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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bull City in Wonderland

    by Alex Charns
    On March 13, 2006, the tulips in Durham grew upside down. Then, White Duke Republicans became Black Duke Republicans. Democrats, oddly, did not change race. Lacrosse players turned into polo players. Yet, Coach K still coached basketball. Next, three Black Duke polo players fell down the Durham rabbit hole. The world, or part of it, was upside down. QUERY: How does the so-called Duke lacrosse scandal change if the student athletes who were falsely charged were African-American and the stripper... more
  • The Sunflower

    by Felicia Sanders
    Have you ever wondered what would a sunflower do when the sun is hiding? Its whole identity is created after the sun after all! Find out what is going on in the mind of one sunflower when the skies turn dark. This is an exciting, endearing story told by a sunflower of dealing with the ebbs and flow of its life and how it finds its way back of finding hope and courage in the midst of the night. This is a great book to help facilitate conversations with your kids and students of how they're dea... more
  • First Quiver

    by Beth C. Greenberg
    Immortality is no fun at all for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus. Cupid’s humdrum existence takes a sharp turn for the worse when a love-tipped arrow fired at the wrong rump gets him banished from home. Reunited in present-day Indiana with his long-lost best friend Pan, Cupid delights in his novel erotic prowess and apparent freedom until he falls deeply in love for the first time and realizes the full measure of his punishment: he must unite his beloved Mia with the Right Love she de... more
  • The Coldness of Objects

    by Panayotis Cacoyannis

    London 2030. When a postman knocks on his door, the news he delivers will cause 70-year-old Anthony Pablo Rubens to reflect on all the sadnesses and joys of the past, while he begins to prepare for the surprises of the future.

    The past still revolves around the moment in the summer of 1984 when young Anthony first realized he had fallen in love.

    The present is a Kafkaesque nightmare worse than Orwell's 1984, "a hideous world where ... more

  • Stainless Steel Channel

    by Stainless Shapes
    Searching for a supplier who can deliver you the highest quality hot rolled and laser fused product, including Stainless steel channel? Contact to Stainless Shapes Inc.
  • When My Cousins Come to Town

    by Angela Shanté
    A fun, lively story of Black family and cousin culture that celebrates individuality and embraces differences. Fitting in can be hard, but standing out isn’t easy either! Every summer a young girl eagerly waits for her cousins to come visit and celebrate her birthday. All her cousins are unique in their own ways and have earned cool nicknames for themselves… except for the girl. But this year things are going to be different. This year before summer ends, she’s determined to earn her own n... more
  • The Noisy Classroom

    by Angela Shanté
    A young girl is about to enter the third grade, but this year she’s put into Ms. Johnson’s noisy class. Everything about the noisy class is odd. While all the other classes are quiet, Ms. Johnson sings and the kids chatter all day. The door is always closed, yet sounds from it can be heard in the hallway. With summer coming to an end and school starting, the girl realizes that soon she’ll be going to the noisy class. What will school be like now?
  • Angel's Diamonds: Piloting Alaska

    by Wayne Pinger
    Angel’s Diamonds: Flying bush Alaska, is a novel, a fictional story about an Alaskan Bush Pilot, his wife and their dog Angel. The time-line for this novel is the construction years of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, when Alaska was booming. As the story begins, Josh and Claire Browning, owners of a general store in rural interior Alaska, are swept up in a conflict regarding the franchise to transport and sell whiskey into the Prudhoe Bay pipe-line boom town of Deadhorse, a supposedly dry town. The ... more
  • The Narrows

    by Mark Zvonkovic
    The Narrows centers on an “extraction” of two members of a religious cult by a “deprogrammer” known as Black Lightning. Larry Brown, the novel’s narrator, is a cerebral and insecure junior high school teacher struggling with an unfaithful girlfriend and public school bureaucracy. He teams up with Black Lightning to rescue the cult members, one of whom is his cousin. During the course of the novel Larry must come to terms with difficult observations concerning his cousin’s precarious emotiona... more
  • Seven Short Plays: Selected theatre pieces, 2017-2020

    by Jonathan Land Evans

    The book is a selection of previously-published short and predominantly humorous one-act playscripts; set variously in the USA, England, Bermuda, and on a passenger liner. The paperback is available from and other Amazon websites, and is in series with two mini-collections of the author's short stories: Six of the Best: Selected short stories, 2018-2020 and The Typishly Tales (Six further short stories)

  • El Capitan: Inspired by True Stories

    by Carlos Solari
    Opportunity. There are many kinds. It's why people cross those borders; leaving home; leaving behind what they know. Often you don't get to know what kind of opportunity until you're committed and you can't go back. Mario Senteri, "Rio", at eight and dreaming of soccer finds it when he interrupts "maestros" playing a game of futball. These "maestros" are former soccer pros that meet on Saturdays to play and everyone knows to leave them alone. Everyone, that is, except Rio. Rodrigo, "Rigo", his o... more
  • Sleep, Tiny Dreamer

    by Shanita Allen

    “Sleep, Tiny Dreamer. Where will you go tonight? Will you swim across the ocean? Or will you take a flight?”

    This bedtime story poses the question "where will your little one go in their dreams?" and encourages them to think of all the endless possibilities.

    Sleep, Tiny Dreamer is Shanita Allen's first book in the Let's Go Dreaming series. This is a sweet bedtime story full of hope and innocence…inspiring young minds to dream big!

     <... more

  • What is a Dream?

    by Shanita Allen

    Have you ever wondered “just what exactly is a dream?” What do dreams sound like? What do dreams feel like? How are dreams created? Well, this adorable bedtime story explains it all!

    Join Little Ari and her talking dog, Pepper, as she reveals a magical formula for creating a dream and explains what dreams are, through the use of the 5 senses. This whimsical bedtime story will certainly ensure that your little one has the sweetest of dreams.

    "What Is A Dream?"... more

  • Prelude to World War III: The Rise of the Islamic Republic and the Rebirth of America

    by James Rosone

    In the not-too-distant future, the United States loses its status as a world Superpower. With the military cut to a barebones level and American leaders focused solely on the nation's internal struggles, the door will open for new powers to emerge on the world stage. In the wake of this power vacuum, China and Russia begin to flex their military muscles and expand their dominance in the world. They have the most up-to-date technological innovations ready for battle: railguns, unmanned dro... more

  • Traitors Within: A Michael Stone Series

    by James Rosone

    The Trojans defeated Troy by hiding soldiers inside the belly of a wooden horse disguised as a peace offering. What if America’s enemies repeated that strategy?

    As the Caliphate of the Middle East continues to crumble, ISIS turns their eyes to a new strategy to waging war. But what if ISIS was just a puppet - a pawn in a grander scheme to gain control of the West?

    Traitors Within follows Michael Stone, a former Delta Force operator-turned-CIA spy a... more

  • Bull City in Wonderland (*The Infamous Duke University Stripper Scandal. The Prosecution of Three Innocent Black Student-Athlete

    by Basia Gwiadowska and Mel R. Fisher
    The 2006 framing of the Duke Three for sex crimes they did not commit. If Lewis Carroll had written ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND in 2006, he’d have no better setting than Durham, N.C. There was a gigantic rabbit hole located in the courthouse. "I Don't Get It. But I'm laughing my head off. Before you attempt to read it, put on your Dada hat." Margaret Soltan's University Diaries.