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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • American Blasphemer

    by John Matthew Gillen

    Would you dance with the Devil at a rock and roll show?

    Even if she wanted to kill you?

    American Blasphemer is the story of a lovesick writer named John who moves to NYC to escape his dysfunctional family after getting dumped by his girlfriend.

    An epic literary novel written in the tradition of Denis Johnson, Charles Bukowski, and Hunter S. Thompson, each chapter delivers new characters and unforgettab... more

  • Can I Tell You Something?

    by Karl Kristian Flores
    Rich. Dense. Hopeful. Can I Tell You Something? (CITYS) is a tender and brutal book of philosophy. Its collection is composed of 100 poems about age, addiction, disease, poverty, romance, art, friendship and more. Flores’ poems are a nuanced assembly of our questions, our instincts, and our most concealed emotions like shame, purposelessness, and lust. These poems are accompanied by fifty illustrations by Marta Maszkiewicz to create a powerful thrill for readers looking to be inspired by new ide... more
  • The Showdown at San Benito

    by Roy Calvin Moore
    In the times of post-Civil War reconstruction comes a Western page-turner of epic proportions. Who are the good guys? • a tormented Texas Ranger • a murdering priest • and a teen-mother collide in the lawless land of South Texas. Gambling, gunfights and the wealthiest whorehouse in Texas all play starring roles in this legend of struggle and ambition. This twisted tale of morality brings to light how bad folks can reform and good folks can turn bad. You’ll love... more
  • What the Farmer Told the Bard

    by Paul Cornell Du Houx

    It's a world where you build your personal panoply of credit. You wear it like armor and rise as a cybertype in a hierarchy of avatars, by watching your own Orpheus Chronicles. One of you is suspected to be the return of the Christ. The camera is on a computer scientist who has developed a sexual truth-seeking path-finder that uncovers past lives. A race to identify and save him -- or sacrifice him for credit -- builds into a global crisis of monotheism. Puck, Titania and other p... more

  • King's Blood

    by Daniel J. Geisel

    King’s Blood is a fast-paced retelling of history’s greatest life-threatening journey ever taken to become king. It is the story of David and his unconventional rise to power, but this is not your Sunday-school tale.

    To those who know him, he is nothing more than a shepherd. To his family, he is a servant and the youngest of eight, but David has a secret. It is a secret that will propel him into the national spotlight with the slaying of the most notorious giant in history.<... more

  • The Happiness of Many Lives

    by Andrew Griffiths
    Are we connected to others who have gone before us, to those who have stood in the same spaces or experienced the same emotions? Can those who don’t find resolution and acceptance in their time and place find it in someone else’s? Can it take many lifetimes to resolve a life? Or, can it take just one lifetime to resolve the conflicts of many lives? Johnny, a struggling young man who faces his mental instability with defiance and humor, starts a journal to document his obsessive and jea... more
  • To the Ends of the Earth

    by Sharon Thayer
    A lyrical “love story” that goes beyond all borders. "To the Ends of the Earth" is a journey of love from the moment it comes into your world, through the challenges it brings, as you travel through wild storms, over steep mountains, across mighty oceans, and through the deepest jungles, ever pushing forward, fueled by love’s unlimited power. Through our lives we all lose our smile once in a while. We get bored, sick, upset, lost, or afraid. When that happens, our burdens are greatly li... more

    by Jill C. Baker
    For men in mid-life crisis, women in dull jobs, or anyone seeking adventure, Absent takes you on a wild ride. Carter Sutherland, a former high school science teacher, is now a think tank executive living near D.C. His world is precise and analytical; his demeanor, reserved. Because he is partially color-blind, his black-and-white perspective is both literal and physical—until he meets client Tracee Green—a synesthete who sees words as colors. When she offers to take him on four sensory-ric... more
  • The Settling

    by Michael Putegnat
    A seemingly random leaf, floating on a quiet pond, Charlie Campbell is a bookkeeper of little account, whose life is ordinary to the point of invisibility...until his death unlocks a truth that challenges three unsettled lives, who must now come to their own final settlements.
  • Annalynn the Canadian Spy: Terrible Tissues

    by Shawn P. B. Robinson
    Ten-year-old Annalynn has just been hired as a spy. Two men and two women break into Annalynn's home and steal a box of tissues, literally from under their noses. No one can imagine why someone would do such a thing, but Annalynn has been put on the case. Her country needs her, but does she have what it takes? Laugh your way through the adventure of a lifetime as Annalynn embarks on her new life as a Canadian Spy in this exciting series starter!
  • Jetty Cat Palace Café

    by Judy Keeslar Santamaria
    Welcome to the Jetty Cat Palace Café where synchronicity and wonder abound! Morgen, a quirky music teacher and pianist, is devastated when she learns that her mother, also a concert pianist, became pregnant with her after a sexual assault and abandoned her life as a performer. Startled when a steel string explodes inside her piano, Morgen sees secrets long buried inside the music she and her late mother had cherished. Risking her career and heartbreak to rectify her mother’s lost dreams, Morge... more
  • Whispers On A String

    by Kathleen Stone
    What happens when your soul is bound to another before you were ever born? Lonny and Roo have been best friends since they met in high school in 1975 at the age of fourteen. Same last name, same birthdate, they were attached at the hip; rarely was one seen without the other. Together they navigate through their emotional high school years, but nothing prepares the naive teenagers for the real world ahead of them. Now on the cusp of their fiftieth birthday, Lonny finds Roo broke and alone and con... more
  • Polar Bear and the UFO

    by Cynthia C. Huijgens

    Polar bear habitat is under extreme threat due to climate change. Ice floes, once teeming with seals, are shrinking, forcing polar bears into uncharted territory in search of food. So what if space was the new food frontier for polar bears?

    Polar Bear and the UFO, a 34 page illustrated rhyming story, begins in the frostiest reaches of the Arctic Circle where Polar Bear is hunting late into the night. When a passing UFO offers a super interstellar cosmic buffet, Polar ... more

  • Issues

    by Sharon St. John
    SYNOPSIS OF ISSUES BY SHARON ST. JOHN James Michael Frazier is an unscrupulous man who is using his charm and good looks to get what he wants most in life—money--without having to work for it. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself and will do anything to achieve his goal. He uses different variations of his name to accomplish his mission. He goes by James, Mike and Jay, to swindle, steal, and, ultimately, commit murder. His plan was to get as much money as he could from everyone he came in... more
  • 1862

    by C J Halbard
    Love meets madness on a 19th century frontier at earth’s end. He’s sent to investigate the wreck of a mysterious expedition ship off the wild coast of New Zealand. But the locals are strange, and the explorers driven insane.There’s one hope he still holds dear, a long-dreamed reunion with the final survivor, yet that connection proves the most twisted of all.
  • The Persephone Theory

    by Namir Rashid Thompson
    The Persephone Theory is one of the most interesting stories to read and by far one of the best books to mix comedy with horror and history. The Persephone Theory begins with the Greek myth coming to life as the goddess of harvest and fertility, Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, is taken by her uncle Hades to live in the underworld to become its queen, but is allowed to live among the humans possessing the one called Persephone. This Persephone is argent to those who love and hate her, a... more