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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Davey the Little Giraffe

    by V. Hill
    Davey gets a bad cod and loses his voice. He is fearful it won't come back, but he listens to his mom and doctor and soon it does.
  • Jerry the Sideways Bear

    by V. Hill
    Jerry is different than other bears. He walks sideways. Jerry and others find out that sideways is okay.
  • The Reluctant Fortune-Teller

    by Keziah Frost
    Norbert has always lived life on the sidelines. At 73 years old, he's broke and alone except for the company of a Chihuahua. When "Carlott'as Club"--3 strong-willed seniors--decide to make Norbert their latest project, he reluctantly agrees to their scheme: establishing himself as the town's fortune-teller. Soon his life begins changing in unexpected ways.
  • Jerkwater

    by Jamie Zerndt

    Set in Mercer, Wisconsin, where tensions over Native American fishing rights are escalating, JERKWATER is told from three alternating points-of-view:

    Shawna Reynolds, a young Ojibwa woman who doesn’t much care for white people to begin with, and who is quickly being pulled in a direction she may no longer have a desire to resist;

    Kay O’Brien, Shawna’s 64-year-old, usually drunk, neighbor who is still grieving the loss of her husband;

    And Kay’s son, Do... more

  • The Best of Crimes

    by K.C. Maher

    The Best of Crimes opens with the narrator, Walter, turning himself in for kidnapping at the police station of his New York City suburb. The chief tells him to go home – no one wants to prosecute. But Walter insists, until he is arrested and charged. Why would Walter, a pillar of the community, voluntarily confess to a felony that carries a minimum sentence of five years?

    This riddle takes readers back to 1999, to Walter’s first day as an investment banker on W... more

  • The Serpent, the Puma, and the Condor

    by Gayle Marie
    The story begins in the sacred city of Machu Picchu when a temple virgin is immaculately impregnated by Inti, the Sun God, during the June Solstice of 1511. Her child will become a prophet and will be a boy, because all children conceived in this manner are male. But for the first time in the history of The People, the child born nine months later is a female and carries a birthmark on her forehead in the shape of a condor, the sacred bird that delivers the souls of the deceased to the Celestial... more
  • The Last Days Linger

    by Johnny Townsend
    The scriptures tell us that in the Last Days, wickedness will increase upon the Earth. When leaders of the Mormon Church see a rise in the number of gay members, they believe the end is upon them. But while "wickedness never was happiness," it begins to appear that wickedness can sometimes be divine. At least, the stories here suggest that religious proscriptions condemning homosexuality have it all wrong. While gay Mormons may be no closer to perfection than anyone else, they're no further from... more
  • Bitten: Confessions of a Menopausal Vampire

    by Melinda Rucker Haynes
    Kristen's fiancé Rick turns into Houdini and pulls a disappearing act. Now years later her husband deserts her for a younger woman. Disgusted with life itself, menopausal to boot, she doesn't know what to do when Rick turns up—still young and handsome. Against her better judgment, but with her hormones going haywire, she accepts a date, and finds herself waking up in the morgue as an illegally made vampire. Rick must hide his mistake or everyone dies. But Kristen refuses to go quietly... more
  • The Distance Between High and Low: A Southern Gothic Novel

    by Kaye Park Hinckley

    Finalist: William Faulkner/William Wisdom Competition.

    Finalist: Tuscany Prize for Fiction.


    “The Distance Between High and Low” is a Southern Gothic novel about the consequences for two young people who set out to learn the identity of their father. Teenaged twins, Lizzie and Peck live in the house of their eccentric, widowed grandmother Pearl--a house of history and secrets-- along with their unstable, drug-addicted, artist mother, Lila, and Izear, a half... more

  • CeeGee's Gift

    by Joy H. Selak
    Set in a small island town on the Texas coastal bend, CeeGee’s Gift takes readers to a simpler time, when neighbors sat on front porches, kids took off on bikes all day, and the library was the gathering place for all ages. Twelve-year-old Celia Gene Williamson and her friend, old Mr. Tindale, turn her ability to foretell the future into a gift for others—a chance for the people of Southport to prepare for what is to come, or even change direction and change their future. Working together, they... more
  • Loukas and the Game of Chance

    by Anthony L. Manna
    While Loukas is playing his flute at the seawall one day, he befriends a mysterious talking, dancing snake that rewards him with fortune and favor. Some years later, tempted by greed and pride, Loukas loses all his riches and his family. He must now set off on a treacherous journey through a frightening forest filled with suspense and strange creatures to find Destiny, her son Ilion, the Sun, and her daughter Luna, the Moon. These celestial guardians will surely allow him to reverse his misfortu... more
  • Sorrow Hill Saltbury Estate

    by Ken Donaldson
    Turning back an era or two enters a world where life and the people who lived that life enjoyed high standards of freedom within the law as murder, betrayal, piracy on the high-seas and crimes of deep seeded conspiracy became a law lived outside the law held to those whose names were of the privileged class from among the deeds of men.
  • Beyond the Lighthouse, Over the Mountains

    by Tony Steeno
    A mysterious message inspires three companions to embark upon a journey. The way is perilous: a vicious storm batters them, an inky black night renders them blind, and a fire-breathing monster causes them to fear for their lives. Yet they persist through each bleak encounter. Their journey is a metaphor for life. Obstacles are overcome through selflessness, compassion, and hope. The story is a multifaceted fable, where subtle ideas gradually build toward a prize worthy of a treasure chest.
  • Champagne Philosophies and a Confetti Paper Supernova

    by Mat de Melo

    champagne philosophies and a confetti paper supernova is a montage poem of one a.m. ideas and champagne and chasing hollywood endings.

    Milo is a thirty-something movie maker with a kodak super 8 movie camera and a pocket full of ideas. He walks around lisbon with a girl in denim blue levi's, Viola, a thirty-something portuguese artist in a series of kodak minutes.

    Milo tries to slow the world from spinning so fast,... more

  • Participant

    by Carmen Kemp
    Alexis spends most sunny California days in a drab cubicle toiling away at a job that crushes her soul, and goes home to a dysfunctional relationship that is doing a number on her heart. She's plagued with discontent and haunted by an unsettling melancholy, which only worsens after her fiancé of almost three years packs up and moves out. Desperate to pull herself out of a downward spiral, she spends money she doesn't have on classes at the Chloe Dillon Modeling and Acting Center. Unexpectedly, s... more
  • Getting Rid of Mabel

    by Keziah Frost

    They say everyone has a double. Margaret Birch is 87 years old when her friends at the art league tell her they've seen a woman who looks exactly like her doing scandalous things in town. This stranger threatens not only Margaret's reputation, but also old friendships that span decades. Who is this evil twin, where has she come from, and what does she want? And is there any way to get rid of her?