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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Love: A Tangled Knot: New Adult Romance

    by Eichin Chang-Lim
    If love is true, how long should you wait? How much pain should you endure before moving on? With the Golden Gate Bridge in sight, the story begins. Kayla is an ambitious seventeen-year-old who is content to deliver "real-talk" to her boy-crazy best friend, Breeana, while running the high school’s environmentalist club. She has no time or desire for boys, viewing even a crush as an unwanted commitment. Until Russell Mancini joins Beach Cleanup Day. Kayla learns that she’s a sucker for lo... more
  • The River of Life

    by Diana Gonzalez Tabbaa
    Twelve-year-old Anthony is carefree until his beloved father passes away. Questioning suffering and death, Anthony grows distant from God. A heaven-sent friend helps him to see God’s tender providence within the ebb and flow of life, in currents of loss and restoration, and in the living stream of Christ’s Blood. While trying to find the burial site of martyrs and searching for treasures they hid, he finds a hidden treasure that was before him all along: Christ Crucified. Anthony comes to under... more
  • Have You Seen This Fish?

    by Erin Ball
    When his favorite fish, Fritz, goes missing, a young detective must use his best detective skills-- and a little detective determination-- to track a trail of clues through the city and bring his beloved pet home.
  • The Toehead

    by Pete Risley
  • Someday My Love

    by Niki Bhatia
    While children dream about all the possibilities for the future, parents just want to hold on to and enjoy the NOW with their children. Someday My Love is a beautiful story about a father-child bonding time. Pepper and Pappa Panda are spending the day in the city. As they walk around, Pepper observes the adults and thinks about all the career possibilities for the future. Pappa, on the other hand, just wants to enjoy the moment! Author includes discussion questions, writing prompt and other educ... more
  • Bradley and the Magic Carpet

    by Julian Hilton
    Have you ever wanted to fly? Find out what happens when Bradley finds a rolled up carpet lying in his back garden. While picking blackberries for his Dad, Bradley comes across an old rug and falls asleep on it. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up to find he is flying! Who will he meet and how will he solve a very tasty problem? A fun adventure story of kindness for growing imaginations, told in rhyme with beautiful watercolour illustrations for children from 2 to 7.
  • WHEN IS IT OUR TURN (A Short Story)

    by Ruth C Howard
    A SHORT STORY OF MOTHER/CHILD INTERACTION Senior Citizens, especially woman, are most likely to identify with Annette and Hannah, the two main characters who are searching for an understanding of and a connection with the younger generation. Respect and demonstrations of love from their families is vital to their aging process, but the lines of communication seem reversed from the experiences of their earlier years. Their journey to understanding and acceptance is painful and results ... more

    by Ruth C Howard
    Widower Jason Bender moves into The Southern Towers Apartments with two goals. The first is to finally retire and enjoy the rest of his life. The second is to carry out a task assigned to him by his old friend and mentor General Robert Hotchkiss. Unfortunately, the job Robert has assigned to him takes up more time and attention than he originally anticipated and the pleasure of retirement takes a back seat. Jason finds himself drawn more and more into the web of a terrorist cell ... more

    by Ruth C Howard
    Christina Putnam, a black army lieutenant, is raped and then stalked by Carlton Adams, a white Air Force pilot she meets in Afghanistan. Knowing the military’s manner of handling its female members’ accusations against its men, Christina decides not to file a complaint, but rather gives up her military career and returns home. She marries Paul Tyler, has a child (Merlina), and looks forward to a happy life with her family--until Carlton reappears, looking for her and planning to ... more
  • Acapulco Buds

    by M Marta

    A political adult dark comedy novel set in the late 1960s— love, war, dope, the CIA... and Go-Go dancing commies. A draft notice is the ticket to an an idyllic pot commune in the mountains above Acapulco for Nico, a privileged Chicago college student, and her pacifist boyfriend.

    Adam, the cannabis evangelist who runs the farm, awaits the arrival of Alien Overlords by growing the finest buds in the galaxy. But when Smith, a demented CIA officer, spots Nico and her buddy Richard&nda... more

  • Tommy Turner's Battle for Yorintown

    by Ali Seegar
    It’s true Tommy Turner wanted another adventure, but he never expected to be sucked headfirst into a bottle. Or to discover that, of all the creatures in the entire universe, only he can save an alien planet from dying. He certainly didn’t mean to time-travel with Uncle Harry and Digby to the great Maya city of Pakatoka, where they must first save themselves before they can find the pyramid with the secret chamber. But the fact is, when you’re a time-traveller, anything can happen… A thrillin... more

    by Matts Djos
    Think of love, innocence, intimacy, and addiction as mid-century. You've likely read of them. I'll take you there The story: It is 1956 and Ginny and Nathan Ecklund are about to encounter a string of accidents that will change them forever. The two have much in common, perhaps a little too much; and the life they have chosen is pure madness. Whether in the mountains, under sail, or in the city, there are no limits, and there are no rules; and, when they are overwhelmed ... more
  • On Duty

    by Ketsia Lessard

    When a deathbed confession leads RCMP Constable Jasper Nelson to discover the existence of his illegitimate sister, his curiosity is piqued and he sets out to find her. He locates the young woman a year later where he least expects to, within the police force itself. Raised by an Inuvialuit family and recruited as a community officer in the Northwest Territories, Nelson’s sibling Heidi Finlay has experienced a life quite unlike his own.

    As the geographical distance separating them... more

  • Nathaniel & the Midnight Movers

    by J Ronald M York
    Ricky was young, ambitious, and determined not to be just another queen with fabulous taste and nothing to show for it. This was the 1970s and elegantly decorated model homes were beginning to pop up in conjunction with the exploding condominium market. Alarm systems and neighborhood watches had not yet become commonplace. With just a simple bump and grind on a furnished model's front door late one night, Ricky concluded that anything might be possible – dreams could actually come true. For n... more
  • Starring...John Dillinger

    by Bill Walker

    When Dillinger surrenders outside the Biograph Theatre and goes to jail after a sensational trial, J. Edgar Hoover thinks he’s won; and then Dillinger decides to make a film in jail telling the kids of America to fly straight. Hoover can't resist the relish of such a film's propaganda value. He convinces Jack Warner to make the film. When Warner views the finished film, he sees dollar signs and pulls every string he can grab to get Dillinger a pardon, and puts the former outlaw ... more