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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Emma the MEDEVAC Pilot

    by M.C. Wingate
    One of the biggest challenges of being away for work is missing the milestones in your children's lives while helping them understand there is nowhere else we'd rather be than together. Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy. This is a challenge many Service members and working class face when separated from their children. Emma the MEDEVAC Pilot shows the love between a deployed father and his daughter and however wide the physical distance, our imagination and love always keep us close. Da... more
  • The Quad Squad

    by Don Freeborn
    A coming-of-age story about friendship, baseball, and the secrets kids keep, The Quad Squad follows the lives of four life-long friends in their final days of Elementary School as they struggle to win their first baseball championship and keep their friendship intact amidst the struggles each faces at school and at home.
  • The Door to the Moon

    by Malisa Santigul
    Taye wakes up to the sound of BOOM and a flash of light! What on earth could it be? Curious as ever, he decides that he must, must, must go and see for himself. Sure enough, he discovers what turns out to be a door. But it’s not just any door. It’s the door to the moon. Yes, the moon! Could there be aliens, astronauts, spaceships and stars awaiting him on the other side? Oh, the adventures you go on when you follow your curiosity!
  • Alexandria: World Class Life Story

    by Author BDL

    Her biggest victory came at the finish line, but her greatest triumph was the End Game. Ruth is a legendary runner of the late twenty-first century whose biography inspires a dynamic political rebellion in a dystopic Judeo-Christophobic America. Her incredible World Class Life Story is paralleled by a quest to salvage her beloved nation from annihilation. But, she must first find a way to embolden a new generation of patriots to make a stand.

    Alexandria ambitiously explores what happens... more

  • Assignment Gurus

    by Charlotte Smith
  • Troublemakers

    by Gregg Maxwell Parker

    "We hate school, but trust me, it doesn’t like us either"
    - Carlos in "Troublemakers" 

    There's the athletes, the straight-A students, the computer club... and then there's these kids. Meet Carlos, Tina, and Byron, three sixth graders who have two objectives in life: to avoid homework at all costs and to make lots of money so they can buy a sweet car and learn to drive it. Their knack for get-rich-quick schemes and clever ... more

  • Into a Dream

    by Atlas Hill
    After bouncing from state to state, Cathy Reed finds herself in New York City, reunited with childhood friend and now billionaire prodigy Reuben Granger. Together they work with Dreamscape, a revolutionary device that allows traumatized clients to live out their deepest desires—to rewrite their history, from a certain point of view. All is well, until Reuben gets a visitor—a visitor who seems to think Dreamscape isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Cathy’s hero worship of Reuben is shattered w... more
  • Finding Tranquility

    by Laura Heffernan
    Jess Cooper lost her husband on 9/11. Just not in the way she thought. On September 11, 2001, Brett Cooper checks into a flight to go on an interview for a job he doesn't want, in a city where he doesn't want to live. All to make his wife happy. He loves her, but he's not happy in his marriage. Or in his body, really. As boarding begins, Brett panics and gives his ticket away. When his plane strikes the World Trade Center, he realizes that he's been given a second chance to live the life he ... more
  • Grace Coffin and the Badly-Sewn Corpse

    by Winter Fox
    Grace and her mom move to SW Harbor looking for a new start. Cormac was a good guy but now he’s dead. As Grace stumbles into adulthood, tripping over her unpacked baggage, her undead neighbor staggers into death as a Revenant, seeking revenge. Is Grace ready for an ally whose secrets are even darker than her own?
  • Noodle loses Dad

    by Sarah Corbett Lynch
    “Noodle Loses Dad” is just launched and was presented on the Late Late Toy Show in Ireland going out to 1.7million people recently. Through her character “Noodle” Young Author Sarah (13) transforms her own life story into something that can be understood by other children coping with loss, grief, blended families or being re-homed through her characters The Bear and Fox Family. Sarah lost her mother at 12 weeks old to an asthma attack. She moved to North Carolina with her brother Jack an... more
  • The Darkness at Dawn

    by Pamela Roberts Lee
    The year is 1600, and the place is a wild new land--at least it is for Pamela Roberts Lee's latest protagonist, a young Puritan convert. As he is adapting to the so-called New World, he must understand his new religion. All the while, he struggles to overcome his guilt for swearing to hide a thief's crime, thereby allowing him to exist undetected and unpunished in his community. The Darkness at Dawn is a story of how moral character is tested in a turbulent setting. As a former US Air Force Col... more
  • Number Eight Crispy Chicken: A Hilarious and Powerful Literary Satire

    by Sarah Neofield
    The immigration minister has been detained. Minister for Asylum Deterrence and Foreign Investment, Peter Ruddick, is en route to the remote Pulcherrima Island, the site of his latest privately-run, fast food chain-inspired detention centre. But chaos ensues when Peter misses his connecting flight and finds himself confined to the visa-free zone of the Turgrael airport, without a business lounge in sight. Stranded in a foreign territory with nothing but McKing's Crispy Chicken burgers to eat ... more
  • Gouster Girl

    by David E. Gumpert
    Maybe because they are young and innocent, cute black Valerie Davis and nerdy white Jeffrey Stark are late to realize that falling in love on Chicago’s South Side in 1963 is a highly risky business for an interracial couple. Racial tensions are intense and white flight is in full force. At first, they help each other out of tough racial fixes—he saves her from attack at an all-white amusement park and she saves him from injury in a racial brawl at school. But as their romance becomes more seriou... more
  • Nine Dead Dope Dealers and Other Stories

    by Sara Jacobelli
    These stories are about people on the edge, struggling to survive: a hit man confessing to his son, a hijacker confronting a salmon fisherman and his teen-aged daughter in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco weed dealers in the midst of the 1980s AIDS epidemic, pot growers on an Indian reservation confronting a patch pirate, small time crooks and con artists, ex-cons, juvenile hall denizens, two little girls breaking into the church Poor Box, kickball-playing bullies, a desperate young woman at... more
  • The Daggerman

    by Glenn Starkey
    Two men born under the same star on the same night are destined to lead intertwined, yet separate paths - one to save people, the other to become an assassin. Yeshua's life is to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah to come while Hanan fights his country's Roman oppressors and a corrupt, ruling priesthood. The era is heavily political, treacherous, and steeped in the subjugation of a people that have fought for their freedom since ancient times.
  • Guys in Their 20s in the '60s

    by Dennis Rasmussen
    Guys in Their 20s in the ’60s is twelve chronological stories told through the experiences of three former high-school buddies: Adrian, a drummer; Mitchell, a theater student; and Dave, a carpenter. They don’t aspire to conquer the world, but strive to figure out how to maintain a music career that’s inconsistent, earn a college degree that might be out of reach, and live a simple lifestyle away from the chaos. Starting in Sacramento, then swept up in the great migration to San Francisco, the gu... more