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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Birth of Adam

    by Paul Brown
    Laura and her four lovers, in the early 1960s, come to realize that humanity is on a course of self-destruction due to overpopulation, mass extinction, and global warming. Over the decades they are frustrated in their efforts to avert the end of life on Earth. In their letters to Adam, Laura’s son, they recount their lives, loves, and careers, in an effort to restore Adam’s humanity. In the end, their efforts having failed, they leave to Adam a bitter legacy: in his hands rests a faint glimmer o... more
  • Do You Speak Fish?: A Story about Communicating and Understanding

    by DJ Corchin
    Teach kids about cross-cultural communication and reaching out to others with this simple, heartwarming story Perfect for those looking for: stories about connection colorful, engaging art books about communication and respecting others classroom picture books When a boy comes across a fish and says hello, the fish does not respond. The boy is shocked. What a rude fish! But soon he realizes that it isn't up to the fish to speak Boy. Rather, if he wants to communicate, it's up to the boy ... more
  • Mrs. R. Snugglesworth, Attorney-at-Law

    by Amy Flanagan
    Mrs. R. Snugglesworth is 70 pounds of low-to-the-ground PRECIOUS. She is the Best at Finding Slightly-Used Sandwiches and The Best at Loving Ham -- and now she's looking for her next big challenge. To her surprise, she finds it at the local Bark Park, when she discovers a passion for the law. Dog law, that is. In two wags of a tail, she enrolls at Wagsworth Legal Academy, eager to become a lawyer. Turns out, it's not that easy learning to be The Best at Law School. But when Mrs. R. find... more
  • With Your Friends

    by William Grant
    Peter Hansen feels like he’s suffocating. His home is a battleground for his parent’s fights and the lonely world around him in Haverty, Illinois is filled with the problems he could face upon entry into adulthood at the end of his senior year of high school. Everything around him feels like it’s slowly closing in and he doesn’t know where to look for help. And then the divorce comes. When his parents marriage finally falls apart, Peter thinks things will get better. What he begins to realize i... more
  • Relative Consequences

    by Jody Herpin
    Relative Consequences tells the story of a retired teacher who is on a mission to find the truth about her past no matter what the cost. Jessy Tate buries her husband on a chilly day in October 2005. That’s when the nightmares begin again; but this time, the scenery is clear, and the fear is real. However, the puzzle pieces in her head make no sense. These vivid flashbacks reflect what her mind has forgotten—a drama starring a childhood friend and a giant banyan tree set in a time in history ... more
  • And Go to Innisfree

    by Don Eron
    I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree… I shall have some peace there --W.B. Yeats A cheerleader touches a high school wrestler's face, running her finger along his two-day beard. Thus begins their covert affair, one so understated he can't be certain she's aware of it, from which he will date his sexual life. A cynical greeting card writer, who becomes America's best-selling poet, seeks redemption on tour. Enchanted by a woman at a party, a man at loose ends recalls Call... more
  • Olivia's First Day

    by Deborah Clothier
    Miss Olivia is starting school in a new town and will soon find out it's not easy being the new student, especially when she is different from the others. By the end of her first day, Olivia shows everyone that they are all different in their own way. By respecting others and being strong, friendships can happen no matter who you are.
  • The Adventures of Bear and Unicorn: Journey to the Lake

    by Sparkles Johnson & Sunshine Akbas
    Bear's day starts out like any other, until he stumbles across a unicorn begging for help. Join Bear and Unicorn as they journey through exciting adventures and meet new friends in Unicorn Valley.
  • Lost Coast Literary

    by Ellie Alexander
    Book editor Emily Bryant finds herself unexpectedly in the charming town of Cascata on California’s Lost Coast, holding the keys to her grandmother’s rambling Victorian mansion. While sorting through her grandmother’s things, Emily learns that she must edit old manuscripts to inherit the estate. It’s a strange request from a family member who was basically a stranger. Emily quickly realizes that there’s something different about these manuscripts. Any changes she makes come true. At first, sh... more
  • The Land of the Pines

    by Summer Nilsson

    "Hoo" is Grey the Kitten? What is her destiny? And why is she riding in a cup, on a DEER?

    When Grey the Kitten is born at Black Mountain Farm (BMF), Miss Jay the Bird is promptly assigned as her guardian. Some animals find it strange that a bird would be assigned to oversee the success of a barn kitten. Some animals . . . but not Miss Jay. Miss Jay knows that this kitten is different. This kitten will change not just their lives, but the lives of many animal... more

  • Unnie

    by Yun-Yun

    A national tragedy. A family and sister grieving the loss of their loved one. The ghosts of the past emerging.

    Yun-young’s sister (Unnie, the Korean word for “older sister”), a secondary school teacher at a school in Ansan, is one of those who go missing during the sinking of the Sewol ferry in South Korea in 2014. Yun-young and her family wait for word—that Unnie has been rescued, first, and then, when that doesn’t happen, that her body has been found. As ... more

  • The Mommy Clique

    by Barbara Altamirano
    When Beth Tapia moves back to her hometown to take care of her ailing mother, she hopes to make a few mom friends and have better memories than from her childhood. Little did she know that much like high school, she was entering the lion's den. Beth soon discovers the suburb is ruled by a clique of thirty-something moms who spend their time maintaining their social hierarchy by playing ruthless games dictated by the queen bee. To her horror, after attending a disastrous party, Beth learns she ha... more
  • South Eight

    by Larry Atlas
    The emotionally-charged story of South Eight follows a young doctor’s collision with the demands and contradictions of modern acute care medicine, both its power and failings and the moral questions it ultimately provokes.   For Dr. Abel Arkin, those questions reach back to his time as the spotter on an Army sniper team in Afghanistan, when the clarity of his training and skills converged with the uncertainty of mission outcomes and personal trauma. The old dilemmas and doubts join those of th... more
  • Almost Eden

    by Richard Taylor
    Almost Eden is a love story wrapped in a war. Izzy, the guerrilla girl born of a jungle war in Luzon during World War II, defies her parents' wishes and flies to Vietnam as a Red Cross volunteer. Along the way she meets Abe, a soldier, and falls in love. Their devotion is tested by the most difficult of life's challenges but they find inspiration from the family's patron spirit of enduring affection.
  • Return to Eden

    by Richard Taylor
    Taylor's series resumes in 1941 with Joe Armand-Joshua's son in Eden Lost-in Manila to purchase a ship. While there, he goes to the grave of Isabella from Eden Lost and meets Luci Blake, an American nurse. They fall in love as the Philippines are attacked by Japanese, but escape Manila to live out the war in desperate conditions as guerrillas. Joshua's search for Joe and Luci compelled his return to Manila; there, he confronts his undying love of Isabella. This sometimes brutal story is also hea... more
  • A Spot of New

    by P. Anastasia

    New experiences can be scary, but colorful surprises await those brave enough to try. Take the first step, dive on in, and learn to fly. Discover how curiosity and kindness can send you soaring to new heights.
    Don't be afraid. A fun-filled adventure lies ahead, and the journey begins with you!

    A Spot of New was written to inspire courage in those seeking to chase their dreams in light of fear and uncertainty. Perfect for the young and young-at-hear... more