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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Men Without Hate

    by Gene Lee
    Brief synopsis of Men Without Hate The novel tells the story of two men, inextricably linked by family and irrevocably changed by war. It opens in 1863, on the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg, where twenty-three year old Lewis Raines’ battery is preparing to support Pickett’s Charge. The second half of the novel takes us eighty-two years later to Manila, where Hilton Raines (Lewis’ grandson) and his howitzer unit, The Guns of Dixie, are involved in the fight to retake that city from the Ja... more
  • A-Drift on the Road (ISBN 0999107828)

    by Cynthia J Dueringer
    A light tone, some silly, some serious, some sarcasm, some science, and some characters that are fun, irritating, cranky, boozy, laughable, touchy, nuts, smart, and thoughtful make the mishmash of their personalities colorful to follow as the travelers push on and into a sudden snow-squall that turns into an historic blizzard. Eventually some plow into a giant accumulating snowdrift on the interstate in an area of Northwestern Kansas where they have no cell, satellite or any other kind of avail... more
  • Gichi Manidoo

    by Charles J. Musser
  • Where Does Money Grow?

    by Beth McGuinness

    “Where Does Money Grow?” is a fun book that has the main character, Morgan, trying to figure out how to grow money. After all, most kids have no concept of where money comes from and how they receive everything in their lives. Morgan and her four cousins try to grow money in the sea, the garden, and many other places until they realize they can’t grow money. They need to earn it! “Where Does Money Grow?” is a book for 4-8-year old's that teaches lessons about... more

  • Song of Songs: A Novel of the Queen of Sheba

    by Marc Graham
    Lift the veil of legend for the untold story of Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, and Bathsheba, wife and mother of Israel’s first kings. When Makeda, the slave-born daughter of the chieftain of Saba, comes of age, she wins her freedom and inherits her father’s titles along with a crumbling earthwork dam that threatens her people’s survival. When she learns of a great stone temple being built in a land far to the north, Makeda leads a caravan to the capital of Yisrael to learn how to build a perman... more
  • Of Ashes and Dust

    by Marc Graham
    Jim Robbins is a dead man, and he knows it. He’s fought Yankee and Pawnee, fought for the love of two very different women, fought for his very survival. Now, as the scenes of his life flash before him, his greatest struggle is about to begin. Wounded in a railroad explosion, Jim reviews those moments that shaped him. From the inequities of the Antebellum South, to the horrors of the American Civil War, to the juggernaut of westward expansion, he played his part in the events that forged a na... more
  • Ancestors Calling

    by A. Metis

    A charming picture book with a strong GREEN message--rich with adventure and lots of love! One night as a Metis child sleeps, her ancestors come calling through her dreams. They are not demanding like demons, nor are they gruesome like a ghost. They are friendly and fun and ask the child: "Do you want to go flying with us?" They travel over factories pumping pollution into the air, over trees dying and sick, over animal friends needing our help. Ancestors show the child how their la... more

  • Fresh Breath

    by David Podlipny
    Detectives Joseph Morris and Hugo Carrillo work homicide in a city sliding downhill on used needles, while monetary problems, iniquity, loneliness, cancer, and self-harm expedites their own descent. Not to mention the toxic fog of corruption eating away at their badges…
  • B-Sides and Other Misheard Lyrics: Short Stories and Flash Fiction

    by L.M. Bennett
    A reluctant time traveler, an ex-lesbian, her ex-girlfriend, a novice poker player and a smitten young man all walk into a bar, and a restaurant, and a doctor's office, and a crowded city block, and a wrestling ring...and tell their stories. "B-Sides and Other Misheard Lyrics" is a collection of interconnected shorts and flash fiction by L.M. Bennett, about longing for things you shouldn't.
  • The Roots of the Antenna

    by David Podlipny
    Loneliness—the scourge of this metropolis—is what Ming is up against. But he’s not taking sides; he’s just trying to survive. And survival isn’t always pretty…
  • Mild Narcotics

    by David Podlipny
    Fascinating and disturbing in equal doses, Mild Narcotics is a collection of 15 short stories, all previously unpublished, reveling in the absurdity of everyday life—poking at the commonplace cruelty and ogling its fleeting beauty.

    SEQUEL TO "AVALON" Ten years after they found each other for the second time in Avalon, New Jersey, Trey and Mariah embark on a journey to another mystical island, this time in the Caribbean Ocean. But a mission to help the local people find their missing daughters soon becomes an obsession that puts their marriage, and their lives, in jeopardy.
  • I Escaped The California Camp Fire (I Escaped #2)

    by Scott Peters and SD Brown

    This notable, gripping book unfolds the 2018 Paradise, California wildfire disaster through the eyes of one brave boy.

    When 14-year-old Troy’s parents leave him in charge overnight, he has no idea his life in Paradise is about to change. He wakes to see a monstrous wildfire racing toward his home. Unable to reach his parents, and with a kid sister, a dog, and a cat to protect, he knows he has to act. How can he get them all to safety? They'll never b... more

  • Hope Alone (The Sola Series Book 3)

    by Ruth Meyer
    Thanks to a supportive family and boyfriend, Faith Williams is managing single motherhood on top of college plans. But when the father of her child re-enters her life, her carefully scheduled world is rocked. She can hardly blame him for wanting to spend time with their son, but making her boyfriend jealous and claiming to be Christian is going a bit far. Despite her best intentions to keep everyone happy, disaster after disaster strikes. In order to survive the uncertainties, Faith must loosen ... more
  • Pinocchio Island

    by Alexandra Wallner
    PINOCCHIO ISLAND is a satire novel for adults about retiree Sylvia Saltwater who believes she has found community on gorgeous, upscale Martini Cove Island where she pursues her passion to paint.. Husband Max, ever the skeptic, tries to open her eyes to the truth when malicious eccentric characters, hints of a possible murder, and physic encounters reveal a different story and they learn the reason for the island's nickname. -- Reflecting today's political and social chaos, humor and wit pave ... more
  • Covenant Keeper 2- Stories of God's Promises to Every Believer

    by Angie Dent
    I promise you. Most of us have heard those 3 powerful words before. Sometimes, those promises made to us were kept. Covenant Keeper Second Edition lets you know God is committed to keeping every promise He made to you. Fictional stories and real testimonies, with companion scriptures, are quick reminders that prove God’s promise to you for provision, love, and protection. These reminders demonstrate God’s amazing love for you and assures you are never alone and never without help. Powerf... more