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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Blue Butterfly: A Novel of Marion Davies

    by Leslie Johansen Nack
    The true-life story of Marion Davies’ thirty-four-year relationship with William Randolph Hearst including a whirlwind courtship, a movie career spanning two decades and forty-four films, a secret child, and harrowing family excesses, not to mention a secret love affair with Charlie Chaplin. The Blue Butterfly is a behind-the-scenes look into the opulent private life of Marion Davies and how the movie Citizen Kane stole her legacy and turned everyone against her.
  • Rode

    by J. Adams
    It’s a bad night not to have wheels. Stranded in the rain, pacing the sidewalk, Jack gradually confronts the events that led him there and just how far off-track he’s gotten. A former firefighter now involved in more questionable pursuits, he views his present with trepidation and his past with regret. Memories of the men and women who once cared for him are the company he keeps, but with each passing reminiscence, Jack inevitably reaches the point in the story where the relationship went wrong.... more
  • Boston Proper

    by Joseph Caro
    Victoria is social royalty, and Xander is a groundskeeper. They are young adults in love. But the Victorian Era will not tolerate their love affair. So, Victoria and Xander wage war against it. But at what cost?
  • The Discontent of Mary Wenger by Robert Tucker

    by Robert Tucker
    Emotionally torn between the conflicting historical social forces of feminism and the traditional roles of women in post-World War II society, Mary Wenger struggles with a deep sense of despair. Spanning the continent during the decades of the 1930s, '40s and '50s to the turn of the century, her compulsive lifelong odyssey in search of an acceptable house in which to realize her personal and economic goals throws her out of balance with her family. A master wordsmith tells Mary's story with a... more
  • An Old Woman Walks Into a Bar

    by Deborah Shouse
    Nursing a beer at a local bar in the middle of the day, Grace wonders if she has anything left in the tank at age 78. Widowed and retired from teaching, she discovers renewed purpose by spearheading a free community preschool. But when she’s ousted from the project by a younger, superstar fundraiser with a dark secret, Grace faces another quandary. Should she be true to herself or do whatever it takes to reach her goal? Before she can answer that question, she’s off catching a thief, riding a m... more
  • The Stone Doorway

    by Cassandra Crull
    The Stone Doorway is an excellent piece of Young Adult Fantasy that addresses issues such as self-confidence and bullying as a young woman is whisked through a portal into the Vale. On the day that Tori McKenna's life became surprisingly unordinary, she had observed how painfully normal she had let her existence become. A thought she would later regret. It started off in its normal, simple fashion; eating breakfast in the kitchen alone while panicked about the day ahead. She walked to school ... more
  • L.A. Dreams

    by A.M. Morrell
    It’s the 1993 L.A. music scene, complete with drugs, parties, alcohol and women, but twenty-seven-year-old Cory Scott is only interested in one thing. The success of his band Suicide King. His best friend died trying to make it happen and Cory will stop at nothing to make their rock star dream a reality. For himself, his best friend’s memory and for his bandmates. When infamous music legend Alexandra Blake agrees to produce their debut album, all Cory has to do is keep the band together and keep... more
  • A Bee In A Big Universe

    by Kristen Niedzielski

    A Bee In A Big Universe is a story of Brian the Bee, who is dared to fly to the end of the Universe by his friend Sam the Snail. He doesn't understand, and decides to go on a search to find out more about our vast world and beyond. In this book, we discover science facts, nature facts, and space science. It is a great educational book for ages 7-10. It also has lots of bee facts as well as a story of friendship. Will Brian be able to fly to the end of the Universe? &nbs... more

  • My Cat

    by Carol Smith
    Discover the amusing activities children and their pet cats do together in My Cat. Enjoy twenty-five colorful, whimsical illustrations of cats helping their human pals with all kinds of fun things. Children and the young at heart will laugh at what these talented kitties can manage. My Cat is perfect for fostering the love of reading in five to eight year-olds and storytime too.
  • Siciliana

    by Carlo Treviso
    A family torn apart by conflict. An uprising of deadly magnitude. A nation altered forever. Inspired by actual events, Siciliana is the harrowing tale of a young woman’s courage in the face of unthinkable turmoil. In 1282 AD, the Kingdom of Sicily is under the rule of a tyrannical French king and subject to his brutal Angevin army. Daily acts of violence and persecution are commonplace in a once-prosperous realm. For twenty-year-old Aetna Vespiri, daughter of a revered Sicilian knight... more
  • Sparrow by Brian Kindall

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    A boy. A wish. A secret desire gone horribly wrong. Timothy Sperling misses his mom and dad terribly. Left behind with his morose uncle while they’re off on an expedition to avert an environmental crisis, the bird-boned boy would give anything to see them again. But when he spies a shooting star, instead of wishing to be reunited with his parents, he falters and asks for snow… only to conjure up a blizzard that won’t quit! As a town that never sees winter is buried in mountains of white, T... more
  • The First Wolf Pack: A Dog's Fable

    by J. Daniel Reed
    A heartwarming and action-packed journey into ancient history told from the perspective of a modern dog. Discover what every dog knows about the true beginnings of human civilization and the connection between man, wolf, and dog. You will find yourself wondering if it really did happen this way. It was the age of the lone wolf, an ancient time of isolation and hostility. Arn and Versa, two of the most powerful wolves to ever roam the earth, clash in a mighty battle. Only by helping each other... more
  • The Reason I Held You Close

    by Evelyn E. Garland
    Take a journey through the love parents have for their children as they raise them. The outlook of possibilities and reasons you want to hold them close from the moment you first lay eyes on them in “The Reason I Held You Close”.
  • A Mother’s Journey

    by Kimi Hall
    This book is a mother's explanation to her young child about her heartfelt journey through infertility, miscarriage (indirectly), the donor sperm insemination process, and the pregnancy that helped create their family. Children will delight in seeing the process of how they came into being to a mother who did everything possible to make it happen.
  • Splats: A Collection of Crazy Creatures

    by Simon Crack
    Splats - A collection of crazy creatures with truly bizarre features! The Splat creatures were each created totally randomly! Colored inks were organically dripped on paper and then illustrated into weird and wonderful creatures when the ink dried. A funny story has been added to each character in the book!
  • On the March: A Novel of the Women's March on Washington by Trudy Krisher

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Marketing

    A work of Women’s Fiction that has crossover appeal in the New Adult and YA market, ON THE MARCH is about three women, all strangers, who meet on the bus journeying from Kansas to Washington, D.C., to participate in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. Henrietta Oldham is an elderly woman who runs a failing antique store; Birdie Jackson is a shy African-American teenager who is marching at the insistence of her feminist aunt; Emily Messer is a recent college graduate who needs mo... more