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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Boy Who Found A Treasure Map

    by Hannah C. Hong
    One day it starts to rain. A boy takes his favorite toy dog and they go outside to jump in muddy puddles. They get very dirty and decide to take a bath. During their bath a treasure map is discovered. The boy and his dog dive into the bathtub and go on an underwater adventure as they follow the instructions that are set in a series of rhymes. They help each other as they encounter new discoveries in the underwater world. In the end they find a delicious treasure chest hidden in a pirate ship.
  • The Boy Who Took a Trip to the Moon

    by Hannah C. Hong
    One night a boy and his loyal dog friend decide to go on an adventure to the moon. How will they get there and what new discoveries will they experience? These two best friends use their imagination and take off on their voyage to space.
  • Dolley Madison and the War of 1812: America's First Lady

    by Libby Carty McNamee
    Dolley Madison faces a bitterly divided Washington City when her husband, James Madison, becomes our fourth president. The prospect of war against Great Britain threatens to tear our fragile republic apart. The "Presidentess" hosts open parties in the new President's House to unite political foes and cultivate an American identity. When President Madison declares war with disastrous results, Dolley carries on, ignoring the threats against her. However, as British soldiers march toward Washing... more
  • Susanna's Midnight Ride: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War

    by Libby Carty McNamee
    As the former Colonies struggle for freedom, the American Revolution is in the hands of a brave and resourceful teenage girl. At sixteen, Susanna Bolling is like America in rebellion; she craves independence. While her brothers are off fighting for the Patriots, she longs to do more than tedious household chores and attend spinning bees in sleepy City Point, Virginia. When British General Cornwallis invades her family’s Bollingbrook Plantation, she overhears his secret plan to defeat the Patriot... more
  • The Black Bag of Dr. Wiltse, Murder on the Prairie

    by Betty Brandt Passick
    Dr. Alexander Wiltse leaves his beloved Canada in the mid-1850s with wife Phebe and three young children to establish new roots in the Midwest. Only Phebe knows of his attraction to murder… His well-oiled black canvas bag simply allows him into emplacements where others may not go. Still, his fellow French Canadians called him Guérisseur, Healer. Perhaps the pioneer physician is also running from entanglements of the past.
  • The Old World

    by Roy M. Griffis
    A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches of France. A field hospital nurse battles death every day. When duty and honor are not enough of a reason to go on in the hell of a world at war, love gives purpose to their lives. A mere mile from the blood-drenched front lines, Russian refugee and nurse Charlotte Braninov encounters English Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald, who helps her save the life of another soldier. Robert's calm, courtly manner lingers in Charlotte's mind, a comforting memory ... more
  • Lost in The Ark

    by Val Agnew
    Surviving the sins and secrets of a Bible cult. Kate Bennett has spent most of her life shielding her sisters from their angry mother. A loner, she’s an easy recruit for a zealous youth group at her high school. On her first visit to The Ark—the group’s headquarters—Kate hears a sermon she can’t ignore. Full of passion, Kate announces to her family that she’s joining The Ark. Her mother’s rage erupts, and she tells Kate that she’s been brainwashed and forbids her from ever mentioning “that ... more
  • Unsayable Absence ISBN 9781039112483

    by Deborah G. Dunleavy
    UNSAYABLE ABSENCE by Deborah Dunleavy In the dusk of a disaster, Una McFadden is faced with indescribable pain and uncertainty in the middle of the Great Depression. She finds herself grieving in an asylum, wondering if she will ever see her children again. As a child growing up on the outskirts of society in the early 1900s, Una faces the hardships of backwoods life. Her only refuge is in the arms of the elderly Rachel Little Feathers whom she calls Nokomis or grandmother. As she grows,... more
  • Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends

    by Heidi Dehncke
    Kids love animals -- and they love picture books about animals, too. Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends takes children on a tour of fifteen types of animal friends. Discover what makes pandas, raccoons, spiders, cats, and frogs unique (just to name a few). Whether or how they play, and what makes them special. While this children's animal book gives interesting and surprising facts, it is the original illustrations which makes this book a treasure. The animal illustrations magnify the beaut... more
  • Addison Braves Brazil

    by Laura James

    Addison Braves Brazil

    Addison Anderson is a bighearted, bright-eyed, blissful, ten-year-old girl, who chews banana bubble gum, loves riding her bicycle, and beads her own bags and belts. When the Anderson family boards the plane to Brazil, a borrowed book begins to cause Addison distress. After landing, she bans the bad thoughts from her mind, but when they begin their trek into the jungle, Addison refuses to budge...

    While Addison makes friends, visits new locations, and learns a... more

  • PTSDragon

    by JB Van Cleave
    Post Threat Survival Dragons, or PTSDragons, are introduced as magical protectors summoned by a brain in times of great peril. The positive attributes of these well-intended beasts are shown to have helped brains serving in the Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, and Healthcare. But when a PTSDragon overstays their welcome, Survivors must often manage Anxiety, Depression, Hypervigilance, Nightmares, Survivors Guilt, Emotional Detachment, and Memory/Concentration difficulty. Within thi... more
  • Maya the Clothes Maker and Ramon the Button Maker

    by Gigi Carunungan
    Maya and Ramon have a problem. The shirt they’ve designed for a very tall man is missing some buttons! Together with their friend Bikoy, MathXplorers help them solve this problem and discover equations by exploring how to make bigger numbers with smaller numbers by adding to, putting together, and using math symbols to solve real world problems. Hands-on activities are integrated into the storybook action with the MathPack activity package included with each book.
  • Spirits of the Sun

    by Sydney Philippe
    Melati, a young Malay girl, is wanted as a bride by the old chief of a powerful Java tribe. Her Malay tribe reject the marriage proposal and the Java threaten to attack. To escape the Java, the Malay try to build a big boat to sail to another land – but before their boat is ready, a callous murder shatters the fragile peace between the tribes. Melati's brother, Bandri, tries to identify the murderer, create trust, and prevent any further violence. But tensions escalate when a relationship develo... more
  • Frances Finkel and the Passenger Pigeon

    by D.M. Mahoney
    Seventeen-year-old Frances Finkel works as a mechanic in her father’s maintenance shop at Seal Rock Airport, Oregon. The aviation business in the 1940s is booming, and Fran is eager to go out into the world to prove herself as a pilot. When she's flying across the skies, she knows it's where she belongs. But her mother left after Fran's twin brother died, so she's held back by the additional responsibilities of running the household and caring for her younger brother. Frustrated with her situ... more
  • Deathlist

    by Kathryn Atkins
    The main character is Death, and she doesn’t wear a hooded shroud. She wears Hermès shoes and a Chanel Little Black Dress. And she is pissed. As a gorgeous, unhappy collector of souls, Death quits her job. God creates the Deathlist to keep track of death dates from which humans know when they’ll die—until the devil steals the list. Then, no one dies. Death becomes a human male (nice touch, God) to try to save humanity. "Deathlist" irreverently blends golf, good, evil, trust, hope, and free will... more
  • The Listener

    by frances gaudiano
    Set in late 19th century rural Ireland, a girl and her dog are thrust from her home after the murder of her grandmother. As a listener, Fiona is able to hear animals and uses her skills to survive and help the animals that come into her care. Along the way she meets a young man that also requires her healing skills. As their relationship evolves, it angers his relatives, leading Fiona into danger and her faithful dog into acts of retribution. In the end, Fiona must make a sacrifice in order to p... more