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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • "Why am I so Happy?"

    by Paula Neva Vail
    “Why am I so Happy” is an expression of various perspectives, observations, and information. Paula Vail: Owner of Wellness Inspired, who is recognized nationally as a powerful advocate of personal empowerment, shares her own life’s challenges and accomplishments with the reader. As well as giving multiple thought provoking views on life and happiness. Paula’s core beliefs are chronicled in this thought provoking novel. Every chapter shares insight and tools that every reader can use in their ... more
  • The Grumpy Pilgrims

    Have you ever experienced a painful, terribly long and uncomfortable trip with your family? Well, 400 years ago in 1620 the Pilgrim children had it MUCH worse! Their 66-day voyage across the ocean was completely miserable, and when they finally arrived, their lives were still unexpectedly awful! They had many good reasons to be GRUMPY! Yet after a while, many unexpected good things also happened. Through these awful and wonderful experiences, the Pilgrim children learned about the world and them... more
  • Who Melted My Ice? (Pygo Penguin)

    Pygo is a very determined penguin who solves the mystery of who melted his ice. Working with children, Pygo helps make the world a better place for people and penguins in the climate change era. This book is a great way to introduce young children to the importance of protecting the environment and the challenges of global warming, while empowering them to be part of the solution!
  • Of Welter And Whim

    by Mike Mac
    "Of Welter and Whim" is a book of poetry and prose made up of two sections - "The Welter" (turmoil) and "The Whim" (humor). It is a storied, emotive read laced with profundities while substantiating an unflinching call for reason. Cover and interior design by Mitch Green. (76 pages) iBook link -
  • Magician society: Ascension

    by Roux York
    A thrilling novel where two thirty something ‘late bloomers’ find out that they are magicians. Mael is intellectually gifted, so he considers doing magic easy. He however has no memories of his life before he turned 30. As a result, he finds himself miserable and passionless. On the other hand, Jaelyn finds herself friends with Mael since they both are ‘late bloomers,’ magicians who discover their magical legacy later than most. She quickly figures out that magic doesn’t bring her happiness neit... more
  • The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted

    by RIO N. CORTEZ

    A hero is not always someone big and powerful. Regardless of how small you are, you can make a massive difference in the world. All that matters is the size of your heart.

    Folotjing is a tiny enchanted creature who lives inside a big, magical tree. This is the story of his adventure in the deep, dark forest when he encounters terrifying beasts that want to eat him! But through the kindness of his heart and sharp wit, he makes them see their wickedness and convinces them to set him free,... more


    by Charles Logan

    Under the glowing neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the lives of a sidelined drifter, affluent widow, petty drug dealer and an emotionally disconnected stripper intertwine with tragic consequences. A social commentary on the value of drugs, money and love in today's society, the reader is escorted through a world of prostitution and ambivalent sexuality, cocaine addiction and alcoholism.


  • At the Alter of Men

    by Ricardo Fleshman

    In the autumn of 1974, sixteen-year old Race Fulton finds himself suddenly fatherless and in the reluctant care of his Aunt Dwayne. Fraught by a mélange of emotions at the death of his father, and because of the strained relationship with Dwayne, Race steals away with his cousin Eddie to Philadelphia. Race's naive hope for a better life in Philadelphia is short-lived as he discovers that Eddie has been living in a row-house with a group of black liberation militants led by the over... more

  • Thieves' Castle (The Tyburn Folios Book 2)

    by Dean Hamilton
    London 1576. Kit Tyburn, ex-soldier turned play-actor and part-time intelligencer for the Queen’s spymaster Francis Walsingham, is back in London and adrift. Penniless, cut loose from both his playing troupe and his mercurial employer, Tyburn is hired to track down a missing gold-seller who has vanished, along with the monies needed for the completion of London’s first permanent theatre. But London’s dark and fetid back-alleys hide deadly secrets, as Tyburn uncovers a more treacherous game –... more
  • Black Dog: A Novella (The Tyburn Folios)

    by Dean Hamilton
    London, 1574 Hangings were always a good draw. When the Earl of Worcester’s Men take advantage of the crowds drawn to a mass execution, they hoped for a strong turn-out and a fat payday. They didn’t expect to run afoul of London’s most notorious prison rooker, the Black Dog. Now with one of the troupe facing slow death in gaol or penury in the face of the Black Dog’s threats, the troupe must turn to its newest member for help. Christopher Tyburn, ex-soldier turned play-actor, must dive int... more
  • Then Sings My Soul

    by Doreen L. Hatton
    Lily Langston’s husband, Samuel, is struck by a car and killed late one night while crossing the street to his home. The driver, Aaron Turner, a fifteen-year-old, has only a learner’s permit and should not have been driving alone, especially at night. Lily and her family are Christians who believe in forgiveness. The family convinces the court to give Aaron probation and community service. Fifteen-year-old Rose, however, cannot forgive and is angry because Aaron doesn’t go to jail or pay for ki... more
  • Yara's Tawari Tree (Yara's Rainforest Book 1)

    by Yossi Lapid
    Yara lives with her Mama in the lush Amazon jungle. She wants to rescue her beloved but increasingly besieged rainforest home. When Yara falls gravely ill, the forest returns the love and saves Yara's life.
  • The Jesuit Letter (The Tyburn Folios Book 1)

    by Dean Hamilton
    Ex-soldier turned play-actor Christopher Tyburn thought he had left bloodshed and violence behind him when he abandoned the war against the Spanish in Flanders, but fate has different and far bloodier plans waiting. The innyards of London are closed due to plague and the Earl of Worcester's Men are on the road, touring the market-towns of the Midlands. When Tyburn accidentally intercepts a coded latter from a hidden Jesuit priest in Warwickshire, he is entangled in a murderous and deadly c... more
  • Get Ready to Run

    by Joseph Natoli
    Cecily Darden, called “Alice” by her shrink, is drawn into the dangerous world of a husband, Thomas Limone, who suddenly disappeared a decade earlier. Somehow an unexpected inheritance from Thomas’ father brings her to a Brooklyn neighborhood facing gentrification. She finds herself a target for everyone with a claim on a certainly illegal treasure trove that the IRS is also looking for. Whether or not she is or isn’t a shill in a long con, an involvement that begins with her relationship with T... more
  • Anne

    by Zarina Macha

    Anne Mason has a storybook childhood.

    A wealthy father, loving mother, and a beautiful home in Richmond.

    But behind the polished windows, Anne’s father brutally terrorizes her mother.

    Sent to live with her aunt and uncle, Anne enrolls in boarding school. Though she thrives, the traumas of her past gnaw at her insides.

    Will hope and inner strength prevail?


  • Abigail Waits

    by Bunny Lee
    Bullying-the word itself brings negative connotations. It doesn't differentiate race, gender or creed. Boundless with its grip and cruelty, the assistance of the internet leads it slithering through homes, schools, cities and countries. Meet Abigail, a victim of bullying that has hurt her mentally and physically. Hiding in the woods, away from words and hands that can hurt her is her only solace. Hannah, daughter to Cherokee Indian Chief Daniel Littlejohn, is continuing his work , after her fath... more