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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Jalan Jalan

    by Mike Stoner
    Winner of the Guardian Self-published Book of the Month. A story of travel, loss, reinvention, a little quantum physics and a persistent dead girlfriend. Newbie travels to Indonesia to reinvent himself and forget his past. His girlfriend has died and he wants no more painful reminders, no more memories, no more missing her. The trouble is, she's followed him there. Club-land bosses, prostitutes, shaman, damaged expats, they all help with his reinvention. The local mushrooms, jungle gras... more
  • I Am Book

    by Mike Stoner
    Everyone loves a good book. But what happens when a book returns the feeling? Marco and Filip are about as down as two boys can be. The world to them is a harsh, sad place that gives them no breaks. Then one day, on a very rare visit to the school library, they borrow a book which changes their lives forever. Book is its name, and Book has a wicked sense of humour, a big personality, and a knack for knowing exactly what its reader needs to hear. As the three of them get to know each other and... more
  • The Battle Against Readicide

    by Jessica Martin
    If you're not familiar with the word "readicide", author Kelly Gallagher defines it as "The systematic killing of the love of reading, often exacerbated by the inane, mind-numbing practices found in schools." His book, Readicide, identifies aspects that contribute to the decline of time spent reading and kill the love of reading.

    One of those aspects is simply choice. Students who have more choice in what ... more
  • Hotel in Ipswich

    by Paul Smiths

    PA Hotel, one of the top and the perfect places to celebrate with family and friends. Whether you want to relax with friends or dance the night away, our hotel Ipswich is a fantastic destination for a night out, serving wonderful cuisine and drink every day. Our menus are full of hearty favourites and country pub classics to satisfy any palate, and they'll taste even better when savoured in our b... more

  • Blink, Plue & Colorful You

    by Kathleen Latlip
    When three young monsters realize that their outsides don’t reflect who they are on the inside, they begin a search for their own identity and find encouragement and acceptance along the way.
  • God Creates Penguins

    by Charles Peterson
    Penguins! The Boss will see you now. OMG! Guess what day it is? It's Penguin creation day at the Creation Station! These little fellas have a lot to look forward to in life, if only they can decide who will live where. Will they be able to work together, or will competition bring out the worst in them? Our Penguin buddies teach us that when it LOOKS like bad news, all we might really need is a little change in perspective!
  • Claire Got Herself in Trouble

    by Lumen Reese

    Renee Halsie comes of age in the contemporary south. On a promising track to med school, she risks tearing apart her future and family to take best friend, Claire, into the city for an illegal abortion. At the clinic, they meet with protesters and cell phones. Viral footage leads to twin arrests. The girls find themselves on trial in a landmark case.

  • The Skylight Room

    by Charlie Carillo
    A rich and famous super model buys an old brick building in Greenwich Village, intending to renovate it for her new reality show. She buys out all the tenants, but the mysterious old woman in the skylight room refuses to budge - and it's a conflict that's splashed across the pages of the New York Post, as we learn about the wild and crazy life of the quiet little lady in the skylight room.
  • Eto takoy gorod - Sankt Petersburg (Russian Edition)

    by Ekaterina Yakovina
    You admire of the city Saint Petersburg, Russia. You have traveled in the city or you desire to make this travel in the future? So this book for you. This particular city, its beauty, and the emotions also gave rise to the author's deep feelings in response. The author describes history and different seasons of St. Petersburg. You will understand emotions of the St. Petersburg citizens and for what they love this special city.
  • Becoming Santa: “Mom, Today at the Christmas Party, Tommy Said Santa Isn’t Real”

    by Cyndi "Go Go" Merritt
    Every parent dreads the day, usually a few days before Christmas, when their child comes home in tears because someone at school has ruined the tradition of Santa for them. What do you say when your child questions the magic, the spirit, the existence of Santa? It's time to read a story that will change the way you handle the doubt.... a story that will change the way you console the tears.... a story that will make it okay to believe! Becoming Santa is a story that will change your child's li... more
  • The Caged Bird Sings: A Young Man's Untold War Chronicles

    by James Channing Shaw and Cal Orey
    SHORT SYNOPSIS: THE CAGED BIRD SINGS \tby James Channing Shaw and Cal Orey In Nazi-occupied France, Benjamin Cohen, a young gifted musician, becomes obsessed with studying the fifty-five-bell carillon in the Catholic Rouen cathedral. Forced by his father to see a child psychiatrist, he learns to express his emotions through diary entries and seeks companionship through his pet cockatiel, Frère Jacques. Benjamin cannot share with his family the joys of his new un-Jewish instrument or the lov... more
  • Rite of Passage

    by Leslie Allen
    An unexpected turn of events leads to an adventure to places never explored.
  • Hot Air

    by Charlie Suisman
    A follow-up to the award-winning novel Arnold Falls, Hot Air features the characters of the small, upstate New York town during the summer following the events of book one. The "incredibly funny" (Kirkus) antics continue as Arnold Falls has several identity crises all at once. Our narrator, Jeebie, has a life-changing moment with a cow, there's trouble brewing at the hospital, and Arnold Falls may change its name to Emollimax for an infusion of cash. This is a character comedy about life in a sm... more
  • The Skylight Room B09836B84N

    by Charlie Carillo
    Hannah Schmitt, a onetime super model, buys a red brick rooming house in Greenwich Village, intending to renovate it for her new reality show. She proceeds to buy out its longtime tenants, but Clare Owen will not budge from the skylight room she's called home for nearly seventy years. Their battle is splashed across the pages of the New York Post, and Clare's jaw-dropping life comes to light - a life far wilder than anyone could have imagined.
  • Senior Care Magnolia - Valiente Senior Living

    by Valiente Seniorliving
    Valiente Senior Living, the Memory Care Conroe providers, and skilled nursing staff can’t help but form a tight bond with each of the residents at Valiente Senior Living in Magnolia, Texas just west of Cypress and Houston. That’s because we treat your family like our own. The happiness, health, safety, and comfort of our residents are our most important priorities, and the woodlands assisted living invites you to come to visit whenever you’d like to spend quality time with your loved one as wel... more
  • Five Hundred Moons

    by Buzz Anderson

    They all saw it at once. A wooden craft of sorts—as long as an ancient redwood, as tall as a river alder. It moved not with the wind but across it.

    “Look! There are men riding atop the giant craft! Some climb near the top of wooden poles. Others pull on thick twine. They are adorned in strange capes and wear odd coverings on their heads. They must be gods from the land beyond the setting sun!”

    Charquin lifted his hand high above his head in greeting. His fellow t... more