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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Meet the Number Nibblers

    by R.E. Hoskins

    This is the introductory book to my characters, the Number Nibblers. Come with me on a quick journey to Digitazia, where children of all ages will fall in love with these wonderful, quirky creatures and find out the secret behind their names.

  • The Fake Empire

    by James Porteous
    The Good Lord is fed up with his flock of Hapless Humans. They have destroyed the planet and now The Delirious Davos Dandies are building hundreds of Freedom Bunkers to shield the 1% and ‘preserve democracy.’ And their money and DNA. Those Left Behind will not survive. But nor will they go gentle into that dark night. Got a revolution? Got a revolution
  • Bo Carter's Blues

    by James Porteous
    A new fictional biography based on the life and times of singer/songwriter Bo Carter. Bo Carter may never be a member of the singer/songwriter ‘in crowd.’ He knows he has the talent. Everyone on the Asylum Records roster has heard his song ‘Coal Miner’s Blues.’ And his band The Touts are being touted as the Next Big Thing. But you need someone to pay for studio time, book the tours, promo the albums and pay for beer tokens. Bo has enough money to buy new strings once a month and a new capo onc... more
  • Death in Central America: An Ecotourism Nightmare

    by Jack Hafferkamp
    On a travel writers junket to Central America in 1993 to explore ecotourism sites, a diverse group of writers see the sites and works to get along until, mostly unsuspecting, they are caught in the in the nexus of drug trafficking, corrupt politics and Cold War echoes. Sometimes travel adventure goes off the rails.
  • Back in My Day

    by Maggie Aldrich
    Beth Peters has it all. A high-powered job, a loving husband, and 2.5 kids (including one very rambunctious yellow lab). She’s a walking super mom in a power suit, living a picture-perfect life. Or is she? In reality, her daughter hates her, her son is a computer hacker—at age ten—, her smother-in-law has no boundaries, and counseling with a hippie therapist has done nothing for her marriage. While tension between the couple escalates, family issues snowball, and Beth yearns for an escape. ... more
  • High Tea in Aswan

    by Laszlo Hajdu
    In this world there are few elements stronger than the bond between a mother and a daughter. In 2015, just a few years after the harrowing revolution in Egypt and, simultaneously, an increase in terrorist attacks, the elderly mother, highly self-sufficient Danielle Tisell, decided she would visit Egypt to explore and learn as much as she could about that country. With high anxiety, daughter Jena Tisell felt she had no choice but to become her mother’s traveling companion. During their six... more
  • Habu and the Lost Zebra

    by Beth Solomon
    It’s a regular, sunny summer day, but not for little Habu. Just as he wakes up and goes to play, he sees a zebra in his backyard. Zachary the zebra tells Habu that he’s lost and Habu helps him find his way back to his family. Along their journey, the two friends learn about each other and have so much fun. This simple story is suitable for children of almost all ages, whether they read it themselves or have it read to them. The story’s fun facts about zebras and the characters’ friendship will ... more
  • A Woman Does It Better

    by Nancy Omeara
    Imagine a future woman President publishing a smart, funny memoir BEFORE she holds the office - that is the premise of this political satire. She gets rid of the IRS, stops war and gets down to work attacking illiteracy, crime and substance abuse. She has dictated this book to a very lucky writer and doesn't reveal who she is. Take a look at politics through a different lens!
  • "Why am I so Happy?"

    by Paula Neva Vail
    “Why am I so Happy” is an expression of various perspectives, observations, and information. Paula Vail: Owner of Wellness Inspired, who is recognized nationally as a powerful advocate of personal empowerment, shares her own life’s challenges and accomplishments with the reader. As well as giving multiple thought provoking views on life and happiness. Paula’s core beliefs are chronicled in this thought provoking novel. Every chapter shares insight and tools that every reader can use in their ... more
  • The Grumpy Pilgrims

    Have you ever experienced a painful, terribly long and uncomfortable trip with your family? Well, 400 years ago in 1620 the Pilgrim children had it MUCH worse! Their 66-day voyage across the ocean was completely miserable, and when they finally arrived, their lives were still unexpectedly awful! They had many good reasons to be GRUMPY! Yet after a while, many unexpected good things also happened. Through these awful and wonderful experiences, the Pilgrim children learned about the world and them... more
  • Who Melted My Ice? (Pygo Penguin)

    Pygo is a very determined penguin who solves the mystery of who melted his ice. Working with children, Pygo helps make the world a better place for people and penguins in the climate change era. This book is a great way to introduce young children to the importance of protecting the environment and the challenges of global warming, while empowering them to be part of the solution!
  • Of Welter And Whim

    by Mike Mac
    "Of Welter and Whim" is a book of poetry and prose made up of two sections - "The Welter" (turmoil) and "The Whim" (humor). It is a storied, emotive read laced with profundities while substantiating an unflinching call for reason. Cover and interior design by Mitch Green. (76 pages) iBook link -
  • Magician society: Ascension

    by Roux York
    A thrilling novel where two thirty something ‘late bloomers’ find out that they are magicians. Mael is intellectually gifted, so he considers doing magic easy. He however has no memories of his life before he turned 30. As a result, he finds himself miserable and passionless. On the other hand, Jaelyn finds herself friends with Mael since they both are ‘late bloomers,’ magicians who discover their magical legacy later than most. She quickly figures out that magic doesn’t bring her happiness neit... more
  • The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted

    by RIO N. CORTEZ

    A hero is not always someone big and powerful. Regardless of how small you are, you can make a massive difference in the world. All that matters is the size of your heart.

    Folotjing is a tiny enchanted creature who lives inside a big, magical tree. This is the story of his adventure in the deep, dark forest when he encounters terrifying beasts that want to eat him! But through the kindness of his heart and sharp wit, he makes them see their wickedness and convinces them to set him free,... more


    by Charles Logan

    Under the glowing neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the lives of a sidelined drifter, affluent widow, petty drug dealer and an emotionally disconnected stripper intertwine with tragic consequences. A social commentary on the value of drugs, money and love in today's society, the reader is escorted through a world of prostitution and ambivalent sexuality, cocaine addiction and alcoholism.


  • At the Alter of Men

    by Ricardo Fleshman

    In the autumn of 1974, sixteen-year old Race Fulton finds himself suddenly fatherless and in the reluctant care of his Aunt Dwayne. Fraught by a mélange of emotions at the death of his father, and because of the strained relationship with Dwayne, Race steals away with his cousin Eddie to Philadelphia. Race's naive hope for a better life in Philadelphia is short-lived as he discovers that Eddie has been living in a row-house with a group of black liberation militants led by the over... more