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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Collected Plays

    by Jonathan Land Evans
    The book gathers together all of my seventeen short plays and skits written to date; mostly humorous in nature. It is presented in series with my 'Collected Stories' {which was recently given a favourable review by The U.S. Review of Books}.
  • A Tuesday Kind of Love

    by Lyndsi Richards
    A Tuesday Kind of Love is about a beautiful gorilla named Lani which means "heavenly" in Hawaiian, and a handsome monkey named Kanoa which means "the free one". They live in a tropical jungle and fall in love very quickly. They have twins together but end up realizing when the twins are very young they don't want the same life. So they decided splitting up would be the best decision for the family. They continue to show gratitude towards each other knowing it is important for the children to see... more
  • White Lightning Don't Strike Twice

    by Nathaniel David Knox
    The choice was simple—moonshine or die. Ralph Honeycutt wanted nothing to do with hauling illegal moonshine for the local bootlegging syndicate—but he soon learns things ain’t that easy in Prohibition country. When a brood of masked, machine-gun-toting devils threaten to kill him and his whole family, it soon becomes clear Ralph only has one way out. Roped into smuggling moonshine in exchange for protection, Ralph finds himself working for the Waterloo Shiners—a clandestine group of outlaw... more
  • Enticed by Love

    by Lynn Lawler

    Henrietta Bailey is a mysterious woman who has spent her entire life living in the town of Crescent, a sleepy beach community in Central Coastal California. She loves the beach, the ocean air, and the town itself. Her simple life fulfills her. However, she spends much of her time reminiscing about her long-lost love, a woman who left her devastated.

    Now, another woman awaits on the horizon; a wise, intelligent, and sexy lady who is sophisticated beyond her years. This woman yearns for h... more

  • Exposure

    by Adam Cliff
    After the passing of their father in 1992, Harold Pritchett’s children take control of high quality photographs that Harold took in the Dealey Plaza area on November 22, 1963. One son, with guidance from an unscrupulous reporter, has the photos evaluated by a Kennedy assassination historian who identifies known government operatives in incriminating circumstances. Sonny’s attempt to deliver “Box 63” to researchers unravels as his family is exposed to vicious attacks from the Kansas City mob an... more
  • Just Before Too Late

    by Mel Currie
    Paul McCarahan has killed twice. The first time it was in Germany, his Afro-German mother’s country. The second time the theater was Pittsburgh, his hometown. The latter killing made him something of a hero to the local African American community, from which he nonetheless has drifted away. However, it is the violent struggle in the Rhineland when he was nineteen years old that has marked him, apparently for life. This “victory” remains his dark secret. He muses that it might be his guiding lig... more
  • Saving Jahan

    by Hans Joseph Fellmann
    A Peace Corps volunteer in Central Asia finds purpose in helping a friend escape a life of servitude. Johann Felmanstien is going nowhere in life. He has no money, no job, no girl, and a degree that would look better as a doormat than on his CV. He applies for the Peace Corps and is accepted. His country of service is the Central Asian republic of Turkmenistan, which is seventy percent desert and run by a totalitarian dictator with a cult of personality. Johann is sent to teach English i... more
  • The Storm 1776

    by Tom Schneider
    Christmas night, 1776. General Washington is losing the Revolutionary War. In a desperate attempt to turn the corner, he plans to cross the Delaware River and lead a surprise attack on Hessian forces in Trenton, New Jersey in the midst of a winter storm. Amongst Washington's troops is 14-year-old Nathan Smith, whose mother has just been murdered by a group of Hessian soldiers. While trying to care for his younger sister and track down his father, Nathan's manhood will be tested and transformed d... more
  • Lordly Wadson

    by Jonathan Land Evans
    The book comprises two comic novelettes and three shorter entertainments, all set in Bermuda in the late 1930s and featuring the character Lordly Wadson, a private detective who sometimes secretly moonlights as the humorous calypso singer 'Lord Tightwad', plus various of his associates and a rotating cast of American visitors to the resort island. The original novelette ('White Roads and Moonlight') attracted favourable comment from Kirkus Reviews when reviewing the story collection 'Ragbag'. Th... more
  • kelachandra

    by Albin Benny
    Now a day’s water courses are polluting day by day so we need purified water. in fact we can get more water purifiers and water filter but we have more money loss such as maintaining these system and replacements and other. The best way to fresh water with in your budget is installing well re charging system. It’s a new method for storing water with less money. We stored rain water for installing some products and stored it in well. So we can get good water sources and giving many fresh water wi... more
  • A Tough Nut To CRACK

    by Eric VanTuyl
    Mac is a macadamia nut that has some unique ways about him that his friends just can't grasp. within this wonderful story of friendship, they come to an understanding that it's not how different he is, but how special he is inside.
  • 9781704019901

    by Charlotte Whitney
    It's a boring, hardscrabble life for three sisters growing up on a Michigan farm in the throes of the Great Depression. But, when young Nellie, digging for pirate treasure, discovers the tiny blue-black hand of a dead baby, rumors begin to fly. Narrated by Nellie and her two older sisters, the story follows the girls as they encounter a patchwork of threatening circumstances and take it upon themselves to solve the mystery.
  • JoJo Learns About Credibility

    by Sivonnia DeBarros
    JoJo learns about a legal principle - Credibility - in a very practical way after lying to his counsin, Javi, about taking his cereal. JoJo quickly learns that lying does not create a great reputation or trust. So, JoJo makes the right decision to be truthful when confronted by his Grandmother. Once this decision is made, JoJo feels better about telling the truth and know that he can be trusted in the future.
  • The Haunted Hanging Tree

    by David and Michael Krumboltz
    Ten-year-old Scooter Kane, and his sister, Mary, learn their great-great-grandfather was hanged for murdering the sheriff of Dry Gulch, California in 1873. The two kids visit the area to seek the truth.
  • When Clara Was Twelve

    by Terence Clarke
    During a stay in Paris in 1957, an American girl Clara Foy learns that her mother Lauren had an illegitimate child when she was a teenager living in California. The infant girl was immediately given up for adoption. This event has been kept a guarded secret until the present moment, when the lost little girl comes onto the scene, now a young Parisian woman named Emma Dusel. With the aid of Emma's birth father, an Irish painter now living in Paris named Jack Roman, Clara attempts to bring abou... more
  • A Garden Locked

    by Naomi Ruppin

    “Recall yourself, Abigail,” the king said. “And be thankful you’re a woman and do not suffer the consequences a man would, for speaking as you just have.”

    “I’ve never been less thankful to be a woman!”

    Abigail flings these words at her brilliant but remote father King Solomon. He’s just casually informed her she’s to marry the sinister Prophet Nathan, a lizard-eyed palace schemer four times her age. Determined to prevent ... more