds peace and gratitude through her school counselor Mrs. Truth's mindfulness moments. Mindfulness and Me is a story of connecting to self and finding reasons to be happy despite negative situations. It teaches students how to overcome, push through hard ti... more
  • What Would Elvis Think? Mississippi Stories

    by Johnny Lowe
    From the Foreword: [A]ny discussion of southern writing will eventually lead to Mississippi—the state that has more published authors per capita than any other. . . . Why not, then, create an anthology of stories specifically about Mississippi? Such is the book you now hold in your hand—a collection of tales that are all set here in Elvis Country. . . . Some of these Mississippians might remind you of folks you know—and others are people you might never want to meet face to face. What they hav... more
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  • Children of Violence

    by Luke Gherardi
    The book is about kids that grow up around violent adults and how that shapes their lives. There’s Gracie, Robbie, Cole, and Reeves. Gracie’s life in the Suburbs is perfect from the outside, but her dad is an abusive drunk that moonlights as a hitman for the mafia. Robbie lives in a project in the inner city, his mother is a prostitute, his mother’s boyfriend is a drug dealing pimp. Robbie is set on getting enough cash to get him and his little brother out of the hood, and where he gets that mon... more