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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Through Their Tears 9781483477404

    by Maureen Eaton
    “ Finally they came for me and demanded to be taken through my home, and after looking it over decided they wanted it. I begged them to leave one room in which to sleep with my children while I waited for news of my husband. They refused at first, then permitted me to take the small room upstairs. Every night they were so drunk i eventually had no choice but to leave.” And so begins the harrowing journey of Nadejhda and her two young children, as they fled Russia during the Bolshevik Revolutio... more
  • Island Fever (Jimjeran)

    by Sarah Carrell
    Based on Sarah Carrell's first-hand experience teaching in the Marshall Islands in the 90s, Island Fever is part cultural memoir and love letter to the islands, part sweet-hearted love story. Carlie Beecher, a spunky American with a penchant for putting her foot in her mouth, leaves her fiancé in the states on the hunt for adventure, volunteering for a term on a tiny atoll in the Marshall Islands. Carlie is lucky to find a friend in fellow volunteer and local school teacher Campbell MacReid, w... more
  • My Friend Marilyn

    by Christopher Lentz
    After being named Marilyn Monroe's assistant, a sassy small-town spinster is surrounded by show-biz temptations and hidden dangers. Together, the blonde bombshell and the big-and-bold bombshell-dropper discover how hearts can sometimes see what eyes cannot.
  • Blue Sky Morning

    by Christine Maier
    Emily had the perfect life—a great job, a loving family, and loyal friends. She was even about to get engaged. But it all came to an end instantly when she has a car accident leaving her broken physically and mentally. When she finally hits rock bottom, she finds the courage to change her life. She takes her settlement money and travels the world. Through the experiences and the people she meets along the way, she rebuilds herself to live the life she was meant for.
  • The Daughter Claus (Santina Series Book 1)

    by D. Thrush
    Tina Claus has daddy issues. Santa has always paid more attention to her brother expecting him to take over the family business, but when Santa is forced to retire, her brother refuses to give up his rock band. Her parents insist it’s temporary when Tina has to leave college and finds herself running the family business at the North Pole. It’s just until they can convince her brother to step up. Good luck with that!
  • Spirit Dancer

    by Cissy Hunt

    Spirit Dancer is the story of a woman and how she held on to her faith even when all seemed lost. This adventure follows Hannah, who kept her faith when times became desperate and too hard to live through. She was just seventeen years old when she married Caswell. He was a good husband, but a couple of months after their marriage, Caswell decided that they would be moving west where his uncle had a better job opportunity for him.

    Hannah didn’t really want to leave her family and e... more

  • Joy in a Box

    by Sally Hanan
    A blind girl has a gift; a father's heart breaks; a young boy in Africa might die; the step-children want her dead husband's money . . . Read these short snippets of fiction and be prepared to gasp, giggle, and groan. Sally Hanan’s insight into the human heart brings depth and richness to her inspirational stories, many of them written in a poetic style of prose that flows and gurgles like a country creek.
  • The Point of the Spear

    by John J. McKeon
    “You think, if something is buried, you have to dig it up,” is the charge against Con Tully, a wealthy American who wants to build a performing arts center on a hillside overlooking a picturesque river. Something was buried on the site: Ancient human bones, whose discovery touches off a controversy. A Native American tribe wants to stop the dig, and a heavily armed neo-Nazi group occupies the site to assure it proceeds. An archaeology grad student with a harsh deadline takes on the excavatio... more
  • The Simpleton

    by Barbara Avon
    The reporters made him out to be a hero. He was a doting husband, his life tragically changed. He was Head of Sales at Tribeck Advertising – "Where Your Business is Our Business." He was a loving husband, son, friend and business associate. He was well known in the city amongst his peers. He handled the grill like an Aussie in the Outback and the entire neighbourhood was invited to feast on weekends. He was Jonathan Peters - until the day he traded in his three hundred dollar suit for gard... more
  • The Orchard Lover

    by Christianna McCausland
    Alden Forth was raised to believe she could never have true love. So each year, when the peaches ripen on her farm, she takes a lover, only to let him go after a few short weeks. That is until the summer she finds her simple way of life threatened as her grandfather, her last surviving relative, descends into dementia. The arrival of a revivalist minister further upsets the balance in Alden’s rural hometown, for the minister’s vehemence to save souls has no bounds. Quickly the town’s carefully c... more
  • Other Harbors

    by John J. McKeon
    In the winter of 1924-25, John Lynch, a Brooklyn electrician and bootlegger, loses his wife and youngest daughter in rapid succession, and, overwhelmed, places his four remaining daughters in St. Agatha’s Home in upstate New York. The oldest sister, Kathleen, tries to shepherd her sisters through years at St. Agatha’s, then gives up a religious vocation to marry an aspiring gangster—bargaining, in the process, for secure homes for the other girls. But the bargain soon goes awry, and the g... more
  • Disowned

    by Tikiri Herath
    The day her parents die in a fiery crash in East Africa, Asha’s world turns upside down. When they dispatch her to a seaside village in India to join a family she never knew existed, her life turns even darker. In a new country where girls don’t matter and forbidden customs prevail, her future is unimaginable. Strong-headed Asha rebels against subjugation and stands up every time she’s kicked down. This only makes her a bigger target. She has one chance to escape before she is forced to beco... more
  • Tough Love

    by Aalia Lanius
    This is the journey of Aleyna, who is known for being a confident, smart and pretty brave considering her past battle with cancer. Aleyna hides from the world an unhealthy relationship with her less than faithful husband in order to maintain the picture perfect image and hopes for saving the marriage on life support. Then the phone call comes that the cancer she once beat has returned, this throws her into deeper conflict; her health or making others happy with a false image. This is a journe... more

    by Bruce K Beck
    Our narrator hopes to maintain his new relationship with the talented musician Bobby James, who is handsome, charming, and twenty years his senior. But then everything seems to change when they head off together to spend the entire summer of 1976 in the sexual candy store that was Provincetown, Massachusetts. In no time at all our narrator is greeted by a rival—the dangerous Jake Holman; a distraction—the charming John Alegria; an obsession—the handyman Heath Woodford; and enough new encounter... more
  • Why Can't Life Be Like Pizza?

    by Andy V. Roamer
    RV doesn't consider himself a typical 14-year-old. His parents are immigrants from Eastern Europe. He likes making up words. He worries too much about terrorists and other things. He doesn't particularly like music. And sexuality? He's wrestling with that, too. It's a lot to think about for a guy beginning his first year at a competitive Boston high school. He thinks life is getting easier when he starts going out with Carole. But things only get more complicated when RV develops a cru... more
  • Life in the Hollywood Lane

    by Ann Crawford
    Quirky, heart-opening, funny, poignant, up, down, and everywhere in between—that’s life and that’s Life in the Hollywood Lane. Trish, an LA actor, is bereft with guilt after her best friend commits suicide. Glamorous yet tough-as-nails Hollywood is Trish’s backdrop and a reflection of her life as she stumbles on through an actor’s life of casting calls and premieres, rejection and acceptance. Slowly Trish releases the idea of how her life should be and embraces the messy, flawed, yet stunnin... more