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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Potty Time

    by Corey Abreau
    With my family's support and my potty shouting hooray, I will succeed in potty training all the way!
  • Children of the Alliance Book 3

    by Leigh Rose

    Children of the Alliance, Book 3 in the Legends on the Rise Novle Series

    Toulon, France: 1754

    Senegal, West Africa: 1755

    St. Augustine, Florida: 1756 - 1810

         Children of the Alliance: 1754 – 1810 will hold you captive to a tumultuous world where trading slaves is second nature on the European, African and North Atlantic Continent.

         The legendary saga recounts the life of Juliette and Claude’s anc... more

  • Before the Time Machine

    by Lisa M. Lane
    What would happen if a historical scholar of today could meet a budding writer from a century before? In 19th century England, young H.G. Wells struggles to overcome his lower-class origins to pursue his dreams of becoming a science teacher. In present-day California, middle-aged Katherine dedicates her historical studies to young Wells’ life, traveling to England to immerse herself in his world. Their trajectories converge across time, creating a friendship as inspiring as it is unlikely. It’s ... more
  • The Island Classic

    by Bill Thesken
    Randy Chevois lives an unhurried life. His idea of settling down is deciding what board to ride that day. Lives in a house on the beach, owns a semi-successful surf shop. Does what he wants when he wants. The only thing missing from a perfect life is his name on the perpetual surf trophy for ‘The Island Classic’ local surf contest, which is coming up in a couple of days. But when his girlfriend’s biological clock starts ticking, and his young niece and nephews pay an unexpected visit, his life ... more
  • Snow Mountain Misfits: Cold War Tales of the Super Secret Army Security Agency

    by Jeremiah Davis
    The U.S. Army Security Agency maintained a chain of Cold War listening posts along West Germany’s border with the Communist bloc. They were manned by reluctant soldiers who enlisted in ASA instead of being drafted into the infantry. Discipline was lax at these outposts, but the sense of brotherhood was strong. Alcohol and immaturity sometimes led to incidents and adventures that would strain the credulity of by-the-book soldiers. This book peeks behind the curtain of secrecy that screened the m... more
  • Yarns for Youngsters

    by Tracy Taylor
    Bad Bart learns that being bad isn’t good. Derrick the dumb squirrel learns the hard way. The box puppy is a tale of lost and found. The Treasure Hunt is a story about what true treasure is. And The Wild Donkey is a story about a little donkey that learns what forgiveness is.
  • Small Fry Tales

    by Tracy Taylor
    In Radcliff the Nosey Rabbit, a little bunny learns a valuable lesson in the difference between being nosey and being curious. In Brian the Un-busy Beaver, a young beaver learns that being lazy can cause great harm. Bowser's Aqua Lesson is a story about a young beagle that learns how to swim. The Box Puppy is a story about a poor little puppy that finally finds a home. And No More Fishjacks is a mystery story. Two young children must find out what happened to the lumberjacks food supply.
  • The Journey

    by Tracy Taylor
    The king has a big problem. He needs an heir, but one son is a tyrant and the other one is a bookworm. The captain of the king’s guard also needs a son to inherit his title. However, he has only a daughter, who is learning to be a knight and loving every minute of it. When Sam is chosen to take young Prince Michael to Swinton School, she doesn’t realize she’s about to begin a journey of a lifetime, and learn that the path of destiny is not a straight line.
  • Three Questions Stories

    by Eugene Kelly (E Aly)
    Twelve short stories
  • Angels in the Architecture

    by Annie M. Ballard
    Is love enough to heal their family? Emelie and Liam have a happy life with their five-year-old adopted son, Ben. Emelie, an artist, adores mothering Ben, but as he grows into childhood, she longs for a baby. An accident brings this desire to the forefront. Spending her studio time drawing and painting an imaginary baby, Emelie slips into believing that the baby is real and in need. She tries to hide her struggle from her beloved husband Liam and Ben, but soon it overtakes her. Liam delig... more
  • A Talisman of Home

    by Annie M. Ballard
    A woman who has lost everything has nothing left to lose. Why not take a chance on the father she’d never met? Mackie Brown lost her marriage, her pregnancy and then her mother, one after the other. While cleaning out her mother’s tiny apartment, she found information about the father whom she’d never known. With a snapshot, a medallion, some letters, and a tiny ray of hope, Mackie left Boston for a small fishing village in eastern Canada to try to find Eric Johnson. Mackie tried to blend... more

    by Sweta Verma
    The beautiful pretty faces are well educated, matured and understanding though. more
  • The Tally Man, Book Two of The Stoker Trilogy

    by Tod Benjamin

    Charlie Stoker is an honourable man, committed at all times to doing the right thing. That dedication to righteousness has been the driving force of his young life. It has guided him into a sterile marriage and now, in 1931, it leads him to sacrificing a legal career for a questionable career in trade. Charlie finds this a world more suited to him and he begins to taste success and to find true love. As the decade progresses, and many people are attracted to Mosley's anti-Semitic fas... more

  • https //ij.start.cannon

    by jim martin
    The setup process for every Canon model is almost similar, however the download through https //ij.start.cannon or http //ij.start.cannon and installation process may differ. All-in-one Canon Inkjet printers are suitable for home, business, school, and others to improve productivity. Depending on your requirement, it offers a type printer including PIXMA, SELPHY, MAXIFY, ... more
  • Badfreaky, the Cherry Snake, and the Indecisive Dragon

    by Konstantinos Adamopoulos
    After drinking the same magic potion which made her very bad, suddenly Badfreaky becomes very good. She begins a battle to achieve what she wants very most. The trials begin... A humongous monster eats her, a gigantic crab threatens her, huge pitch-black spiders want to cut her into pieces, disgusting cockroaches want to eat her alive, a ginormous snake, mad about cherries swallows her and bloodthirsty dragons want to burn her with the fire that comes out of their mouths! How will she and Kixy... more
  • Henlo Hooman

    by W.R. Johnson
    Based on the popular online sensation, Henlo Hooman combines meme humor with a charming story of a dog looking for a "fren". Meet Doogie, a chubby puppy who loves to "bork". He is excited to tell you all about himself and what makes him a "goob boi!" His question for you is, Will you be his "hooman"?