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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • For Thee

    by Claire Johnson
    For Thee is Pauline Pfeiffer’s story of her marriage to Ernest Hemingway. A devout Catholic when she meets Ernest, Pauline rejects the moral tenets of her childhood and faith for a man who ten years later will edit her out of his life with the same casual disdain as he would have for a badly written sentence. We see Pauline and Ernest evolve from editor and writer, to lover and lover, to husband and wife, and finally to bitter ex-lovers whose previous passion for each other is only superseded by... more
  • Birdwild

    by Bobbi Simmons
    Birdwild is a heartwarming story about the true meaning of family and togetherness. What the main character and protagonist Bree uncovers is that in her own family, skeletal enigmas from the past run deeper than the roots of the tall pine trees that stand along the side of the pastured fields of the Breeze farm and that all will be unveiled.
  • Pep the Galapagos Tortoise, HC ISBN : 978-1-952106-89-7, PB ISBN: 978-1-952106-93-4

    by Ellen Griffiths and Jose Simbana
    Pep is a young and shy tortoise living on a tiny island within the beautiful Galapagos. When a ship arrives with bad men who remove tortoises from the island, Pep knows he must find a way to rescue his tortoise friends and family. Expertly written by husband and wife team Jose Simbaña and Ellen Griffiths, Pep the Galapagos Tortoise shows young readers the power of working together to make a difference. Lifelong educators and world travelers Griffiths and Simbaña masterfully combine educationa... more
  • My Famous Brain

    by Diane Wald
    “My brain was famous, but I was not. Not every gifted child invents a pollutant-free fuel, paints a masterpiece, or finds the cure for cancer,” Jack MacLeod tells us. “Some of us just live out our lives.” Jack died in 1974; now, he’s ready to narrate his story from beyond the grave. Jack’s prodigious memory, which allows him to memorize books, and his penchant for psychic connections give him unusual insights into the events of his past life and make him fiercely curious about his current state ... more
  • The Bedtime Story Race

    by Shel Curry
    A fun story about sibling rivalry that will have you racing to the finish. Join Ethan and Sophie as they compete to finish all their chores before bed in order to be the first one to choose the story to read together in this heartwarming picture book. Follow along on this fun adventure and find all the sight words every kindergartener must know. Perfect for children age 3-6!
  • The Mayfly: Stories

    by Ben Rogers

    The life of a mayfly can be harrowing or hilarious, but it is always short.

    So, too, the short story.

    Fans of the genre will love the inventive specimens on display in this rollicking debut collection: A group of aging engineering professors take the weekend off for some fun and felony. A pro cyclist learns the cost of greatness. A member of the Manhattan Project sees the world’s first nuclear reaction through resentful eyes. A Hollywood editor discovers what belongs on his ... more

  • Little Bird

    by LaRita Dixon
    For twelve years Amal has happily lived with her parents and sister, when war suddenly changes her life forever. Within just a few days she loses her entire family and endures other horrendous experiences while fleeing for her life. The resulting psychological trauma does not stop with her arrival in America. Just when Amal is about to lose all hope, she meets a lovely southern lady and her family. Will they be able to help heal her wounds and teach her to love again? Little Bird is a gripping t... more
  • A Span of Moments

    by Robert Beech
    Midsummer 1994, a disillusioned Jake Crawford quits a prominent scientific career and retreats to the island home of his youth, longing for its old Florida way of life. Within hours of his arrival, he becomes entangled in a deadly series of events involving a billionaire real estate developer and a reclusive bridgetender with a long-hidden past. Jake’s struggle to navigate those events will determine whether Marcosta Island preserves its culture and native beauty or succumbs to the same overpopu... more
  • Stay Calm: This is War

    by AJ Lecours
    When young Army Specialist Rodney LeClaire was sent to Afghanistan to fight for his country, he thought he knew what war entailed. He soon discovered all the things training did not prepare him for: feces covered toilets, 40mph nutshots, detached faces, pen stealing kids, pants eating goats, or friends getting killed. He battled the heat, the enemy, and ineffective leadership. All of that, paled in comparison to the fight for his own humanity. Stay Calm shows a behind the scenes look at a combat... more
  • Remember the Lighthouse

    by Hailey Chomette

    In a charming seaside setting, our main character hires a private investigator to look into someone from her past, hoping to change her life. A women's fiction novel about love, loss and finding inner strength.

  • Sophie Stands Out

    by Katie Storey
    Pajamas are simply the best! Sophie is a little girl who loves to wear her jammies and has the best idea to wear them around all day. Until she starts to get stares from everyone around town, who wonder why she isn't dressed yet for the day. Sophie must decide: should she stand out and be herself or be like everyone else and save her pajamas for bedtime?
  • Bridal Train: The Further Adventures of Chloe, Dudette of the West

    by Geraldine Burrows
    Sixteen-year-old Chloe lands the role of a mail order bride in a TV reality show about modern Americans recreating a pioneer wagon train journey. Chloe undertakes the grueling, five-hundred-mile slog because her long-distance crush, Zach, will be waiting for her at the end of the trail. But first, she and her wagon full of teenage mail order brides must survive the torturous, pioneer-type elimination ordeals devised by the show's producers. Although she's marked for reality show betray... more
  • Project Onion

    by Karen Stensgaard
    Kathryn “Kat” Jensen’s new audit consulting job quickly becomes extremely dangerous. Investigating a notorious drug trafficker’s bank accounts can lead to life-threatening complications! When Kat Jensen, an out-of-work internal auditor in New York City, joins Melville Consulting, a friend’s secretive consulting firm, she unravels the elaborate money-laundering scheme used by a notorious drug lord nicknamed El Rey, or The King. Based on her analysis, the banks freeze his accounts. Furious, El ... more
  • The Women’s Meeting

    by J. E. London
  • The Lockhart Women

    by Mary Camarillo
    The Lockhart Women is about a working class family living in Huntington Beach, California in the 1990's. It concerns divorce, money, and bad decisions, with the OJ Simpson trial playing as background noise.
  • 978-0-578-84737-5

    by Tom Brown
    Museum Exhibit is a poetry book from first time author Tom Brown. The 105 poems are about items, artifacts and paintings and sculptures you will find at a visit to a museum.