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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Son of Orange County

    by Kyle Kosup

    In this humorous, historical novel, a teenager keeps a journal from 1966 to 1970. This journal captures a wide range of bizarre, yet influential goings-on that occur in Southern California during this tempestuous time. You will see the roots of contemporary America laid bare while you discover little-known 1960’s lore.

  • stain the roses

    by Sunday Fall
    Stain the roses is a short novel about two romantic young adults in deep mental stress after the event of going viral.
  • Hold Me One Last Time

    by Lois Jean Thomas
    This family saga, spanning the years from 1907 to 1976, is set in rural southern Indiana. Young Bertha Snider becomes enamored with her neighbor Frank Kelly, who marries her only because he wants a strong wife to help him run the family farm. Their loveless union produces one child, Katherine, whose precocious brilliance enthralls Bertha. While Bertha struggles to adapt to changes in the world around her, her daughter steps out of her sheltered life to pursue education and career. Katherin... more
  • Rome's Honor, My Honor

    by Marie Antonia Parsons
    Mekella hopes to stay out of the chaos erupting in Rome as rebellion arises against King Tarquinius. Wanting to flee the city, instead she is unwillingly drawn into deception, conspiracy, and betrayal. As Rome's king is exiled, and a conqueror arrives, Mekella must decide where honor lies. And is mere Honor enough?
  • In Chaos and in Peace (short stories from the ancient world)

    by Marie Antonia Parsons

    This collection of short stories centers around events and people from ancient Sardinia, Rome and the Mediterranean.

    "Elissa of Carthage" tells a different version of the story of Dido, not as the tragic lover of the Trojan prince Aeneas, but a valiant and loyal sister and queen.

    "For the Honor of Rome", part of a larger novel-length tale, tells the story of Mekella, a foreigner living in Rome as its Republic was being born. Mekella inspires a va... more

  • Norman's Gift

    by Michelle Olson
    Norman the Button has forgotten to get his best friend a Christmas gift, and time is running out. With big dreams and a small budget, he sets out to find the perfect gift to show his love for Freddy. But when his extravagant gift ideas don’t work out, he must settle for something made from the heart.
  • (Not) Alone

    by Tyler Wittkofsky
    (Not) Alone is the story of Henry Hovishky, a recent college graduate who is exploring life one step at a time. Already in his young career, he is the winner of multiple awards and recognitions. He is soon-to-be married to the woman of his dreams. His best friends are more than friends, they're family. His family supports him and raises him up. And yet, he can't help but to feel alone. How can someone who seemingly has everything be so alone? Everything seems to be great in his life on the outsi... more
  • God Creates a Snake

    by Charles Peterson

    Snake! The Boss will see you now! Today is Snake’s creation day at the Creation Station and God has a meeting planned to discuss the way ahead. Snake quickly finds out just how much he can do while also learning about some of his uh—shortcomings. Now you can be a fly on the wall to this hilarious creation story!

  • The Road to Reveille

    by John McLain
    A coming-of-age western adventure of greed, violence and retribution, THE ROAD TO REVEILLE explores the dangerous clash between a rugged old cattleman and a young Irish street thug on the streets of Manhattan. The story ranges from the rough streets of 1904 New York to the vast expanses and treacherous intrigues of life in Wyoming cattle country. Nineteen-year-old Tom Callaghan agrees reluctantly to leave New York for Wyoming to avoid a stretch in Sing Sing prison, accompanied by Will Sherman, t... more
  • Katie Comma

    by BB Swann
    When Katie Comma is blown out of her book, she must search for her home. She deals with rejections from the sentences in which she tries to hide. Through this engaging character, young readers learn the proper uses for commas and learn the importance of perseverance.
  • The Nine (The Wolf of Corwick Castle Book 1)

    by Terry Cloutier
    Nine men ride into the tiny farming village of Corwick one morning in early March. When they ride back out again, no one is left alive except for Hadrack, a helpless eight-year-old boy. The crimes committed by those nine men will ultimately bring two conflicting religions and two nations to the brink of war. But for Hadrack, caught in the middle and unsure of his allegiances, all that matters is the vow that he made to his murdered family. Hadrack won’t be a helpless boy forever and, when he is ... more
  • The Lady In The Pink Underwear

    by J.R. Wheeless
    Twenty stories to choose from, and all the time in the world to make that choice. Read them in one setting, or over the course of several days, weeks, months. From Mayberry Park to A Day in Rio, the author will take you on a tour through a vacationland that travels from coffeehouses to roadhouses, from alien adventures to Sunday in church, and finally to places that live deep within your own psyche. There’s Hamburger Dan’s, Escape to Freedom, and Roswell. They will make you forever think abou... more
  • Passover

    by Jeff Yocum
    Dr. Chris Malone investigates 75 mysterious deaths for the CDC. All deaths occurred within a 12 hour period in three remotely located communities spread across the country. Peculiarities from Malone's investigation lead her to Tudos Pharmaceuticals, a drug manufacturer known for innovation and humanitarianism. The founder is Jakob Bauer, 75 years removed from liberation from Auschwitz.
  • Philosopher of Stories

    by David Herman
    A philosophy professor named Herbert Blauer seeks to pioneer a new field of study he dubs "story philosophy," in part to make sense of his own life story, with all its twists and turns. He morphs from a struggling student into a former faculty member who, having been rejected for tenure, tries to retransform himself yet again--but into what? Blauer imagines a reciprocation of romantic love, writes a personal ethic about the difficulty of knowing what to value, undertakes graduate study after... more
  • The Lost Safari

    by Mark DaSilva
    A family trip to Africa turns into a nightmare when 15 year old Jake and his parents become stranded when their rental car becomes stuck. They face lions, hyenas, and even deadly rhino poachers as they try to survive the night alone without any guns, cell phones or park ranger help.