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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • You Belong Now

    by Ed. D'Agostino
    TODD, a minister who suffers from epilepsy, is being discriminated against by the denomination he serves. But even though he is clearly filled with questions about accepting others, Todd would rather turn a blind eye towards the injustice he is experiencing and continue to live in denial of that truth. One evening Todd’s wife ANN cuts herself and Todd must take her to the emergency room for stitches and Todd’s life is about to change. On their way to the hospital they spot a youth... more
  • Samantha's Secret Hiding Place

    by Sheila V Holder
    Samantha's Hiding Place is a thrilling adventure for children between the ages of four to eight. The story captures the hearts of children who love to have fun and enjoy spending family time together. It engages the imagination and natural curiosity of youngsters. The main character, Samantha, exhibits initiative, originality and cleverness. The book features positive family dynamics. It is a delightful mystery that appeals to a child's creative spirit.
  • Ascendancy

    by Patrick Earl Dwyer
    An American heritage story, the Saga of the Magoffin and O'Dwyers and the diaspora from Ireland circa 1800 to America, Australia, Jamaica, and Mexico is chronicled in ASCENDANCY. It is a story of Triumph over Tragedy and of two families that cross paths in Ireland at a very turbulent time and again in America, eventually to intermarry. A Saga filled with action and romance, the story is one of History and Fiction Genre in which fiction and non-fiction is woven connecting many historical people ... more
  • Peter Olaf

    by Richard Grabmeier
    America is a land of promise, filled with adventure and overflowing with riches, thought young Peter Olaf. So in 1895, at the age of seventeen, he left his family and girlfriend to board a ship for the new world. In the next ten years Peter mutated from a naive, young, Swedish immigrant, swinging an axe in a logging camp, to a man of wealth and prestige. Along the way he encountered and overcame fearsome challenges and tragedies and the deepest personal losses and betrayals. But he also built wo... more
  • Earthshine

    by Janis Ayers
    Earthshine takes up the story from the previous book starting with the travels of Strafae's young brother Jake. Although Strafae reconnects with Jake, it is Chala who saves Jake's life from an untimely death.
  • A Marble Story

    by Liz Batton
    This is the story of how a lonely person found joy in his daily walks. Finding new marbles every day showed him the hidden joy all around us.
  • Easter: McEaster Valley

    by Walter Hoge

    "Dreams and aspirations in our lives are often the catalysts that lead to great accomplishments that benefit the world in which we live." -Walter R. Hoge, DVM, and author of McEaster Valley.

    This unique and earthy tale is reminiscent to William P. Young's The Shack, in that it was written to the authors' children and that it serves as a parable that there is more to life than glitter and gold and that sometimes, the places where we get lost are exactly where we need to... more

  • Sprout

    by Karen Norheim
    A journey of self-discovery teaches a boy lessons of knowledge, truth, and goodness. When a young boy named Woodsprout comes of age, his father gifts him a treasure: an intricately handcrafted book bound in fine red leather with the instruction that he fill up the pages with his life’s story. The ensuing journey has ‘Sprout’ on a quest for words, wisdom, and adventure—and the meaning of life. His travels has Sprout meeting all sorts of vibrant characters who provide descriptive words and i... more
  • Across The Chasm

    by Richard Grabmeier

    Christopher Redding, a middle aged businessman, experiences a psychic
    phenomenon that changes his life. He meets a young woman who triggers
    the event. In the course of happenings he fi nds himself in the body of
    another man in Mexico during the Mexican war. He meets a woman he
    feels he’s always known.
    On his return to the present he fi nds that the man whose body he entered
    had transmigrated to his own body and caused havoc with his life, including
    mak... more

  • Steamboat Seasons: Dawn of a New Era

    by Kendall Gott
    This historical novel is the sequel to Steamboat Seasons and Backwater Battles, following our Captain and his steamboat during the year after the American Civil War. He finds little remains unchanged of his life, his livelihood, and his country. His love, Ann, rejoins him, but conflicts arise. Consignments fade away as the Southern economy is wrecked, and it may be years before its recovery. The newly freed African Americans have not realized any true benefits the end of slavery promised. Labor ... more
  • The Christmas Socks

    by Douglas Younker
    Who knows how our lives are woven together in such an intricate pattern as we follow our daily “to-do-list”? I am not talking about the one magnetized to the fridge door. I am thinking of a more divine list… less tangible, but no less real. This is the list of countless messages that trickle down upon us every day from Heaven above, as He prompts us to be His hands here on earth. Every once in a while, He lets us see a glimpse of the beautiful design He is weaving from the other side. If you ... more
  • Brook Is in Quarantine

    by Tyjuanna Jackson
    Brook is in Quarantine is about a new normal seen through the eyes of a teenager. The coronavirus affected all lives in some way. Our world went from being able to breath freely anywhere to having to wear a mask in all places outside of your home, leaving friends and family unrecognizable because of having to wear a mask. Hugs and kisses ended because of the fear of being infected with the coronavirus. Everyone tried not to touch anything if they weren’t wearing gloves. Even with wearing glov... more
  • The Repertoire: a novella

    by Kristin Fouquet
    Vocalist Audrey Reine has enjoyed local stardom at a famous jazz club in New Orleans for nearly two decades. When the club owner, her lover, replaces her with an ingénue, Audrey must negotiate an unexpected new life while trying to rescue her tentative musical career. The Repertoire is a jazz novella for a new era.
  • The Firebrand River

    by Nancy Smith
    Friends at a volleyball party by the Firebrand River, discover strange, green pollution and a human finger bone. The land’s owner works with police and an EPA investigator to help solve both this new mystery and a twenty-year-old cold case. The Firebrand River is Book Two of the trilogy: After Normal. This trilogy describes current times crumbling into ruin through the year 2045. It’s about people living with love and hope after the world's devastation. The books are contemporary, near scien... more
  • Silver River Shadow

    by Jane Thomas
    An adventure reveals the all too real truth of the sustained and deliberate mercury poisoning in the Wabigoon River over fifty years ago that still affects the lives of thousands of Canada’s indigenous people. The story is an eye-opening call to arms and the first in a series where protagonists Bobby and Lizzie will scour the world to find little-known but significant and ongoing disasters.
  • Charity Begins at Home

    by Cassie Yates-Russell
    Through this little journey, our magical chair helps to teach us about understating self-worth, compassion, respect, love and kindness, and working together. Also, that one's own imagination and creativity as well as faith and love for one another can conquer anything. What we all have in common . . . That we all came from somewhere. And that is how it all began.