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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Angriest Angel

    by Christopher Halt
  • The African Piper of Harlem

    by Zeena Nackerdien

    A Tale of Bullies and Deception

    Neither fish nor fowl, every immigrant threads the needle between being one of "us" versus one of "them." The plot is both a fantasy and an exercise in exploring ways in which recent African immigrants and African-Americans recognize and embrace each other's cultural differences.

    In Harlem, the mecca of black America, immigrants of every complexion live side by side with the descendants of slaves. The story begins with a desc... more

  • The Adventures of Wilhelm, A Rat's Tale

    by Maria Ritter
    Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He not only discovers the value of different cultures and the importance of family and friendship, but he also overcomes obstacles with courage and cleverness. He returns home with deep respect for all creatures on this earth and a new sense of rat identity and purpose.
  • The Last Whippoorwill

    by Mary Bryan Stafford

    Cora Allen looks back on her childhood and young womanhood to recount the time her mother uprooted the family, loaded the wagon and headed hellbent for Texas. And how it changed everything,

    With both narrative drive and lyric texture, this is the story of two strong-willed women who have more in common than they know--the men they loved, amd their own longings, frailities and strengths.

  • Lucid World

    by Denise Lammi

    When 15 year-old Morgan is contacted by the advanced civilization of Lucid World, she has no idea what is to come. She is one of a select group of teens chosen to travel via avatar into a remote, and hidden technologically-advanced society housed inside a vast mountain cavern. Here she learns about an emotional disease called khaos, that has infected all of humanity. Her new friends in Lucid World live under a dome beneath an ice cap, with cats, culture, and a harmonious way of life uninfecte... more

  • Zafir and the Seventh Scroll

    by Paul Skousen
    For those familiar with the adventures of Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls, this book will be a much-anticipated continuation of the story of this brave young man and his adventures as a traveling merchant. Those new to the story will find Bassam and his journeys in the Far East of long ago no less fascinating for its historical detail, and for Bassam's experiences and exploits. An engaging old-fashioned adventure story, Zafir and the Seventh Scroll will take you to lands far away in time and... more
  • The Search for Rasha

    by Paul Skousen
    My dearest Bassam, Come for me. I am taken away to a dark place. It is the end of my life. I have nothing but this script to console—and my thoughts of you. If these words find you when it is too late, let them comfort you for your life without me at your side. —Forever yours, Rasha What is greater than the search for love? Finding the love of your life and having her ripped away. In the dark of night, a covert group of bandits enters the village of Rekeem and kidnaps Rasha, daughter of the grea... more
  • Dorje the Yak

    by Caryn Hartman


    Dorje the Yak is a tale of triumph over adversity. It is the tale of  Dorje's struggle, and the struggle of Tibet, to assert an identity in a quickly changing world. Join Dorje on a journey that ends where it begins: in his heart. 


  • A Wasp in the Fig Tree

    by Mary Bryan Stafford
    Young Isabel Martin escapes to her uncle's idyllic ranch in South Texas, expecting a safe and luxurious haven after the heartbreak of her parents' divorce. But there is an insidious little rumor that the whole county is talking about. How can she know who to believe when gossip lays a heavy film of guilt over the Parr family she loves? After witnessing a suicide, she sets out to find the truth of her family's involvement in the election fraud that launched Lyndon Johnson into the US Senate.
  • Finding Mr. Wrong

    by George Kaplan
    Mothering her brothers wasn’t enough for this redhead. Undiagnosed Asperger’s Tookie wants a child of her own. After “auditioning” numerous men, one date at a time—all of them fail the test. Frantic with her biological clock ticking down, this Jersey girl accepts a blind date with momma’s-boy engineer Ollie, who works with her secretary’s husband. Ollie’s old-country mother Rose yearns for grandchildren, but will she squash Tookie when her P.I. uncovers Tookie’s past indiscretions?
  • Spawn

    by James Frishkey
    As the Russian Army advances on Hitler’s bunker in 1945, the remaining occupants rush to secretly evacuate the most important person in the Fuhrer’s inner circle…Eva Braun. Twenty five years later, a young KGB agent discovers proof that Braun did not die in the bunker and is ordered to undertake a yearlong search to find and kill her. They would never allow the birth of the Fourth Reich.
  • Protectors of the Black Prince

    by Curtis Stephen Burdick
    Protectors of the Black Prince is the first book in an epic trilogy about the heretofore unknown teenager, Michael Cotswain, England’s greatest longbowman, the heroic focus of an original, unflinchingly realistic and action-packed novel series about an astounding, four-thousand-mile overland journey from Damascus into the unknown, unexplored jungles of Central Africa, the dark continent of Africana, as it was known in 1191. Michael, his lord and knight, Godfrey of Hampstead, and Baints, the se... more
  • Bell-Eye's Spooky Halloween: Bell-Eye, the Best Littlest Detective Agency in Palm Beach, Florida

    by Barrett Hays
    It's all about the continuing adventures of Bella, the chihuahua that runs the exclusive detective agency-Bell-Eye in Palm Beach, Florida. The saga continues as the ghouls set their eyes on revenge and mayhem towards Bella. Her old nemesis-Zeus is aching for a final show down. Bella encounters vampires, ghosts, elves and even werewolves as she battles her nemesis for control of the Magic World. Come sit in on the excitement and mystery as Bella takes down another vampire; vanquishes a couple of ... more
  • Let Me Fly

    by Sabra Waldfogel
    Former slave Rachel Mannheim and former slave owner Adelaide Kaltenbach fought a war to be sisters. Now that the Civil War is over, a new fight is just beginning. Adelaide, married to a Georgia cotton planter, never dreamed that she would side with the Union or the Freedmen’s Bureau. In Cass County, just after the Civil War, she’s done both. Her school for the county’s black children has earned her the warm appreciation of Captain Lewis Hart, Union war hero and Bureau agent, and the animosit... more
  • A Farmhouse In The Rain

    by Joe Kilgore
    Three American soldiers in World War II spend the night in the home of a French woman. The next morning she is found dead. The assumption is that one of the three killed her. The rest of the novel follows the soldiers through the end of the war and afterwards. Eventually, the true murderer is revealed.
  • Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: A Novel for Grown Ups

    by Jayne Allen

    “Black girls must die exhausted” is something that 33-year-old Tabitha Walker has heard her grandmother say before. Of course, her grandmother (who happens to be white) was referring to the 1950’s and what she observed in the nascent times of civil rights. With a coveted position as a local news reporter, Marc-- a “paper-perfect” boyfriend, and a standing Saturday morning appointment with a reliable hairstylist, Tabitha never imagined how this phrase could apply ... more