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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Quest to Unite Us -- Book I of the Marcus Santana Time Travel Chronicles

    by William de Rham
    An ancient force hurls 17-year-old Marcus Santana from his modern-day Philadelphia home and into Benjamin Franklin’s 18th century cellar on the first day of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. With no way back, the impetuous grandson of Spanish and Cuban immigrants joins Franklin’s household, aiding the elderly "sage" at the convention and falling in love with beautiful Elise, the Franklin family’s cook who escaped slavery in Haiti and is in continuing danger of re-capture. Inside Independe... more
  • Could a Dog Be President?

    by Lane Roberts
    Wendy's a young girl trying to get her dog, Katy, elected president. And, why not? Dogs protect us. Guide us. And in time of tragedy, they comfort us. What more could you want from a world leader? But it's crunch time. And with the election already in full swing, the girls need to get creative if they want to win. Build on a platform of soothing rhymes and strong meter structure, the story itself is just downright fun! And in the end, we learn that division is just that...and what unite... more
  • The Burping Pumpkin

    by Steph Alexis
    If you have never heard of a place called Berryville, it is probably due to this incredible name-change story. Zack and Zoe are the two adventurous siblings who made this place so famous. Can you guess what a pumpkin has to do with all of this? If you don’t know or are just curious, then this book would be a wonderful surprise treat for both parents and kids. Join two energetic young siblings on a strawberry picking adventure with a twist, a roll, and a bump. Plus, enjoy some delightful rhymes a... more
  • The Hideaway Inn

    by Terri Lorah

    The Hideaway Inn is the first book in a new series about the Myer's family and friends, and the community at Hideaway Lake, a small lakeside town tucked into the lush hills and mountains of Central Pennsylvania. Follow Laura and her kids, friends, and others as secrets unfold, relationships develop, and love finds its way to some.

  • The Notable Characters

    by Leonard Rountree

    Lenny's storybook, "The Notable Characters" introduces basic music terms and theory while telling his funny story of two groups of kids who have formed bands. The bands are; the Notables who represent five basic note symbols in a metaphorical way, and then there are the Rest siblings, who represent the rest symbols. Notes are symbols in music notation that indicate a sound is to be made for a certain amount of time. Rest symbols indicate silence. Both groups, the Notables and th... more

  • Eco Worrier

    by Ian Slatter
    Marty is desperate for friends, having left his behind when he moved into 10 Downing Street with his mum. Bored and lonely, his life suddenly becomes a lot more exciting when he sneaks out of a secret passage and meets Jumi, a young eco protester. He agrees to help her in her fight to stop a new airport from destroying an ancient woodland. But being an eco warrior isn’t as easy as he thinks.
  • I Miss You Most

    by Cassie Hoyt
    There is nothing more special than time spent with family and friends. But what do you do when you miss someone you love? I Miss You Most is a reminder that being away from a loved one doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Whether pretending to be pirates, astronauts, or ballerinas, explore how kids around the world use their imagination and memories to feel close to their loved ones!

    साहित्य उत्थान द्वारा संकलित उम्मीद का सूरज साझा काव्य संग्रह है, जिसमे ६४ रचनाकारों की कवितायेँ संकलित हैं. यह बुक नए रचनाकारों को प्रोत्साहन देने के लिए प्रकाशित की गयी है
  • Little Sphinx: No Time for the Sillies

    by Rachelle Jones Smith
  • Something in Madness (DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 3)

    by Ed Protzel
    1865 Mississippi. Abolitionist Durksen Hurst and three black friends return home to a devastated Mississippi, the sole survivors of a Union colored cavalry regiment. But instead of peace, they find unregenerate Confederates who reject emancipation still in charge. Undeterred, Durk opens a law practice to help disenfranchised freedmen — only to be threatened by powerful planters and nightriders. A black school is burned; a petition march to Jackson is terrorized. And when one of his friends goes ... more
  • My Name is Sam...And Heaven is Still Shining Through

    by Joe Siccardi
    Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and visit with Sam as she shares a lifetime of memories in this new Christian-themed fictional memoir. My Name Is Sam ... and Heaven Is Still Shining Through is a follow-up to the breakout novella, Heaven Shining Through. It introduces Sam (Samantha), her family, and friends in more detail than the original, and picks up where the novella left off. I hope readers get to know Sam as a friend, a life long friend. Share her life ... complete with some drama,... more
  • "It's the Right Thing to Do."

    by Lindalouise
    "It's the Right Thing to Do," is a tale coming from the Brazilian Caboclos Tribe living in the rainforest. The story teaches a lesson entailing the life of an ocelot named Lana, and a jaguar named Leo. Lana, beautiful ocelot, takes care of animals in the forest. She possesses wonderful characteristics of being kind and unselfish, while sharing her love for all. Throughout the story, Lana makes time to care for others when they are in need. Contrary to Lana, Leo is quite selfish and sometimes,... more
  • Finding Paris: The Novel

    by Joanne Kimes

    Going to Paris had always been a dream for Julia and Kathy, two women who meet at a beginning French class and become fast friends. Julia is an empty nester whose husband is leaving her and daughter won't return her texts and Kathy's a type-A workaholic who gave up on love after a painful secret. After both their lives implode, leaving them with nothing to wake up to in the morning, they say, “What the heck, let’s go to Paris!” and finally live out the dream the... more

  • The Necessaries: Stories

    by Misty Urban
    What do you do when the thing you most need isn't what you thought? The narrators of these thirteen wildly original and unforgettable stories all know what they want, and are surprised to find--in poignant and sometimes painful ways--that what they most need is something else entirely. Whether they are starting a romance or ending one, raising babies or rescuing a friend, running an advice column or ruling the most powerful country on the planet, their worlds fall apart and then get rebuil... more
  • The Frosell Affair

    by Heddy Frosell da Ponte
    UNMATCHED INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE IN A MASTERFULLY WRITTEN WORLD WAR II THRILLER. Oscar Frosell, wealthy Swedish businessman, philanthropist, and family man, survived the Nazi occupation of Paris and, like many of his countrymen, was looking forward to being a part of France’s postwar future. But in the rapacious, score-settling chaos of the new French State, Frosell’s fortune—rare art, priceless jewels, antique furniture, gold, platinum, a valuable stamp collection, and especially his opul... more
  • Eight

    by Edmund Davidson
    Eight short stories that are not connected, telling tales of the down-trodden rising up against the odds, and finding the strength to bring people to justice.