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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Mother’s Journey

    by Kimi Hall
    This book is a mother's explanation to her young child about her heartfelt journey through infertility, miscarriage (indirectly), the donor sperm insemination process, and the pregnancy that helped create their family. Children will delight in seeing the process of how they came into being to a mother who did everything possible to make it happen.
  • Splats: A Collection of Crazy Creatures

    by Simon Crack
    Splats - A collection of crazy creatures with truly bizarre features! The Splat creatures were each created totally randomly! Colored inks were organically dripped on paper and then illustrated into weird and wonderful creatures when the ink dried. A funny story has been added to each character in the book!
  • On the March: A Novel of the Women's March on Washington by Trudy Krisher

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Marketing

    A work of Women’s Fiction that has crossover appeal in the New Adult and YA market, ON THE MARCH is about three women, all strangers, who meet on the bus journeying from Kansas to Washington, D.C., to participate in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. Henrietta Oldham is an elderly woman who runs a failing antique store; Birdie Jackson is a shy African-American teenager who is marching at the insistence of her feminist aunt; Emily Messer is a recent college graduate who needs mo... more

  • The Lollipop Fairy, A Sweet Birthday Tradition

    by Jana M. Anderson
    This whimsical picture book chronicles the Lollipop Fairy Birthday Tradition. The Lollipop Fairy delivers magical lollipop seeds to children on the day before their birthday. Children plant the seeds by midnight and awake to a lollipop garden on their birthday. If they are turning 2, they would get two seeds. This is based on the author's own family tradition.
  • The Missing Things

    by Kimi Hall
    An evocative portrayal of the many common obstacles poverty-stricken families face in Africa. From the kidnapping of schoolgirls to the loss of family members due to the fatal illness of the aids epidemic. This story is told through the eyes of a child in a simple and non-confronting manner and gently offers an opportunity to converse with your child about some of the many problems other children face in the world.
  • Before, a Novel

    by J. Kilburn
    Kilburn takes your average teenagers, gives them a Noir edge, and then plausibly and seamlessly drops them into international crime fiction in this intriguing and entertaining novel. These teenagers go about their sweet and sordid adventures blissfully unaware of their role in larger and more complicated regional events. BEFORE, a Novel is a Coming-of-Age story, but it's also a story about international Organized Crime and the role that small-town folks, your neighbors, your Loved Ones, and ev... more
  • Fallout Shelter

    by Steven Schindler
    A fallout shelter could be in a church, school, or city hall. But an abandoned fallout shelter in the basement of a Bronx apartment building became a refuge for three best friends where they could plan their dreams and their schemes throughout their lives. Chili, Mikey, and Angel scoffed at fear. Atomic bomb “duck and cover” drills were an opportunity for mischief in darkened school hallways. Enraged nuns and priests spitting fire and brimstone were cause for hidden hilarity. Little did they ... more
  • You Talkin' To Me?

    by Bex Sutton
    Meet Matt! A curious young boy with a bright and inquisitive mind. One day, while visiting the beach with his mom, he had some burning questions that only one person could answer..."I wonder what it’s like out there in the ocean? What would I see if I was a fish?” The more he thought about it, the more he could almost imagine he was swimming way out beyond the waves. Enter his new friend Water! Together they dive into a new epic adventure to discover the incredible importance Water has within... more
  • Sharing Daddy

    by Bex Sutton
    Roberta Borg’s debut rhythm and rhyme children’s book. “We love your Daddy, yes, we do, but sometimes others need him too!” “What? But who?” Billy loves playing with his daddy, but when his dad is called to an emergency at work, he is left sad and confused by his dad’s abrupt departure from playtime. In this heartwarming story, we join Billy on a journey of emotional growth as he learns about his daddy’s caring profession. So the next time his dad gets called away, Billy’s reaction is rat... more
  • Silverman

    by K. Wergland

    Eight years after Ben Silverman left his band on the altar of stardom, Da Funk reunites at the Roseland, in New York City. A record deal appears. Drawn back into the fast and loose world of funk, Ben encounters Alison, a long-lost love. Meanwhile, his wife, Ingrid, grapples with her own dark past with the help of her friend Ethan. Before long, the marriage explodes, with heartbreaking consequences. Ben must confront the problems of his life, his music, and his legacy to his children—or ... more

  • Six Feet Apart

    by Marvin Mason, J. Brinkley, Brandon C. Brown, Mark T. Sneed
    What happens when four of today's independent Black male authors get together for one offering? An anthology that takes a riveting look at race relations, Black Lives Matter, and relationships between women and men in the 21st century. Join J. Brinkley, Brandon C. Brown, Marvin Mason, and Mark T Sneed as they present short stories from voices that can no longer be ignored.
  • Oaky

    by Marin
    Prejudice is ignorance spelled differently. This story is a sonnet about diversity! And its message is delivered in the most pleasant and non-prescriptive manner. Being different is never easy, but Oaky, the acorn with the rainbow hat, finds the strength to be who he is. And becomes who he wants to be. Oaky tells us so much with so little!
  • The Journey of Yuan and Kian

    by Marin
    The fascinating tale of how a land unicorn and a sea unicorn created the stars in the sky Yuan is the only unicorn on land. Kian is the only unicorn at sea. Their days are busy and they want to play after a hard day’s work. But alas, they can’t – the starless skies are as black as pitch. But Yuan and Kian have a dream: to add light to the night sky. Can they fly with no wings? Who is going to help them? Are they going to succeed? Their new friend – the stork – might hold the key…
  • The Tale of Was and Das

    by Marin
    Very engaging story of how an orphan gypsy boy and his dog built Thesaurus – the biggest dinosaur in the world What a charming play on words that transcends language barriers and cultures! The friendship saga about Was (pronounced Vas), the orphan boy, and Das, the German Shepherd, is skillfully weaved, drawing attention to cornerstone values for character building. And the environmental imperative theme runs through. Captivating and permeated with fun!

    by Len Joy
    A collection of short stories about ordinary people facing life, lost opportunities, regrets, and bad decisions, and trying to find a way to move on. Letting Go, 2018 Indies Finalist - War & Military
  • American Past Time

    by Len Joy
    September 1953... Dancer Stonemason is three days from his major league debut. With his wife and son cheering him on, he pitches the greatest game of his life. And then loses everything. Told against the backdrop of America's postwar challenges from Little Rock to the Bay of Pigs to Viet Nam, American Past Time is the story of what happens to a man and his family after the cheering stops.