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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • One of Seventeen

    by Catherine Nagle

    One of Seventeen, which tells the story of a young girl who is adopted as one of seventeen children in a blended family by a childless young couple. The girl, Caitlin, is timid and naïve and takes her time about growing up, but in her loving family, she finds her way through kindness and patience. Although challenged by repeated heartbreak and responsibility, she grows up to be a compassionate adult, a loving mother and finds that her dreams really can come true. The novel fits in the ca... more

  • Powder And Time

    by Richard Edward Benoit
    After his accident with Mrs. Simonson's powder, Jim struggles to understand the abilities he's secretly gained. Then a terrible event hurtles him into a distant place. requiring others to rush to his aid. But saving Jim isn't easy, not when he's been promised he could rule the world if he'd simply embrace a sinister plan- an offer too difficult to turn down.
  • Tying the Leaves

    by June Toher
    A timid Virginia boy, horrified by what he see when he time travels seventy years into the future, returns to the present and leads a global kids’ crusade to save Earth from the same, toxic, fossil-fuel gases threatening the life of his little sister. This is also a story about the power of sibling love and the discovery of a power much greater than that.
  • The Mistress Chronicles

    by Gina Marie Martini
    “The Mistress Chronicles” is a coming of age story about Angie Russo’s determination and her lust for love and adventure in life that lead to her becoming a mistress. Readers will witness Angie's journey through self-discovery and personal growth, making difficult decisions that often go against her powerful family and her lover to reach a state of contentment.
  • Why Ball Wouldn't Bounce

    by Ron Roecker
    "Why Ball Wouldn't Bounce" is the story of Ball who desperately wants to bounce like all the popular balls. He tries everything to fit in but nothing stops the others from laughing. Deflated, he rolls away to hide his bounce and his tears. But suddenly Ball meets the unlikeliest of new best friends who gives him a birds-eye view of what it really means to be different. Ball is about to make an astonishing revelation that will change his life forever. Find out Why Ball Wouldn't Bounce and whether... more
  • A Child's Breath: Kopp Chronicles

    by Gregory Kopp
    Enjoy the fourth volume in the celebrated Kopp Chronicles saga. Based on a true story, a determined immigrant woman overcomes personal tragedy, and the temptations of a soldier’s love amid the opulence of New York City High Society to triumph and begin life anew in rural America in the years before the Civil War.
  • The Journey to Delphos: Kopp Chronicles

    by Gregory Kopp
    The Tuileries Palace in Paris and the Antebellum Plantations of New Orleans are the backdrop for a young soldier’s journey to save an immigrant family and the destiny of a young nation as the Kopp Chronicles sweeping saga of “An Immigrant American” and “A Trace of Royalty” continue.
  • An Immigrant American: Kopp Chronicles

    by Gregory Kopp
    Based on a true story of the saga of an American family that spans multiple continents, revolutionary upheavals and personal tragedy and triumph.
  • Don’t Tell Mom About This

    by Eric Serrell

    “A mash-up of international spy thriller & personal journal, as if Jason Bournes’s Diary had actually been a thing.”



    Elise feels like she’s always getting things wrong — from a murderous psychopath as a best friend, to a big sister who’s four years younger, twice as smart, and a real bitch sometimes.

    She was the mixed-rac... more

  • The Wild Gypsy of Arbor Hill

    by Harvey Havel
    A young man falls in love with a sex worker in this novella by Harvey Havel. The story’s narrator, Charlie, is a student at Trinity College in Connecticut. His family hails from New Hampshire, and he describes them as “Protestants and as white as they come.” At the outset, he reveals that the family lives on inherited wealth and that they probably won’t need jobs for the remainder of their lives. Charlie’s college life is far from carefree, however. He had no girlfriend during his first two y... more
  • City of the Legions 5

    by Anthony A Roberts
    City of the legions 5 moves on another two hundred and fifty years into the reign of Edward the third. 1346 is a year that will live on in history. Edward will invade Normandy to lay claim to the French throne while in the Mediterranean a pestilence that originated in the far the East begins to decimate the population. Lady Rosesia inherits a manor in the great Chestersyre wood and must bend the knee to the King’s eldest son, Edward of Woodstock, Earl of Chester. Young Edward needs an educatio... more
  • Beyond the Shallow Bank: A woman searches for herself amidst rumors of the selkies from Celtic mythology

    by David A. Wimsett

    Margaret Talbot is an artist living in the year 1901 who has fought discrimination and assault to enter the male dominated world of publishing as a magazine illustrator.

    She suffers a life changing crisis and travels to a small fishing village where she encounters many people such as an older woman who becomes a mentor and confidant and the man who carries a funeral urn containing his wife’s ashes and speaks to it as if she were still alive. Everyone in the village speaks to the u... more

  • Little Lantern, Deep Darkness: Book I: The Light of Dead Fires

    by Sakiv Koch
    Book I: The Light of Dead Fires An Extraordinary Murder Suspect. Smast is an escaped prisoner nursing his wounds and battling his nightmares in remote Himalayan jungles. Once timid and unsure like a dying man’s breath, he is as indomitable as a raging tornado now. A Deranged Widow. Nina, Smast’s mother, experienced something so traumatic when she was pregnant with Smast that she goes mad from time to time, even fourteen years after her ‘mind-destroying, soul-blighting’ tragedy. A Butcher’... more
  • After Olympus

    by Santiago Xaman
    After a Soviet spacecraft on a secret mission falls to earth in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1978, three young men are forced to face a central question of modernity: when ancient sources of narrative lose their credibility, who owns the truth? In their decades-long quest for authenticity these unlikely sleuths formulate an answer — but not before they have traversed a bewildering world of Russian spies, ancient mysticism and modern day cyber-misdirection.
  • Avalanche

    by M. Liz Boyle
    When fifteen-year-old Marlee Stanley joins her two sisters and the sons of their family friends on a secretive hike in the middle of the night, she is thrilled and nervous. Battling her conscience, she prays that the hike will go flawlessly and that they will return to the safety of their campsite before their parents wake. The start of the hike is beautiful and wonderfully memorable. In a white flash so fast that Marlee can barely comprehend what has happened, an avalanche crashes into their pa... more
  • The Wish Carvers

    by Kathleen Gauer

    When two sibling elves, Fay and Eddie, come across an old carving knife with the words "what's carved with me will come to be" on the handle, they decide to carve and paint a pot of gold, a large stone cottage and finally a fairytale castle.  But with each wish granted comes more and more complications.

    Can they find a way to return to their peaceful life?  Find out in this charmingly illustrated whimsical tale that will delight young and old alike!