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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Momentum: Montessori, a Life in Motion ISBN 9781639889914

    by E.G. Slade
    Momentum is a captivating historical fiction novel offering a glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman, Dr. Maria Montessori, who was born in Chiaravalle, Italy, and grew up in a time when girls went uneducated. From an early age, Maria defied societal norms, becoming one of the first female doctors in Italy and going on to revolutionize education with a method that has spread around the world. Taking its bones from a real diary written by Dr. Montessori in 1913 chronicling her first voya... more
  • The Dead Superstar. Bar

    by Michael Nohe
    When Harvey Dowd, along with the help of his life-long friend Conor, opened The Dead Superstar Bar in downtown Sarasota, they weren't prepared for what was to come. The pair envisioned a local bar with a house band playing 60's music, but only music released by deceased 60's stars. They didn't foresee those stars returning to perform nightly at his bar. It turns out that heaven does have a hell of a band. Dead musicians performing live at a bar in Florida, God's Waiting Room. What could go wrong... more
  • Albert

    by Hannah Baker
    Albert Beaumont was born in the small coastal town of Pass Christian, Mississippi, in 1880. Throughout his life, he must grapple with the fact that he is different from those around him. Unlike his brothers and his friends, Albert finds himself attracted to other men, a secret he must keep close to his chest for fear of punishment by both his peers and the law. He struggles to understand and accept himself as he navigates a world that is entirely hostile to people like himself. When a letter fro... more
  • Life Without Appeal

    by Hannah Baker
    Meet Hector. Part cynic, part idealist, Louisiana-born Hector moves to Washington, D.C. for law school, where he fights demons of his past as he pursues his legal education. As 1L year carries on, Hector is increasingly drawn into the dark, evasive life of his late grandfather, Tom, who bears many similarities to Hector, and who died at the age of 30. As Hector learns about his grandfather’s life, his own life becomes perilously close to mirroring Tom’s tragic fate. Meet Emily. Confident an... more
  • The Bully Solution

    by Kathy L. Greenberg
    Fourteen-year-old Audrey Wood has more balls than a baseball team. Eccentric on purpose with light-saber wit, she’s a Wikipedia addict, a connoisseur of single-color-palette wardrobes, a sly-dog sleuth, and a budding social advocate. Her home is the second floor of her dad’s animal hospital in Louisville, KY, though she’s not allowed to tell anyone she lives above the kibble and kennels. Also, she’s secretly in love with her best friend, Jason, the soft and sensitive target of high school bullie... more
  • Water Music: A Cape Cod Story

    by Marcia Peck
    Water Music, a family saga told through the eyes of twelve-year-old Lily Grainger, captures both a post-WWII Cape Cod--its beaches, salt backwaters, tides, wind and weather--and a family trying to navigate financial difficulties, loyalty issues, and complicated family ties. Eleven-year-old budding musician, Lily Grainger, encamped with her family on a Cape Cod salt pond during the summer of 1956, longs to capture her mother’s love and attention. In her struggle to help relieve the rancor in her ... more
  • Baby Baby Baby: In the Car

    by Jodi Dee
    A charming and simple story in verse celebrating the loving and caring relationship between Mommy and Baby, and how precious that bond is. As Baby cries, Mommy tries and tries to figure out why. Sometimes even a short car ride can be a challenge. Mommy tries everything, until baby finally falls asleep. A mother's voice is the first sound a baby hears, and that connection grows through time. Talking and singing not only gives a baby comfort, they become the foundation of all language and co... more
  • Mystery Feelings

    by Joy Gallivan M.Ed, MSW, LCSW
    Mystery Feelings helps children to discover how others are feeling by identifying physical characteristics, or "clues", in their environment. Understanding how other people are feeling can help guide our interactions with them. Developing these skills early on in life helps to support positive peer interactions, self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation.
  • Clawed: The Spy Cat

    by Emme Klama
    The Kid just wants to start summer vacation and sleep. But suddenly, a cat literally drops from the sky. Not just any cat, but a supercat with some very large claws, who turns out to be super intelligent, snarky, and...a spy! You name him "Clawed" and before you know it, you're off on the adventure of your lifetime: you get an invitation from The President himself to help solve the Cabinet Cats' mysterious disappearance. But not before the President's daughter gets kidnapped, along with he... more
  • Sage Pineblossom: Top Tinkerer of the North Pole

    by Emme Klama
    Sage Pineblossom is an elf. But not just any elf. She is a gifted teenager, but can't figure out her place at the North Pole. Running away, she searches for answers. Back at the North Pole, Trolls have infested the buildings and taken over the mind of Santa! Who will save him, and even Christmas?
  • Sulla's Fist: A Novel of the Roman Legion (The Sertorius Scrolls Book 5)

    by Vincent B. Davis II
    Rome, 90 BC. Quintus Sertorius is tired. Weary after eight years of warfare in Greece, the decorated hero longs to reunite with his family and repair their frayed bond. But no sooner has he returned than Rome is thrust into war again. This time, the attackers are their closest allies, the Italian tribes surrounding them. To make matters worse, Sertorius learns his son has joined the legion under the command of a scheming rival looking to exert leverage. Sertorius confronts spies and traitors ... more
  • Uranium Mine and Other Stories

    by Jed Linde
    From birth to old age, these seven "Charles" stories chronicle a daunting childhood; an adventurous and painful adolescence; a survival saga in Mexico City; learning from a Zen master; and benefiting from mystical experiences, contact with Mother Nature, and a host of life-changing situations.
  • Deceptive Calm

    by Patricia Elizabeth Skipper
    Deceptive Calm Synopsis Against the turbulent backdrop of declared martial law in South Carolina, a stunning light-skinned beauty, Vanessa, lives in a Catholic orphanage for blacks. After a series of racial traumas, Vanessa obtains the birth certificate of a deceased white baby and uses this document to assume the child’s identity. She moves to California and enrolls at UC Berkeley under her newly acquired name. Vanessa marries into one of California’s wealthiest families. Her charmed... more
  • The Majestic Pigeon

    by William Hart
    Have you ever wanted your own private tour guide at the zoo? Memo the Majestic Pigeon delights in showing his expertise on zoo animals and, of course, showing guests how great pigeons can be. But he soon realizes there are some visitors who are unable to enjoy the Majestic Pigeon Experience. They will miss out on so much the zoo has to offer! Join Memo as he discovers the importance of including others and what it really means to him.
  • Extreme World War III Survival Guide

    by Robert Martin
    Extreme WWIII Survival Guide presents a futuristic, action, adventure account following 2 Americans who have never met before finding themselves stranded on an uninhabited island. After losing the ability to communicate with the outside world they are unaware WWIII has begun and the only other people they encounter turn out to be enemy soldiers relentlessly trying to kill them. Kendra, a shrewd young journalist and Mike, a middle age political strategist must learn to work together and adapt str... more
  • Be Prepared to Die

    by Jonathan Fiero

    They tell us the journey is the destination. It is not. It’s the other way… The destination is where the journey takes place. That destination, it is escape from The White Curtain. In order to live the life we want, we must have the courage to liberate ourselves. But how does one break free from the civilization they’re born into? After all, none of us asked to be here, on this Earth.

    This is a journey with many destinations. Destinations, both physical and mental of ... more