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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Vagabonds of Dublin

    by Patrick Martens

    Dublin, Ireland is a city rich in character. John Doyle, second-hand bookseller, is a kind man, a noble fellow, and a lousy businessman. Mac Malone, a vagabond living rough on the streets, is a ridiculous oaf whose personality is defined by jealousy, lust, gluttony, sloth, greed, fear, and pride. As John’s passion is corrupted by outside influences, Mac runs through the city like a ramshackle knight errant, battling the Seven Deadly Sins that hold his soul hostage. The stories of John a... more

  • The Janus Affair

    by Lilla Csorgo
    Janice's husband, Ric, has gone missing. The police are at Janice's door,and so is the media. Pictures of Ric and the seductive but unstable daughter of the prime minister have hit the news. “Have you ever suspected your husband of leading a double life?” asks the detective. To make matters worse, Ric’s former fiancée, Justine, is alluding to even more secrets. Two women, practiced in avoiding each other, find their lives interwoven as they both try to find out what happened to Ric. ... more
  • Kingdom Of Fiends

    by Jeffrey Walters
    THE KINGDOM OF FIENDs, is a fictional story about the gangs in Central America and the abandonment of members of a missionary youth group in a church located in the Slums of Torocagua in the fictional capital of Tengenalpa in the republic in Central America. The Mission group is witness to an assassination of a young boy by the 18th street gang- a violent group that rules over the kingdom. The missionaries are threatened by the gang and depart for the safety of a Hotel, but four lonely souls –t... more
  • Hack

    by SGM Ashcroft
    TRUST ME. I’M A JOURNALIST. Portsmouth, England. Early 90s. Reckless Llew Sabler is a newspaper journalist like no other. 'You're meant to write the news, not bloody well make it,' blasts his long-suffering editor, after Llew's unique approach to newsgathering sparks yet more controversy. As Llew lurches from folly to misdeed, he ends up being charged with defecating on an altar, in a bid to generate some red-hot fake news. Now a public hate figure, he does what anyone would in the circu... more
  • Rort

    by Tab Jaeger

    rort: /rɔːt/ noun INFORMAL•AUSTRALIAN/NZ: a fraudulent or dishonest act

    In this gritty contemporary novel set in Australia, an ex-con, his paraplegic accomplice and her one-eyed dog roam the streets of Brisbane's West End, each looking for a way out. 

    Dan Dyer emerges from 15 years in jail for a murder he didn't commit, with a gangland debt he can't possibly repay. Dan has forgotten what it’s like to be normal. To wak... more

  • sfsdfsf

    by den more
  • Bob E. Bear Goes Fishing

    by A.J. Sullivan
    Bob E. (pronounced Bobby) Bear is anxious to go fishing with his father and grandfather. His parents have been waiting for him to be old enough to manage the ride, the worms, and the fish. He's five now and Gram P. says that's when Daddy first fished. Now we'll see if he catches anything! Bob E. Bear was born one night when I was putting my sons to bed. They always wanted a story. On a whim I just started talking about a little bear named Bob E. From there, the stories just kept coming. Bob E... more
  • Love, Schemes & Murder Scenes

    by Darius ollie
    Doeboy makes the jump from organized crime to corporate America starting his own company in the sex industry. However the game will not let him go that easily. Doeboy's cousin Karon is still in the drug trade and finds himself in a violent turf war unable to figure out who's firing the shots that are killing off his crew. He deplores Doeboy's help unmasking this treacherous foe. All the while Doeboy takes a risk of his own in his love life with Sharee.
  • The Monster Dog - Tasse's Diary of Secrets

    Secrets, secrets, secrets! So many of them! In the third book of The Monster Dog series, Tasse shares her private thoughts and stories with her best friend, ‘Dear Diary.’ Sometimes a little bit naughty, this slightly high-maintenance Shih Tzu spends her time and energy fooling her person, Carmen. “Ha, Ha, Ha,” she says, “I have fooled her again.” She confesses “I often pretend I cannot hear Carmen when she calls me!” When she is found in her secret hiding place she admits, “I smile to mysel... more
  • Katherine Mansfield

    by Joanna FitzPatrick

    Like Colm Tóibín in THE MASTER, Joanna FitzPatrick captures the extraordinary mind and heart of a great writer. A woman who leaves her country, New Zealand, in the early 20th century to live in London alongside the Bloomsbury Group, driven to make her own mark amongst these literary giants.

    She was succeeding with her ambitious plan, until on October 14th, her thirtieth birthday, when her doctors advised her to move to an open-air sanatorium, and quietly die ... more

  • Goodbye

    by Lisa Rousseau
    Lisa was taken away from her father when she was six years old, forcing her to grow up in foster care. She was placed in a good home with two other children who eventually became her family. This story, inspired by true events focuses on Lisa's complicated relationship with her father and biological family who chose not to be a part of her life. When Lisa finds out unexpectedly that her father passed away and no one told her, she is forced back into her childhood that she tried so hard to escape... more
  • The U.S. Navy's On-the-Roof Gang: Volume I - Prelude to War

    by Matt Zullo
    THE US NAVY'S ON-THE-ROOF GANG: VOLUME I - PRELUDE TO WAR is an historical novel based on the unknown true-life story of the "On-The-Roof Gang," the U.S. Navy's fledgling radio intelligence organization in the years leading up to World War II. It is based on the real life of Harry Kidder, a U.S. Navy radioman who first discovered and deciphered Japanese katakana telegraphic code while stationed in the Philippines in the 1920s, discovering the he was listening to Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) radi... more
  • punks

    by Daniel Martin
    A coming-of-age novel that takes a dark turn into the netherworld of state prison. Imagine Huckleberry Finn in The Belly Of The Beast.
  • For a Better Life

    by Julia Reid Galosy

    Casting herself as a refugee from a difficult and dangerous life in Mexico, Cece escapes to the United States to find a better life for herself and her unborn child. Encountering those who help and those who harm, she seeks to understand the American culture and how she will fit into it. The reader serves as companion on Cece's way through the maze of American customs, values and practices.

  • A Twist of Lemon: 100 Curious Stories in Exactly 100 Words

    by Arlene Duane Hemingway
    Wickedly funny, suspenseful, intense, and intriguing, you will be immediately drawn into these one-hundred-word stories—aka “drabbles”—masterfully crafted by Fletcher resident Arlene Duane Hemingway. Every word has been carefully chosen for style and content to create mesmerizing tales and characters. Covering a range of topics and emotions, this collection of 100 of the briefest narratives provide plenty of food for thought with enough love, hatred, malice, surprise, humor, deception, reckoning... more
  • Outpost Harry

    by Paul Snider
    Told from the front lines of one of the most intense weeks of combat during the Korean war, the final battle for Outpost Harry was fought for control of a key strategic position in the Iron Triangle. UN control of Harry would block communist forces from gaining a sight-line into the Kumwha Valley, block the most direct march into the south Korean capital of Seoul, and keep this important hill in the hands of the free world once the post-war territory lines were drawn. As talks of truce whispere... more