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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The House on the Beach

    by Joan Fallon

    Set in Spain, in the years after the Civil War, when the country is ruled by the military dictator Francisco Franco, this social drama tells the story of two women, friends since childhood. Rocio and Inma are different in every way, but nevertheless form a close friendship. We follow the lives of two girls—one rich, one poor— from childhood to maturity, as they share happiness, fears, disappointments, broken hearts and betrayals. Rocio is a shy and trusting girl, who becomes easil... more

  • A Fish Called Bad Eyes

    by Larry Golicz

    A young girl loses her glasses over the side of a boat onto a reef below.  They land on the face of a little fish and improve his vision.  The young girl dove  below saw and then heard Bad Eyes in her thoughts.   At that moment she  gifted the glasses to her new finned friend and left the reef with a promise to return.  The little fish goes on with some misadventure to meet the reef animals and learns with Marsha how to help keep the reef alive as a communit... more

  • It's A Long Way Down

    by Ian Canon
    To the outside world, David Emmeret Smith has it all. He's at the height of his acting career, is the envy of his peers, and is in a loving, committed relationship. But, on the cusp of the biggest night of his life, one impulsive decision after another begins a downward spiral which puts everything he holds dear at risk. What follows from there is a hedonist's love affair with drugs, depravity, and destruction.

    by Thelma A. Giomi
    The strength of this novel is in the dynamic development of each of the four main characters. Individually, as couples and as friends Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul, find themselves facing unexpected and often unearned challenges in their lives. Surviving life’s most daunting ordeals they find that these events break their hearts leaving them able to become the heroes of their own lives. Shatter My Heart is the compelling story of four unique and gifted individuals who find that to live fully they ... more
  • The Weekend Warriors

    by James Burke
    What if the Cold War suddenly ran red hot? That's the tantalizing premise of Burke's debut novel, which unfurls the grim historical possibilities. The author, a former reservist, does an admirable job of depicting the honor and courage of such part-time soldiers, whose commitment is often as steadfast as their full-time counterparts'. Also, his portrayals of combat violence are stunning and chilling by turns. Overall, this is a work of both literary and historical appeal virtue. A well-researc... more
  • Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon: Cracking the PTSD Code... Now You Have a Choice

    by Sharron Gleason
    What are our deepest, darkest emotions? How did we get them? How do we get rid of them? These emotions that hold us back in life, preventing us from achieving our personal happiness, hopes, and dreams. The uncontrollable urges and negative feelings of anger, rage, anxiety, fear, paranoia, frustration, dissociation, and chaos ruling our daily lives bringing to us and drawing into our world, more of the same. How did we get to this point? How do we get out? This is the author's personal story of e... more
  • The Rag Doll Gift

    by Karen Richards Toothaker
    On their sixth birthdays all of Gran's grandchildren get a special handmade rag doll from her. Kimberly is the youngest of the cousins and the last to get her doll--so there are "ten cousins and nine rag dolls." But when Gran dies suddenly, Kimberly feels "sad and lonely, angry and confused." She will miss her Gran and all their special times cooking and gardening together, and she will never have her special doll made just for her from Gran. Or will she? Gran has one final special gift fo... more
  • Grand Theft Octo

    by Niels Saunders
    When Jonathan Doe is fired from his office job for stealing too much stationery, he becomes an entrepreneur of businesses the world has never seen. Professional plant-waterer, freelance taxidermist—he’ll try anything. After a disastrous start, he moves onto professional octopus teasing. Will he fail again or make his fortune? Is he really a professional or just a con artist? Desperate to succeed, his plans become more outlandish, from stealing theme park mascots at gunpoint to fighting derang... more
  • Jack's Extraordinary Pack of Adventure

    by Lisa Coriell
    Jack's tired of his hikes being so short, so hum-drum, and so blahhhhh. Jack discovers that when he packs what he needs for the outdoors, he is free to enjoy nature, and to see the adventure in what he finds. In this action-filled, outdoor education adventure book, filled with bright illustrations to satisfy little eyes, Jack learns a thing or two about being prepared for safety, protection and emergencies in nature. This colorful children's book inspires young minds to spark a life-long intere... more
  • Through Their Tears 9781483477404

    by Maureen Eaton
    “ Finally they came for me and demanded to be taken through my home, and after looking it over decided they wanted it. I begged them to leave one room in which to sleep with my children while I waited for news of my husband. They refused at first, then permitted me to take the small room upstairs. Every night they were so drunk i eventually had no choice but to leave.” And so begins the harrowing journey of Nadejhda and her two young children, as they fled Russia during the Bolshevik Revolutio... more
  • Island Fever (Jimjeran)

    by Sarah Carrell
    Based on Sarah Carrell's first-hand experience teaching in the Marshall Islands in the 90s, Island Fever is part cultural memoir and love letter to the islands, part sweet-hearted love story. Carlie Beecher, a spunky American with a penchant for putting her foot in her mouth, leaves her fiancé in the states on the hunt for adventure, volunteering for a term on a tiny atoll in the Marshall Islands. Carlie is lucky to find a friend in fellow volunteer and local school teacher Campbell MacReid, w... more
  • My Friend Marilyn

    by Christopher Lentz
    After being named Marilyn Monroe's assistant, a sassy small-town spinster is surrounded by show-biz temptations and hidden dangers. Together, the blonde bombshell and the big-and-bold bombshell-dropper discover how hearts can sometimes see what eyes cannot.
  • Blue Sky Morning

    by Christine Maier
    Emily had the perfect life—a great job, a loving family, and loyal friends. She was even about to get engaged. But it all came to an end instantly when she has a car accident leaving her broken physically and mentally. When she finally hits rock bottom, she finds the courage to change her life. She takes her settlement money and travels the world. Through the experiences and the people she meets along the way, she rebuilds herself to live the life she was meant for.
  • The Daughter Claus (Santina Series Book 1)

    by D. Thrush
    Tina Claus has daddy issues. Santa has always paid more attention to her brother expecting him to take over the family business, but when Santa is forced to retire, her brother refuses to give up his rock band. Her parents insist it’s temporary when Tina has to leave college and finds herself running the family business at the North Pole. It’s just until they can convince her brother to step up. Good luck with that!
  • Spirit Dancer

    by Cissy Hunt

    Spirit Dancer is the story of a woman and how she held on to her faith even when all seemed lost. This adventure follows Hannah, who kept her faith when times became desperate and too hard to live through. She was just seventeen years old when she married Caswell. He was a good husband, but a couple of months after their marriage, Caswell decided that they would be moving west where his uncle had a better job opportunity for him.

    Hannah didn’t really want to leave her family and e... more

  • Joy in a Box

    by Sally Hanan
    A blind girl has a gift; a father's heart breaks; a young boy in Africa might die; the step-children want her dead husband's money . . . Read these short snippets of fiction and be prepared to gasp, giggle, and groan. Sally Hanan’s insight into the human heart brings depth and richness to her inspirational stories, many of them written in a poetic style of prose that flows and gurgles like a country creek.