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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Indigo's Key

    by K.A. Fleming
    A new clue is uncovered from the Vatican and goes on public display, which turns Indigo’s quest into a race around the world, barely one step ahead of the invisible Sandmen and the Bendy Man, armed with: her wits, karate training, a Swiss Army knife, 700 years of clues and the help of a very curious street urchin.
  • Charity Cases

    by Jane Shoup
    In the summer of 1888, a female physician at Philadelphia’s Women’s Hospital turns to attorney Cecil Lawrence to help free a former patient who has been unjustly committed to an insane asylum by her husband. Cecil seeks the assistance of Tom Kassel, a cop turned private investigator whose methods are unorthodox, at best. Tom’s intention is to give the case a few hours look-see, but the more he digs, the more lies and deception he discovers. Before long, he is determined to help the incarcera... more
  • Check Mate Bitch! Game Over The Sequel

    by Honey Thomas
    I Love you, we are a family, and I respect you until death do us part. Sheila and Russell Price found out the hard way that you need more than love to make a marriage survive. Pride, lust, anger, and greed has a way of creeping into a good thing and tearing it apart one situation at a time. They are racing against time; a game of survival and the pressure is on. Check Mate Game Over!
  • Fatherless

    by Josh Conley
    Coming from the author of the Amazon best-selling novel, The Heartbreak Hotel, Josh Conley Jr is back with this riveting drama, Fatherless. Fatherless unravels the traumatic life of Seven Bradford, a young black man, who has been through a plethora of tribulations. Growing up in a single-parent family, all Seven ever wanted was to find and connect with his dad, Jerri. Living a life plagued with loneliness, poverty, and abuse, Seven is determined to end this vicious cycle. His mission? To ... more
  • Check Mate Bitch!

    by Honey Thomas
    Sheila and Russell “Big Russ” Price were the perfect loving couple throughout high school and college. Marriage at a young age caused them to grow up fast and place certain priorities into perspective. They became family-oriented, entrepreneurs, and pillars of the community. Until four of the seven deadly sins took over causing life as they knew it to shatter. Will their love hold them together or will pride, lust, anger and greed take over? No one is safe to maneuver in this deadly game of l... more

    by Honey Thomas
    I wish I may I wish I might I wish to be loved, no popular, no tall, no petite, no strong, no beautiful, no rich, maybe I should be more spiritual. I know, I wish I was all of these things like the women on social media and television. Maxine Little was a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She was loved by many because of her beauty inside and out. However, she didn’t see herself in this way. She lived a fairytale life of perfection. Stuck in an unrealistic world of vanity and materialism. She ... more
  • Seventy Times Seven

    by Fayla Ott
  • A Poor Kids Dream, Made In America

    by Abdul Hasan
    A Poor Kids Dream, Made In America is a story by your typical young African American young man, born into poverty, not many of choices ,the story takes you down a path of betrayal, crime and survival surrounded by sex drugs and prison a true journey of growth and change.
  • Paris in May

    by D.A.Grey

    This story is a realistic fiction that takes place a generation after the great black migration from the rural south to the industrial north. It is a story about what happened to the aspirations of some that came hoping to find the Promised Land and found hardship and poverty. However, in the generation that followed, the burden of Jim Crow lifted and the opportunity to leave the confines of ghetto life opened in response to the civil rights movement. There are many stories that arise from th... more

  • Site Hub

    by Site Hub
  • The Last Vietnam Novel-- Darling, They're Playing Our War

    by Fred Vigeant
    The last living veteran of the Vietnam War is preparing for an interview by Time magazine.
  • The Pigeon Whisperer

    by Motaz H. Matar
    Meet Dabbour, a 25-year-old Syrian refuge and introvert and a pigeon herder. He fled with to Berlin with Yasser, his childhood friend and the two have succeeded in finding a new home using fake passports. Dabbour is trying to learn the ropes in this new country; while trying to learn German he's fallen for his German teacher, Zara. One day, Dabbour jumps on the railway tracks to save an injured pigeon and almost gets himself killed. For this, he gets arrested by the police – and realizes how ... more
  • More Tales & Trifles: a collection of all-new short fiction

    by Jonathan Land Evans

    An assortment of twelve tales and twenty shorter (and mostly humorous) 'trifles', with a short play as a bonus. The serious and the comical, the contemporary and the historical, rub elbows in tales whose settings range from the USA to Europe to the author's native Bermuda. Like most of Mr. Evans's books, the 210-page hardback book can be purchased from He has recently also released two paperback mini-collections of stories through Amazon KDP: Six of the Best... more

  • Some Mangled Fairy Tales/9798635736470

    by Mark Hayes Peacock
    Six classic fairy tales get turned on their heads, "mangled" by Mark Hayes Peacock. Whether it's Jack and the Bean Sprouts, Sinner Ella, Little Red Hoodie, the Many Trials, Hansel and Gertie or Snow Job and the Four Dwarfs, when Peacock has read them in theaters, arts centers, libraries or before groups, these tales have drawn consistent laughter and applause.
  • The 86-Year-Old Orphan

    by Catherine Bellizzi
    Tessie won the prize. A long life. Why didn't she always feel like a winner? She had led a charmed life. She was young and beautiful, shiny and new, once. Had the world at her feet. She would walk into a room and every head would turn. Now people avert their eyes, especially when they see her wheelchair. She didn't plan on becoming old, but her it was. Why couldn't people just let her age? Why couldn't she let herself age? Follow Tessie from Brooklyn, to career, to family, and finally to a new l... more
  • Beyond the Moon

    by Velda Brotherton
    Katie agrees to teach art techniques at the vet's hospital to deal with the painful loss of her husband. She discovers her own buried strengths when Glen's lost soul reaches out to her and they become close friends. Dealing with a damaged warrior is more difficult than she thought. But love makes no room for defeat, and their battles though hard won promise a life together if only they can persevere