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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Painted Windows

    by Gera Jones
    Painted Windows (Book 1) is a charming story about a teenage girl, Ruby, who is trapped in a homeless, nomadic life. The first novel in a series of three in The Gunpowder Series, Painted Windows lands Ruby in yet another random town—Gunpowder, Kentucky. To the real world, Ruby does not exist. Undocumented, no last name, and recording her approximate age with slash marks on her forearm, Ruby survives only with what fits in her trusty backpack. She shelters in abandoned dwellings and outbuilding... more
  • The Bitch of Buchenwald: Her Tainted Legacy

    by Wendie Pecharsky and Jill Merzon
    Spanning six decades, this tense and riveting fact-based Jewish historical novel transports readers from the gates of Buchenwald to the streets of modern-day London, where the son of Ilse Koch, the notorious Bitch of Buchenwald, is planning an anti-government coup. But first, he must secure his sisters’ diaries, which hold the key to Ilse’s legacy: a fortune in looted Nazi gold.
  • Farida

    by Amal Ibrahim

    Kidnapping,murder,slavery and forced marriage. This heart-wrenching story will take you through a mosaic of middle eastern traditions and customs. Three generations of women will captivate with the intricacies of their lives in a small Lebanese village. This is the story of sisters Farida, who by circumstance is forced to marry a stranger to save herself and Aujene, who is forced to marry a man she despises. Their mother Tala, who roams the streets in search of her sanity and bears the b... more

  • Black Ink

    by Jabari Khalfani
    Black Ink is a poetry book that encapsulates the experience of the poet, a black man, from adolescents to manhood. It gives insight into the heartache of mistakes and loss of a young man trying to find his way in a world that rejects him. It shares the wisdom of a father to his children, as well as celebrates the beauty of women and black love all while understanding his value in a world that tries to tell him he has none. It is truly one of a kind.
  • Westbound

    by K. Patrick Conner
    Retired newspaper editor Elliott Madison has written a book about his great-grandfather's harrowing journey around Cape Horn and his great-grandmother's tragic journey west on the California Trail, the homestead they developed into a prosperous ranch in Northern California. But Madison's life is turned upside down when a woman from New York City flies out to San Francisco and tells him that she believes a distant relative, a former Civil War infantryman named Benjamin Harrigan, and his great-gra... more
  • The Seven-Day Resurrection

    by Chevron Ross
    A failed novelist awakens one morning to find that his mother has come back to life, seven years after her funeral.
  • Pay Me to Do Nothing!

    by Otto Bocktopus
    You probably never met anyone who thinks like Otto – laugh your way to a new life perspective! People always told Otto that working hard would lead to being more successful and that being more successful would lead to being happy. But that wasn't true. Shake your head at his antics, giggle at his tales, and come away with a whole new perspective on companies and work and laziness and happiness. --- At his first job, Otto Bocktopus busted ass and made $3.35/hour. Last year, like most ... more
  • Janya Bharata: The War

    by Manu Nellutla
    Read through an exciting rollercoaster journey of a commoner, his family and his tribe during the times of Kurukshetra war. A never before seen perspective of the epic Mahabharata, through the lens of common people. This story is not about the Pandavas and Kauravas. This story is about a common man, his family and his tribe. Janya Bharata is a commoner's epic. Ever since the Kalingas invited them to participate in a training camp up north of the Vindhyas, the Ustrakarnikas were worried about ... more
  • The Ascenders Return To Grace Book 1

    by Monty Clayton Ritchings
    Mankind is in a flux. We are evolving, but not in pace with the needs of the Universe. As we move deeper into the cusp of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, mankind needs to evolve more deeply and more quickly on all levels. Introducing a new species of human being, Homo Integratis. They look and act just like Homo Sapiens except their male and female aspects are complete, have different personalities and can express physically as they choose. The trick is for them to learn to cooperate an... more
  • The Things We Bring To The Table

    by Rod Palmer
    Lucretia became the Cinderella of Charleston’s elite by marrying the charming Russ Rutledge, but Cree’s blue-collar upbringing wouldn’t let her bask in a life of ease. She heads a reputable nonprofit that facilitates lucrative connections for Russ. Now as her marriage begins to unravel Cree mourns the life that could’ve been had she followed her passion, instead of spending so much energy proving her worth in the marriage. Teetering along depression, suddenly she finds herself staring down a Pan... more
  • Lyle's Christmas

    by Kimberly Vincent- Hampton
    Join Lyle, the mouse, in his adventure on Christmas Eve as he prepares to fall into a Christmas slumber. Lyle experiences the magic of the Christmas holiday while impatiently waiting for Santa Claus. Little does Lyle known that he will get to meet Santa Claus in the light of the fireplace. May the Magic of Christmas remain in our hearts and the twinkles remain ageless. This story is inspired by the curiosity, adventure, and innocence of my five children, who will forever be my little children w... more
  • Paris in Ruins: A Novel of Passion and the French Resistance

    by D. Manning Richards
    Intent on enjoying life in spite of the German occupation of Paris during WWII, a spirited French woman lives an elite cultural life with an aristocrat German colonel. When her charismatic first love seduces her to spy for the Resistance, she risks her life while choosing between the two men. The story is based on true events in their actual settings and inspired by public figures who courageously fought the battle to save Paris from ruin, following Hitler’s order to destroy the city.
  • The Apocalypse Diary

    by Megan Tromposch
    The year is 2236. Global warming, war and disease have left Earth a barely habitable shell of its former self and the last surviving humans live indoors in complexes designed to protect them from the outside world. Zoey and Blythe have spent their entire lives indoors; they will live and die inside these walls. The government has done this all to keep them safe and ensure the survival of the human race. Or have they? When Zoey discovers that the situation is far worse than they have been led to ... more
  • Let's Let Go: The Raindrop's Journey

    by Mark Linden O'Meara

    Teach Your Child About Teamwork, Trusting and Letting Go

    Captivated by a rainbow appearing high in the sky, a raindrop desires to find how rainbows are created.  With its own idea of how to achieve its goal, the raindrop eagerly begins a journey on it own.  Struggling ensues, while its friends happily swim by advising the raindrop that there is a better way!

    Should the raindrop abandon its belief that it knows the way?  Should it trust its friends?&... more

  • Where did the Sun Go? a Bedtime Story

    by Benjamin VanDyke
    Every moment can be a teaching moment with your little one! "Where did the Sun Go? A bedtime story" is full of teaching without waiting to be asked a question. This bedtime book follows a day in the adventurous life of a little girl whose curiosity grows with each new page. Join in on the learning and ask questions about her father's teachings about the world around them. From sunrise to sunset and from near to far, the Sun plays a huge part in our lives. Learn about the Sun while enjoying... more
  • Kill The Dog

    by Alex Storm
    Travis Tanner was on the management track at Whataburger in Houston. He gave that up to become a film maker in LA. Ever since he made that sacrifice, things haven’t gone to plan. The only ray of light in this bleak, merciless town is Rachel. When Travis is with Rachel, the future feels possible. He can dream again. He matters. But he can’t be with Rachel. She has a conniving hell hound named Mr. Underwear who hates Travis and seems intent on getting rid of him. To spare her dog, Rachel has put t... more