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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The World Against Her Skin

    by John Thorndike

    Virginia and Joe Thorndike have been married for twenty-two years, and she w... more

  • Normal Norm

    by Chad Hayward
    Norm is a young boy from Kenya. He has only one dream, to play in the school basketball team. Unfortunately, bullies have taken away his confidence, until one day something magical happens. A children's book on self-confidence, believing in oneself, and achieving dreams despite being bullied. The illustrations show the magical Masai Mara in Kenya at its best, exposing the reader to the beauty of Africa.
  • Where Is the Sun?

    by Tamar Johnson
    When times are down, it can be difficult to see the good around you. One young girl is able to see the sun in the darkest of places, showing those around her that beauty and joy are everywhere, we just need to look carefully. Where is the Sun expertly portrays the need for joy and gratitude, particularly during pandemic times. As young Lea and her mom hustle through the grey and rainy city, the sun seems to be nowhere in sight. Running their errands, Lea searches for the sun and is happy when sh... more
  • Tight Five

    by Dan Spencer
    Ben Coble has joined the exciting 1980s Boston comedy scene where the goal is five minutes of late night TV fame. Standup comedy in nightclubs, however, isn't glamorous. Ben and his fellow performers travel to strange road gigs across New England and develop a hilarious camaraderie. Ben's love life wavers, and California beckons him. Some comedians will achieve their dreams of success, some will keep dreaming, and some will be rudely awakened. But Ben and his friends share wild adventures that w... more
  • Another Way Over

    by John J. Michalik
    In 1910, Jan Brozek is a lone traveler, making his way across a Europe preparing for war, intent on immigrating to America to establish a new life for himself and his fiancée, Maria, who will follow once he has earned the money for her passage. Early in his travels he saves the life of Anna Ihnacak, the beautiful daughter of a Hungarian nobleman - their easy attraction creates emotions that, as he travels on, he has difficulty dealing with and understanding. Ready to sail across the Atlantic on ... more

    by Janet C. Smith
    'Take one wet witch, a frog, a fish and a princess, add a king and queen, throw in a cat, sprinkle with slugs and snails, add a keeper of the king's creatures, invoke a spell - and stir! A tale for age ranges slightly greater than you'd think.'
  • Not Book Club Material

    by Aaron Zevy
    "Your book," she said in her completely honest and unfiltered style, "is not book club material." So begins Aaron Zevy's new story collection, Not Book Club Material. Stories, memoirs and vignettes which are funny, often poignant, and sometimes thought provoking. And while Aaron Zevy's new book "Not Book Club Material" may not fit with the traditional book club offerings, you will be hard pressed to find a more amusing, self-deprecating narrator, eccentric cast of characters, or surreal, m... more
  • The Main Words

    by Ekaterina Yakovina
    The collection of the stories that tells about love, creativity and dreams.
  • Surrection

    by Will Martin
    Surrection is an historical novel, set in the border lands of Missouri and Kansas immediately before and during the Civil War. Prior to the war, a state of violence known as the border war existed between proslavery Missourians (called Border Ruffians) and antislavery settlers in Kansas. The fictional protagonist, Jabez Cooper, is the son of a Border Ruffian, and is drawn to the southern cause by circumstance. During the Civil War, Jabez joins a pro-Confederate guerrilla group and participates i... more
  • I Escaped Egypt's Deadliest Train Disaster

    by Scott Peters

    15-year-old Sam is vacationing in Egypt when he's trapped in a burning train that's speeding out of control. Can he escape? A riveting middle-grade tale based on Egypt's 2002 El Ayyat railway accident. 

    From bestselling author and creator of over 300 museum exhibits Scott Peters comes a wild escape adventure based on the true story of Egypt's deadliest train disaster.

    Short attention spans — Chapter Book — Ages 8-12 &... more

  • I Can Eat a Rainbow

    by Olena Rose
    A young girl only likes traditionally unhealthy foods but learns that eating a colorful, nutritious diet will better keep her healthy and strong.
  • A Day of Fun with Sirs Wibbit and Wabbit

    by Syed Abdullah
    Sirs Wibbit and Wabbit don't just play, they practice great habits throughout their day.
  • The Rainbow Animals

    by Anat Tour
    The Rainbow Animals is a story of friendship, hope, and unity. Seven animals from different lands get lost while being drawn towards the rainbow. They are guided by Mishcaboggle, a beautiful long haired parrot, to Rainbowland. An engaging story with a burst of colorful pages. Come I’ll show you where the rainbow lies, fun with friends from different tribes, wait and see you'll be surprised, how much we all share from worlds a part.
  • The long way home from crete

    by Isaac Kal
    As the clouds of war and anti-Semitic feelings gather pace in 1930’s Europe, Abraham recognizes the danger that he and others are facing and decides to leave his comfortable life in Germany and travel with his family to Israel. There he intends to make a new life, far from the gathering storm, but life as an exile means a different set of hardships and as a means to support his family he eventually enlists in the British Royal Pioneer Corps, the only unit in the British military where an enemy... more
  • Rae's First Day

    by Danny Jordan
    Rae's First Day is the award-winning first book in The Capables inclusive children's book series. Synopsis. Rae is like many five year olds with one BIG exception: she has a super-secret superpower.
  • Our LITTLE Secret

    by Stanford Johnson

    When Danny Jackson says "the N-word" on his fifth birthday his grandmother tells him their family doesn't use that word, though he's learned it from his father. There's a mysterious grave in their woods, and all he's ever heard it called was "the N-word Grave." Thus begins a family saga and coming of age story as an Appalachian grandmother tries to change her family's trajectory regarding race relations.