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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Careless Love

    by Steve Zettler
    Grace has gone to Hawaii to escape Southern California; with suicide very much on her mind. It’s 1979. Her philandering husband, Nick, a successful film director, has walked out on her and is carrying on yet another illicit affair. On Grace’s first night at Honolulu’s lush Pickering Club she meets Lee, a man who also has a need for escape. They recognize this bond immediately, along with an emotional and physical attraction that cannot be ignored. Enter Ray Slack, brutal and sadistic substance a... more
  • Alice's Adventures under Water

    by Lenny de Rooy

    A threequel to "Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland", written in Lewis Carroll's familiar style, but packed with new puns, parodies, and poetry - as well as 42 illustrations in John Tenniel's style! This time, Alice explores an under-water world.

  • Married, Living in Italy: Stories

    by Misty Urban
    What unites the unlikely protagonists in these very different short stories is their search for refuge. Whether their escape is imagined or tantalizingly out of reach, these characters are crushingly believable and endearingly real in their defenses, their damage, their humor, and their sheer will as they turn suffering into salvation. Full of disappearing children and surfacing secrets, fragile triumphs and imminent loss, these eloquent tales laced with hilarity and grief illuminate shared h... more
  • A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein

    by Kids Lit Book Cafe
    Do you believe in magic, that of kindness and love? One year, Christmas and Eid fell on the same day. On that day, two girls, Eva and Aya, met. Find out how their magical friendship and acts of kindness spread the spirit of giving. This story inspires children to think of others and to give generously regardless of social backgrounds and beliefs
  • Walk Lightly

    by Kim Hanzo
    Follow this friendly jaguar as he strolls through the South American rainforest and learns the importance of caring for the Earth with his cuddly critter neighbors. For all of us, this planet is the only one we have. Walk Lightly is the second book in the “World of Difference” children’s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beautiful illustrations will resonate with peopl... more
  • Camper Girl

    Mysterious maps lead a young woman on a journey through the Adirondack Mountains, where she discovers a shocking family secret and the healing power of nature.
  • The Last First Kiss

    by Walter Bennett
    Ace Sinclair, now in his seventies, has one eye on a hurricane churning up from the south and the other on his old high school sweetheart, J’nelle Reade, whom he has invited to his Outer Banks beach house for a sentimental journey into their pasts. But the past is with them more than they know, and they are soon pulled into a haunting search among old memories for betrayals, mistakes, missed chances and ultimately the hard truths of their lives. As a dangerous hurricane turns in the Atlantic and... more
  • In for the Rain: A Collection of Stories

    by Raine Leggett

    Journey with me through the pages of my mind. Travel through caves. Fall in love again and again. Explore many different worlds as characters come to life. Find many stories to read again and again in this beautiful collection. This collection contains 60 short stories and over 100 free forms poetry..

  • Boxes of Love

    by Jennifer Antonik
    The pandemic was difficult but not impossible with the help of our local schools and farmers. Join Mason on a mission to find out how they helped and how he found a way to say, “Thank you.” This is a story celebrating love and unity. Meal boxes (or bags) have been distributed to students around the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic began. School nutrition staff members work tirelessly to craft each box or bag for students without question, including food from local farmers, businesses, f... more

    by Joseph C. Gioconda
    Abandoned as a child and raised by the Church, young Sebastian works tirelessly in his pursuit of priesthood. But when a shadowy hooded figure passes him a scroll, his careful plans face a turning point. It appears his name has drawn the attention of the Inquisition and his attendance is commanded at once—for retribution, information, or something else, he does not know. Father Heinrich Institoris the Grand Inquisitor is lauded as a visionary man, driven by a burning desire to cleanse the wor... more
  • The Divine Comedy: The New Translation by Gerald J. Davis

    by Gerald J. Davis
    The beloved classic by Dante in a new translation. Inferno. Purgatory. Paradise. Complete and Unabridged.
  • Hotel Bars and the Art of Being Conscious

    by August Delp
    Consciousness, the meaning of life, friends and lovers, alcohol, life's progression, experience and existence—all the good stuff—are rolled together in this upmarket fiction novel. After dropping off her only son at a Swiss boarding school, independent and self-sufficient Daisy becomes a hotel bartender in order to pursue experience and search for meaning, looking to explore life's next stage. She befriends Coop, an advertising executive and bar patron, who is also a recent empty nester. Toge... more
  • Runt

    by John H. Matthews
    Mo Noonan just wants to get to middle school in one piece. But a new kid in fifth grade is trying to keep that from happening. Shorter than everyone else in his grade, and maybe even the grade below him, Mo has never been bullied before. This is new territory.His mom tells him to try to be friends with the kid. His best friend suggests moving to a new state and changing his name. But Mo stands his ground through the rest of fifth grade, through the science fair, soccer tryouts, and everything el... more
  • Scarlet Oak

    by Angie Weiland-Crosby
    Tree sprite Scarlet Oak exists as an outlier in her forested community. Wingless since early youth, she longs for a more profound life. Then, one autumn night in 1977, an autistic boy hangs himself from her tree. Heartbroken, Scarlet bargains with Smis, Southern Maryland’s Grim Reaper, for one cycle of seasons to find proof that that boy’s spirit belongs to the Light, not the Dark. Scarlet morphs into human form and is accepted into the boy’s grieving family on an isolated farm, during which tim... more
  • Knitting

    by Robin Merrill
    Ask anyone: Jason DeGrave leads a charmed life. He’s the handsome hero, bound for greatness. But Jason has a secret, and it’s killing him. He doesn’t know what to do and asking for help will only make things worse. Can the seven senior saints of New Beginnings Church make a difference, or is this one bigger than them?
  • Stan, Stan, the Bacteria Man

    by Stephen M.A.

    ● Stan the bacteria man appeared in the Oval Office on a gloomy Tuesday morning in late August.
    A wildly weird journey into the indeterminate future of this Great Nation full of 0.50-inch service weapon rounds.

    He only wants to talk. The heavily armed humans only want to shoot.

    Tale as old as time.

    On the surface, gray goo gradually becomes warm skin. But underneath beats a heart of gold (or peanut butter, or ball bearings, or meat, as suits the occasion).... more