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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Escape to Play

    by Becky Gehrisch
    What could go wrong when three mischievous dogs slip out before dawn to explore the farm? Follow the pups as they make a mess in every new place they go. Playful poetry and whimsical illustrations evoke an upbeat feeling as you turn each page. Escape to Play is a reminder to have fun by discovering the world around you. Be sure to keep an eye out for some special paintings hanging on the farmhouse walls!
  • The Imperfectly Perfect Puppy: The Unbeatable Spirit of Trixie the Bernese Mountain Dog

    by Joann Neve
    Trixie was the smallest puppy in the litter. She was the smallest Bernese Mountain dog you would ever see. She was curious and loved being with her littermates. As she grew, it became clear that there was something wrong…she was blind! Trixie found it hard, but over time, she learned to live her life with a bouncy happiness that would never waiver. Trixie learned to find her brothers and sisters by sound and enjoyed every moment with them and her owner. One day, her sight returned. As Trixie gre... more
  • make believe

    by Tom Epperson

    Make Believe is a light-hearted love story, set in the cynical, cutthroat world of Hollywood.  Dustin Prewitt is a handsome screenwriter with a taste for women, money, big houses, and hot cars.  His life is turned upside-down after Laura Keene, his beautiful but crazy movie star wife, apparently commits suicide by drowning herself in the ocean.  But Dustin's not exactly broken-hearted, because Laura comes from one of the richest families in America, which... more

  • The Mary Jane Gambit

    by Sam B. Waite

    Can crypto currencies threaten the all-mighty dollar? A privately held U.S. banking chain aims to use a marijuana stable coin to do exactly that. It faces reprisals from U.S. authorities until a lithium cartel backed by China raises a challenge that forces foes into uneasy friendships. The dollar’s role as the primary currency for international reserves and invoicing gives the nation extraordinary advantage in the global economy, including its ability to impose economic sanctions for po... more

  • The Darker Side of Me

    by Piyush goel
    Kavya aka Kajal was born on 9th January at the heart of the capital city Delhi. Though her desires and ambitions were less accounted for, she had a firm vision of getting her medical degree from NEET. With the expert guidance from one the premier coaching institute, still she couldn’t pursue her dreams. Throughout her life, she was out challenged by the numerous restrictions and boundaries but that did not let he become a handicapped for her. This story revolves around her life. No one could hav... more
  • Jupiter

    by John Carney
    Giovanni Alberto is in Hell. His hometown of Jupiter, Florida is as close to paradise as any place on Earth, but perception is reality — or, in Giovanni’s case, perception is surreality. On Halloween, as all his worst nightmares come to life around him, he must overcome his fears and find a way out. ————— Containing the irreverent hits Aichmalatoi and The Atlantiad, John Carney’s Jupiter tells a tale of contemporary American society using all the tropes of Ancient Greece and Rome. Giovanni... more
  • Comfort in the Wings: A Novel Inspired by Love That Will Not Die

    by Jennifer Collins
    Larissa, floundering in the wake of unimaginable loss, realizes her former life has evaporated. As she slowly and reluctantly tries to resume some semblance of living, unexpected encounters and signs begin to bring moments of hope. She is challenged by long held secrets and emotions, then startled to find joy where she thought there could be none. Can her battered heart open to new possibilities?
  • The Price of Salvation

    by John Anderson
    When an outlaw find himself at the ends of the west, the ways of the old are found to be quickly replaced by the ways of the new. Living in a world that no longer wants outlaws, Thomas St. Hart and his family, The Brothers of Boudiclare are forced to commit to sinister acts of evil in order to attain their freedom. However, when Thomas doesn't go along with the plan, morals and loyalty begin to be questioned, as the concepts of family, faith and freedom are brought into play. All will discover w... more
  • Bea the Lion Breaking Free

    by Becky Cummings
    Bea the lion was born at the zoo. Her cage was all she knew. She dreamed of what was beyond the bars. A lioness stays with her pride, but Bea chooses to be different. How will she break free? A messy accident gives Bea a good idea. All she needs is a little help from her feathered friends. Breaking Free is the first book in a new series that will make kids laugh out loud and think. Bea is sweet, yet bold. She challenges the way things are and follows her heart, even if that means goin... more
  • AJ and the Annoying Copy-Catter

    by Kimberly Waldren
    Aleah Jean, better known as A.J., has a copy-cat problem, and her name is Brooklyn. Ever since the start of the third grade, Brooklyn has been copying everything A.J. says, does, and wears. It is so annoying! A.J. and her best friend Ashley decide to form the Double Detectives Spy Agency and get to the bottom of the copy-catter’s true motive. By becoming a detective, what bizarre things will A.J. discover about Brooklyn? Better yet, what surprising truths will A.J. discover about herself?
  • Gnome for the Holidays

    by Kim Hanzo
    There's gnome place like home for the holidays, gnome matter where in the world you go. Explore Christmas time traditions from around the world with the help of these jolly little gnomes, who show the reader that no matter where they are and no matter how they celebrate the holiday season, home is where your gnomies are and there’s truly gnome place like home.
  • Live Gently

    by Kim Hanzo
    Everyday is another chance to celebrate you. A sweet, spotted fawn meanders through North American woodlands teaching and learning lessons on the importance of maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. Afterall, health and change begins within each of us. Live Gently is the fourth book in the ‘World of Difference’ children”s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beauti... more
  • Give Freely

    by Kim Hanzo
    No act of kindness is ever wasted. Witness the impact that small acts of kindness can make when a sweet elephant offers support to a songbird in need and sets off a chain reaction of generosity across the African Savannah. Give Freely is the third book in the ‘World of Difference’ children”s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beautiful illustrations will resonate wit... more
  • The Secrets That We Keep

    by Titus Johnson Sr.
    “The Secrets That We Keep “ is a work of Literary fiction illustrating the dynamics of sexual abuse by showing how this dilemma plays out in society, and behind closed doors.
  • Seeking Cézanne: A Children's Mystery Inspired by Paul Cézanne and Other Artists

    by Ted Macaluso
    When Jamie and her brother Billy are trapped inside a painting, they want nothing more than to get back to the real museum. But every time they try going back, the museum disappears. They need to find Paul Cézanne to reveal the trick to getting home--and that's not easy. To find him, they need to learn how to experience and appreciate artistic works. Step into a world of art and adventure with Jamie and Billy as they navigate among several styles of painting by artists from six countries. In ... more
  • The Boy Who Wanted to Rock

    by David Weiser

    Written by Broadway and music industry veteran David Weiser and dedicated to his five-year-old son, The Boy Who Wanted to Rock takes readers on a musical journey that encourages children to learn the ropes…and swing from the ceiling! Guided by a cast of helpful and unlikely creatures, a young boy discovers that his inner monster is the key to learning and enjoying music. The story introduces fundamental concepts like rhythm and pitch, and provides a basic... more