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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • To the Moon and Back

    by Kathi Kotchi
    Fourteen-year-old Jessica Maxwell lives alone with her alcoholic mother after her baby sister, older brother and father died years ago. John Garrett is the lone survivor of a horrific car accident that claimed the lives of his wife and toddler daughter months ago. John is Jessica’s ninth grade teacher and one day, early in the school year, noticing her declining grades, he reaches out as a mentor. After initially declining she eventually accepts, and soon finds his house is the only place she fi... more
  • When Great Granny was Small Like Me

    by Alice Love
    95-year-old Great Grandmother who has 6 children 20 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren… Began life on a farm. Is a trained nurse. Interested in a wide range of crafts including spinning, weaving, drawing, cake decorating and piano playing.
  • God's Gift of Kindness

    by George Toolan
    Join Bella on a journey to discover the power of kindness. As Bella struggles to be kind, she turns to Jesus for help and learns valuable lessons along the way.

    by Doug Ingold
    With his work selling well through distant urban galleries, the father and twice-divorced painter Robert Turghoff has created an idyllic life for himself. In the rural northern California community where he has lived for two decades, he has his cat, his pool and spa, a few close friends and the privacy he craves. But when the local paper sends a reporter to discuss his proposed mural for the struggling village center, he meets the mysterious Yvonne Curtiss. Yvonne soon proves herself a brillia... more
  • A Place Under the Sun

    by Luis Urtueta
    A Place Under the Sun is a visceral and sardonic novel about misplaced agonies and ambitions. Enrique Ureta, a Spanish young man, has moved to the Middle East to take a place under the sun of a well-paying, tier-1 management consulting firm. Introverted, immature, jumpy, distracted, judgmental, often arrogant – and naturally selfish and egotistic – his professional aspirations are thwarted by the increasing importance of acting out a confident, flashy persona. Impressions, no matter how hurried,... more
  • Freedom I deserve

    by Janette Lart
    This is the diary of a woman, observed in her traditional role, internally, listening to the flow of her thought, her silent comments, for years, that push to go out, to echo many women who in part they shared the same emotions and situations. The book is critical not about men, but about the patriarchal and macho model of society.
  • 9781578338672

    by Eric Stephen Mayer
    Two summer treks across the High Arctic separated by a millennium. The first: Qaya, a young Inuit girl in the year 1000, making her coming of age journey to hunt the great polar bear, Nannuraluk. The second: 1963 college archaeology students on a dig 500 miles from the North Pole with their professor, hoping to uncover and preserve lost secrets of early Inuit and their encounters with Norse explorers. What starts as a routine archaeology expedition turns spiritual, if not supernatural, w... more
  • Solana

    by Lydia V. Simms
    Black Love. Black Women. Black Pregnancies. Solana Rawson is facing many adversities, and with a baby on the way, she knows she'll have to face some difficult decisions. She decides to take it one day at a time, exercising strength and resilience, and remains true to herself, despite what other people have to say. This is the story of a black woman who defies the expectations and rules of a society where she is looked down upon.
  • I See Superheroes Everywhere

    by Kacey Becker
    One of the hardest elements of meeting a child or adult with special needs, is explaining it to a child. Especially if that "ability" isn't visible. Putting into words what a child is witnessing and in-turn putting it into something they can understand; it can be a struggle for some adults. Not everyone has had exposure to a person with special needs and like every individual person, special needs are unique. So many names can be used to describe special needs, the playful storyline in t... more
  • Out of Ukraine

    by Emily Gallo
    Eric and Abby travel from California to Ukraine to pick up Jillian, born via surrogacy, when Russia attacks and they are forced to flee. It is the middle of the COVID pandemic in the frigid temperatures of winter as they escape the horrors of war with an infant and little else.
  • Harmony's Peace & Joy

    by Mary Hutchings Reed

    Stone Hunnicut, a middle-aged successful lawyer, is haunted by his dead father’s Olympic-styled family motto, “Citius. Altius. Fortius. Scitius.” His younger brother Ted, once a promising literary novelist and now living in a trailer in Harmony’s North Woods arts commune, lacks further ambition. When Stone discovers unpublished manuscripts in his brother’s trailer, he secretly attempts to get them published, escalating their sibling rivalry. In unique ways, the w... more

  • Twinkle, the Littlest Star

    by Lesile Colburn
    Created tiny among the bright stars, Little Twinkle doesn’t fit in and dances across the night sky to find her place. The biggest star tells her she’s too dim and small, and the little stars tell her she’s too young. Twinkle feels alone and doesn’t know her purpose. When an angel appears and tells her that her time has come to shine, Twinkle finally knows why she was created. Shining brighter than any star in the sky, Twinkle lights the way to a very special birth.
  • Love at a Girls' School

    by Diana Altman
    LOVE AT A GIRLS' SCHOOL, is a funny, touching collection of short stories previously published in the Notre Dame Review, North American Review, The Sea Letter, and other respected literary journals. Using her penetrating eye, wicked sense of humor, and vivid imagination, Diana Altman shares her take on college life in the 1960's in stories such as, Love at a Girls' School, in which young lovers struggle to find privacy in an era of prudish college rules. The setting of an all-girls' school a... more
  • It'll Be Fun You'll See

    by Guy J Jackson
    More modern fairy tales and archaic breakthroughs for grown-up children.
  • The Playbook

    by Gary E. Parker
    In a small mountain town where football reigns supreme, Ms. Chelsea Deal defies the norm. A former big-city lawyer turned interim head coach for the undefeated Rabon Knights, Chelsea mentors two young players with dreams like hers. Palmer, a reclusive teenager with untapped talent, and Ty, an old soul battling a grave illness, unite with Chelsea to fight for a championship. As the season progresses, their lives intertwine. Chelsea, with her instincts and spirit, challenges a town slow to accept... more
  • Goosh

    by Seth McLane
    The day before the start of middle school, life for thirteen-year-old Isaac Strawbridge is upended when the words “Mom has cancer” are spoken. Mom, Dad, and his little sister, Sammie, all find ways to deal with this tragic news. Isaac’s only refuge? Shelly Park, where he escapes to dribble and shoot his way toward making the school team. An old man, Mr. Brooks, visits the park. He’s 6’8”, hobbles around with the help of a cane, and is eager to impart his basketball wisdom. Isaac soon discove... more