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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Gravedigger’s Son

    by Jacqueline DeHaan
  • Our Baby to Love

    by Angela Rehak
    Mommy and Daddy are having their first child a brand new baby boy! The whole big loud extended family including Nonna, Pop, the aunts, uncles and cousins bring gifts and food. They are so excited to meet the new baby, even Tula the puppy leaps in the air with joy!. A sweet rhyming book that shares the happiness of a new baby to love!
  • B0863TFB4W

    by Dr. Qooz
    Child fear is addressed in a positive way acknowledging the child's fear without reinforcing imaginary creatures. Zora the Zebra hears a story while shopping with her mom. She allows the imaginary monster to come to her bedroom that night. Mother Zebra dispels the notion of monsters and ghosts of the night and helps Zora with an everyday solution to overcome her fears.
  • 1981074058

    by Dr. Qooz
    The first day of school is second only to birth in trauma for a child. Gerri feels awkward as a new student to the area. He finds out everyone is different and he can fit in. Thanks to his parents who prepared him for his very first time alone without mom and dad.
  • Harry and the Pelican Coloring Book

    by Amy Leaf

    Harry visits his grandpa. Harry's cousins decide to walk to the lighthouse. Harry decides he can make it to the lighthouse, too. Along the way, Harry meets a new friend and has fun! Harry has a great day!

    Enjoy the coloring book companion to HARRY AND THE PELICAN. Color the illustrations, while following the story of HARRY AND THE PELICAN.

  • The Bunny on the Moon

    by Isla Wynter
    Up on the moon lives a small little bunny, His name, so they say, is Maribus Honey. Maribus is lonely and doesn’t want to be all alone on the moon anymore. He builds a ladder and climbs down to Earth, but who is making those weird noises?And why is the bunny girl he meets so familiar? A picture book about new experiences, making friends and letting go of your fears. With a strong message of learning to talk about your worries, this rhyming tale is sure to be a bedtime favourite.
  • Selling Pencils, and Charlie

    by Penny Perry
    The summer of 1963: Pam Carey puts her college studies on hold after falling in love with a minor league shortstop. But when Charlie Fain reveals some of the same problems her father, a former lightweight boxing champion, still struggles with, Pam takes charge of her marriage, her family, and her life.

    by Toni Pike
    Brody Cody is almost eight years old and definitely, absolutely, positively does NOT want a mother. His mother died when he was a baby but life with his dad is just perfect. Brody is horrified when his father goes away to a publishing conference and returns with a wife, Pandora Smith, who is a children’s author. His life spirals out of control as he is forced to eat healthy food, do his homework and help with some chores. Even worse, he and his friends suspect that his new stepmother might... more
  • The Equalizer: Foxxy's Tipping Point

    by Allyson R. Abbott
    Foxxy, who has been used and abused her whole life, but never loses her determination to climb out of her hole, finds her strength after her best friend is murdered. She is determined to seek revenge for herself, friend and any victim who has had to endure a similar path. She is the Modern day Equalizer with Robin Hood as her partner. Between them they organize the retribution for her pimp and set out on a new life to carry on their good work.
  • Shore Leave

    by Syd Gilmore

    On the day that school let out for summer vacation, 14-year-old Billy McBride thought life couldn’t get much better. He’d just finished his freshman year of high school, he was dating the girl of his dreams, and right after his big brother’s graduation party, they were leaving for the Jersey Shore to spend the entire summer at the beach. What could possibly go wrong? In the summer of 1975 Gerald Ford was President, Elton John was the biggest rock star in the world, and peopl... more

  • ILLEGALS a novel

    by JP Bone
    “ILLEGALS allows us to hear for the first time the voices of characters so far excluded from the chorus of American literature. Central American and Mexican immigrants who made the journey north to escape violence and poverty face the sweatshops of L.A. and union-busting tactics of the modern era. A direct descendant of Galarza’s Barrio Boy, Antonio, the Chicano organizer, must negotiate the treacherous terrain populated by corrupt union officials, powerful bosses, and frightened workers. ILLEGA... more
  • Windfall

    by Barbara Avon
    His shadow crossed her frail body like some menacing presence as he stood. He leaned over to brush her thinning hair from her face, and kissed her forehead, trying to reach her beautiful mind. “I'll be right back,” he whispered in her ear. “I'm going to the store, but it will only take me a minute, okay?” In 1982, John Armstrong walks into a convenience store. He emerges with a second chance at life. He believes he's been given a gift - but at what cost? Windfall is a dark-themed fantasy/time... more
  • Puerto Paz

    by Jefferey J. Reese
    We live in an increasingly polarizing landscape of political extremism. Liberal versus Conservative. Freedom versus order. What if that divide caused the United States to split into two countries and four extremist cultures? Marcus Coleman lives in a world where, decades earlier,exactly that happened. The black high school football and track star and his white best friend run away from their home in one extremist culture, and travel through three other extremist cultures, before finally findi... more
  • Even a Thief: Stories of a Few Who Met Jesus

    by Robert D. Leigh
    Ten short stories based on Biblical accounts in the four Gospels of people whom Jesus met--how in meeting Jesus their lives were totally upended and changed forever. They are basically fictional backgrounds and names for these people with their encounter with Jesus being the climax.
  • web safe fonts for email

    by Albin Benny
    The greater part of the People utilizes website composition and advancement to do different applications. Principally new companies or business specialists utilizes portable or web applications to advance their business or market an item. The vast majority of the web advancement organizations gives moderate web improvement administrations including diverse programming dialects and various stages. There are number of web advancement organizations are accessible in Dubai. A large portion of the pr... more
  • water softener

    by amlu paul
    . These downsized scale creature might be the reason behind some authentic afflictions, So one of the most basic thing to guarantee is that , the water we drink is perfect. The measure of afflictions are developing when showed up distinctively corresponding to quite a while back. The fundamental job behind these sickness are the un clean drinking and sustenance tendencies. The water which we use for drinking and cooking ought to be liberated from all illnesses causing little extension creatures.... more