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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Kill! Kill!: Battle of Fallujah

    by Chance Nix
    Jack Campbell and Kyle Dillon are two Corporals who must lead a platoon of young degenerate Marines through the biggest door to door street fighting in modern history - Fallujah. With Jack worrying about his pregnant wife back home and Kyle finding an unexpected love interest, these men must push all the troubles of the world away in order to bring their platoon home alive. The brotherhood of these men shine despite death and hardship and together they learn what it takes to truly earn the title... more
  • Silent Retribution Man

    by J. Sato
    Lionel Seaver has had it with the indecent, arrogant, rude, mean-spirited and for lack of more negative adjectives, pricks in today's society. Its about time these people get what's coming to them. And its not just about people who break the law either. It is not always against the law to be a prick, on the contrary, it is often rewarded. The jerks, bullies and greedy don't go to jail. They use their power and possession to abuse people. Decency and kindness are often viewed a sign of weakne... more
  • The Night Parade

    by Chris Perez

    Hana Steele has yokai blood in her veins, but that alone will not protect her. A fallen god is rising again in the shadows of Japan. His aim is to plunge the world in nightmares with the night parade; a force of 1,001 enslaved yokai.   From the streets of New York to the mountains of Japan, and straight into the depths of the Underworld, Hana will need every friend she can find and every flame of kitsune-fire she can muster. Along the way, she meets other yokai; a fox-demon named Ed... more

  • Reverend Randy

    by Archie Aaronson
    Randy Kent was a successful, ruthless drug dealer: the largest in North America. After twenty years spent destroying society, his life turned around, as he became an ordained minister, counselling death row inmates, addicts, and ex-criminals. He has left his old life behind, but will the old life leave him alone?
  • Shrouds Over Eden: A Voice for the broken-hearted

    by Helen Khan
    The novel weaves an allegorical narrative through societal traditions that sanction domestic abuse and inequality towards women, but Sonu finds the garden gives a welcomed response of unconditional love, respect and dignity. She takes the reader on a journey through her neighbourhood, Baraka Colony, that explains the societal mindset where violence towards women is expected and accepted behaviour. She sees her mother abused and as the terror in their home intensifies, escapes to a magical garden... more
  • Penitentiary Tales: A Love Story

    by E.A. Luetkemeyer
    Penitentiary Tales: a Love Story recounts the escapades of Dean Davis, a thirty-something, educated, straight white male from the affluent community of Sausalito, in Marin County, California, who is sent to an Illinois prison dominated by a daunting, ethnically diverse population of inmates from the mean streets of Chicago. How does he do his time? What challenges does he meet? Addressing issues of race and gender in America, it is at once a serious inquiry into the minds and hearts of the margi... more
  • The Ramblings of Many

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton
    Even though 18-year old Tam Johnson should be doing his Trig homework, he’s typing to 15- year old Robin instead. When he learns that her parents have bailed on her and that she is barely eating, he embarks on an epic cross-country journey through elements and monsters to rescue her. But when he arrives at her front door, Robin’s parents’ protectiveness has her shooing Tam into the outdoors and into eight adventurous worlds of what is to happen next. Fans of the choose-your-own adventure styl... more
  • Coming Home to Greenleigh

    by Maya Rushing Walker

    Beth Burnham is in trouble. She’s broke, underemployed, and her house is falling down around her. Down to the last $20 bill in her grocery jar, she approaches the local law firm, hoping that they’ll hire her as a part-time attorney. But when she finds that the new managing partner is the man she jilted eight years ago, and when she realizes that he still loves her, her world is turned upside down. What’s more, a handsome young tattoo artist is in town, ready to sweep her off... more

  • Silent Heroes: When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting for

    by Patricia Furstenberg
    How far would you go to save strangers in need? An educated woman is prepared for the ultimate sacrifice in order to teach reading to the girls in her community. She leaves behind a daughter and a son whose lives become intertwined with those of the U.S. Marines serving at Military Base nearby. But the Taliban is infiltrated everywhere and is hard to differentiate between friend and foe. The U.S. Marines fight with bravery to protect the civilians of Nauzad and to fend off the Taliban at Qala-... more
  • The Golden Tup: a dreadful tale of paradise being cruelly taken by latent evil. (The Red Grouse Tales)

    by Leslie Garland
    What made a nice young couple kill their new born baby? Through a series of flashbacks our narrator, Verity, tells how the pair bought an old derelict farmhouse and commenced renovating it - creating their own paradise - but the felling of an old tree changed everything. Gradually their paradise was lost, their relationship fell apart and as we already know, they killed their own child. What drove them to it? What dark secret was lurking there?
  • Thanksgiving Maize (Maze)

    by Courtney Caswell-Peyton

    This year’s Thanksgiving dinner stunk so bad that I thought going to the mall would be much more rad. So with dollars from corn I set out to the store Guided by a path Made from the leftovers bore.

    Stone Soup fans will savor this story!


  • Lost With Leeks

    by Laurel Decher
    Argh! Twelve-year-old Crown Prince Nero is lost again. How will he ever lead the Blackfly Kingdom? His fairy godfather gave him a magnetic personality to make him charming. Only now he's a trouble-magnet--for compasses, maps and magical creatures. Worse, his royal mom has kidnapped St. Nicholas. Nero's got to map out a rescue right away! WHY READ SEVEN KINGDOMS FAIRY TALES? In each Tale, a fairy godparent gives one lucky child the perfect leadership gift. Abracadabra! If only they'd ... more
  • Publicity and Press Release Marketing For Profit

    by Jessie Bowen
    The goal of this course is for the purpose of helping business owners gain the recognition they deserve through their community service effort, personal, and business achievements. By following the step-by-step system you will be better prepared to draw positive attention to you and your business.Publicity is the notice or attention that the media gives you. Today, the media covers multiple channels. From television to Twitter, the media can talk about you and share your story. Publicity, press,... more
  • Public Speakings For Martial Artists: Winning The Public Speaking Game

    by Jessie Bowen
    "Winning The Public Speaking For Martial Artists: The Complete Master Plan For Maximizing Your Profits, Business, and Reputation Through Speaking!" Amazingly Simple But Powerful Secrets Revealed On How Anyone Can Go Zero To Public Speaking Hero. Discover How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking, Hold Your Audience Spellbound, Empower People To Answer Your Offers Instantly. Forget everything you have been led to believe about public speaking. And forget what everyone else has told you, especi... more
  • The Back to God Game by Tilly Culbertson

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe

    “Every child…and adult needs to read this book.”

    The Back to God Game is the perfect read-aloud for parents and grandparents to share with children ages five and up.

    Rule #1 Everything on Earth comes from God’s creation. You can take anything on Earth all the way back to God.

    Join Alden and his Granna as she teaches him a fun game that teaches him why we need to thank God for everything He gives us.

    Themes and Extended Activities:... more