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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fishy Tales

    by Vicki Riske
    Fishy Tales is a picture book about a colorful school of fish, who love to swim and play in the ocean. While playing their favorite game, Marco Polo, the fish hear cries for help. The concerned fish are off on an adventure to save an Octopus and their ocean from a large trash island.
  • The Polka Dot Tea Party

    by Vicki Riske
    Discovering shapes in nature is fun. Jackie loves polka dots and finds them everywhere in the desert. When you find polka dots of course you have to invite your friends to celebrate with a Polka Dot Tea Party.
  • Markertown

    by Amanda Fox
    After a long day of coloring, the markers are heading home to their boxes—but Glitter can't find her cap! With the help of a motley crew of markers, she journeys through Markertown she meets a group of repurposed markers that help her envision a different future. Markertown is a story that commends kindness and friendship. It embraces upcycling not only markers, but parts of ourselves along our journey. Readers should walk away understanding that true sparkle and shine come from within. So l... more
  • Wake Up the Night

    by Kenneth A. Silver
    This is a collection of stories, of words and ideas that flow like a dream, but is there anything less predictable or quite so fickle as a dream? Ken Silver creates narratives that are decidedly daring, and he is never afraid to reach, but never beyond the point at which (with lawyerly precision) he is unable to support his conclusions, scientifically or otherwise. Make no mistake though, it is hardly a tame piece of writing, but a rich harvest of beautifully imagined and thoroughly engrossing t... more
  • The Buzz Boys

    by Edward Izzi
    Chicago Attorney Robert Mazzara has just been informed of the suicide death of his childhood friend, Marco Pezza. The two of them grew up together in a small suburb in Chicago during the turbulent sixties and seventies, when the issues of household violence were seldom ever addressed. Along with their best friends, Petey Rodriguez, Billy Kozar and Johnny Orozco, they all experienced the coming-of-age events that all young boys go through during grade school and high school, with one exception: T... more
  • 979-8714216039

    by Isaac Kal
    As the clouds of war and anti-Semitic feelings gather pace in 1930’s Europe, Abraham recognizes the danger that he and others are facing and decides to leave his comfortable life in Germany and travel with his family to Israel. There he intends to make a new life, far from the gathering storm, but life as an exile means a different set of hardships and as a means to support his family he eventually enlists in the British Royal Pioneer Corps, the only unit in the British military where an enemy... more
  • The ForestGirls, with the World Always

    by Sissel Waage
    A story of girls – from around the world – and the trees that they befriend, climb, and plant. As they grow, the children restore forests across Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Beautifully illustrated with original watercolor paintings, this book offers a hopeful message. It will inspire young people to make a difference for themselves and our natural world.
  • Dreaming of Colorado - 2nd Edition

    by Grant Collier

    Dreaming of Colorado tells the story of Cosmo the Cougar Cub, who doesn’t want to go to sleep because he is having so much fun playing. But his mom reminds him that there are many exciting things he can dream about. This convinces Cosmo to go to sleep, and he dreams that he is riding on a magic canoe that takes him back in time. Cosmo and his animal friends go on several adventures and see dinosaurs, volcanoes, Native Americans, and miners. Each of Cosmo’s adventures... more

  • Dreaming of Arches National Park

    by Grant Collier

    Dreaming of Arches National Park tells the story of Cayenne the Coyote, who does not want to go to sleep. But when she does doze off, she dreams of magical arches that lead her back in time. Cayenne goes on several journeys and sees dinosaurs, sabre-toothed cats, Native Americans, and early settlers. Each of Cayenne's adventures is based on real events that occurred in and around Arches National Park - except for the one that occurred on planet Zorbos!

  • Dreaming of Arizona

    by Grant Collier

    Dreaming of Arizona tells the story of Harlow the Hawk, who does not want to go to sleep. But when she does doze off, she dreams that she can travel back in time. Harlow goes on exciting journeys and sees Native Americans, mastodons, giant sloths, and an Arizonasaurus. Each of Harlow’s adventures is based on real events that occurred in Arizona.

  • Kincaid: A Mountain Man's Treachery

    by GP Hutchinson
    You’d think Kincaid would be pleased. At the very least, content. On the perilous slopes of Colorado’s Front Range, he caught up with the men who held evidence that could've sent his bride-to-be to prison. In the process of obtaining and destroying that evidence, however, there was a bloody shootout, and in that shootout he killed a federal judge. It doesn’t matter that the magistrate was as rotten as last year’s apples. A member of his gang survived the gunfight and—sure as shootin’—is on... more
  • Kincaid: Tall Rider

    by GP Hutchinson
    Kincaid’s chance meeting of a quirky saloon matron lands him square in the middle of a cross-town conflict where an abundance of unchecked lies proves as lethal as flying lead. After having helped his sister out of a dreadful life-and-death situation in a remote and forlorn territory, Kincaid aims to return to Wharton Grove to clear himself of charges of attempted bank robbery. When he disembarks at the nearest railroad station to his destination, however, Henrietta “Hettie” Harbaugh, an ecce... more
  • Kincaid: In-Law or Outlaw?

    by GP Hutchinson
    Is Kincaid’s brother-in-law simply missing? Or is he dead? A notorious desperado surely knows. Will Kincaid “go outlaw” to find out? Kincaid’s sister, Candace, and her two small children have been left to the mercies of a coldblooded bandido in the wake of her husband’s unexpected disappearance or death. Unwilling to accept the loss, she refuses to leave her struggling farm. Determined to find out the truth and deliver Candace from a life of misery and danger, Kincaid sets out for the... more
  • Kincaid: Up in Smoke

    by GP Hutchinson
    Some folks don’t seem to understand it’s wrong to hurt the weak or innocent. Do it in front of Kincaid, and you’re in for some schooling. The author of the bestselling Emmett Strong Series brings you a new hero of the Old West. Emry Kincaid is in a hurry to get to his recently widowed sister’s farm. Maintaining meager crops and a small herd in those arid parts is difficult enough without having to look after two small children while the work is done. Besides, a young, attractive woman, far... more
  • On the Precipice of the Labyrinth

    by Brian Snowden

    The novel takes place in the late 1930s and involves William Benning, a young American man who finishes college and has had a strong introduction to the Spanish language. Benning graduates from the University of Virginia in 1937 and has learned about what is happening in Europe in general, and Spain specifically, during that tumultuous decade. His interest in continuing to learn the Spanish language and see for himself what is happening in Spain compel him to begin the improbable journey.

  • How to Swim Like a Mermaid: Creative Ways to Raise a Strong Swimmer!

    by Aileen C. Swartz
    In this magical story, a young girl, Callie, befriends a mermaid who teaches her swim games. Ultimately, Callie becomes a stronger swimmer. Mermaid strength building games are listed and explained in detail after the story. Adults learn how to empower children and help them become safe and enthusiastic swimmers. This book utilizes imagination and play to take a child’s swim lessons to the next level.