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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Never Was a Grump Grumpier

    by T. C. Bartlett
    While rolling along, a Grump encounters a plant, a flower, and a tree and tells them to move out of the way. But the blade of grass, flower, and tree can't move. So the Grump proceeds to eat them all up to nothing, and the Grump quickly learns that its grumpiness has dire consequences.
  • Let's Tour the World: A Globe Adventure

    by Theresa Lynn
    Imagine spinning the globe and finding yourself in many wonderful places around the world. A family is making plans for a summer trip. A young boy grabs his globe and gives it a spin. He realizes this is not just an ordinary globe. As it spins and glows, he is whisked away to many fun and exciting places. He is on a journey to find ideas for summer vacation.
  • The Other Shoes of Larry Martin, 1: Book One: Revelation of Lies

    by Pavane Ravel

    "The Other Shoes of Larry Martin" is a story of transformation; a story of emotional, physical, and metaphysical growth achieved by a remarkable young journalist, Larry Martin. Larry Martin is a young man - the only child of an abusive father - who was unwittingly indoctrinated into the belief system of the Alt-Right. Larry begins his journalism career writing for a right-wing website. After disaster strikes and he becomes homeless and unemployed, he finds the way forward to a prosp... more

  • Existential Masques

    by Steven Furr
    Existential Masques is a fictional coming of age story of friendship, love, tragedy, and quests for answers. The narrative delves into mental health, marital problems from a child’s perspective, loss of loved ones, and physical and emotional trauma. While fictional, the book’s subject matter was inspired by events that the author experienced during adolescence. Set at a small private university in the fall of 1977, the story opens during a nightmare that William, a college freshman, is experi... more
  • To My Homies

    by Risha Chaurasia
    A novel exploring friendship and self discovery, To My Homies is Risha's third product. It deals with contemporary young adult issues like betrayal, lack of self esteem, toxic and fake friendships, health, insecurity and family. It goes through the journey of a group of young adults and their journey to self discovery. Their journey of overcoming the obstacles through friendship and helping each other become the best version of themselves. It imparts a message of hope and keeps the reader enthr... more
  • Jake and the Biggest Yawn Ever!

    by Chris Hardy
    When the biggest yawn ever escapes from Jake's mouth and makes his way through the neighborhood, nobody can stop the yawns from happening! Yawn after yawn, one after the other. From squirrels to mice and even coyotes, no one is safe! This soothing bedtime story will get the yawning started and will lull anyone to sleep!
  • Erev: The Evening Years of Reuben Gurewitz

    by Anne Shmelzer
    A retired Ottawa physician continues to grieve the death of his wife as a resultof a tragic accident five years previously. He resolves that he must restrain his constant ruminations and accept her death. He decides to re-visit the central Ontario city where he was born and bred, finds his once vibrant Jewish community in decline, but remembers Laura, his cherished freind of early years, finds her, and they unite in a twilight-years romance full of hope.
  • Girl Island

    by Kate Castle
    TEENAGE GIRLS CAN BE SAVAGE. Six teenage girls. One deserted island. Removed from civilised society, can they challenge class, identity and toxic femininity to pull together and survive? Or will they descend into savagery? "Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies...I loved it.'
  • Sunny the Sideloader

    by Anne Jordan Louise Jordan
    Sunny the Sideloader is a fun, eco-friendly spin on the truck book. Readers will follow Sunny on his very first day at his very first job. He joins a group of colorful, hard-working waste management trucks called the Clean Machines. Sunny is supposed to follow a pink truck named Electra so she can show him what to do. But Sunny is too excited, and he forgets. He zooms all over town, scooping up bins and plopping them down, unknowingly spilling trash behind him. Meanwhile, the other trucks lo... more
  • Ellington Hall

    by C.J. Sweet writing as Caden St. Claire
    After her mother’s mysterious death, all Phoebe wants is a quiet life as a fashion designer—not marriage. But her uncle threatens legal action to take the cottage and land she’s loved since childhood. In order to prevent him from stealing her inheritance she must find the father she never knew and enter into a marriage of convenience. Soon she journeys with her new husband to South Africa in the days leading up to a Boer war, struggling to a past and a future amid assassination attempts, betray... more
  • If Only

    by Matthew Tree
    In Saint James' Park, London, the police apprehend a young man who is carrying a bag full of high explosives in one hand and a collection of letters sent to his grandfather by the writer Malcolm Lowry in his inside pocket. In the course of the following interrogation, we discover the strange past and secret phobias of the detainee, and the emotional link between his actions and the Lowry letters.

    by Lia Mack

    Since sprinting away from her sister's wedding (and knocking over a bridesmaid in the process) Matty Bell has lived in a self-made monochromatic life of work-eat-sleep-survive.

    In and out of work, she hasn't seen her family in over a decade, lives vicariously through her best friend's seemingly perfect life. And the only goal she has (other than filling her stomach) is to avoid any and all reminders of her birthday. It only brings her pain.

    But when life catc... more

  • The Difference

    by C. D’Angelo

    When anxiety-prone Rachel Granza learns that her growing sense of emptiness is affecting her relationship with her almost perfect boyfriend and that she’s jeopardizing any possibility of a marriage proposal, she knows she must pull herself out of her funk. But how? A dream apartment in New York City, a thriving psychotherapy practice, and her unique obsessions with topics like the Titanic don’t even make her feel grounded anymore. Red alert!

    Trying to find... more

  • The Visitor

    by C. D’Angelo

    Fiercely independent Mary Pontrelli is blindsided when the New Orleans building housing her New Age store and upstairs apartment is listed for sale. Worse yet, a developer wants to destroy it and her high school ex-boyfriend—ahem, nemesis—is leading their charge. But this budding sweet spot for that weasel from the past can’t happen since traitors never change.

    The best chance Mary has to save her cherished French Quarter building is to join forces with the other busin... more

  • Scoundrel in the Thick

    by B.R. O'Hagan

    Colorado, 1882. When his best friend’s fiancée is kidnapped, an unlikely hero must battle robber barons, bandit gangs, the US Cavalry, and Cheyenne warriors to bring her home. Along the way he will also have to foil a plot to steal a country.

    Civil war hero and adventurer Thomas Scoundrel didn’t expect the search for his friend’s fiancée in frontier Colorado to be easy. He also didn’t expect to be beaten and tossed into a d... more

  • My Teeth Are Too Big

    by Vicki Riske
    Jackie Rabbit is teased and bullied by her school friends after her adult teeth grow into place. Jackie runs home and cries out to her parents. Her parents team up to provide active listening and emotional support. But it takes a magical encounter with Lydia Ladybug to reinforce a positive message. Using a spellbinding chant Lydia creates an enchanted atmosphere complete with ladybug dust and transformations. Lydia utilizes Jackie’s own imagination to demonstrate that her teeth are unique and... more