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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Miranda's Green Hair

    by D. H. Whyatt
  • Design Kitchen Consultants

    by homednb Inc
    Whether it is the gathering place for the family or party, the kitchen is an essential part of any household. Let our design kitchen consultants take the responsibility of pros and cons!
  • Her She Lady: A Tribute To Womanhood

    by Shah Asad Rizvi
    Her She Lady is a collection of 100 poems that pay tribute and give testimony to the magnificence of women. Beginning and ending with poems that highlight a mother's virtues, Shah Asad Rizvi has created a timeless collection of poems that carefully lays out the countless priceless qualities and merits of womanhood for every eye to see and every soul to embrace. Each poem envelopes a theme of empowerment or pays homage to her, she, the lady. From lines that are as beautiful and delicate as ... more
  • CoinciDATE

    by David R. Low
    CoinciDATE is the story of a small American city where loneliness and desperation have taken hold. With increasing frequency, men who visit online forums to share their frustrations at the lack of female attention are turning to violence. Dubious dating agencies and cults have emerged to take advantage of the situation and get rich off desperate people. This transgressive novel is simultaneously tragic and darkly comic. CoinciDATE explores the depths people go to in order to find happiness and f... more
  • The Legend of Jet the Gerbil: Could be the Greatest Gerbil Story Ever Told

    by Michael Keller

    The Legend of Jet the Gerbil is the true story of an amazing pet gerbil and his human, a young boy named Michael.  One day, when Michael and his dad are cleaning Jet’s tank, something goes terribly wrong, setting Michael and his dad off on a fast-paced adventure to find and rescue Jet.  Jet’s incredible survival makes this the greatest gerbil story ever told! 

  • Sheba's Song

    by Magaly Heriveaux
    Do you want to know the truest meaning of friendship and family? All you have to do is ask Sheba. Through her many experiences at Hickory Brook Creek, she has learned the truest meaning of love from her first foster mother, Ms. Benson. Every now and then Sheba still has the vague, sweet memory of Ms. Benson singing to her heart: "Sheba, my answer to my dreams. You are as graceful as the breeze. Sheba, you are as priceless as can be, my one and only gem from now 'till eternity." These same words ... more
  • Thud! Thud!

    by Diana Aleksandrova
    THUD! THUD! A loud sound shakes the ground. A terrible monster moves into the forest. The games stop and cheer ceases. The animals began living in fear of the terrifying monster. Life in the forest is forever changed. What the animals don’t know is that the big, scary monster has his own fears to face.
  • Dream of the White Stallion

    by Julia Oliver
    Kathryn Alexander, writing in her personal journal, describes her coming of age while dealing with childhood bullies and a dying mother. She is a shy teenager living in 18th century England, the era when Thoroughbred racing and breeding became the rage among the aristocracy. She has always loved horses, and even though her Irish father is an exceptional, but nontraditional, equine trainer and healer, her humble working-class family could never afford one of the beautiful animals. Although a comm... more
  • Trick

    by Sean Hancock
    Trick is fifteen and the only black kid growing up in a dead-end country town. He wins approval from his tough gang of friends by spotting an opportunity for a robbery at a local supermarket. He just never thought they'd go through with it. Even though they escape with more money than they'd anticipated, it is a botched job and cataclysmic events unfold. To make matters worse, Kelly Jenkins, the girl Trick has been in love with since he was seven years old, is planning her escape from their smal... more
  • The Prophet Joan

    by Jay Heinrichs
    A novel that takes you on a moving, humor-filled ride through a snowy murder mystery, small-town politics, eloquent shrimp, and the nature of prophecy. From New York Times bestselling author Jay Heinrichs, a story with skiing, cocktails, eloquent shrimp, a girl, a gun, the tragedy of omniscience, and the archangel Gabriel. (Well, he says he’s the archangel Gabriel.) Fourteen-year-old Joan Mudgett suddenly finds herself alone without her parents in a small New Hampshire village. Only she’s ... more
  • Parrot & Firefly

    by Jules Murphy

    Parrot and Firefly want to fly to the moon, but it's much farther away than it looks. When their dream begins to seem impossible, friendship provides comfort, and an unexpected outcome reveals the value of persistence.

  • Healers

    by Brooke Reynolds
    Scott Weaver, a snarky middle-aged dead man with a gift, hates his job. Punished for ending his own life and career as a surgeon, Scott finds himself stuck in his personal purgatory where he can only leave if he works as a "HEALER" to save all the poor citizens of Blister City, a corrupt city. But one night on the job, he is unable to heal an old friend who ends up dying. Filled with the guilt of not being able to save his friend, Scott travels down a dark path filled with gritty strip clubs and... more
  • Good Night Phobos, Good Night Deimos

    by Tim Baird
    A playful & slightly futuristic homage to a classic bedtime story, Good Night Phobos, Good Night Deimos follows the nightly bedtime routine of a young man living and working on a Mars colony. Take a peek around his room and enjoy the wonders of living and working on Mars, a possible scenario which the reader may find him or herself living in a just a few years. Your child will enjoy the wistful décor of the bedroom and marvel at the prospect of someday journeying to another planet to colonize... more
  • We Are the Gems

    by Dominique J. Smiley
    Using her slick mouth and rich parents, Eve could slither her way out of anything, but when she ends up at Bennings Detention Center for Young Women after a robbery gone wrong, her privileged world is instantly flipped upside down. Seven months is a long time to be away. Will she learn from her mistakes or fall back into her same old habits?
  • The Prize-Winning Story

    The Prize-Winning Story is a fiction travelogue--a group of American tourists arrive in the Holy Land on U.S. Presidential Election Day, 2016, and as they tour for twelve days, they compete with each other to win the big prize offered by the tour host, Pastor Vladdy, producer of the weekly radio show, For Zion’s Sake. The challenge--tell the best story and get your trip paid for! Vladdy believes passionately that God calls Christians to stand with Jews and the State of Israel. The best story... more
  • Phoenix Rising A Poetic Tale

    by M. K. Mann
    From its own ashes, a Phoenix rises. This is a poetic tale of family, loss, love, heartbreak, motherhood, and uncovering your inner Phoenix. It is from your deepest, dark pain that you grow into your highest self and rise reborn. This poetry book is divided into 10 chapters; mirroring the Phoenix’s transformation and journey throughout different life stages. It is a poetic story with deep intimate poems capturing raw authenticity and emotions. The Nest explores themes of childhood and gro... more