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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Orphans in the Barn: Seven Not-So Deadly Sins

    by David Xu
    Seven orphans rent an apartment in a barn owned by a pair of mature, but doting farm owners. The orphans enjoy life in the Pennsylvania mountains, but struggle with the seven deadly sins. They meet many colorful folks in coal country and enjoy a wonderful and Christian life together. A shocking ending awaits them all.
  • Picasso's Motorcycle

    by Marc Sercomb

    France, 1940.

    An unexpected gift of an old motorcycle with a tragically romantic past hurls a young orphan into the thick of things as war breaks out and his life changes forever.  Half-French/half-German Daniel must find a way to survive in a world that mercy seems to have abandoned.  This book transports the reader to Nazi-occupied France, where Daniel unwittingly and unexpectedly finds himself working for the Resistance, and ultimately to the Russian Front in a twist of fat... more

  • The Sky Fall Conspiracy

    by Joseph Bendoski
    An 80-year-old conspiracy. A clash of spies, and the secret they buried. William Stephenson is an expert in mass media persuasion and propaganda. He watched the rise of Hitler on a mountain of lies, but Stephenson also believes that the Nazis can be undone by the same power that created them; propaganda. There is just one problem. All foreign broadcasts are illegal in Germany. At best Stephenson will have a day before the Nazi soldiers storm his radio station. It took Hitler over a dec... more
  • Tool & Die

    by JOHN L DALY
    Fairlane Tool and Manufacturing Company thrives despite competing with huge publicly traded automotive parts suppliers. When a new executive joins the team, he threatens to destroy their collaborative corporate culture making work life an everyday struggle. Tool & Die is the inside story of love, life, and death in a manufacturing company.
  • Sister's Surprise - Slog the Winged Frog - Book 1

    by Javelin Jaaziel
    Slog, is not an ordinary frog. In spite of his normal, loving family, the normal swamp in which he lives, and the normal friends he has, there is one thing that sets him apart: Slog has wings. Cursed with them since birth, Slog is unable to fly and finds himself discouraged over being so different. Seeking advice from his family and friends, Slog travels the swamp and nearby farmlands, hoping to find solace in kind words from Hooty the owl, or Squiggly squirrel. After a long journey and no... more
  • Blood and Silver

    by Vali Benson
    Blood and Silver is about a twelve year old girl in 1880's Tombstone, AZ who runs into all kinds of trouble trying to save her mother's life. What is a twelve year old girl to do when she finds herself in the silver boomtown of Tombstone, Arizona, in 1880, and her only home is a brothel and her only parent is a drug-addicted mother? If she is Carissa Beaumont, she outsmarts the evil madam and figures a way out.
  • 9781703145687

    by JulieJoe B.
    Ethan Templeton awakens the All-Seeing Eye is an unexpected story about a young boy’s task of saving the world. It presents a world of tug-of-war with good and evil.
  • The Velvet Abbey

    by PF Walsh
    A contemporary American retiree who lives in Palm Springs, California, unexpectedly finds himself a lottery winner, and wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Despite the windfall, he travels to London to complete a final, modest job commitment as a residential furnishing appraiser. While involved in that task, Timothy Wesley becomes enthralled with a grand, Italianate house and spacious grounds known as Hensley Oaks. The house has been shuttered for many years and is somewhat neglected, but it ha... more
  • What's Not Said

    by Valerie Taylor
    What’s Not Said is a fun and twisty story about Kassie O’Callaghan, a middle-aged woman on a mission to divorce her emotionally abusive husband and start a new life with a younger man she met while on a solo vacation in Venice. When she learns her husband has chronic kidney disease, her plans collapse until she pokes around his pajama drawer and discovers his illness is the least of his deceits. Then again, Kassie is no angel. The separate lives they lead collide head-on into a tangled web of... more
  • Tangle of Time

    by Gin Westcott
    When four college kids are buried alive and there’s only one way out, don’t ask questions. Just survive. After barely escaping a torturous series of undiscovered tunnels far beneath the Sierra foothills, Mae and her friends emerge, dehydrated and nearly dead from starvation. But everything Mae knows and loves is now gone. Through some bizarre tangle in time, they’ve been reeled back into the past. To a time that, according to Mae—“is constipated with antiquated gender inequality.” ... more
  • Dollops Of Dreams

    by Rajshri Rajasekaran

    Subtle but strong emotions and thoughts and epiphany moments  are blended  with the magic ingredient of pure affection ...

    A brief peek into the characters whom you would soon be cheering for :

    Geethanjali : She held a management degree...but was not allowed to manage her own life ....did she grow wiser and gain control on all that matters ?

    Ryan : He was a doctor in general medicine ...but for a while was a doctor in absent mindedness ..... more

  • River of Blood

    by O'Fuel
    “A law doesn't exist until you fear it.” Sean Tower, reluctant beneficiary of a family tradition in law enforcement, spins headlong into the violent, corrupt world of a metropolitan police force. His anarchist idealism and the culture of the warrior cop prove destined for bloody collision.
  • Appreciation Day!

    by Larry Lalonde
    Conner is a boy who can’t see colours. He’s glum; stuck in a grey, lackluster world. His vibrant younger sister, Katie hatches a wild plan to help Conner use the emotion of appreciation to see colours for the first time. Katie’s plan relies on one crucial thing to succeed: a purple and blue dog! Appreciation Day! is an uplifting story for children struggling with sadness or despair. It’s a reminder that just one positive emotion, one happy thought, has the power to renew their relationship wit... more
  • The Extraordinary Explorations of Edson

    by Asher Lewis Stam
    A historical novella that will truly touch the reader’s heart. The story is narrated by an older man in the early middle ages, who relates his adventures as a younger boy, which the readers follow, and [spoiler ahead] he is taken away from all that he holds dear. He meets charming people but he is also a witness to the more 'animalistic' side of humans.
  • 200 Letters

    by Amy Watkins
    200 Letters is a spirited novel about two people trying to escape abusive relationships and finding love, strength, and endurance through their struggle. They are faced with the harshest of obstacles (hatred, jealousy, manipulation, physical danger, imprisonment, and persecution) on their journey. This page turner is filled with passion, drama, suspense and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Man from Ireland

    by Michele G. Charrier

    Her athletic ambitions kicked off a new romance. But when her training partner vanishes without a trace, will she survive to cross the finish line?

    Maddie St. Laurent’s marriage is beyond resuscitation. And what starts out as a way to breathe life back into her fifties, finishes with her rescuing a charming Irish cyclist. But after five intimate days and a surprise proposal, she’s shocked when her charismatic companion mysteriously disappears.

    When he ... more