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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Wild Waves Whist: An Ageless Story from Shakespeare's The Tempest

    by Erin Nelsen Parekh
    Quotable Shakespeare becomes a story for the very young in this delightful seaside adventure, where two friends explore beaches, streams, wetlands and woods brimming with natural beauty. While the setting evokes the magic of The Tempest for those who love it already, babies and toddlers will enjoy a rollicking story, animals peeking through trees and vines, and fun, lilting rhyme that just happens to be written by the most celebrated author in the history of the English language.
  • Nostradamus Speaks Again: Heaven Paradise

    by Elisabeth Jörgensen
    NOSTRADAMUS speaks AGAIN TM This book IS NOT what you THINK It's about WHO YOU BELIEVE IN Nostradamus Speaks AgainTM is a manuscript in book form as we would like to call it that not only reveals the innermost complicated human nature, but also the complicated time we are now approaching in no time at all! We would like the reader of this profound and not yet to come message to understand that nothing but ourselves are the message, and that is why this book never has come out before hand. You th... more
  • The Adventures of Katarina Rose

    by SG Johnson
    Katarina Rose is a siamese kitty cat that is not like normal cats. She would rather go on adventures than sleep all day. She wants to take you with her on these travels. She meets all kinds of animals along the way and you get to meet them too. She loves telling the stories of the animals and how they live out in the country. She is a lucky kitty cat with a very loving family that takes great care of her. Katarina Rose cant wait to see which animals become her friends.
  • Licking the Salt Block

    by Jan Fink
    The story of a young girl growing up with dysfunctional parents in the Deep South during the 50s and 60s when racial and social prejudices were at their peak. She struggles with the cruelty of people around her, leaving her with feelings of shame and anger that have far-reaching effects on her life.
  • The Widow Makes Three

    by robert wyrick
    murder trial with a twist
  • Panhandlers

    by Nic Schuck
    Nic Schuck follows up his debut novel, Native Moments, with a gritty tale of family drama. Mostly set in the fictional lumber town of Sullivan, Florida, a sleepy forgotten place on the Florida-Alabama border. Panhandlers: a novel in stories, follows Hank Ackerman as he grows up in poverty and attempts to escape the same demons that haunted his father. Sometimes dreams are all people have and its those dreams of far-off places that can be the difference in embarking on a life of adventure or bein... more
  • Native Moments

    by Nic Schuck
    In the tradition of other great ex-patriot stories like The Sun Also Rises or All the Pretty Horses, Native Moments is a coming-of-age adventure set among the lush landscape of Costa Rica. After the death of his brother, Sanch Murray leaves for a surf trip as a way to cope and sets out on a quixotic search for an alternative to the American Dream. Set in 1999 Costa Rica, Sanch and his friend Jake Higdon wander the dirt roads of Tamarindo and surrounding areas chasing waves as a way to liv... more
  • Blemished

    by Walter Schenck
    Shakespeare's, Epic Poem, the Rape of Lucrece, is written as an experimental novel, incorporating a play, poetry, and prose. Walter Schenck, a multi-winning author, poet, researcher, biographer, and a Shakespearian scholar, undertook this enterprise with an extraordinary leap forward in American literature.
  • A Strange Dream: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poetry

    by Amanda Rose
    Death, Depression, Insomnia, Prostitution, Eating Disorders, Abortion, Convicts, Insanity, and Marital issues… This anthology of short stories and poetry explores the dark reaches of the mind and mental health issues. The 9 short stories, including award winning EGGS and OUTSIDER, as well as runner up in the Canadian Writer’s Guild Short Prose competition, DROWNING IN SILENCE, and 9 poems, take us on a journey from the surreal to the mundane. From day-to-day life to fantasy, the characters and s... more
  • The Impending End

    by Amanda Rose
    It’s 2005. Ayla Jefferson is 17, incredibly intelligent, sensitive, imaginative, and thoughtful. She’s also contemplating suicide…After a life long battle with mental illness plaguing her every move, Ayla is ready for death. Eerily calm, she says her goodbyes, and sets out to commit her final act.But despite her stubborn conviction, life isn’t as easy to let go of as she expected. Her hyper-imagination blurs reality and she finds herself getting lost in gripping memories. Mentally disengaged, Ay... more
  • Underground: Traitors and Spies in Lincoln's War (Women Spies Book 2)

    by Kit Sergeant
    Some might call them heroes. Others consider them traitors. As the Civil War threatens to tear the nation apart, four women—a slave, a seductress, a soldier, and a spy—are willing to risk everything they have, except their convictions. Told from the viewpoints of these real-life women—both Confederate and Union—Underground: Traitors and Spies in Lincoln’s War is an absorbing tale of love, loyalty, and liberation.
  • 355: The Women of Washington's Spy Ring

    by Kit Sergeant
    Who was the Mysterious 355? Culper Ring members such as Robert Townsend and Hercules Mulligan are well known for the part they played in the Revolutionary War, but who was the mysterious 355 that could “outwit them all?” Inspired by many of the same characters featured in AMC’s Turn and the Broadway musical Hamilton, 355: The Women of Washington's Spy Ring chronicles the lives of three remarkable women who use daring, skill, and, yes, a bit of flirtation, to help liberate America.
  • Waiting for the Sunrise

    by Trinity Suh
    Eve was in pain, but she was good at hiding it...that is, until he came and changed everything. He saw through the crumbling facade right down to her dying soul, her tired heart - and the worst part was that he wanted to help her. Elijah was just a waiter at the Sunrise Eatery who enjoyed little things like playing music with his band and lighting up the occasional cigarette. Then his path collides with that of a beautiful, broken there hope yet in their sunrise together?
  • In the Dead of Night

    by Trinity Suh
    ABSYNTHE wondered if she would ever wake up from the nightmare she was living. Life used to be good--daresay perfect--but suddenly the tired girl found herself struggling to heal bleeding wounds and cope with abrupt loss. Over and over again she questioned why she bothered to live in a world devoid of hope and love, and she began to fade away into her depression. Her nightmare. She knew that some said falling sensations could bring a sleeping person to jolt awake. So alone in the dead of nig... more
  • The Junk Yard Solution

    by Peter Kelton
    As the rest of the world goes wild over smart phones, an odd assortment of eclectic characters hunkers down near Lebanon, Kansas, geographic center of the lower 48, at the middle of a square-mile junk yard where railroads dump old boxcars. The characters live in the boxcars. They don’t like electronic gadgets. They’re fed up with digital life. In a triumph of literary fiction, with caustic comical digs at contemporary society, they create an acerbic satire in search of lost causes. Among them lo... more
  • Page 6 And Beyond: Let's stir the pot...

    by Hureen Gandhi
    In modern day America, amidst the contentious presidential election campaign of November 2016, immigrant author Hureen Saghar Gandhi finds that humor is the only way to keep her family and her friends’ spirits high. Living a fast and furious life in Northern Virginia, surrounded by quirky characters, she decides she has no choice but to weave them into her satirical anecdotes in her book: Page 6 And Beyond. This book will have you laughing out loud as she embarks on a spy mission to: bond with l... more