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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Iras of the Empire

    by Lynne Bergero
    The novel IRAS OF THE EMPIRE tells the story of one woman’s quest for the source of power and peace in a dangerous world. An orphan from a Nubian family, Iras becomes handmaiden to Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate. Yet the villas and palaces of the prefect of Rome are no refuge from the casual brutality of the empire and the capricious dance of power between the spirits and the priesthood, the prophet and the king. Jerusalem, Meroe, Ephesus. Pilate, Herod, and John. Cybele, Hathor, and Artemi... more
  • Far Way to Even

    by J.R. Boleyn
    The new millennium is here folks, and it's not going well. Seems the world can't stop warring over their petty self-righteous dispositions for intolerance. Well it's high time to put an end to this madness. Can religion and science, with their elegant secrets of Zen-time and modern revelations of quantum physics keep them from destroying the world in time? Or will golf and rock 'n roll? In FAR WAY TO EVEN, Boleyn refuses to sit quietly in the waiting room. He much prefers to play, crashing thr... more
  • the Big Jiggety

    by Michael Kent
    After a family Christmas vacation in and outside of Paris in 1976, where a friend leads him to one of the seedier areas of the French capital, a freshman student returns to Montana to further explore America, self, and find love. But first, as he hitchhikes through the frigid western landscape, he needs to find a doctor. His adventures will lead him from class to class, from teaching guitar chords to wild bars, from Missoula to Wyoming on to New York and back to France. Women remain an enigma, a... more
  • In the Doghouse: A Couple's Breakup from Their Dog's Point of View

    by Teri Case

    Skip is a rescued dog who wants to matter. He loves living in a blissful pack with his human couple, John and Lucy, and he has bow-vowed never to lose them. But when John walks out after seven happy years, Skip and Lucy’s world is turned upside down. Skip is determined to guide Lucy through her identity crisis, but he’s guarding a secret: he’s to blame for the breakup and her broken heart. Now, with the help of a hoarder neighbor, a stray cat, and a boy with autism, Skip must build a new pack... more

  • Lone Soldier

    by Leo Rozmaryn
    Lone Soldier brings alive the shifting motivations and allegiances of larger- than-life characters during the early 1970s, some of the most significant years in the history of Israel and the United States. In the spirit of Herman Wouk’s novel, The Winds of War, Lone Soldier is part military thriller, mistaken identity and complicated star-crossed love story. Fast-paced action is paired with meticulously researched historical events. Lone Soldier features a mixture of real and fictional character... more
  • The Adventures of Vince the Cat: Vince Discovers the Golden Triangle

    by Heidi Bryant
    This story takes you on a journey to one of the most incredible places in the world; India. A vast, beautiful, culturally diverse and ancient land. In this adventure Vince, Heidi and Jon visit some of the most famous and beautiful sites. They sample the local cuisine, meet endangered animals, experience an amazing and colourful Hindu festival and eventually they discover the Golden Triangle.
  • Grumbler

    by Arielle Haughee
    Grumbler lives alone in the dump and that's just the way he likes it. But when a stray tuna can accidentally brings Grumbler a new friend and this strange thing 'love,' he must get rid of the tingly, terrible, thing. As he travels through the forest trying to give love away, more and more seems to come back to him. How will he ever get rid of it? This book was inspired by Warren Buffett's quote, "Love is a strange thing. You try to give it away and you get more back." Grumbler is a story of h... more
  • American River: Confluence

    by Mallory M. O'Connor
    American River: Confluence is the culmination of a compelling historical drama about the lives, loves, triumphs and sacrifices of the descendants of three immigrant families who settled along California’s American River, and who are called upon to put aside a decade full of grievances and betrayals to try to save the history and legacy of their ancestral home.
  • Wolf: A Novel of Love and Tyranny

    by K. M. Kaung
    A university student in Rangoon, Burma (now called Yangon, Myanmar) during the great 1988 Revolution (a year before Tiananmen) is fleeing from the dreaded MI or Military Intelligence, when a girl driving a white Mercedes brakes to halt and tells him to get in the back seat. From this start, Mothi Awegoke (his name means August Hailstorm) lives a strange live fighting the junta on the Burma-Thai Border and traveling the world on a fake Burmese passport, advocating Democracy. Follow him to ... more
  • Naughty in Pink

    by David Ian Groves
    From the day of her birth, Daisy Dikdocks has ‘Pinkitis’—a condition which spells out a life as Naughty in Pink. With her clever mind and expressive face, she is a challenge to all those in authority, including her mum, never quite disobeying but finding ways to create mayhem wherever she goes. Her special friends love her naughty attitude and her ability to think up funny pranks and clever tricks that she performs on their teachers. Her mischief at school and outside makes life exciting and fun... more
  • A broken comedian

    by Jason Shield
    'A hilarious LAUGH-OUT LOUD book: Manages to combine story-telling depth with great gags.' There is no hope in Decland Bunten’s cage. There is no exit. Until the world famous Timur Klaun, the greatest stand-up comedian alive announces a new live talent show, promising to change the lives of great comedians who have gone unnoticed. With an expected live audience figure of 4.5 million viewers and a winning prize of £250,000 this could be Decland’s exit door, if only he could find a way to get i... more
  • 1975913477

    by Banoo Mehr
    When I was nine years old, my childhood came to an end; at fifteen, I fell in love; and at twenty, I buried all my dreams and hopes and grew old. When Anahita Weber thinks about her childhood in Iran, she pictures a life full of endings. Anahita has a happy childhood in Iran until a debilitating illness blinds her beloved brother. Anahita and Babak always had a special connection, and she can’t bear to see him suffer. While her father devotes himself to nurturing Babak’s musical talents, her mo... more
  • The Transfers

    by Amos Kim

    Millions of people ride the subway every day. Dropping their wrappers, receipts, hairs, and phlegm. These are the people you clean up after. You could probably name them all.

    Then you find a discarded phone in one of the subway cars. Who knew something left behind could dig up so much of the past. On a path you might never return from, what other secrets do these tunnels hold?

    Was it a mistake to pick it up? Did you even have a choice?

  • Heart Like a Hole

    by Paula C. Deckard
    Ellen Parker is a junior heart surgeon living in New York. The city is her hideout, the hospital is her life, and her patients her unwitting guinea pigs. While Ellen hungers to discover the intimate secrets of the human body, both on the operating table and in her sexual odyssey, her knowledge of herself and her own desires remains just out of reach. As the novel explores those secrets in ever more nightmarish ways, it becomes clear that the tension between Ellen's demanding career and disturb... more
  • By the Light of Embers

    by Shaylin Gandhi

    1954. Determined to follow in her physician father's footsteps, recent college graduate Lucia Lafleur is crushed when her fiance issues an ultimatum: forego medical school or forego marriage. Returning home to Louisiana for the summer, she agonizes over her choice.

    Yet when Lucia unexpectedly befriends Nicholas, a dark-skinned poet whose dignity and intellect are a salve to her aching heart, everything changes. Their bond, initially forged from a shared love of literature,... more

  • Fireweed: Seeking Hope in the Ashes of Tragedy

    by Janet Stobie
    The secure life of Renee Grenville crumbles when a drunk driver kills her Mom. Consumed by her grief, she's skipping school and avoiding her friends. Home becomes a battleground of daily fights with her dad, Steve. When a stalker turns her telephone into a tool of terror, she feels totally lost and alone. Follow Renee and Steve as they search for new life. Join Renee on her faith journey from a "Mr. Fix-it"God who has failed her, to a "companion" God who walks with her through life's pain.