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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Through the Eyes of Blue

    by Catherine Matsalla
    Ellie and Blue have been running their entire lives. An internationally recognized ultraendurance athlete, Ellie has competed in the world's most difficult races, with her faithful canine companion, Blue, never far from her side. Beyond running, they've navigated life's most daunting challenges. But locked behind Blue's soulful eyes is a secret—a secret that will change their lives forever. A timeless story exploring the depths of love, loyalty, and perseverance between Ellie and her dog, Bl... more
  • The Blacksmith

    by James P. Barber

    Carl, a German immigrant, comes of age in the early years of the 20th century. While Carl develops his talents as a blacksmith, his expertise is weighed against alcoholism. Looming over his weakness for drink is the Nazi Duquense Spy Ring targeting Carl to obtain plans for a secret project under development for the impending war. Embroiled in a situation which makes him appear to be a Nazi spy, Carl is placed in grave danger while his past comes flashing back to him.

  • Children of Violence

    by Luke Gherardi
    The book is about kids that grow up around violent adults and how that shapes their lives. There’s Gracie, Robbie, Cole, and Reeves. Gracie’s life in the Suburbs is perfect from the outside, but her dad is an abusive drunk that moonlights as a hitman for the mafia. Robbie lives in a project in the inner city, his mother is a prostitute, his mother’s boyfriend is a drug dealing pimp. Robbie is set on getting enough cash to get him and his little brother out of the hood, and where he gets that mon... more
  • Saved as a Painting

    by Tali Geva

    In 1889, a Jewish girl attends the opening of an exhibition in a new art gallery in Budapest. A young artist named Gábor Pahl notices her, and his stare makes her flee. Eighteen years later she visits the National Salon of 1907 in Budapest to see Gábor Pahl’s paintings, accompanied by her two daughters. This time the painter fixes his gaze on her elder daughter, Kata. Those two encounters – and one painting – are at the foundation of this novel, the story of Ka... more

  • Consequences

    by Nicole Evelina
    Famous for her hospitality, Venerable Catherine McAuley only ever turned away one woman who came to her for help, and that decision haunted her for the rest of her life. This is that servant’s story. Dublin – 1824. When a fellow maid is forced to temporarily vacate her position under scandalous circumstances, Margaret finds herself in an elevated position under the watchful eye of their master, the infamous Lord Montague. He believes in total obedience from those in his employ and when she... more
  • Candy, Sweet & Sour

    by Bobbi Faulkner
  • Foreign Teachers

    by Sam Wade
    Westerners Andy Dutton and Danny Cole teach English at Luxury Gardens International School in China. Despite being unqualified as teachers, they earn relatively high salaries, and enjoy lives of privilege and indulgence, traveling Southeast Asia, drinking excessively and visiting brothels. Meanwhile, the school principal, Peter Li, is busy trying to build the school into one with an elite global reputation. His plan involves getting the school accredited by the International Diploma Organizat... more
  • Diversionary Fires

    by Rodney Ross
    Tara Atwater holds the right combination of numbers to the record-breaking Ohio state lottery. But what to do about the boyfriend, stabbed to death, on the kitchen floor? It was, after all, his ticket. A diversionary fire might be the answer. Left in her grandparents’ care as her reckless mother worked the carnival circuit, Tara learned about sleight-of-hand flame, purposely created to distract from something far bigger, at age nine. As decades flicker past, from the 1970s until the beginning of... more

    INAUSPICIOUS is the international saga of Rajasthani teenage bride, Triti Sharma, whose harrowing escape from the flames of a forbidden ancient ritual takes her from the desert sands of India to the streets of New York City where her soul twin, Jaq Morel, helps her uncover the horrors of her forgotten past. Spanning two continents, five cities, and three divergent cultures, INAUSPICIOUS is a modern story of survival, redemption, and the transcendent brilliance of synchronicity.
  • The Trials of Adeline Turner

    by Angela Terry
    From Charming Falls Apart author Angela Terry comes a story about finding the courage to face your past, be true to your heart, and live your best life. Fans of Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin will enjoy cheering for Adeline Turner as she navigates the twists and turns of her newly complicated life in this fun, heartwarming novel. Thirty-three-year-old corporate attorney Adeline Turner has built her adult life around stability. Her professional life is thriving, but her personal life . . . n... more
  • Gateway of the Sun

    by Michael Joseph DeRosa
    Three teens unlock a mysterious teleportation system that connects the world’s Stone Age megaliths. Eagle Scouts, Bugsy Houghton and Frankie Fatone camp at America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire, watching the sun rise over the standing stone. Frankie plays a tune on a pocket keyboard. They disappear into a vortex of light, instantly reappearing under Bolivia's prehistoric arch, "Gateway of the Sun," interrupting a tribal blood ceremony and flee for their lives. Returning home they test the pheno... more
  • Joey Loves Granny

    by Nidhi Sharma

    Joey Loves Granny is a love song celebrating the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents. It is the tale of a little boy Joey who adores his Granny. They are super close. One day, Joey notices that Granny is sad. At first, he does not understand why, but later he finds out and tries his best to make Granny happy. This deeply moving and inspiring story carefully deals with themes of love, loss, overcoming grief and embracing happiness with ease and simplicity. The story promotes ca... more

  • The Contract - A Novel

    by P.A. Hempel

    Sue is a 28-year-old teacher at a high school in Queens. She is popular, successful, and has a very rich fiancé. Then her kidneys begin to fail, and her fiancé dumps her. After exhausting all the conventional paths, Sue posts an ad on a dating site looking for a kidney donor and offering a year of hot sex in exchange. Josh, a naïve computer programmer, responds to her ad. Although it seems as if this could be a supremely awkward transaction, Sue realizes that this is an opp... more

  • Rose the cat-dog

    by Todd Albert
    Rose is a tiny and timid rescue dog who likes to keep to herself. Her humans even think of her as a cat-dog because of her quiet, quirky feline ways. That is, until Rose decides to act like a "real" dog to love, protect and play with the new baby about to join her family. Rose would soon find out whether that was really the best way to be a good dog for her new little human sister!
  • Gods, Nukes and a Whole Lot of Nonsense

    by Shirani Rajapakse
    A young village boy’s dream of leaving the village becomes a reality when he is mistaken for a Prophet. Bored at being at home after retiring, an administrative officer tries to find ways to regain his lost social status while making a quick earning. A devout old man prays at the Ganges as the world wakes up to a nuclear India. The fortunes of a fake Sadhu changes when someone uses his image on a postcard. A young women meets God in the most unlikely of places, but loses him when she falls aslee... more
  • Poisoned Jungle

    by James Ballard


    n a powerful human saga, Andy teeters on the chasm of survivor's guilt, desperate to find equilibrium in his life. Deep down, he wants to live but doesn't know how. Poisoned Jungle is an intimate glimpse into one veteran's struggle for meaning after experiencing the despair of war.

    Poisoned Jungle speaks to the long psychological tentacles war has on the lives it touches, and the difficulty of breaking free of them. Realizing changes have occurred deep within, Vietna... more