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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Freak Story: 1967-1969

    by James Musgrave
    Buddy Hartman was adopted by a woman who wanted to get a child to please her husband. When the husband leaves, the woman becomes a prostitute to support herself, and then becomes an addict to soothe the pain. Buddy learns early that life teaches you to be selfish. However, it's Buddy's own drug abuse later in life that leads him to Barry, his "Eskimo," who saves him from a life of addiction. At 31, Buddy is a sober and clean music promoter in Minneapolis, and he writes mysteries on the side, but... more
  • Blame Atlas Save Atlas

    by Angelo Lytle
    There's something in the woods, and four years ago, it took Trinity Warren's voice. All she wants is to speak again, yet her search has led to a dead end. That's when she discovers the Students' Aid Alliance, run by fellow college students Isaac and Noah. Maybe this is the spark of hope she needs—if she can convince them to help her. A cynical skeptic, Isaac refuses to believe Trinity's story. But when Noah's mother disappears, a midnight search leads Isaac and Noah to an unsettling discovery in... more
  • teaching jobs in the uae dubai for indian

    by Mary Mathew
    We have long stretches of accomplishment on work enrollment. We offer best decision to the gifted up-and-comers. Gcc occupations is the most imaginative and quickest developing enlistment organization. Our office share new teaching jobs in the uae dubai for indian subtleties to the candidates.The best scout will know the beat of the business part. After examinations the way toward securing adep... more
  • I Dream of Puffy Clouds

    by Anat Tour
    Hop on a cloud. Paint your face silly! Let your imagination drift to a dreamy world of ice cream puffs and cotton candy. Climb an eagle's back and jump to outer space!
  • General Custer's Red Neckties

    by Peter August Hoetjes
    The story is a work of fiction and nonfiction, part history, part journey of discovery, all grounded in historical fact. This former slave from the rebellious South, begins to look back over his life going into retirement as he recollects his early slave years, his daring escape, his Union Army service credibly posing as a free white man (blacks were barred from serving in the Cavalry), in the 15th New York Cavalry, the famous “Red Neckties”, commanded by General George Armstrong Custer, his ... more
  • From His Perspective

    by Lisa Keeble
    He and Norbert watch from their viewing platform as the human race blunders its way through history and do what they can to ensure that the entire species doesn't render itself extinct. They watch as cavemen tackle woolly mammoths in order to fill their larders and provide next season’s wardrobe and quickly regret introducing them to fire. When tyrants rise up against their fellow man in Ancient Egypt, rivers run red with blood and plagues of frogs are visited on the Egyptians as the Boss and No... more
  • TomTom Loves His Hair!

    by Dot Gibbens
    Have you ever battled with a kid to cut their hair? Like most kids, TomTom does not want to sit still long enough for a haircut. A delightful and humorous tale as Mom figures out a way to give TomTom that so needed trim. Action and adventure abound as TomTom goes through his daily activities, and then guess what? TomTom Loves His Hair!
  • Vogel

    by David Lincoln
    Historical novel - a cross-section of life in Northern France over the 81 days between D-Day and the Liberation of Paris from German, Allied, French Resistance, and civilian perspectives. Militarily accurate, but not a "War Novel" per se.
  • Brother Eduardo's Mortal Crime: The Santore Story II

    by Rudy Leeman
    From the discovery of mutilated children’s bodies in a farmer’s field to chasing smugglers in the Crimean War arena, Inspector Eduardo and his partner, Rai, face terror in a race to save stolen children delivered to Italy and their capital of Florence. They save some and lose others to vicious smugglers whose only goal is to pocket money selling the defenseless and delivering children to terrors beyond imagination. It’s Eduardo Santore’s Story. All this swirls around the people while Italy is a... more
  • Brother Eduardo's Mortal Sin: The Santore Story I

    by Rudy Leeman
    From a woman plunging out a window to the pursuit of a woman destined to hang at the hands of the court system, we’re drawn into the patriarchal culture of 19th century Italy as it struggles to become one nation. It’s Eduardo Santore’s story.
  • Meet the Number Nibblers

    by R.E. Hoskins

    This is the introductory book to my characters, the Number Nibblers. Come with me on a quick journey to Digitazia, where children of all ages will fall in love with these wonderful, quirky creatures and find out the secret behind their names.

  • The Fake Empire

    by James Porteous
    The Good Lord is fed up with his flock of Hapless Humans. They have destroyed the planet and now The Delirious Davos Dandies are building hundreds of Freedom Bunkers to shield the 1% and ‘preserve democracy.’ And their money and DNA. Those Left Behind will not survive. But nor will they go gentle into that dark night. Got a revolution? Got a revolution
  • Bo Carter's Blues

    by James Porteous
    A new fictional biography based on the life and times of singer/songwriter Bo Carter. Bo Carter may never be a member of the singer/songwriter ‘in crowd.’ He knows he has the talent. Everyone on the Asylum Records roster has heard his song ‘Coal Miner’s Blues.’ And his band The Touts are being touted as the Next Big Thing. But you need someone to pay for studio time, book the tours, promo the albums and pay for beer tokens. Bo has enough money to buy new strings once a month and a new capo onc... more
  • Death in Central America: An Ecotourism Nightmare

    by Jack Hafferkamp
    On a travel writers junket to Central America in 1993 to explore ecotourism sites, a diverse group of writers see the sites and works to get along until, mostly unsuspecting, they are caught in the in the nexus of drug trafficking, corrupt politics and Cold War echoes. Sometimes travel adventure goes off the rails.
  • Back in My Day

    by Maggie Aldrich
    Beth Peters has it all. A high-powered job, a loving husband, and 2.5 kids (including one very rambunctious yellow lab). She’s a walking super mom in a power suit, living a picture-perfect life. Or is she? In reality, her daughter hates her, her son is a computer hacker—at age ten—, her smother-in-law has no boundaries, and counseling with a hippie therapist has done nothing for her marriage. While tension between the couple escalates, family issues snowball, and Beth yearns for an escape. ... more
  • High Tea in Aswan

    by Laszlo Hajdu
    In this world there are few elements stronger than the bond between a mother and a daughter. In 2015, just a few years after the harrowing revolution in Egypt and, simultaneously, an increase in terrorist attacks, the elderly mother, highly self-sufficient Danielle Tisell, decided she would visit Egypt to explore and learn as much as she could about that country. With high anxiety, daughter Jena Tisell felt she had no choice but to become her mother’s traveling companion. During their six... more