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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Prophecy and Redemption; A Soldier's Story

    by Mark Mills
    The search for the keys to Heaven inadvertently births a program that predicts the future. Computer geek Mark Jacobs gets ahold of a copy and suddenly finds himself the target of governments and terrorists worldwide. As Jacobs avoids capture, Lt. Chuck Lansing battles his own personal demons and doubts about the Iraq War. When the two come together, the fate of the world could rest in their hands. Jacobs uses the strange software to search the world’s holy books, unlocking ancient secrets that... more
  • Resurrecting Rain

    by Patricia Averbach
    Deena's house is being auctioned off at sheriff's sale and her marriage is falling apart. As her carefully constructed life unravels her thoughts return to the New Moon Commune where she was born and to Rain, the lesbian mother she abandoned at fourteen. No one, not even her husband and children, know about New Moon or that she sat Shiva for Rain in exchange for her grandmother's conventional house in the suburbs. A continuing cascade of disasters eventually leaves this middle age... more
  • A Bolt From The Blue

    by Robert James Bridge
    A Bolt From The Blue The Halifax Explosion 1917 On a cold unassuming day in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, the day was soon to become a red letter day as the snowbound scenery became blood begrimed and the death toll mounted with each passing hour. December 6th 9am 1917 was to change the lives of the folks in Halifax when two ammunition ships collided in the harbor between Halifax and Dartmouth leaving almost 2,000 dead and thousands blinded by flying glass as they ... more
  • POP!

    by Faye Alison Gilbert
    When Ethan K. chews gum, he blows big bubbles. When he blows big bubbles, the bubbles pop. When the bubbles pop, they bang and blast. When they bang and blast, the neighbors jump. No one but Ethan K. is having any fun! If only there was a way to stop him from popping. . .
  • Prophecy and Providence; Avenging the Innocent

    by Mark Mills
    In this first installment of the Prophecy Series, fiction and truth work together to tell the tragic story of child sex abuse. After the rape and murder of his son, Dan Forester wages a one-man war on child molesters. While researching the foul world of child sex abuse, he discovers that pedophilia has become America's dirty little secret. No one wants to talk about it, no one wants to think about it, and not much gets done about it. Using real-life facts and figures, he hunts down the pedop... more
  • Bride Tree

    by JP Robinson
    Enter a world of color—a world in which spies, romance and faith collide with materialism and greed. The year is 1789. France is reeling under the impact of a civil war between its social classes. When a secret agent from Rome joins forces with a vindictive politician bent on revenge, the stage is set for an explosive outcome that will shake the country to its core. Meanwhile, Queen Marie-Antoinette engages the help of her lady-in-waiting, Viviane de Lussan, in a desperate battle to keep h... more
  • Our Daisy Sale Won't Last Forever: a novel at Dayton's

    by Catherine Dehdashti
    In Our Daisy Sale Won’t Last Forever: a novel at Dayton's, Noelle Nichols, disenfranchised descendant of a St. Paul retail tycoon, crosses the river to work in the Dayton’s department store in 1990s Minneapolis. After a tryst with a stock boy in the relics of an old nurse’s station on the building’s abandoned tenth floor results in a secret birth, she tries to start her life over with a husband she hopes can return her to the wealth and status of her ancestors. As the 100-year-old department sto... more
  • Zaniness At The Zoo

    by Jamil McGhee
    Full Color Children's book, with the zany activities of various animals in the zoo.
  • Let There Be Owls Everywhere: Another Book of Poems

    by Ken Priebe
    From the creator of Gnomes of the Cheese Forest and Other Poems comes a second volume of whimsical illustrated poetry to delight young readers of all ages. Here there be more monsters and bumps in the night, including a ghost train, a closet full of skeletons, a princess, a dragon, a shepherd, the wretched horrible Hickle-Snort, and owls. Owls everywhere. All of these characters and many more are to be found within this treasured collection.
  • Life as an Ashaninka, what an adventure!

    by Alexandra Goreing
    Life as an Ashaninka, what an adventure! This story is set in the Peruvian amazon jungle. The curious and enthusiastic Alex dreams of the opportunity to escape from the city and visit the Ashaninka Tribe. Her dream finally comes true; she takes a trip to the amazon jungle where she is amazed by all the different animals and food, the traditions of the Ashaninka Tribe, and their life in harmony with nature.
  • King of the Blind

    by Caiseal Mor
    While a young blacksmith is bedridden with smallpox he experiences a bizarre vision in which he accepts the patronage of two ancient and powerful mythical beings. In exchange for being granted a great talent for music he is healed of his affliction and guaranteed a long and happy life. There’s only one detail of the contract he didn’t quite understand. He awakens to discover he can no longer see. Based on a true story.
  • Peppa Inez's Universoul Hair

    by Candace Hagy
    Peppa Inez is a young girl who struggles to accept her naturally nappy and tightly coiled hair. She soon discovers with the help of some "new" friends that she is most beautiful when she can accept herself just as she was meant to be! See how Peppa Inez overcomes her insecurities about how she looks-on her summertime journey to understanding herself.
  • TORC the CAT saves the bunny

    by Nona
    TORC the CAT bravely saves a defenseless bunny from the claws of his arch nemesis, Greedy Tom. "TORC the CAT saves the bunny" is the first book from the "TORC the CAT short stories" book series, and is based on true events. This book, as well as the broader series, focuses on teaching values, such as kindness and friendship. These wonderful short stories can be a helpful tool for parents who are trying to instill important values and morals in their children.
  • Purple Hearted Man

    by Jack McDaniel

    Purple has a difficult job: He was placed here to take down the One-Eyed God. It’s his mission and he won’t fail. It’s a lonely road for someone like him—a healer—but he has help. The hippies are his friends: Chloe the yogi, Wheat the candlestick maker, and Berrydream, who is in retail. And he has his tribe: Charlotte, Stranger and Jackson. Eventually, the tigers that roam the city might become allies, too. Who can say, tigers are fickle.

    The One-Eyed God i... more

  • The Maid of the Mist

    by Melissa Franckowiak
    The Maid of the Mist is a vibrant picture book created from Native American legend, oral tradition and fiction, and tells the story of Lelewala, the Native American princess who survived a fall from Niagara Falls in her canoe.
  • Black Volta

    by Pete KJ
    A murderer returns to Africa, seeking atonement for killing an innocent. Now that Carlos has emptied out his life, his past torments him. He can’t go forward until he goes back—to Ghana—to own up to crimes he committed as a young man. A woman escapes poverty in Africa, but is trapped in a life supporting those she left behind. Liz left Ghana and is now a successful career woman in the USA. Freed from the daily oppression of scarcity, she remains under the vice-grip power of her hoarding... more