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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dancing with David

    by Siegfried Johnson

    A boy’s miraculous birth in Bethlehem was vastly unlike Jewish messianic expectations. Might God’s next act be unlike Christian expectations? What if, before Jesus returns, God chooses to send another miracle child . . . a girl?

    In January 2021, archaeologist David Aaronson unearths a 3,000-year-old autobiographical psalm of David near the Dead Sea, inscribed across six tablets and dedicated to a mysterious woman the king calls his Kochav Hayam (Star of the Sea). The discove... more

  • My Pants

    by Nicole Kohr
    MOM SAID THE DOCTOR WAS TOO BIG FOR HER BRITCHES. THAT'S SILLY. THE DOCTOR SEEMED SKINNY TO ME. From the award-winning author behind Two Cents comes My Pants, a funny and heart-warming story about a neurodivergent child. My Pants follows Celana, a relatable and quirky little girl who is obsessed with pants and struggling with everyday social interactions. Her parents take her to multiple doctors who can't seem to give a good explanation for her anxiety. With eye-catching, brightly colo... more
  • Two Cents

    by Nicole Sigur
    YOU CAN'T BE IN A RACE, SILLY. PIGGY BANKS JUST HOLD CHANGE. HERE, I'LL GIVE YOU MY TWO CENTS TO GET YOU STARTED. From the award-winning author behind My Pants comes Two Cents, a heart-warming story about a piggy bank who wants more out of life than coins. In aisle six of the local toystore lives an energetic piggy bank named Koppig. Contrary to his stereotype, Koppig does not like to sit and hold change. He loves to run. When Koppig overhears talk of a triathlon happening in aisle seven... more
  • Keys to an Empty House

    by David Finkle
    "The face is familiar. Elihu knows he can easily place it. He doesn't complete the thought because the young man speaks... 'My name is Ethan Haas. My mother is Emily Haas. You're my father.'" In his twenties Elihu Goulding was a famous, award-winning author of two novels. His work brought fame and fortune and yet he stopped writing. Instead, he traveled, renting various places in which to live. Each time he appreciated the solitude of his newest surroundings. Now Eli is entering his senior... more
  • This Merry Hell

    by Edward Hargreaves
    This comedy adventure tells of a man who finds himself unexpectedly lifeless and arguing with his killer. Rather suddenly locked in a barren underworld, confused and confronted by his new surroundings, Jason goes in search of answers. Without the constraints of society, or a body, he finds himself freshly motivated. Their living hell has given him a confidence stolen in life and drives a need to learn why he was condemned. Regardless of all the adventure, sin and consequence, Jason forever uphol... more
  • Tarsier Sings His Song

    by Terri Tatchell
    Tarsier sings a duet every dawn and every dusk, just hoping one day, his true love will answer back. A neighbour bear cuscus takes it upon himself to cheer the tiny tarsier up and teach him to sing a happy song. A lot of singing and laughter fills the jungle, but that night, tarsier still sings his sad song. Will his friend stand by him and continue to cheer him up if she doesn't answer? Will she ever answer? On the surface, "Tarsier Sings His Song" is about a Tarsier being cheered up by his fri... more
  • Swiss tales: fairy tales and legends from whole Switzerland

    by Francesca Orelli
    Mysterious events, the fear of the forces of Nature and the timeless charm of the Alps are the background to these twenty-seven folk tales and legends, from all over Switzerland, which have been selected and translated by Francesca Orelli. If one night you happen to meet a black horse near Gruyères, think twice before accepting its help, as you may find yourself dealing with Schawudawu's jokes and taking an unscheduled swim in the freezing waters of the nearby river. Crossing the Devil's B... more
  • Tag! You're It, A Story on Inclusion with Gabby & Nicky

    by Jannesy DeLeon
    "Tag! You're it!" the voice ricochets in Gabby's ear. She longs to play, too, but can't ask to join. Gabby lives with cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. When her brother, Nicky, does the talking for her and asks for him and Gabby to join, the other kids react with skepticism. Can she really play with her disabilities?
  • All the Gold in Abbotsford

    by E.L. Daniel
    After a self-imposed exile, Stephen returns to the little town of Abbotsford to find that corruption has seeped far beyond King Edward II’s court and into the very heart of his home. The local abbey is in ruins, town officials are stealing from the citizens, someone is circulating false gold around the town, and the entire country is on the brink of civil war. Refusing to stand for any more injustice, Stephen partners with the local abbot to end the town’s corruption and aid the exiled forces wh... more
  • Cruz Finds His Way

    by Anne van Gessel
    An inspirational children's tale about a young crow who has to find a way to get through his first solo flight even though he has dyslexia and can't read the city signs. After spending a night in the city, alone, cold, and afraid, he learns about what he is good at and starts to think of other ways he can succeed.
  • A Thing or Two About the Game

    by Richard Paik
    Former biotech executive Brad is smart, idealistic, and unemployed. When he stumbles into an arrangement to coach the Marlins, a softball team of 11- and 12-year-old girls, he sets out to accomplish something. But accomplish what? At the outset of the season, he is told that, in this league, it’s not about winning. Brad would just as soon win, but he heeds the directive and chooses a simpler, alternative goal: Teach the game. Coax, cajole, trick and bribe: Teach the girls to run the bases agg... more
  • Figurines

    by Jamie Boud

    In 2011 New York, Rachel is one step away from becoming invisible. Half a century earlier, confined in the clean, white walls of a mental hospital, Anna wishes she could be.

    Rachel and Anna’s lives are woven together—one desperate to be seen, to find out who she is in the bright sunlight of New York and the dark shadows of her family history, and one frantically trying to sort reality from the fantasy in her head, to be known as a person before she’s lost to dull... more

  • Testing the Limits

    by Kate Lance
    1930s England: and for a group of friends it seems as if the sunny days of sailing, flying and love will never end. A deepwater sailing ship takes restless young Eliza McKee to a new life in glamorous London, but when she meets the handsome star of a talking film it's not quite the life she expects. Eliza's brother Pete yearns to fly, and pilot Billie Quinn can teach him. Pete calls her a sarcastic, scowling Amelia Earhart, but it's Billie who knows how much Pete has to learn. Eliza's aunt, actr... more
  • Billy the Bully: From the AddyBee123 Book Collection

    by Sharon and Kierra Linen
    In Billy the Bully, Addy is sad because she has been made to feel other than her classmates by a bully named Billy who tells her that she looks funny and makes fun of her. Addy’s mom later explains to her that sometimes kids bully because they might be hurting inside, and they take out those feelings on other people. Addy’s friends are supportive of her, even when Billy continues his mean streak. But the tide turns when Billy has a tragic accident and Addy and her classmates are able to put... more
  • Diary of a Lacemaker

    by Sukey Hughes
    In 1749 feisty Saskia Klaassens sails from her abusive home in the Netherlands to work as nursemaid in Africa's Cape of Good Hope. At the wine estate, she is appalled by the slaves' lives even as love slowly burns for one, the stable master Titus. She struggles with the arrogant whims of her employers, all the while making lace and viewing life through its prism. When secret intrigues come to light, a storm of fear sweeps through the estate, and Saskia must decide where her loyalties lie - with ... more
  • Hiba And The Treasure Jar

    by Nadia Soubhie


    Choosing what is important and what is not is a challenge. Choices affect lives and feelings.

    Hiba, an eight-year-old girl, wants to fill her glass jar with treasure. Her wise grandmother tells her what a true treasure is, but Hiba does not pay much attention.

    Hiba goes outside; to the farmyard and starts her adventure searching for anything that appeals to her. She sees a squirrel and steals his nuts. Then she meets with a pirate parrot who tells her were his friends... more