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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • B08BW5Y7WH

    by Chris Elle Dove
    Gabby is an energetic and curious puppy, who likes to find things. Your children will love following along, as Gabby discovers balls, socks, sticks, and even a toothbrush. One day, while she's out exploring, Gabby sees something move. The "smallish something" turns out to be Katie, a clever and inspiring caterpillar. Your kids will share in the delight as Gabby and Katie meet, and will understand why, after playing together, they become "the best of friends". Gabby reminds us that true friend... more
  • Ordinary

    by Hariram Suthakaran

    Aaron is 10-Years old and is about to start his very first day at school since he has autism. He has always been autism. What do you think will happen when he starts he first day

  • The Empty Cell

    by Paulette Alden
    In the wake of the brutal lynching in 1947 of a young black man named Willie Earle by a mob of cab drivers in Greenville, South Carolina, four people on the periphery of Earle's life find their own lives unexpectedly upended. Lee Trammell, one of the twenty-eight cabbies acquitted at trial, is tortured by the idea that no guilty is not the same as innocent, and escapes in the only way he knows how. Alma Stone, who loved Willie when he was a child, loses her religion and flees the South, only to ... more
  • Two Close: a story of survival

    by Roberta Roy
    The sequel to the Jenkins Living Now Award winner in Inspirational fiction, Jolt: a rural noir, Two Close: A Story of Survival follows the paths of the Matters family, Mary, Lou, and their sons, Jason and Marty. Separated by circumstances following terrorism and a nuclear meltdown, Mary, at home, recuperates from radiation sickness while, Lou, brain injured in a dirty bomb explosion, recovers from amnesia and right side brain damage. Their sons, wishing to miss the effects of radiation fallout, ... more
  • I Adopted My Mom at the Bus Station

    by Savannah Hendricks
    In the summer of 1993, on the ninth anniversary of her Mama’s death, Sandy runs away. Having a fear of germs is inconvenient when you’re on a road-trip adventure. However, needing to know what it’s like to have a mom, and to finally see the beach means more than anything to an eleven-year-old. Some sixteen years later, a man Sandy never wanted to see again shows up at her doorstep. When Sandy’s best friend places an ultimate life-changing decision in her hands, Sandy must venture back down th... more
  • How to become an information security expert with CISSP certification.

    by Rob Davis

    How to become an information security expert with CISSP certification.

    Our vicinity has changed we aren’t surrounded by cattle, farms, and chickens anymore. Life aspects all around us have changed dramatically if it’s an agro-based industry or a dairy industry it has to confirm its digital presence to run the business smoothly in this ever-changing world. Our turf not only includes all our equipment and machinery in our arsenal but data & inf... more

  • Death in Coimbra

    by Catherine Mathis
    Imagine yourself, a lord at the court of Portugal’s King Pedro. Now you must kiss the hand of Inês, newly crowned queen – and six years dead. The Tudors of England have nothing on the royals of medieval Iberia. In Portugal, long before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, Pedro and Inês lived and died in a tale of jealousy and revenge most bloody and tragic. Pedro's father nearly lost his crown to a bastard sibling. A loyal courtier, Gonçalves, rescues the crown earning the undying, unque... more
  • Lucky

    by V. R. Street

    Kat Davidson bought the ticket on a whim…she never expected to win.

    Will $200 million dollars ruin her life?

    At 34, what Kat really wants is to start a family. Her husband, Michael, only wants to be a famous actor. After winning the lottery, life seems perfect – until they get the reality TV show offer.

    Maria Gonzales, the ambitious TV producer of Lucky, knows the show will be her ticket to ratings gold – as long as she can amp up the drama between Kat and... more

  • Hydrants

    by Alex Passmore
    Hydrants is a collection of short stories that connects anxiety ridden bodies and sexuality through personification of everyday ideas.
  • Hunker in My Bunker: When It's Time to Stay Inside

    by R. E. Lane
    Sometimes we have to stay at home, a month or maybe two… Whether a pandemic or a blizzard or personal medical condition has your family cooped up at home, it doesn’t have to be all bad or boring. Challenges can be met with compassion and courage. Adventures can be created anywhere. Everyone has a part to play. There are seven (7) different versions of the main character- choose the child and family most like your own. Or switch it up!
  • Steampunk A to Z

    by R. E. Lane
    Play hide and seek with Horatio the Hedgehog as he frolics through the exciting world of Steampunk A to Z. Learn about gears and pocket watches, engineers and rockets in this sensory-rich picture book that introduces both young and old to all things steampunk.
  • Emperor's Eyes

    by George Vasil

    In eleventh century Constantinople, treachery and subterfuge are the hallmarks of courtly intrigue. Newly wed Justin Phillipos is a heavy cavalryman who, along with several other comrades and his best friend, fellow horseman Peter Argyropoulos, is about to be honored for his bravery at the court of Emperor Romanos Diogenes. As he kisses his wife Eleni farewell, he has no idea that their lives will soon be in great peril.

    Romanos has a shaky hold on his power as he and his allies gr... more

  • Perfection and Other Illusive Things

    by J Mercer
    What if you woke up one morning looking as perfect as you'd always hoped you'd be? What if you then went after all the things you were too afraid to chase after before? And what if that made everything go wrong, instead of right? Drawn to Hawk and intrigued by his colorful best friend Ivy, Eden thinks maybe she could choose something more than the safe, vanilla life she's always had. Juggling the old and new is more difficult than she imagines though, and one night changes everything. Now she... more
  • The Day the Storm Came: A Ms. Carmen's Classroom Story

    by Carmen Miller
    A storm is coming! Ahmad and his family need to prepare for the storm!! In preparation for the storm, Ahmad and his family write a list. A list is a good way to get organized! A list will help everyone remember what jobs must be finished before the storm comes. They need to hurry because once the storm hits, no one can go outside until the storm has passed and it is safe again! Ahmad is not scared. He knows he will be safe at home with his Mummy and Daddy – even if the rain is POURING, th... more
  • And Then He Shot His Cousin

    by Jeremiah Cobra
    Stacey doesn't trust anyone. And he damn sure doesn't have any family. Just people who call themselves family. People who say they love him. People who would use love as a weapon against him. So when his cousin Justice presents him with what he later discovers to be a life or death proposition, the choice comes simply for Stacey: his own life, his cousin's death. But, death is never simple. Before Stacey can take the life of his cousin, he must wonder if he is truly heartless. Or maybe it is pos... more
  • The Shoe Box

    by Robert M. Moores

    Eight year old Violet Cooper is still dealing with the trauma of the death of her dad four years earlier, stuck in the denial stage of grieving and having trouble moving forward with her life. One day, a shoebox discovered in her attic changes everything. Follow Violet as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime.