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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Freddy the Frog

    by Tim Haddock
    Freddy the Frog wanted to be a rancher. Betty the Beetle wanted to be a horse. The two team up for adventures on a ranch filled with ducks and walnut trees and squirrels and a grumpy catfish who lives in a pond.
  • SUKI

    by CF Winn

    When you are young and in love, there is no reason to think of death, no matter how inevitable it is.

    In SUKI, Dwayne and Savannah are planning their life together when fate throws them an unexpected curve ball. Award winning author, CF Winn, allows her characters their flaws as they face the consequences of their own decisions. The couple is portrayed with humor and honesty as they try to make sense of their imploding world.

    The powerful voice of the unlikely narrator allows the ... more

  • Prisoners of the Pacific

    by Charles.G. Fournel

    When an Australian Z Special Units soldier, Hunter, and two of his comrades are captured by the Imperial Japanese forces they are detained in a prisoner of war camp. Thanks to him the prisoners of war are transferred to a labour camp working on the infamous 'Death Railway'. Hunter has only one thing on his mind, to escape and return home to the girl he left behind. He must cross four occupied counties, through tropical jungles, cross guarded rivers, trek through booby trapped woodland... more

  • Seasons Out of Time

    by Kimberly Wenzler
    A separated empty-nester embarks in an unconventional affair and learns how to view life through a different lens.
  • Six of the Best

    by Jonathan Land Evans

    This is a mini-collection comprising six tales selected by the author from his several full-length collections published between 2018 and 2020, and is the companion volume to his 'The Typishly Tales' (which comprises another six stories: those previously published by the on-line literary magazine Typishly). The stories are variously set in the USA, Europe and Bermuda. {Please note, however, that the attached image does not accurately depict the spine of the book, which in reality is t... more

  • The Typishly Tales

    by Jonathan Land Evans

    The book is a collection of six diverse tales, set variously in the USA, Britain and Bermuda. All were originally published by the on-line literary magazine Typishly, and are re-published here as a paperback mini-collection and companion volume to the same author's 'Six of the Best: selected short stories, 2018-2020' (which presents another half-dozen of the author's favourite tales). {Please note, however, that the attached image does not correctly depict the spine of the boo... more

  • The Wicked Wizard and the Worms

    by Judith M. Ackerman
    The Wicked Wizard and the Worms Can a little worm teach a mean old wicked wizard a valuable lesson in life? Discover the answer in this adventurous story of a very unhappy wizard and the effects his wicked his spells.
  • One Hundred Lives

    by D.A. Jennings

    One Hundred Lives Life and Nature Poured into Poetry

    Open the book. Slip into shoes that walk City streets or roam the fields. Turn the page. Sit on the corner with arrogance. Laugh about Neuticles and nose pickers. Flip the page. Tip your hat to the brave. Tremble at the monster under your bed. Walk with strangers As you live one hundred lives.

  • Seize the Cheese

    by D.A. Jennings
    Meet Kip. A mischievous mouse who wears sunglasses, runs around with a knot in his tail, and carries with him the mystery of why he has part of his ear missing. He will wiggle his way into your funny bone, and have you pulling your hair out because of his pranks.
  • Mia, Ripples in the Water

    by D.A. Jennings

    Join Mia, the adventurous mouse, on her travels as she encounters Africa's wild animals and birds, and wrestles with the strained relationship between her and her two brothers. Learn about the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of a sister she never knew, and find out what it means to follow the ripples in the water.

    “The content is rich with topics relevant to young children: love, friendship, forgiveness, bullying, loss, justice, and success. . .this book is ideal to us... more

  • Summer in Gettysburg

    by Evelyn Landane
    In 1863, Summer Walker and her family must face the unthinkable - occupation of their Gettysburg, Pennsylvania home by Confederate sharpshooters. Escape to Stonestile Farm, near the hills known as the Round Tops, promises sanctuary from the fray. That is, until Summer finds herself trapped within the conflict’s misery, forced to face her deepest fears and greatest heartbreak. When the battle ends, Summer suddenly and mysteriously vanishes. Turn to present day: when insecure Shelley Rourke’s g... more
  • The Same Ledge

    by Daniel James

    Michael life is stuck between relentless bullying at school and regular beatings at the hands of his stepdad. His life starts to change the night his sister, Sarah, is raped. Michael meets Cameron, a short-tempered local boy who is feared and respected in equal measure by his friends. Like Michael, Cameron is a troubled child with a violent homelife, his own stepfather uses his fists with brutal force. They both find solace in one another and find a place on the ledge of the tower block,... more

  • Amiri's Birthday Wish

    by Florenza Lee
    Do you like playing the Guessing Game? So does Amiri's family, and what better day to play it than on your birthday! Today is Amiri's birthday, and her family has a tradition; the birthday person decides where the family will go and what they will do. Will they go to the park, the museum, or a movie? The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun when reading this fantastic book written by Florenza Lee and brilliantly illustrated by Fx and Color Studio. Can you guess what Amiri wants for her s... more
  • Maternal Instincts

    by Deborah Kulish

    Maternal Instincts

    Happily Ever After Series Third Novel

    With Jan Nichols career at an all time high, the last thing in the world she wanted was for her husband’s family company to be ruined. So, when the bad guys threaten to shut them down, she has to find out who is behind the false accusations and put a stop to it. But, when the stress from all the extra work threatens Jan’s pregnancy, someone has to step up to help get her through it all.

    A g... more

  • PINTO! Based Upon the True Story of the Longest Horseback Ride in History

    by M.J. Evans
    In 1912, four men, calling themselves the “Overland Westerners,” decided fame and fortune awaited if they embarked on the longest horseback ride in history. Their goal was to visit all forty-eight state capitals over the course of three years and complete their journey at the San Francisco World’s Fair on June 1, 1915. Facing rugged roads, raging rivers, thieves and near starvation, the men went through seventeen horses. Only one horse completed the entire journey…Pinto, a little horse with a he... more
  • 978-1-7340708-1-1

    by Mary Hutchings Reed
    A collection of short stories reflecting the complexity of human relatedness in everyday situations and moments. In these stories we meet the ordinary people in our lives--lovers and strangers, friends and families--including memorable characters like --a charming, homeless teenage con --a couple who divide their lawn into left and right at election times --an actress with Alzheimer's --a dog with a taste for rum cake.