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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Catching the Last Tram

    by Susan Holt

    Beth's commute could lead to love - but something dark is on the tracks.

    After moving house, lonely librarian Beth meets Isaac – a handsome man with timeless manners – on her way to work. Sharing the same antiquated tram day after day, the pair become close and Beth suspects she’s falling in love.

    But Isaac has a secret that threatens their budding romance. Something dark and as magical as the tram that picks her up every morning and evening.

    Why does h... more


    by J.L. Canfield
    Relationships are like stories; there's always two sides. Janet is deeply in love with her husband and after several years of marriage is ready to start their family. Her husband Paul wishes he had thought beyond the wedding night. He believes life should not get dull and boring when you are young and successful. An accident exposes their differing views. Janet must decide what it means to forgive and how to even try to do that when your world has been shattered, your life upended and your faith... more
  • The John Rowe Show is Coming Out

    by robart steel
    Coming out? Want the world to know? Got to let it show? The John Rowe Show will be encouraging audiences to reveal their guilty pleasures . The Australian TV personality and his band are heading to the Edinburgh Fringe with a brand new stage version of his much-loved chat show. And at the heart of it all will be the audience and their secrets – all revealed to the tune of Donna Summer’s classic hit. John himself admits to having a powerful inne... more
  • Cat and Squirrel

    by Jamie R. Gandy
    Cat and Squirrel are not friends, in fact they may never be friends. They are mean and sneaky, and want nothing more than to make each other's lives miserable. Every morning Cat stares out of the window and staring back, is Squirrel. Cat wants to make a tasty meal out of the pesky, tricky Squirrel. Squirrel wants to play a marvelous trick on the sneaky, rotten Cat. No matter how hard Cat and Squirrel try to get at each other, it never really works out. Will Cat and Squirrel... more
  • Fortune's Folly

    by Cat Dubie
    In 1867, Eden Fitzgerald marries, not for love or money, but to persuade her influential in-laws to obtain her father’s release from a contrived prison sentence. Cleverly evading those who believe she, like her father, is a smuggler and Fenian collaborator, Eden does what she can, what she must to achieve her goal. When legal methods are exhausted, she dons a mask, carries a pistol and, using her wiles, wits, even her seductive beauty, robs wealthy citizens to amass enough money to arrange her f... more
  • The Ladybug and the Ant: (Ages 3-5, Preschool, Big print kid's books)

    by carole st-laurent
    Step into an enchanted garden of flowers where friendship blooms and dreams come true. +++ Get a free coloring book to print!!! (details inside) This is a story of two impossible dreams and an unsuspected friendship. Grow wings on the back of your young ones with The Ladybug And The Ant. As one dreams of flying freely like a butterfly, the other, who is orphaned and lonely, wishes she could be a part of a family. Seeing that the friendship grows between the two young strangers, they’ll d... more
  • The Adventures of B!

    by Charlotte Ralph
    B! who is a girl loves to go on adventures. The book is all about nature and teaching children how important nature is. the pictures are all painted by me. full of colour teaching children to find their own adventures.
  • My Memory Told Me a Secret

    by Jeremy Bradley-Silverio Donato
    Nothing hurts quite as meticulously as loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Career-driven, sometimes cynical Austin meets Noah, a Muslim man from the other side of town. One man wants it work. The other doesn’t know what he wants, except to find the next high. Set in the months before and after a 30-something discovers his partner has infected him with HIV, this book explores the inexplicable feelings that accompany the disintegration of relationships and the connections between cultu... more
  • Lies, Myths, & Superstitions

    by Norm Wilson
    Biology tells us that animals need four elements to exist: air, water, food, and sex. Eliminating any one of those from our "to do" list would make life difficult, if not impossible. Yes, even sex! How long would life continue without sex? Lies, Myths, & Superstitions deals with sex from every aspect and angle in a purely humorous fashion. Other topics of taboo conversation are molested as well; e.g. politics, religion, science, and sports.If you enjoy smiling, chuckling, or laughing you'll like... more
  • Breaking Point

    by John Rhodes
    Losing: Never an Option It is August, 1940. Hitler’s triumphant Third Reich has crushed all Europe—except Britain. As Hitler launches a massive aerial assault, only the heavily outnumbered British RAF and the iron will of Winston Churchill can stop him. The fate of Western civilization teeters in the balance. Johnnie Shaux, a Spitfire fighter pilot, knows that the average life expectancy of a pilot is a mere five hours of operational flying time. Sooner or later his luck will run out. Yet he ... more
  • The Quixotic Faction

    by T.D. Kohler
    THE QUIXOTIC FACTION is not for the faint of heart. Tony Kohler brings us a hard-boiled conspiracy theory fiction book that blends speculative fiction and alternate history in the style of Ancient Aliens and L. Ron Hubbard, with crime and detective fiction that readers of The DaVinci Code will find exhilarating. Kohler takes the reader on a journey through speculative and alternate history to show the reader just how it all connects today. If you thought the Illuminati and Freemasons were secret... more
  • The Ten Brave Squirrels of Bryson City

    by Rory Smith
    The squirrel population outside of Bryson City, North Carolina—in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park—enjoy a safe and playful life. That is, until their food supply is challenged by forces outside of their control. The Ten Brave Squirrels of Bryson City is a delightfully illustrated tale of a squirrel tribe that seeks a resolution to the problem affecting their safety...and their acorn supply!
  • When Lions Roar

    by Karen L. Gruber

    When Lions Roar

    Two women from different lands, each struggling to survive; a child’s mysterious disappearance will alter both their lives forever…

    Maggie has become unrecognizable to herself, succumbing to the predictability of being a mother and wife.  Every day she reminds her daughter to brush her teeth, has the same conversation with her husband about what’s for dinner.  Maggie struggles to cope with the ... more

  • Body and Soul


    Relive the life of Adam Daniels, born bi-racial in the Jim Crow South in 1940.  Raised by his Negro grandparents and other extended family members.

    He knew what love was from the examples he witnessed at home, where he learned the rewards of success.  Adam saw both as a child and while becoming a man, when he learned that passion could come without love, but it was better the other way around.

  • The Wonderful Journey of Edmund Beasley

    by C.L. Shaffer
    Edmund James Beasley II is a writer and a new believer who hasn't yet come to the realization he needs God's help. After an incident in college, Edmund develops a phobia about showing his writing to the world and finds employment anywhere he can just to avoid doing so. Still stuck on an old love, he discovers he's falling for Eleanor Collins, a woman he meets in the most unexpected of places after she contracts a mysterious virus that leaves people looking dead when they really are not. Add t... more
  • Just Another Girl on the Road

    by S. Kensington

    France 1944: Stranded behind enemy lines, eighteen-year-old Katrinka Badeau escapes German deserters with the help of an undercover Jedburgh operation. Katrinka joins the Jed team, led by Major Willoughby Nye, a man once employed on her father's merchant ship. Her work throws her together with Sergeant Wolfe Farr, the team's tough-talking radio operator. Amid the chaos of war, she and Wolfe begin a passion-tangled love affair. But Katrinka cannot accept Wolfe's plans for the futur... more