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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Stainless Steel I Beams Suppliers

    by Stainless Shapes
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  • Dumpster Dogs

    by Ann Colberson Schiebert
    Exploring lessons in friendship, love, and courage, this fetching tale demonstrates the resilience of our most loved companions. Young readers will be instantly drawn into the plight of Riley and his friends as they do their best to stick together through thick and thin. After being abandoned by the families they loved, this motley crew of canines have sworn off any interaction with humans, that is until Riley befriends the adorable dogette Sophie and her human Emily. Torn between his friends... more
  • Walking In Shadows

    by C. Drew Laffoon
    Gabriel White has not had an easy life so far, and he is only fifteen. His father was killed a few years ago, leaving him alone with his mother and older brother in a small town that has never felt like home. Unlike his popular older brother, he is awkward and insecure. Born with a condition where both eyes are distinctly different colors makes him just another easy target for school bullies. However, strange things begin happening the closer he gets to his sixteenth birthday…and Luc. Plague... more
  • The Frog at the Window: A Completely Wild Christmas Tale

    by Scott Langteau
    While Katy and her family spend a snowy Christmas away at Grandma's house, a cold and clever little frog jumps at the chance to move into their warm, empty home. Unfortunately, so does every other four-legged forest dweller in the area. With the perfect holiday vacation house overrun with guests, chaos quickly erupts until the group finds a peaceful solution in this holiday tale of tails. What begins as a break from the wintry woolly land transforms into an annual holiday tradition of kindness a... more
  • Rescuing General Patton

    by Curtis Burdick
    General George Patton, a brilliant military strategist who revolutionized the aggressive use of the tank as an attack weapon and the most successful combat commander in US history, had millions of admirers in the summer of 1943. He also had enemies, including a muck-raking newspaper columnist who leaked information about a slapping incident. Soon after, in a stunning announcement by General Dwight Eisenhower, Commanding General, US Expeditionary Forces, Patton was ordered to apologize to the... more
  • Wendy's Winter Walk P, B, M, W Sounds

    by Cass Kim
    Phonological and Articulation Children's Book #1 Wendy's Winter Walk takes children on a blustery walk through her neighborhood while providing chances to practice speech sounds for P, B, M, and W. This book also promotes early reading (phonological awareness) skills. Perfect for reading with children ages 12 months through 6 years. What great discoveries will Wendy and her mom make as they walk, bundled up warm in their winter wear? Created by Cass Kim, an author with a decade of exper... more
  • Streets of Golfito

    by Jim LaBate

    Streets of Golfito focuses on two individuals who meet in Golfito, Costa Rica in 1974. Jim (Diego) is a 22-year-old Peace Corps Volunteer from upstate New York, and he has been assigned to introduce sports other than soccer to the young people. By contrast, Lilli is a shy, beautiful, 17-year-old Costa Rican girl who wants to learn English and escape her small town, a banana port on the Pacific side near the Panamanian border. In alternating chapters, the first third of the book shows... more

  • Wall Lights

    by Seek Lamp

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  • Telling Sonny

    by Elizabeth Gauffreau
    At nineteen, pretty, vivacious Faby Gagne is still waiting for her life to begin. The time is 1924, the place Enosburg Falls, Vermont. With school over, her time is now occupied with mundane chores and avoiding the crossfire of resentment between her mother and her grandmother. As the time approaches for the annual vaudeville show to arrive in the village, Faby watches the posters go up with increasing excitement. She is the best kind of audience for the Small Time: she does not discriminate... more
  • B00DX4BMSO

    by Simon Sobo
  • Sarah's New Moon

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    Sarah Hermann arrived at her new home in the Minnesota Territory in the spring of 1856. Her first friend there was New Moon, a Dakota girl who lived close by. Sarah shared her passion for writing with New Moon and gifted her a notebook to start her own journal. Through Sarah and New Moon's journal entries, the story of their friendship unfolds against the backdrop of the Dakota Conflict of 1862. How will the conflict affect the two girls? Will their friendship stand the tests of time and war?
  • Acne Treatment in London South | EpicDermis

    by Alan George

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  • Retribution

    by James Rosone

    After two bloody years of war…

    … America has united for one common cause.

    The global conspiracy to dismantle the country is finally exposed. The perpetrators of these heinous acts are being hunted down and dealt with by JSOC and the CIA Special Activities Division.

    Knowing the war is lost, the Chinese begin to implement a complete scorched earth policy across large swaths of America. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California a... more

  • Vengeance

    by James Rosone

    The UN peacekeeping force is in tatters…

    …but China remains.

    The American people finally rally to defense of their own country. Can the effects of the disinformation campaign be rectified?

    The world has never seen America’s wrath like this before.

    The United States reveals a new superweapon and threatens to use it to settle the score, but China is waging a new type of total war. The insidious detail... more

  • Invasion

    by James Rosone

    A world has been deceived, and a war has begun…

    America has been invaded and stands isolated, alone, and without allies…

    Lines have been drawn; sides have been chosen—brother against sister, father against daughter, parents against their children.

    Battles rage from the Midwest to the Great Plains as militia factions form and political frustrations turn to violence.

    The UN peacekeepers are hailed as liberators in th... more

  • Peacekeepers

    by James Rosone

    It isn’t the only time…

    …a US presidential election has been disputed.

    But this time, it might lead to war.

    For the first time in history, UN peacekeeping troops are amassing at the northern border. Marshall Tate has set up his new headquarters in Canada. The world watches. Tensions run high across the country.

    Will a second civil war tear the country apart?

    In the shadows an... more