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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Into the West: A New Home: Part Two of Book One in The Territories Saga Serials (Into the West Saga Serial)

    by Stephen Burckhardt
    Thanks to their case worker, Mrs. Kelly, Elizabeth and Conner MacBride make it onto the orphan train heading into the west. Mrs. Kelly is reluctant to part with the children as she struggles with the agreement she was forced to make with Sister Mary Clare to keep the children on the train. If Mrs. Kelly keeps her promise, she will keep her job but she may break the hearts of Elizabeth and Conner in the process. As the train makes its final stop, Mrs. Kelly must choose, place the children wi... more
  • Into the West: The Orphan Train: Part One of the First Book in The Territories Saga Serials (Into the West Saga Serial)

    by Stephen Burckhardt
    Margret MacBride loves her children more than life itself, but as a young widow she isn't able to support her and her children on a scullery maid's salary. After being evicted from their apartment, they struggle for years to survive while living on the streets of New York City. Distraught, Margret turns to her church for guidance. Sister Mary Agnus convinces Margret her children will be better off if she turns them over to the Catholic Foundling Aid Society under the care of their aid worker,... more
  • Heartache and Hope

    by Mary Kay Abbott
    It is 2012, and recent UCLA grad Tiffany Ryan lands a prestigious job--assistant to a famous novelist. When her boss steals her manuscript about her grandmother's plight during the 1930s Great American Dust Bowl, Tiffany takes her to court in a copyright infringement case. Embedded within Tiffany's story are her grandmother's journal entries; a love story about the drought and dust; the suffering during that awful time on the plains, titled Heartache and Hope.
  • The Trump Diary Reported by Mookie Goldwater

    by Chris Murphy
    In early June 2017, about a week before fired FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Sub-Committee, President Donald Trump decided to start a daily diary. He did this to keep a tally of his accomplishments and to have a truthful recounting of his administration, untouched by the FAKE NEWS Media. President Trump knew that future historians would have a keen interest. After he made an entry, he would hide the diary in his sock drawer. One morning it was gone…
  • Pedal

    by Louis K Lowy
    Pedal is a contemporary novel that tells the story of Joanne Brick, a single, 49-year-old laid off elementary school music teacher who struggles to reclaim her life back through bicycle racing. Pedal explores how Joanne -- who lives with her manipulative, older sister, and their ailing mother – deals with unemployment, money problems, loneliness and loss of self-worth.
  • Of Walls

    by Sara L. Foust
    Julie Johnson's life as a mom and homemaker is richly blessed, but her marriage is struggling. Years of busyness, exhaustion, and hurt have taken their toll on her emotional and spiritual life, building impenetrable walls around her heart. When she feels God calling her to a mission trip on the other side of the world, Julie puts her faith in Him and leaves her family for ten long days. What she learns about herself, her marriage, and her faith will change her life forever.
  • Pride's Children: Purgatory: (Book 1 of the Trilogy)

    by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    "PURGATORY... is about movie stars, love, and thwarted passions and purposes;... death, resurrection, and revitalization... a focus on abandonment... and the lasting consequences of bad choices.

    "...literary in its approach... [based] upon the slowly evolving relationships... of individuals ...[who] find their lives unexpectedly entwined... PURGATORY's real strength lies in Ehrhardt's ability to ... tug at the heartstrings of her readers... fine ... more

  • Alma Mutters

    by Julio Varela
    Xavier Mas Penoso is in over his head. He's returned to Bellarmine Jesuit Prep to teach Philosophy to the entitled teenage offspring of Miami's wealthiest families. Only, the hallowed halls of his alma mater aren't quite as gilded as when he was a student. Textbooks and notepads have been replaced with more laptops and i-Gadgets than the NSA Headquarters. The clergy running the school are P.T. Barnum’s spiritual successors: media-savvy priests who know that suckers are born every minute, and tha... more
  • A Rage of Intelligence

    by Paul Bussan
    A book of eighty poems in which the poetic element, in the words of the Spanish poet Antonio Machado, is to be found "not so much in the word in its phonic value, nor color, nor line, nor (in) a complex of sensations, but (in) a deep pulsing of the spirit: what the souls supplies when aroused to response by contact with the world".
  • Things You Leave Behind

    by ML Kennedy
    “What am I supposed to be doing?” One year out of college and already disenchanted with adult life, Angela Brooks decides to go on a treasure hunt. Things do not go according to plan, as she wakes up a decade in the future with no memory of the years in between. Now, it's up to Angela to figure out where she is, when she is, and even who she is.
  • Babylon Laid Waste: A Journey in the Twilight of the Idols

    by Brigitte Goldstein
    Artemisia Safran, a young Jewish woman living in New York, returns to her native Germany in search of her grandmother on a hint that she may have survived. However, in 1946 the defeated Reich, under Allied rule, is off-limit to travel in or out. With the help of a people-smuggling ring, Misia manages to breach the fortress with false German identity papers. As her journey takes her deeper into the devastated enemy territory, she encounters an array of colorful, frequently shady characters from v... more

    by Gregg Norman
    “A moody, finely textured literary work.” —Kirkus Reviews Could you transplant yourself from the city to a remote farm in the vast reaches of the western prairies? Del and Ivy have done just that, retiring to a farm in an attempt to repair the cracks in their relationship, but the transition from urban to rural lifestyle proves to be more than a little bumpy, especially for Del. While the couple interacts with an eclectic cast of local characters, including a stuttering auctioneer, an androgy... more
  • Corazon

    by sam provenzano
  • A Gift Of Scars

    by Gregg Norman
    Gregg Norman, author of the critically acclaimed Not My Dog, tells a tale of love, hate, and crimes most foul in the heart of the watershed decade of the last century – The Dirty Thirties. The Great Depression is just beginning, a time when hope dies and is blown away on a bone-dry wind. For Martin Wheeler, violently ousted from his father’s mansion in Montreal, injured and penniless, the advent of the worst decade in the nation’s history will forge within him a will to survive by the only asset... more
  • Jungle London

    by LeAnn Jensen
    London Carter gets what she wants, with high school being her own personal kingdom. After a series of bad choices, one of which lands her in jail, London's parents send her off to Honduras with a youth group to help build a school there. When the village is attacked by gunmen, London escapes to the jungle along with Oliver, a boy from school who has nothing but contempt for London and her spoiled ways. Can the two overcome personality clashes and learn to trust each other as they fight to surviv... more
  • Somebody's Catching Hell

    by Peter Smith
    Somebody's Catching Hell is a Vietnam war novel that takes place in DaNang during 1967-68. The novel depicts a team of Marine aerial photo interpreters as they scour aerial photos for an elusive enemy, explore the city of DaNang, get shot at on famed China Beach, and indulge in crazy hi-jinks. During the Tet Offensive of January 1968, the team is ordered to shove aside its stereoscopes and race to defend a strategic bridge from attack by an enemy battalion.