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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Who She Left Behind

    by Victoria Atamian Waterman
    “Who She Left Behind” is a captivating historical fiction novel that spans generations and delves into the emotional lives of its characters. Set in various time periods, from the declining days of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey in 1915 to the Armenian neighborhoods of Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the 1990s, the novel completely immerses its reader in a lesser-known era and the untold stories of the brave and resilient women who became the pillars of reconstructed communities after the Armen... more
  • Better Be Home When The Streetlights Come On: Remembering the Summer of 1963

    by Ron Baklarz
    Recipient of the Literary Titan’s Book Award for October 2023, "Better Be Home When the Streetlights Come On" is the story of old friends who reminisce about their adventures during the summer of 1963. The backdrop is a small steel mill town, Braddock, Pennsylvania which lies to the east of Pittsburgh along the Monongahela River. Follow James Aloysius “Jack” Conley, as he meanders from the end of his school year at St. Brendan’s Catholic school to the crescendo of all boyhood experiences – a wee... more
  • On Madera Creek

    by Rachel Goss

    A remote location in west Texas…1947…two young women search for freedom and identity in this story of conflict and personal growth as the Cold War heats up. Imogene seeks a new life after her testimony puts Natasha, her former friend and handler, in prison. Desperate, Natasha escapes and heads to the border. Each woman hopes never to see the other again. Sparks fly when their paths intersect and they confront a common enemy.

  • welcome to winterberry grove

    by Linda Updyke
    Winterberry Grove is a cute storybook about woodland animals who help each other in the village they live in.
  • A Fitting Epitaph

    by Michael Decker

    Bill is out of options. Unemployed, alone and returning to the raucous seas of Northern California, the only home he knows, he takes a loan out at the bank and pours his last cent into his final chance for redemption: a tired old boat without a name. 

    After encountering his old friend Ike, an antiquated, blistering sailor with a penchant for cigarettes, whiskey and danger, and Tom, an eager neophyte with the edge to match them both, they concoct a plan to make them whole. Taking th... more

  • The Veil Over Hudson's Vessel

    by Alexandre Petion

    an art school dropout and social recluse leaves his hermitage to meet a mysterious, obsene madame in the heart of the mysterious city.

  • The Adventures of Asva at The Volcanoes of Hawaii

    by Niyati Goel
    This is Book 3 in the bestselling picture book series - 'The Adventures of Asva'. Join Asva, an eight-year-old with a penchant for adventure as he goes on a surprise trip to Hawaii with his travel blogger parents. With the help of a local, Hale and his granddaughter Malia, Asva learns about the legendary Volcano Goddess - Pele, and explores hidden paths to the crater of an active volcano. But the story takes an unexpected turn when Asva takes something that doesn’t belong to him. How will ... more
  • Eliza Dee's Universes

    by Rebecca Finch Vitsmun
    Eliza Dee loves astronomy and pondering the universe’s greatest mysteries. Along the way, she discovers where science ends, imagination begins.
  • Legacy of the Third Way: a Novel

    by Abdul Kundi
    This compelling novel immerses readers in a world of political intrigue and societal change, where traditional ideologies collide with the relentless forces of progress. Through the eyes of Sher Shah, a family man thrust into the spotlight, the narrative unfolds, weaving a gripping tale of power, loyalty, and the indomitable human spirit. 'Legacy of the Third Way' is a thought-provoking exploration of ideology and reality, offering a riveting blend of speculative fiction and social commentary.
  • Dance A Fearful Jig

    by Alison Huntingford
    A lonely housekeeper and a French POW meet in 1807 Peterborough. What will become of them?
  • The Diary of a Sugarbaby

    by J.Q. Gagliastro

    I was a sugarbaby, I admit. I am not proud of it, though others seem to sensationalize the lifestyle. They see glitz and glamor, never food or a place to sleep. Film and literature have only shown one side of a sugarbaby’s life. They villainize us and make us out to be either sluts or golddiggers or airheads. And well, they’re right. I am no saint. I am a whore—a selfish, greedy, ageist whore who is worth nothing except in bed. Life was no fairytale as a sugarbaby. But i... more

  • Ruby's Heart Song

    by Debbie Nutley

    Ruby’s Heart Song is a delightful story about a singing penguin who discovers the melody of her heart. Ruby worries that she doesn’t have what it takes to sing in the talent show. When Ruby sings in front of other penguins, her body feels all jumbly wumbly and her heart beats louder than a drum. But after sharing her heart strings with her best friend Pengwee, Ruby’s unbridled heart delivers a show stopping tune. This beautifully illustrated book contains themes of mindfulne... more

  • I Escaped WWII Pearl Harbor: A WW2 Book for Kids Age 9-12

    by Scott Peters and Ellie Crowe

    In this stellar, impactful book, a young teen navigates the devastating chaos of the Pearl Harbor attack during WWII. A Notable Children's Release from multi-award-winning Ellie Crowe and Scott Peters.

    15-year-old Billy embarks on a perilous journey to save his father during the World War Two assault on Pearl Harbor. Initially dismissed as a mere drill, the reality quickly dawns on Billy and his family. The island of Oahu is under attack! Worse, his dad is down... more

  • Blueberry and Jam - Adventures in Maine

    by Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
    Blueberry and Jam love blueberries and leave a trail of blueberry prints wherever they go! Join Blueberry and Jam in Vacationland as they explore the great state of Maine! From the bestselling author of the Pinky Doodle Bug series comes this instant classic that is perfect for children and adults of all ages. This delightful adventure is filled with fun, facts, and beautiful illustrations that capture Maine's charm and your imagination.
  • Chatty Fluffo

    by Phil Jennings

    I have a series of glossy kids' picture books called 'The Fluffos' a bunch of Smurf/Mr Man like colourful characters.

    Each Fluffo has their own self-defining character trait, and the books are fun adventures, trials and tribulations driven by this, but there is always a moral lesson of going too far with said trait, and a fun twist at the end.

    Chatty Fluffo is the most talkative of all the Fluffos, always gossiping about everything and anything endlessly... B... more

  • The Love of Impossible Sums

    by Panayotis Cacoyannis

    A celebration of life and its many contradictions, The Love of Impossible Sums is a contemporary London tale of interlocking love stories, sexual indiscretions and dysfunctional friendships. It explores the themes of love, loss, and the different ways people live their lives.

    Oliver has lost his wife Eden to illness. Still grieving three years later, unable or unwilling to imagine a future without her, he finds himself stuck in a joyless existenc... more